Leadership Skills Mastery Vol 4: Make Better Decisions by Learning to Think Like a Real Leader | Ken Wells | Skillshare

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Leadership Skills Mastery Vol 4: Make Better Decisions by Learning to Think Like a Real Leader

teacher avatar Ken Wells, Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Why Should I take This Class?

    • 2. What is Leadership?

    • 3. Make Better Decisions & Save Time by Learning to Think Like a Real Leader

    • 4. How to Complete the Class Project

    • 5. How to Leave a Review for This Class

    • 6. Conclusion and Next Steps

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About This Class

Have you ever wondered how great leaders think and make decisions?

What would it be like if you could apply the same strategies and techniques they do in your life?

Although this class is primarily for leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, managers or college students who aspire to be leaders, it can also benefit you if you're looking to be more effective in your life.

Developing your leadership skills can help you get that next promotion, effectively build teams or just live your life with more charisma and influence.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Learn How Real Leaders Think Differently than Non-Leaders
  • When Leaders Do This, Problems Are Soon to Follow
  • How to Avoid Winning the Battle but Losing the War
  • You Must Avoid This Temptation If You Want to Be an Effective Leader
  • How to 'Reverse Engineer' Your Way to Success
  • How to Identify Your Followers Motivation for Being Part of Your Vision
  • How to Avoid Annoying Your Team
  • If You Allow Your Followers This, the Results Might Surprise You
  • How to Avoid Becoming Overly Bogged down with Details
  • How to Save Time, Avoid Problems & Make Better Decisions with This Simple Tip
  • A Simple Way to Begin Thinking Like a Great Leader

So go ahead and enroll now so you can begin to enhance your leadership skills, think more clearly and make better decisions, now.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ken Wells

Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach


Ken Wells is an internationally sought after speaker, teacher and coach.  He is the author of 20+ courses and coaching programs on topics such as meditation, personal transformation, online course creation & marketing mindfulness and spirituality.  

To learn more about the "Academy of Self-Mastery" and be notified of free webinars and other events - Click Here

40,400+ students in 168 countries are currently enrolled in his programs.

I teach forward thinking, open-minded individuals how to reshape their perception of themselves. 

This is so they can clearly identify and effectively reach their true goals while finding more meaning, joy and freedom along the way.

