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Alan Jarvis, Everything Is Easy, Once You Know How

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    • Promo

    • Intro

    • An Important Question

    • It's Not About You

    • I Have To Praise You

    • Getting To Know You

    • What We've Got Here, Is Failure To Communicate

    • Are We Speaking The Same Language?

    • The Lost Art Of Listening

    • Knowledge Is Power

    • We're Gonna Make You A Star-a-a-r

    • The Three T's: Time, Tools And Talent

    • Welcome To My World

    • Time

    • Being Helpful. Or, Whose Job Is It Anyway?

    • Time Exercise 1

    • If You Want It Doing Properly...

    • Time Exercise 2

    • Modelling Exercise And Soup Questions

    • Time Exercise 3

    • Tools

    • £179.99. Or, The Cost Of Solving A Ten Year Old Problem

    • Tools Exercise 1

    • Mission Mundane. Or, I Can't Not Look

    • Tools Exercise 2

    • That's What I Expected To See...

    • Tools Exercise 3

    • Talent

    • Planes And Peer Brains

    • Talent Exercise 1

    • Where Are My Trousers?

    • Talent Exercise 2

    • What Would Jesus Do?

    • Talent Exercise 3

    • The Three T's Summary

    • Intro To Section 3

    • Getting Them In - Interviews

    • The Welcome Bucket

    • Motivation: Mr Motivator

    • Motivation: Whose Company Is It Anyway?

    • Motivation: Money. That's What I Want

    • Motivation: The Beach Boys

    • Meetings: Punctuality

    • Meetings: What's The Point?

    • Meetings: Who's The Decision Maker?

    • Meetings: Agendas

    • Meetings: Minutes

    • Meetings: Facetime

    • Meetings: You Talking To ME?

    • Meetings: If You Don't Understand...ASK!

    • Meetings: Common Sense? Not That Common

    • How Can I Help?

    • The Whirlwind

    • If You Can't Change The Culture...

    • Good Morning. Or, What I Learned From Bill

    • "That Won't Happen With Me". Or, Another Thing I Learned From Bill

    • "Meet Our New Rising Star". Or, Yet Another Thing I Learned From Bill

    • "Thank You". Or, What I Learned From Kevin

    • "I Don't Do Half Days". Or, What I Learned From Keith

    • Cakes On A Friday. Or, What I Learned From Brian

    • "You're Allowed To Talk To Each Other". Or, Another Thing I Learned From Brian


About This Class


"A leader Is a dealer in hope"

Napoleon, said that. And he was right. Clever guy, Napoleon.

The terms leader and manager are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference. And in todays competitive market, it's not enough to be one or the other...you must be able to be both, if you want to get the most from your team. In this course, I will show you how.

"But why should I take your course, Alan?"

And that's an important question. Now, it may seem counter-intuitive, but I'm going to paraphrase  something George Bernard Shaw said "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach", but some do both. I'm one of those.

I remember when I was doing my formal qualifications in my chosen profession quite a few years ago...one of my lecturers often started his sentences with "When I was in industry..." He was a great guy, a brilliant academic, but he hadn't practiced what he was teaching for over 20 years. I think it's a perishable skill.

I could tell you I've worked at a senior level across several industry sectors: automotive, manufacturing, FMCG, healthcare, pharma, and service industries. I've worked in both the public and private sectors. I've been recruited by blue chip companies. Times Top 100 companies...but all of that is history. The important thing is...I still do it.

This isn't a theoretical course, it's a practical one. It's hands on.

  • I will guide you through my Three T's Methodology for creating super-star teams, complete with 9 actionable exercises that you can do today.
  • I'll share with you my interview process for recruiting great people.
  • NLP techniques for effective communication.
  • We will cover the practical best ways to motivate your team.
  • Practical day-to-day leadership and management.
  • What to do with underperformers.
  • I'll even share all the best things I've learned from my great managers.

This course is the result of 30 years of ongoing experience.

If you currently lead, or manage people, you should take this course.

If you aspire to lead, or manage people in the future, you should take this course.

Enrol now, and become the leader I know you can be!






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Alan Jarvis

Everything Is Easy, Once You Know How

Hi, my name is Alan!

I have almost thirty years of experience in teaching various subjects and have held senior management positions at several blue chip and Times Top 100 companies. I now specialise in consultancy, interim work and teaching.

My love for Excel began soon after the program was released. Back then, we really only used it for typing tables in our production planning department. If you can believe it, I was taught to then calculate with a calculator and TYPE the answers into Excel...you'd be surprised how many people I meet who still do this!

There were two turning points for me in my journey. The first was a chance conversation with one of our accountants when I was complaining how slow it was to keep having to flip between worksheets to see different bits of data. He introduced me to VLookups and a new world of possibilities opened up. I found that I need never have huge paper accountancy pads (remember those?) and a calculator to produce a production plan again! Suddenly, I could produce my plan in 15 minutes, rather than the day and a half it used to take. I began delving into other features of Excel, and finding ways to incorporate them into the planning "system" I had created, and remember this was back in the day when the internet hadn't been invented! Through trial and error, I refined my Workbook until I could chomp through days of work in seconds, and what's more, using these powerful features of Excel, I could optimise our production runs to get more output from the same working week, something that had never been done before. Promotion soon followed, and I became the "go to guy" for anything Excel related. This was the 90's.

Then, in manufacturing, came the MRP revolution. We had an army of programmers developing a system for us. This was my second turning point. I was awestruck with coders. The skill they had, and how clever they were, and that they were smart enough to go to university in the first place. I wasn't like that. I had no formal education beyond primary and secondary school, but a really cool programmer named Mark let me into a secret...

He said "If you can describe, step by step, how to cross the road without getting killed, you can be a programmer". I recorded my first macro, and took a peek under the hood. I deconstructed the VBA code, and played with it until I understood what everything did. Then I changed it to make it do what I needed it to do. 

Since then, I have developed accountancy systems, simple planning systems, full blown MRP systems and scores of stand alone "helper" systems to simplify and speed up work in almost every department in every company I have worked in. Some of the solutions I created 20 years ago are still being used today! If you doubt the power of Excel, it may surprise you to learn that you can run the procurement of a £1.3b (yes, billion) company with an Excel file with a bit of coding behind it. This is a skill that people will pay highly for!

Not everyone wants to go that far, so over the years I have taught people to create efficient solutions for themselves, either with or without coding. Those who took the time to learn have since had multiple promotions, or have started their own businesses! At the very least, they are getting more work done in less time with less headaches :)

If you are a complete beginner, just want to polish up your skills, or want to create sophisticated super efficient solutions for your business or personal life, my series of courses will help you achieve that. All you need is a little time, and a willingness to learn...I'm looking forward to working with you.