Lean Standard Work: Process Improvement Through Waste Elimination and Increased Customer Focus

Sagir Isah, Lean Production Expert

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11 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Implement Standardized Work

    • 3. Standards Exercise

    • 4. Components of Standardized Work

    • 5. Takt Time

    • 6. Work Sequence

    • 7. In-Process Stock

    • 8. Documenting Standard Work

    • 9. What Makes a Good Standard

    • 10. Summary

    • 11. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Ready to take a decisive next step in process improvement? It's time to lay a strong foundation with standard work

Join Lean expert Sagir Isah for an introductory and implementation guide on standard work — inspired by core ideas in lean thinking from. This comprehensive class is packed with examples, practical tips, and templates to help you understand, plan, and implement standardized work to ensure stability and consistency both for manufacturing operations and personal projects. 

Use these lessons as a springboard to action. You'll learn how to use the user friendly, customer-first standards to stimulate productivity, quality, and safety improvements. You will gather real world examples and references, and complete 3 exclusive, downloadable standard work templates:

  • Work Capacity Sheet: Allows you to evaluate production potential.
  • Standard Work Combination Table: Visualizes work sequence
  • Standardized Work Chart: Shows motion sequence

The class is entirely customizable to your specific situation. Whether you're just starting out with lean, refreshing you knowledge, or looking for guidance to help implement standard work.