Whether that goal is more happiness, ... See full profile

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1. Why Should I take This Class?: Have you ever wondered how great leaders think and make decisions? What would it be like if you could apply the same strategies and techniques that they do in your life? And although this class is primarily for leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, managers or college students who aspire to be leaders, it can also benefit you if you're looking to be more effective in your life, because developing your leadership skills can help you get that next promotion, effectively build teams or just live your life with more charisma and influence. So in this class you will learn how riel leaders think differently. The non leaders You're gonna learn how to avoid winning the battle but losing the war, so to speak, you're gonna learn the temptation that you must avoid. If you want to be an effective leader, you're gonna learn how to reverse engineer your way to success, how to identify your followers, true motivation for being part of your vision. You're gonna learn how to avoid annoying your team or other people, for that matter. If you allow your followers to do this, the results might surprise you how to avoid becoming overly bogged down with details how to save time of wood problems and make better decisions with this simple tip, and you're also gonna learn a simple way to begin thinking like a great leader. So go ahead and enroll now so you could begin to enhance your leadership skills, think more clearly and make better decisions now. 2. What is Leadership?: Now we're gonna talk about what we mean by leadership so that we have a common understanding. As we go through the rest of this course. The basic definition of leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Now you've probably heard the sane. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. And nowhere is this more true than in leadership. You see, because your title or position won't give you true leadership, you can't force people to follow you. Any influence that you appear tohave based on leaning on your authority or your title is only gonna be superficial. It's only going to be skin deep, as they say. So what is true? Leadership? Then let's look at a couple of quotes to help us gain clarity. The 1st 1 is a quote by a gentleman named Steve Zeit Chick. He's a C. He the CEO of Focal Point strategies. And here's his quote. He says leadership is inspiring others to pursue your vision within the parameters you set to the extent that it becomes a shared effort, a shared vision in a shared success. So there are several excellent points of interest in that quote, particularly inspiring others to share your vision until it becomes a shared vision, a shared effort in a shared success that really says Ah, lot about the essence of leadership. Let's look at one more and this one's by Jack Welch before you are a leader. Success is all about growing yourself When you become a leader. Success is all about growing. Others for those that don't know. Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric for many years and is a well known voice in the world of business and leadership philosophy. Jack's quote really drives at some of the other essential elements, namely the idea of growing yourself and then growing others. To me, leadership is first and foremost about leading by example. You will never get anyone to truly follow you just by telling them to. You create followers by so powerfully living your vision that they're inspired to follow you of their own free will. This is communicated in hundreds of ways, through the way that you think the way that you act your mannerisms the way that you speak etcetera and so also important to understand that leadership is uncommon. You see, the common thing to do is to follow. It's easier. You don't have to make decisions. No one is counting on you. You can just go with the flow. To be a follower means to be driven from the outside in, whereas, to be a leader, you have to be driven from the inside out. Leaders take initiative of followers. Favorite line is nobody told me in the course material ahead. I'm gonna clarify all of these points, but for now, I want to challenge you to think bigger about what it means to be a really leader, even if you're currently a department head with aspirations of becoming a CEO. Or maybe you're a solo preneurs with plans to expand and build your empire, regardless of where you are now, I strongly suggest that you begin to think and behave the way a successful leader would think and behave, and I'm gonna show you how to do that. You're gonna be amazed at what that type of thinking in that type of behavior will do for your results right now, I also want to challenge you to commit yourself fully to developing the skills and embodying the qualities that we're gonna be covering. Learn to think of leadership as something that you live every moment, not just when you're at work or running your business. Leadership is more about who you are as a person than it is about your role or your title. Now that we have clarified a bit about what we mean by leadership, let's continue forward and begin to learn how to truly develop a za riel leader. 3. Make Better Decisions & Save Time by Learning to Think Like a Real Leader: in this lecture, we're going to cover how to begin to shift your thinking so that you can start to find yourself thinking and behaving like a true leader. And, as always, you're gonna get a clear understanding of what to do as well, a specific ways to go out and apply what you learn here today for your immediate benefit. Now first, let's talk about the difference between strategic and tactical thinking, because this is one of the key differences between leaders and non leaders. So when we stay strategic thinking, what we're referring to is big picture thinking. You may have also heard the term the 40,000 foot view. So strategic thinking refers to the what of a situation that is the end result. Tactical thinking, on the other hand, refers to the How so First you need to work out what the end goal is, and that's the strategic part. And then what you do is you work out how specifically you're actually gonna get there, and that's the tactical piece. So whether you're the CEO of a large corporation or your solo preneurs or in any leadership role, there's gonna be this interplay between strategies and tactics. When leaders become overly tactical, problems are often soon to follow. Maybe not immediately, but definitely in the long term. I mean, it would be like the pilot of an airline examining the screws on an overhead compartment, and I'm sure you can see the problem with that. As a leader, you need both strategic and tactical thinking. But you always need to maintain your focus on the big picture and resist the urge to get overly distracted with the small details. Where that balance is between strategic and tactical thinking is going to depend largely on your role. So a CEO's balance is going to be different than a mid level manager. As a general rule of thumb, the higher you rise in the organization, the more you need to be focusing increasingly on strategy and learning to empower your talented employees or followers to carry out those tactics. And that's part of delegation. As an entrepreneur or so a preneurs, you need a very strong balance between