Leadership 101 - Volume 1 (7 Behavioral HABITS of Millionaire Business Leaders) | Jimmie Williams | Skillshare

Leadership 101 - Volume 1 (7 Behavioral HABITS of Millionaire Business Leaders)

Jimmie Williams

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7 Lessons (35m) View My Notes
    • 1. Millionaire Mindset Work your Mind

    • 2. Millionaire Mindset Growth Vs. Development

    • 3. Millionaire Mindset Duplicate other Successful People

    • 4. Millionaire Mindset Be Trainable, Coachable and Teachable

    • 5. Millionaire Mindset Surround yourself with Greatness

    • 6. Millionaire Mindset You MUST believe in you, NOT other people

    • 7. Millionaire Mindset Don't Listen to Negative People (Family & Friends)


About This Class

This Class is for them who are aspired to become Successful Leaders in the Marketplace and have a sincere desire to develop the "Millionaire Mindset"thats required to reach the TOP of ANY niche or profession. Professionals and Individuals from ALL walks of life and backgrounds can benefit from this Teaching because it covers a WIDE range of Tips and Secrets that the AVERAGE person can APPLY in their daily affairs as it pertains to their businesses or companies. 


1. Millionaire Mindset Work your Mind : I think. Welcome to episode number two of Millionaire Mindset on Demand With Me. Jimmy Williams. I am excited for your hope there. Hopefully everything's going well today. You know, you're making things happen. I always tell you, don't go about. Don't go around just talking about a thing. Just be about it. You know what I mean? Faith without works is dancing. Get things popping the day. We'll just want to talk to you really quick about something. I always say it's when my quotes, but I'm gonna talk about what it really means. Okay? And often say work your mind. Are you gonna work your behind now? That's not mine. Originally, I got that from an old school preacher cause I'm a preacher myself. But But this preacher is really He died a long time ago, but he's very successful and he understood the laws of prosperity will govern them. And he understood early in life that working hard, you know, it's people, miss. The people really have the understanding when people say work hard, what That really is what that really means. It could mean to think that I mean, you know that you're out in the cold. You're shoveling all day long, right? And that's an honest living, and you're working hard at it, but but it's a different type of working hard, but it comes to work in your mind, all right. And what he was talking about was working your mind, working behind other words, develop your mindset so you could find smarter strategies to work smart. Or you're gonna work your behind Italy. That was it. That's a metaphor saying you know you're gonna work. You don't work yourself to death physically, you know, you're gonna be under tons of stress and you'll probably make a lot less money because, you know, we worked you behind Those are more the simple things that you can do And I'm not knocking in hot, you know, an honest day's work. You guys who work hard to get up every morning you grind. You know, because if you didn't work, you wouldn't. You know, you probably won't be able to afford the at that you have right now, right? So you do what you have to do until you could do better. So when I say work your mind instead of looking behind, I'm not nothing what you do. All I'm saying is learned how to apply strategies. And it all starts with your mindset on how to, you know, use the gifts and talents that the most high gain you to create more income with less work , okay, lets physical toiling, you know, you know, you still have to have major things. You know, that most millionaires habits, which is tenacity. They have something called stick ability. It's where I made up. They have the villages stick, they have endurance, they have longevity, all right. And they have something that I think most of you guys understand. They have the grits of the grind, you know, they have the they have this ability whether we're gonna take the bull by the horns, all right, and they don't quit. That's always is not necessarily a physical thing. It's more a mindset thing, all right? And they're they're just tenacious. I mean, tenacious, you know, simply means to grab ahold of something. You don't let go of it, okay? And they continue to move forward. They have before to to Okay, but those things again, those things come when you begin to work your mind more and You could only work your mind as you grow your mind. You have to work it like a muscle is almost like a bodybuilder. You know? You know, you go to go to the gym, you see these guys, They first come in there. They don't have any muscle content. Well, they keep working that muscle to keep tearing it down. You see him six months later, all of a sudden, you know, they're eating certain diet. But the most important thing is that they're tearing the muscle that they're working it most of terrorist breaks down and rebuilds again. So they work that muscle and now the muscles stronger. It's the same thing with your mind. You have to feed your mind positive things. You know how to keep a positive mental attitude. Continue to work it. And guess what? Ideas? What he inventions to tend to come what, you're gonna allow you to work smart So you could, you know, So you can You can leverage your time better. You can get more done in a day working smart that you can ever work in a year working hard on someone else's job again. I'm not knocking the job. This is the purpose of me telling you that is to teach you how to be able to one day come out of that job and do something that you believe you're destined due to do. And that works so hard killing yourself doing it. So it means it's more of a mindset that I'm talking about when I say work in my instead of looking behind. All right, Continue to grow and development In the next video, I'm gonna talk a little more about Golden Development. What's the difference in the two? But there is a difference. But working my Are you gonna work you behind? I've had about 50 jobs and 40 different businesses. And trust me, I work my behind, Okay? I kept trying, kept trying and trying until I begin to work my mind more so now, working my mind more, you know. So that's 90 different things that I tried to do that I feel that this is where the tenacity, longevity and persistence That's another big word which will allow you to win most millionaires 99% of understand that principle persistence. You just don't quit and stay away from negative people. Okay, So you at the top or the next video by 2. Millionaire Mindset Growth Vs. Development: fighting back again with video number three with the millionaire mindset half on demand. Let's get right into it. Okay? I