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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction to Leadership

    • 2. Leadership Types

    • 3. Leadership of the Self

    • 4. Leadership of Others

    • 5. Conclusion

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About This Class

In order to truly find the result that we desire, in order to help someone else find their result they desire, we must lead. Leadership is a skill for ourselves as much as it is for others. If we cannot manage to lead ourselves, then leading others will be difficult.

In order to attain any result, whether it be health, career or family goals, we must know how to lead and direct ourselves to give ourselves and others the most potential to move forward, grow and learn.

This course will cover how to effectively lead yourself and others to their goals, whatever they may be. It will cover:
- What leadership is
- Types of leadership
- Leading the self
- Leading others

After this course, I hope you would gain the skills for leading to achieve the goals you desire!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jia Jian (Melvin) Ang

Head Coach at Infinite Personal Training


Hello, I'm Jia Jian (Melvin)

I am a Personal Trainer and Head Coach at Infinite Personal Training. Due to content moderation, this page focuses on Mindset, Mindfulness and Lifestyle to create and achieve in fitness, health and weight.

My mission is to inspire others to be inspiring by changing lifestyle habits and creating a sustainable lifestyle that you will enjoy while achieving the results that you desire to achieve!

We have always had the passion for creating new and better lifestyles for people in the wider community. Our approach is simple and sustainable while building a supportive community throughout your journey. Expect support and guidance with accountability to achieve the greatness you have always wanted. To see you thrive is the reason why we do what ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Leadership: Hello everyone and welcome to this course on leadership. And leadership is an essential part of success for ourselves and for others. And I'm not just talking about leaders and success at work. I'm talking about every aspect of block, whether it be work, personal relationships, or health. Now being a personal trainer, I needed to learn how to lead in order to effectively get McClellan's results. So I made this course with the experience and lessons are gained from being a personal trainer and growing as a leader to my clients. One of the main things I learned was that in order to lead others, well, we need to learn to lead as souls First, it's crazy to think that we can lead all got others to a destination when we don't even have clarity ourselves, it makes it hard for us to understand and empathize with them when we don't even understand what leadership is and understanding and empathy are too volatile pieces of effective leadership. So we need to learn to lead ourselves first. That is what we will be discussing in this course. We will talk about what leadership actually is. We'll talk about leading yourself. And we also talked about leading others. I hope you'll get a lot out of this course and I hope you can all lead yourself and others to a more fulfilling and accomplishing lifestyle after this course. 2. Leadership Types: Okay, so I want to start by identifying the two main categories of leadership tops. So the first one is leadership through fear, and the second one is leadership to respect. They're both ways of leading. And we can see in our current society and culture. But there is a huge difference in the two methods. There is a difference in the last year experience, impressions and the legacy that we choose to leave behind. And so the results from our leadership depends on which one we choose respect or fear. Now there is a saying that the true test of leadership is how your people work after you have left. And you can really see the difference in leadership style once a later is no longer around what people say and how they react and how they act when the leadership is gone is very telling about what top leadership was used. If a previous leader is still admired, their principles is still followed and respected. The culture they created still thrives, then it is safe to say that they lead through respect. But if people are relieved that the leader is gone, the environment and culture change quickly and the memory of the leader is talked down on and quickly forgotten, then it is quite safe to say that I led through fear. And the difference here is that respect meant that people wanted to follow you. People kept your culture, your energy going because they wanted to follow you. And FEM meant that people needed to follow you. You're just an authority figure or that I want to, but I needed to just because you are their boss. Or many of us think that being a leader is merely getting things done. And yes, that is true to an extent. As a leader, your job is to get the results, but it is not the main role of being a leader. If you're a great leader, results will end up being a by-product of your leadership. While the most important thing about leadership is the people that you take care of, the people in your charge, the people you lead. Leadership is first and foremost, a people oriented job, not a results shop. Ok, so depending on how we lead is the legacy that we would leave behind respect or fear. Alright, and in order to lead others first, we need to lead ourselves. We can, we need to understand how to lead ourselves into the right direction, right? So let's go a little deeper and talk about how we could lead ourselves in order to lead others effectively. 