tactical and strategic thinking, because more often than not, you're either an army of one or at the most, a few people, so you need strategic thinking as a leader, because if you're too short sighted, you may win in the short term. But lose the overall goal. And that's why it's imperative to have a clear vision rooted in your values and then clearly communicate that to your followers. Now, don't underestimate the allure of becoming overly tactical, okay, particularly if you are newly promoted. It's gonna be very tempting to go back to what you feel is comfortable. Also realize that your followers are going to be bringing problems to you to solve, and it's gonna be very tempting for you to become as emotional in it and as caught up in the minutia as they are. So you must resist the urge and constantly be focused on the end goal that you're after. Your followers are looking for you to lead them to solutions, not indulging their problems. Okay, They don't always realize that, you know, particularly when they're putting out a fire and they're bringing it to you and they're upset. They're gonna want you to co sign on that problem. You want to empathize, but you want to keep your focus on the solution. So how do we apply all this? Well first, as always. It all starts with you. Okay. Are we starting to see a theme here? Everything leads back to you. First you go first. You need to write down what your goals are for your department, your organization or if you're again a party of one your life. Once you've established your goals, break them down into smaller milestones. So what you want to do is start with the strategy and then work backwards, becoming more tactical. You want to look at how your followers fit into that? What's their role and ask yourself, Why would they want to be a part of this? What would motivate them to take action to make this happen again? What's in it for them? In a management scenario, always remember that no one likes a boss who's constantly checking in and poking their nose around when you're trying to get work done. Instead, established strategic goals with your team based on the production levels your company has established, and then hold your team accountable to those numbers. But give them a certain degree of freedom in how they get there without you checking in constantly. You know, they may surprise you with their ingenuity. Make sure you apply this in your personal life as well. We often become overly tactical and lose sight of what we really want to accomplish. Long term, as with any organization, you will not hit your long term goals and achieve your grander vision. If you first haven't established exactly what that IHS next, I want you to look at any project or goal that you're currently working on. Okay, anything. Sit down for a minimum of 15 minutes and really think about it, asking yourself, What's the end result that we or I are after here? Check to see if you're becoming too bogged down in the details and losing sight of the endgame. As a leader, you need to constantly be asking yourself, What's the end result that we're after here Now you need to make this a habit in your life by applying it to the little things as well as the big things. It may sound simple, but practice it for yourself. You'll be surprised how developing this simple habit will lead to making much better decisions, avoiding problems and saving time, and finally learn to question the status quo. Great leaders challenge others assumptions about everything. But most importantly, they challenge their own assumptions. They encourage looking at things from different perspectives. And after careful reflection and using their intuition as well, which we're gonna cover later in this course, they then take decisive action. Now that you have some specific ways to begin to think and behave as an effective leader, please join me in the next video. 4. How to Complete the Class Project: Now that you've gone to the lessons, it's time to put what you've learned into action. So go ahead and practice what you've learned. And then to complete the project for this class, simply scroll down to here where it says, Start your project, Go ahead and add a title to your project and then in this space here simply include a comment, a question you have or a challenge that you'd like additional help with. And this could be a simple as a description of your experience. Then, once you've got this filled out, simply go down to this button. Click Create project and you're done. Now I invite you to go ahead, and you also have the opportunity to share your project as well on social media by clicking these buttons here or sharing the link to your project. So go ahead and take a moment and complete your class project now and then join me in the next video 5. How to Leave a Review for This Class : a lot of people don't know how to leave a review on skill share. So I wanted to just give you a quick video showing you how you can leave a review and help me continue to improve this class and future classes moving forward. So when you're on your course dashboard here, um, all you do is you go down to this little button here Ah, with the three dots, and then you scroll down to leave a review, and you can put a yes or no thumbs up or thumbs down, and you can include private feedbag, public feedback. What I would encourage you to do is, if you do decide to put a thumbs down for any reason, please leave a public review with some sort of statement of why you chose that so that I I can actually have feedback on how to improve. Um, And if you choose to instead put a thumbs up for the course, I would also encourage you to leave some comments so that I know what I'm doing, right. So again, thank you for your time and join me in the next video 6. Conclusion and Next Steps: congratulations on finishing the class. Thank you so much for enrolling and taking the time to go through the lessons. To really get the most out of this class, I invite you to review and practice this material multiple times. I'm not sure if you're aware, but we only retain about 7 to 10% of information that were presented with one time to really get the most benefit. It's advisable to review the material and practise the exercises at least 10 to 15 times to really get it now. You can also revisit the project area and continue to keep us updated on your progress by posting comments with your experiences, questions and challenges that you'd like additional help with. So what are the next steps from here? If you find this class to be really helpful, I invite you to go ahead and enroll in my other classes and give those a shot as well. Now, if you really enjoyed your experience, I also encourage you to go ahead and share this class with other friends, family members or colleagues that you feel would benefit also. And finally, if you'd like to be notified of free Webinars and resource is that will help you on your own journey of personal and spiritual growth. You can do that by going to my website in joining our email list for the Academy of Self Mastery. And some of the things I would invite you to notice is that the webinars that you're given access to for free the recordings of those air actually used commercially. So you're literally getting paid content for free when you choose to join our email list. So again, thank you so much for your time and for enrolling in the class. And I will see you next time.