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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Review Worksheet

    • 3. Objectives

    • 4. Customer Satisfaction Focused Leadership

    • 5. Boss Vs Leaders

    • 6. Recap

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About This Class


Learn about or advance your skills with customer satisfaction leadership skills in a series of classes focused on current and future leaders in the hospitality industry.

The skills you will learn in this class will help you focus on the importance of customer satisfaction, strategies for engaging teams, in committing to that objective, leadership characteristics, and the impact of training and coaching staff.

Strive to develop yourself as a leader and support the success of your team and business.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luke Duggan

Husband, father, leader and mentor


I am a hospitality professional with years of experience teaching, coaching, developing teams, divisions and future leaders.  I strive to  create an environment that is professional, supportive and rewarding.

I have been selected as Manager of the Year, opened two full service hotels establishing myself as a leader in the hospitality industry.


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to leading and hospitality. My name is Luke Duggan. This is part one in a series of classes where I will discuss and teach leader skills that will help them understand the importance of customer satisfaction as well as help them improve their leadership style of over 25 years. Working in the hospitality industry, learning, teaching and developing my teams in divisions. I've been fortunate enough to have been selected his manager of the year at a resort in Cambridge, Maryland. I also helped open a hotel in Denver, Colorado, as well as another hotel in Port of Spain, Trinidad. I was part of the corporate food beverage team establishing standards in directives of each hotel. These skills can be used in other supervisory roles other than the hospitality industry. Are you ready to get started? All right, let's jump in 2. Review Worksheet : as I mentioned these Siris of classes is an opportunity for you. Learn, grow, increase your leadership effectiveness. If you haven't done so already, go ahead and download the worksheet that I created. It will be a great resource taking notes going through this first class, but also to review at a later date. As your leadership style continues to develop, take a moment to work on the thought questions before you go on to the next section. Really give you a good opportunity to get your get your ideas is to what you want to get accomplished in this class. 3. Objectives : all right, let's talk about objectives and the importance of customer service. Committing to exceeding customer expectations adds values every relationship it builds high performing teams, enables employees to listen to customers and engages the employees. It also enhances the leadership in interpreting personal skills to fulfill their role as leaders, sometimes with inexperienced, less seasoned managers. They don't know how to get their team to buy in. Not sure how their decisions, how they carry themselves, has an impact on the business. Day to day or even long term. Don't have good role models or mentors to look up to where they're just to busy where they don't have time to groom you. People need a reason to come to work. What's their motivation? They need to clearly defined purpose. The how much of an impact training and coaching does it make? How do you find time to get that accomplished? How do you coach that seasoned veteran who, maybe twice your age were you all trained effectively in your current roles, where we just expected to figure it out? What you do every day is managers, leaders, supervisors as an impact every day you need to show that it's worthwhile whether it's improving customer satisfaction scores that it could be done operationally planning it and executing that plan. I like the reactive, proactive image you ever feel like you're running from one fire to the next. How much different would it be, knowing when those fires would exist? The importance of a leader is a role model for customer service excellence. Do you achieve that every day? Every shift, It's very difficult. 4. Customer Satisfaction Focused Leadership: customer satisfaction focused leadership. What is that title mean to you? Exactly how many times many executives and organizations strongly encourage their followers to make sure that the customer is the focus of everything that they dio? But sometimes that that falls short is more of a theory than it is a practice. So why is this so important? Ultimately, it approves the business, the profitability and customer loyalty. And there's so many options for customers right now that they could choose to go anywhere, whether it's shopping online or ah, different restaurant, that they want to remain loyal to. Commitment to exceeding those expectations really demonstrates that there are no doubts about what the customer should experience or how important that that customer is. Is the customer always right? Well, in today's day and age, it really doesn't matter. It's really about exceeding their expectations, and we're all gonna make mistakes. We're all gonna, um, trip over on two feet. We're gonna have some issues sometimes, but it's all about how do we recover? Employees need to understand what's at stake. You engage them in the solutions, give them the tools to take action, and then no more more than likely make the customer part of their routine or the customer focus part of their routine and probably be more productive as a result, you know, So as leaders you've got, it may be able to make it possible. You've got to be able to make it worthwhile. You know what? What's in it for me type attitude. And ultimately, you know, it will improve, uh, guest satisfaction. Can you show as a leader that it could be done operationally? Do you have the proper staffing? Are your staff ready to go? Are they prepared? And does your staff know exactly what you stand for? Do they? Are you coming in day in, day out, exhibiting that type of role model behavior and taking care of business at hand, or you speaking out both sides of your mouth? 5. Boss Vs Leaders: Let's look at some of the desirable trades between the bus leader as we go through the list , see if there's any of these that you identify with the most before we dive AM and talk about the desirable traits between a Boston A leader. You know our some other ways that you can lead the way to superior customer service. Couple of thoughts that come to mind, the way you recruit interview and higher quality personnel, you know, as opposed to just tiring that warm body. Because you've had ah vacant position for so long, I want to make sure that you're developing and implementing effective training. Been measuring it, making sure that it is effective the importance of the year, attitude and teamwork. You know, amongst your co workers and superiors, very taking advantage of professional development. And are you continually improving? Are you setting performance goals and expectations on a daily basis? Also recognizing your staff for a job well done? Or you Onley waiting until the year end performance review toe have that time to sit down with that employee, empowering, motivating and returning frontline personnel, You showing that enthusiasm? Is there some of the thoughts that come to mind. Let's jump in and talk about the traits you're the boss drives employees, but the leader coaches, employees. Boss inspires fear, but the leader generates enthusiasm. Boss knows how it's done, but the leader shows how it's done. The boss, unfortunately, uses people. Maybe he or she is using those people to get to the next level, and the leader is developing people. Boss says Go. But the leader says, Let's go. 6. Recap: this concludes part one in the Siri's leaving in hospitality, and I really hope you enjoyed the class. Understanding the importance of exceeding customer's expectations is key to any successful business and not just businesses in the hospitality industry. I think we could also see the differences between the traits of a boss versus the leader, and we've all probably been exposed to supervisors that fall into either category, some of which could have instilled fear were ineffective. But unfortunately, we're many memorable others. We're very effective where leaders who developed you groomed you for success, turned out to be mentors or even people that you reach out to for guidance that you still keep in touch with. Even though you haven't worked with them for many years, everyone to work your behavior says about your leadership style. Stay tuned for more classes where I will give you skills that will help develop your leadership style and please take a moment to post your worksheets in the gallery. So that way I can incorporate some of that feedback into future classes. As I continue Teoh, develop this Siri's and because I do live in upstate New York, I decided, uh, not too far from the Saratoga racetrack. I decided to leave you with this. Thank you. And see you next class.