Leadership - how to identify your leadership style and become a good leader

Don Munro, International Training Consultant

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9 Videos (39m)
    • Leadership Intro Video

    • 1 Leadership and Management Styles Introduction

    • 2 Lesson 1

    • 3 Lesson 2 The Leadership Graph A

    • 4 Lesson 2 B and C

    • 5 Lesson 2 D

    • 6 Lesson 3 Leadership Styles Part 1

    • 7 Lesson 3 Part 2

    • 8 Lesson 3 Part 3


About This Class

​If you need to ensure that you have the leadership and the management skills necessary to co-ordinate the efforts of your team, you will be taken through the leadership styles so important in achieving the best end result with and through people.

Which is the best leadership style? My course will answer that!

Leadership is the first course in developing the advanced management skills that top managers need.

Your future management training skills courses to develop the top 9 leadership and management skills you need to be a successful manager are:

  1. The Process of Management
  2. Delegation
  3. Time Management
  4. Productivity
  5. Planning and Control
  6. Organization Structures
  7. Performance Problem Analysis
  8. Decision Making
  9. Management Practices Analysis

Are leaders born? LEADERS ARE NOT BORN. Through this online leadership business course you can learn the qualities that great leaders displayed as well as what skills they needed to achieve their leadership qualities. You do not have to have a title to be a great leader. The newest, lowest paid worker in a manufacturing plant can take his colleagues out on a protest or strike if he has the qualities and skills of a leader.... and a cause.

What is Leadership?

"World Leaders meet in Geneva to discuss ...."

Where did the world find leaders like the true leaders of the past, like Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, for the meeting? What the media means is that the ‘‘World's' Heads of State meet in Geneva to discuss ..."

Leadership is more than a title. This course clearly expands on this. It identifies the qualities all leaders (leadership qualities), both good and bad, have displayed and it identifies what they all needed to achieve their goals/causes.

The first lesson is an introduction to leadership and is the first of three lessons. It establishes the skills and qualities needed to function as a leader and to illustrate that leadership is more than just a title. For all three lessons, I have selected three of the more respected leaders in the world - Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela - all three true leaders as per my definition of leadership, and all three who achieved their "cause" without a title. The second lesson takes the leadership qualities into an area all successful leaders need; they all need a following to help them achieve their goal. Achievement through people is taught though the use of a Leadership Graph defining the leadership qualities in terms of the Task (Cause) and the Team (People) and we attempt to identify which Leadership Quality is best. The third and final lesson answers that question as we work our way through the 3-dimensional leadership styles graph.  The best Leadership quality and style? Let's find out together!






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Don Munro

International Training Consultant

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