Learn 3 Amazing ways you could use the Resources of Top Merchants to Promote Your Product | Chigo Ishionwu | Skillshare

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Learn 3 Amazing ways you could use the Resources of Top Merchants to Promote Your Product

teacher avatar Chigo Ishionwu

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Taking Action!

    • 3. Why you should consider Info products?

    • 4. Method 1: The one on one contact method

    • 5. Method 2: The super research method!

    • 6. Method 3: The know-how hijack method!

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About This Class

At the end of this course students should be able to

  • Have a full understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how it works
  • Proceed with confidence in Affiliate Marketing
  • Proceed with affiliate marketing using a variety of strategies as described in the course
  • Know the importance of building good relationships
  • Build relationships with top Merchants and use their resources to promote and market their products

Meet Your Teacher

In today's society, our everyday lives are connected to the digital world. It is a well known fact that the internet has the ultimate power to take your business to every corner of the earth. Thanks to social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing, it only takes a few minutes for something to go viral; this could be your own digital product or even an affiliate product. The internet through online marketing opens the doors to new possibilities and ideas.

You might have a new idea or you may never even have thought of one. Sure, you can progress to that next level in your business without a new idea. But whatever the case might be, we want to help you achieve that goal. We want to give you new ideas and help you gain enough knowledge to accelerate your online busines... See full profile