3. Leadership of the Self: Now let's go into talking about leadership of the self or our leading yourself. Now in order to truly lead others, you need to first be able to lead yourself. As I said before, leadership is first and foremost a people oriented job. Instead of a results-oriented a job, this means you need to put yourself as a person first instead of the results you are after. Also, I said right at the beginning of this course that leadership is the ability to influence by serving, protecting, and empowering others. It is the same for yourself. Learning or sorry, leading yourself starts with serving yourself, protecting yourself, and empowering yourself. Or this is done for you to accept and understand yourself to set a direction for yourself. You allow yourself to grow and ultimately affect others to do the same for themselves. That is, leadership. To serve yourself is to give yourself the opportunities to learn and grow. Give yourself the love and attention needed to move forward, understand your own needs, and to put yourself as a priority also, this maze and selfish. But you need to make sure that your health and mine a throbbing as there is no leading anyone else if you're not in a good state physically and mentally, This doesn't mean that you always need to be positive in the great state. Of course, there'll be tons of struggle, but you need to know how to put yourself and your needs as a priority also to get yourself back on your own feet for others, people want to follow you, not just look after you. To serve yourself is to also give yourself the tools and resources to learn and grow in the area or field of your choice. Or to learn about yourself and to allow yourself to fail, grow, and elevate with knowledge and wisdom. To give yourself the opportunity to understand and influence others is the root of serving yourself. Like I said, basically, to serve yourself just means to give yourself the tools and resources in order for yourself to learn and grow and understand what it takes to influence someone else. Or I say give me solves the opportunities that you would give someone else to learn and grow. And now when we want to protecting yourself, now to protect itself is to look after your body and your mind, to fade it with realism and optimism, to understand your own limits and needs and to respect ourselves. This is, we don't overburden ourselves with too much at a time. And we can see it is by how we treat others when they are unhappy or upset is very different to how we treat ourselves with others. We are usually encouraging, caring, and supportive of others, especially when they're down. But for ourselves it is very different. We tell ourselves that we are weak. We label ourselves, we don't give ourselves the empathy BD of others. Why is that? If we want to learn to lead others, we need to understand how to lead ourselves first. We are people. Also, if we want to truly be able to be sincere and empathetic to others, we must learn to give that to ourselves first so we understand the process of healing. We understand that process ourselves first. And only then can we really protect others? Only then can we really show empathy to others because we know what it feels like to be in that position and we know what it feels like to overcome their position. We know how to protect ourselves. Okay, self-talk is a huge way for us to protect ourselves and our minds are how we speak to us. Those will be a reflection of how we true the Speak and feel towards others. So to empower our souls is the understand our why or why do we want to excel in whatever we're doing? What is a four and what is the greater cause? This gives us our direction and it gives us clarity in what we're doing. Now to understand our own wire, our vision, our mission is important to empowering ourselves. It is the way we want to move. It is how we are going to make a difference or to empower ourselves is the foundation to lead others as it gives clarity and direction for others to follow. You cannot empower others if we are stationary ourselves, if we don't know how to go or where to go ourselves or I can because they went nowhere to go either. So in order to lead in a certain direction, you need to first know what direction that is. You need to know the direction yourself. That is what is meant by empowering yourself to move. So these are just a brief overview of the main things that we need to do or to focus on for ourselves in order to truly lead us all in the right direction, in order to truly equip ourselves, for us to lead ourselves and in the future, lead other people. The aid is all about looking after ourselves, give me ourselves or our resources, protecting ourselves in our minds, and empowering ourselves so that we can all do the same for someone else. Ok, so now we'll talk about leading others. 4. Leadership of Others: Okay, so now let's talk about leading others. And as he spoke about the start, you can either lead through fee or lead the respect. So let's see how each one looks like. Or so we'll start with leading through fear. So leading three f0 means that employees work for you and not with you, is not a choice for them to be working for you. They do it because they need to, not because of the Wand, right? They're managed by you instead of lead by, as there is no freedom. The only do as you say. All right, you are an authoritative figure to them, not a leader as you are not impairing them or growing them as papal. There are just your workers. There is a lack of safety. People don't feel safe to be themselves, to make change, even if it is required. There will be no initiative and innovation. Everyone is afraid to deviate from the path even if there is a better way because they feel getting in