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Leading Worship in the Contemporary Church

Stefanie Potter, Music Artistry Channel

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7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Background: Definition and Goals

    • 3. Important Perspectives

    • 4. Song Choices

    • 5. Song Order

    • 6. Other Methods and Expressions

    • 7. Evaluation


About This Class

If you are an aspiring or current contemporary worship leader (or team member) in a Christian church or para-church ministry, this class is for you.  Through discussions on the goals of worship, important perspectives to maintain, and the methods (including songs, etc.) you choose for worship, this class will help you increase in excellence and intentionality in your worship leading.  

As a worship leader or team member, you may also want to enroll in my course called "Play in a Band... better!" where I discuss musical elements and skills for playing as a unit that every worship team member should understand.

Along with my college education in Christian ministries, I have attended numerous courses and workshops specifically in worship leading. I have been involved in worship teams for about 20 years, and have lead worship for about half of those years.  My contemporary worship contexts include Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, non-denominational, from conservative to charismatic, and several para-church ministries.  I've seen God move through worship in each of those contexts!





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Stefanie Potter

Music Artistry Channel

Stefanie Potter is a folk/soul singer-songwriter in Charleston, SC, with a background in social work and ministry. She's an "artist of the heart," writing inspirational story-filled songs from her heart to yours, about things that matter most in life. She's been writing music and playing live music for over 15 years, developing her craft and learning from some of the best.

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