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1. Promo: way are the I. O. M. Consulting group. Our aim is to release new information products on different areas of marketing, all aimed at helping you achieve your goals. This course is designed for anyone who wants to achieve great results with simple marketing techniques that nobody thinks about legally hijack other people's traffics. Using the vast easy method run a business that won't cost you an arm and a leg. By the end of this course, students should be able to promote products as an affiliate and generate a consistent income through a simple, step by step. Method. Way will be teaching a unique method to do neat research for information products and reveal how you can uncover money making niches. This method is great if you're targeting the hottest pain. Each is not only will we uncover the details of flying a profitable niche, but as a bonus you will be provided with 30 hot untapped niches. The ideal student for this course is one who wants toe earn money passively on Auto Pilot 13. Your requirements to enroll way only. Ask that students come open minded and ready toe learn. Feel free to take a look at the course descriptions. We look forward to seeing you inside 2. Taking Action!: Hello. My name is Brandon. Welcome and welcome to this course on affiliate marketing. We're going to be learning some new tricks in the world of affiliate marketing. So I want you to watch this space and be on the lookout because we're going to be releasing new products in different areas of marketing all aimed at helping you achieve your goals. So, like I said, it's going to be information galore. You're gonna have heaps of useful information coming your way. But I request one thing of you and that is taking action, action, action and action. The funny thing is, it's so easy to take action. It only has to be small actions done consistently 30 minutes per week consistently is something you see from experience. I found out that the most common excuse for not taking action towards reaching a goal is being busy. So many people claim to be busy, but spend at least 30 minutes each evening watching TV or browsing Facebook. If only we can turn that time towards applying ourselves and making our business or our projects happen. This is a common problem in the online marketing Neech. There is so much information to consume new ways to make money online are coming out every day. There's information overload. In fact, there's so much information to be consumed that you end up just being confused and not taking any action. So from experience, I know that the biggest problem are not getting ideas because we're thousands of them, if not millions, but implementing those ideas into action. This is why I'm calling on you to follow this course step by step and take action. Just do it like the Nike advert says. So what exactly are we going to be learning? In this course? We will be looking at a clear understanding of affiliate marketing and also its advantages over other forms of marketing specifically will focus on information products. I'm going to be revealing to you why you should be focusing on Leon information products, and then we shift our focus on niche research and how you confined hot niches that can guarantee use sales. I will be going very deep into that because it's very important. But sadly enough, it is an aspect that most marketers overlook. And lastly, I'm going to show you how to combine other people's knowledge. Traffic and resource is to make money. These are three simple methods, and anyone can use them. Even if you don't have a website, you would definitely be surprised at the kind of results you can receive. But like anything you learn, it is all about trying and experimenting. You don't need an email list or a website to start. All you need is time and some effort. So thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video. 3. Why you should consider Info products?: welcome. In this lecture, we're going to be concentrating on affiliate marketing with information products. What our information products. The term simply refers to Elektronik Lee deliver herbal knowledge based products. Information products are also referred to as digital goods and knowledge based goods. This means that if a product delivers knowledge and you can email it to a customer or offer it as a downloadable file, then it automatically qualifies as an information product. Why info products? Here's why. If all your products are digital, then you don't need to Stock things Has a product creator. You can sell your product of 1000 times over, meaning one information product can generate profits for years, which means you have a low overhead cost. There is low inventory. It is easy to get into the marketplace, and a lot can be sold on the very first day, meaning you can literally cover your entire cost in one single day. Normally, when you set up a business, it takes months or years before the traffic starts rolling in with information products, shipping costs and problems around shipping are completely eliminated because it is delivered electronically. The time lapse between purchase and delivery is insignificant. Another advantage of selling online info products is that they are automated. The only cost you will have are your domain names auto responder, and that's about it. Selling information products doesn't require anything more from you. Once you've set up your system, you literally sell products while you sleep while you play while you create your next information product. Information products have the potential to generate endless profits. The sky is the limit here. When you sell information products, you decide how big you want to go. Do you want to sell it your own way or pay affiliates to promote your information? Or do you want to build an information empire based on one niche? Or would you rather create several different products in several different niches? The choice is yours. Information Marketing is superior because you have to make a living writing and talking about a topic you love. It's a great business because you can build it around your needs. If you want to work 40 hours a week, you can. If you want to work four hours a week, you can do that, too. You are flexible. Thanks for watching and see you in the next lecture 4. Method 1: The one on one contact method: in this lecture, we're going to learn three unique and simple methods to generate free cash. You can use this to generate free cash any time you want again. There are very simple methods people just don't think of. And believe me, they work. Now we are going to go through this step by step fashion and make this a simple is possible because, like the saying goes, every fool could make things complicated. But every fool can't make things easy. We're going to go through three methods. The first and second methods are completely free, and the last method is also free but requires a website. The aim is to enable you to make cash in both long and short terms. My advice is that you start with one method first and create mawr or focus entirely on one . Choose the right method that is meant for you. The choice is yours. Method one Product owners. We have already covered aspects of how to identify a hot market and problems affecting this market. Step one. In the next step, we're going to match the problems which you have previously identified with solutions. You were going to find merchants with good affiliate programs that have a solution to the problems you have just identified. Following our case study with shoes, you're going to look for someone that offers an info product about how to Paula shoes the right way or how to clean your shoes the right way. Munch I dot com is a good Web site where you can see all the different launches that go on on this website. You can see the premium launches usually on the right side. Here you find products from people that have a good history of putting products. Well, these are people who are professional and get lots of sales. But all launches are important, not just the premium launches. So remember, Munch i dot com is a very good place to get started. Step two. Make sure the merchant collects leads. Step three. Join affiliate program. Most affiliate programs are free to join. You confined many affiliate programs on Click Bank Step four. Proposed interview with Merchant. This interview should be all about the product owner or the merchant and his product. It could be live or recorded now. Remember the 10 problems you noted down during your research being these air going to be the questions the merchant is going to answer. In that way, you can be assured that a hungry market is waiting to purchase this product. Step five. Get permission to use your affiliate link in the interview so that any sales made from people going to the website after watching the interview will be credited to you and you will get commissions. Step six. Now you need to get the merchant to email his list about the interview with your link in it . This is the main reason why it's important that the product creator creates leads. Now what do you think? Do you think the merchant will agree to send the interview to his list? He definitely will do it because this very interview is all about him and this increases his market value. Remember, everybody loves to tell their story. This is an opportunity everyone is looking for. It also makes the job so much easier. If you're an affiliate and are the third party. Thanks for watching. See you in the next lecture 5. Method 2: The super research method!: hello and welcome. In this lecture, we're going to be contacting the website owners. The first step is to join a two tier affiliate program. What is a two tier affiliate program? Second tier commissions are in affiliate marketing context commissions paid to the publisher responsible for introducing another publisher to an affiliate program or a network. The first is called Apparent Affiliate and the latter a sub affiliate. Second tier commissions are commonly a small percentage amount of the sales generated by sub affiliates and are paid by the merchant or network. In the next step, we're going to create a list of 30 long tail keywords for product this congee done with a free keyword research tool available, for example, at niche. Orig dot com Step three write 30 articles each for one key word. If you're not a talented writer, you can outsource these articles to ghost writers, or you could even find someone on five or to do this Now, each article should focus on one long tail keyword, meaning you have 30 articles targeting a particular long tail keyword. Step four. Once again, it's time to do some research. Did I hear you say, Oh, Yeah, well, in this that we're going to contact the top 30 highest ranking websites and marketing. Send an email through contact forms on their email or www dot who is dot net Step five. Contact them and ask if you could submit your article with their site exclusively. This is a good reason to have high quality articles. Once again, if you're not a good writer, please outsource Step six. The next step is to assure them that you were going to give your article to them to use as exclusive content. And no other website is going to have access to these articles. Tell them that they could make money with these articles. Resource box link with their affiliate link your second tier link. Step seven. Now I hope you're getting the light bulb. You make automatic, long term second cure commissions. Now, just imagine this. You have 30 of the top ranking websites on Google with your articles. This is going to get you massive traffic and at the same time earned a second tier commissions for a long time automatically 6. Method 3: The know-how hijack method!: this method focuses on targeting knowledge owners people with the know how you don't have in the first step. Your strategy will be to target groups of people with certain specialized knowledge. Example. Guitarists or golfers. Step two. In the next step, you would want to make sure that these people have a website or blawg to find them. Research Google for Top 10 Guitar Blog's or marketing blog's Step three joined to tear affiliate programs related to the topic. Step four. Build an affiliate list website dedicated to these people. Step five. Easiest way. Opt in page. Keep it simple. Step six. Your opt in page should look like this. Golfers discover a simple way to make lots of money with your talent. Step seven. Your aim is to educate them on affiliate marketing and promote your first recommended program. Second tier. They're going to promote your affiliate programs, and this promotion will earn you commissions on a second tier affiliate program. Step eight. Follow up with more affiliate recommendations, which are to tears as well. Remember, you are building an opt in list of people who are interested in making money in a certain market. You will have to follow up with them regularly and teach them regularly. Consider this a win win situation. Let's summarize what we've learned in this lecture. Method. One allows you to create a free product and build relationships with merchants. Method two is extremely powerful. It lets you build long term cash generators plus completely free traffic. Don't forget we're going to be having the top 30 companies occupying Google Page one. Driving traffic to your affiliate link that is going to be unlimited traffic. Method number three allows you to progress to being a joint venture broker in the market. This will enable you to make deals with other merchants. So thanks a lot for watching. And don't forget to download your bonus materials. Hope you enjoyed the lectures. Well, if you did, then watch out for more because we're going to be providing high quality courses in the coming months. Suggest start taking action. I will also be very interested to hear your feedback and your results. Thanks for watching