Leadership Fundamentals: Constructive Feedback | Michelle Tajudeen | Skillshare

Leadership Fundamentals: Constructive Feedback

Michelle Tajudeen

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10 Videos (30m)
    • Introduction

    • Unit 1: Definition & Importance of Construct

    • Unit 2: Benefits of Constructive Feedback

    • Unit 3: Potential Risks of Constructive Feedback

    • Unit 4: Factors to Consider When Providing Constructive Feedback

    • Unit 5: Typical Reactions to Constructive Feedback

    • Unit 6: The Value of Acknowledgements in Constructive Feedback

    • Unit 7: Best Practices for Constructive Feedback

    • Unit 8: Constructive Feedback Practice Exercise

    • Unit 9: Information & Support


About This Class

This is the first course in our Leadership Fundamentals Series which is targeted on the professional development of individuals in the workplace.  The intention is to raise awareness about important topics employees face in the workplace and provide strategies on how to effectively cope with these issues, overcome obstacles and build your leadership skills.  This course will primarily focus on Constructive Feedback.  Viewers will learn how constructive feedback is defined in the workplace, why it is important, the benefits and risks associated with it, typical reactions, the role of acknowledgements and best practices.  As an added bonus, viewers will have access to a practice exercise where they can apply their learning. Stayed tuned for more details on the next course in the Leadership Fundamental Series which will be coming soon!





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Michelle is the President of MetaCC Incorporated where she primarily functions as a certified Coach and Human Resources Consultant with over 20 years of experience working in both the private and public sectors. During this time, she has worked in a variety of industries ranging from consulting, professional services, legal, financial services, pharmaceutical, retail, government, broadcasting and consumer packaged goods. Michelle has also worked as a Community Producer and Host of the educa...

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