trouble. They run, hide and blame because they are afraid of what would happen to them. They lacked the safety and protection and protection required to take risks because all they receive is fee from your leadership. It is the my way or the highway top of leadership. So there is no safety involved. Everyone for themselves culture or are leading three, f0 is creating a culture where people only act for themselves that do this because of fear. They fear the consequences of what would happen to them. So the best option for them is to do the bare minimum and play it safe all the time or are there is and will be limited growth. And when things do go wrong, the blame game will begin. It's suddenly no one's fault. Everyone is shifting blame so that they don't face their consequence, which is you, the leader. So we should ask ourselves, how is that an effective way of leading? How is leading three f0 and affecting way and effective way of achieving growth? How we serving them, protecting them, and empowering them. If all we're doing is providing Theo, all we are doing is dividing our people into individuals instead of a team. That common goal. And people won't be concerned with the mission or the vision. There will only be concerned for themselves. How is that truly leading? Now this leads me to the other way we can lead, which is leading through respect. So let's go through what leading the respectable slide. Alright, so as we said at the start, true leadership is about serving, protecting, and impairing your people, are absolutely leading through respect means that you create a culture of safety and this is to protect your people, right? This means that the people in your charge feel safe to be led by you. Then know that they won't be left out hanging in the cold. Like a feel that they are looked after, valued and appreciated for the work that they do. And in turn, that will work harder for you. Alright? They feel like they belong in this space and they are willing to work and follow you. Not because they have to, but because they want to. We all want to feel safe regardless of whether it is Corey, professional or personal life. A good leader will make sure that we feel safe and valued. Even if we slip up, we know we will be given the chance to own our wrongs and grow instead of being thrown out, this will give us more of a chance to take a risk and to explore and to innovate or say this is about creating a culture of safety for all their people to know that they are looked after and valued and that an environment where they can feel like they can take risks and grow. You create opportunities for growth and learning, and that is to serve your people. Your people understand that mistakes and failures will be made, right? This doesn't mean that you let everything slide. You will discipline your people when it is needed by firstly, you help them to understand the mistakes happen. And that doesn't mean that they themselves are a failure. Or you help them see the lessons and the learning opportunities that come with mistakes. You give them a chance to grow and to level up and to try something that they are not comfortable with. You give them opportunities for them to innovate and come up with their own ideas? Or are any giving them the opportunity to come up with their own ideas will make them want to own it even more because it's their own job, it's their own ideas. They want to own it, they want to perfect it even more. Alright? With creating a culture of safety, you will allow them to grow and learn from mistakes. You allow them to push themselves, to take controlled risks and develop, alright? And you'll create a Team with a Vision. Now this is to empower people. Your people worked together as a team towards a common goal. People would want to follow you, your vision becomes their vision and everyone moves in the same direction because there is clarity. The clarity has been set and they believe in that vision that will not work as individuals, but instead as a team that will take ownership of their mistakes knowing that it will be resolved and from by the team that will be inspired to do what they do every day as they know, they are working towards something that is of value to them. They are working towards something that is larger than them themselves. A greater good people will come together because you are serving them, protecting them, and empowering them. Now, all this should be done with the attitude of empathy. Empathy is key and it is the backbone of leadership. Human beings want to be understood and cared for. That is the job of a leader. If he chose to be a leader, you choose to take people under your charge. You choose to take care of them and their safety. Leadership takes courage. And it is not for everyone, which is fine, but for those who choose to take it on, your paper, must come first that look to you for guidance and empowerment. To truly serve them, you need to first understand them. Use your knowledge and experience to better help them as you understand what it is like to be in that position. Show empathy and people will respect you. 5. Conclusion: So that is what leadership is or should be. That is what leadership is about. It is not primarily about the results, is always about the people first. It's about making sure your people feel safe and protected, feel valued, feel appreciated. It's about giving them opportunities to learn and grow with you and exploring their own. May we all lead with empathy? May we all empower our people to take ownership and pride in their work? Well, it all comes together to fulfill a bigger purpose. That is leadership. Thank you all so much. I big eyes have taken something out of the course, and I hope you guys have all enjoyed the course.