want to talk about something very, very important today that a lot of millionaires understand. Remember, I'm a reason I used the word millionaire. So much is because I want you to get in your mind in your heart, in your spirit that you are a millionaire. Even before manifest, you have to believe it. There's work involved. It is not just pie in the sky, but it starts in your head in your mind. That's why I keep telling you that I keep using references of other millionaires, what they've done and some of the things that I've done to to grow my business and make it grow and become what I've always envisioned it to be. That's why I always say, you know, I use a millionaire. I talk about millionaires so much because I see you as a 1,000,000. That's why you downloaded this so you can get the mindset to attain it. Whether you're part of real estate group or any other group that you're in or whatever you're doing, these principles can be applied to any type of company of business. Okay, causes the mindset that's gonna create the well, not necessarily you just going doing the work that's part of now. I said something in the last video that I would cover. This time it's and I said, There's a big difference between growth and development, Okay? They difference between growth and development. Let me give an example of that. Let's say, you know, let's take a little boy, for example. All right, look what grows up in home. And let's just say you know the father. If somebody doesn't so some reason is not in the home right, and he grows up and and we all know that there's some great mothers out there and advice. First thing. This is a single father who didn't have a mother in the home. He had a little girl in the home. He had to raise his daughter. But let's take for the perspective from a little boy growing up with state with a single mother without a father there, the boy grows up. He's at six and seven years old, and you know he's starting to see certain things, and he asked him questions He'll be goes tomorrow. Mom does the best that she can write. 56 years later, he's 12 13 years old. He has more questions. Is hitting puberty now? You know, it started thinking What's going on with my body? My mind, You know, I started like girls now in those kind of things. And then he's eight. Now all of a sudden is 18 years old. The father was not in the home and he goes on the college, you know, And he goes, Let's say, five years later, 2025 on the way there, 45 26 years old, gets married and never really became a man. I grew you, grew up. You know he's able to have Children because he hit puberty and all saved right. He's a man on the outside. He's grown up, but he hasn't really developed as a man because he never had a father figure to teach him and show him things that men do. Vice versa with women, vice versa. With women, you know a man can't teach a woman how to be a woman. He just can't do that little girl. Get your monthly cycle, which is so over 13 grows up, start going into womanhood, started having certain urges and search. You want to have those conversations to go to Dad. But But Dad can only tell you so much. Next thing you know, she grows up 25 years old, marries a guy, doesn't really know how to be. Ah, full adult, mature woman Because she never had a woman to show her how to do it. Well, that's the same thing in life. I mean, they grew up. There are adults, but they never developed as men and women. And you have a lot of that going on in real estate. You have a lot of that going on. And you know my pop shops. Okay. You know, no matter what you're doing, okay. In Silicon Valley, you have a lot of kids over there, you know? They're great, have great ideas, you know, new. After coming on every month, a lot does that. Those men and women, they may get rich, but they don't truly become wealthy because they don't have a mentor to teach them and show them how toe how to be a man or a woman when it comes to business. that's the power of having a mentor. So that's what I mean when I say, you know, they grew, but they didn't develop, you know, And that's that's the power of having someone who could kind of guide you and show. You know what? Don't do that over here. Stay away from that. You know, that's what I'm interest Teach me. You know, they don't They don't deliver me from all the drama sometimes because no matter who you are , you're going to go through the Medicare. Your mentor is one of the best on the planet. Just gonna go through things. Mitchell's look at shield you from problems, but they could help you circumvent them and help you avoid big mistakes that you would you would make up. You know you would make them. Otherwise, we help circumvent the learning curve. That's what we do. We don't avoid you from having a but we help you from within. But you don't do your duty. Free from mistakes is what I'm saying, but we have you limit those mistakes. It's the same thing with any moment brought up in the home. There certain things a father can pour into the man that's gonna help him to grow and develop as a man coming up. That's the same thing with mentors. We want you to be men and women. We want to be mature when you're doing business, so your business will grow and develop at the same time. And if you don't develop your business, it could hit a plateau in all of a sudden, it could be it could begin to descend and you'll lose it overnight because you didn't grow as a person. You don't develop as a person. So the other people that work for you and your corporation, you know, if there really watching you, they're gonna grow up the speed that you grow. So if you're not growing in a developing, what's gonna happen? They're gonna go back ups as you finally for with you, because, you know, bad leadership is gonna create bad. You know, bad mentees is gonna create bad employees because it trickles from the head down. That's why so important when you get up there were able to sustain what you would you built . That's why development is even more important than growth. I'll give you a prime example of that if you look at my Facebook group right now, we were growing at about 100 people per day, and that's great. But the only problem was we were developing as a group. We weren't we weren't able to monetize a group. We had all types of scam artists in the group, on types of trolling in the group. You know, when I say trolling, people get jumping on post cursing and swearing, No professionalism, no integrity. And I had to pipe down on that. Say, you know what I mean. How many people are growing coming on board? We need to start blocking and removing the negative energy. People don't have a protocol. We have to wait to pipe down when scam artists to make a group more about integrity and quality over quantity. So now that you know we've done that, we don't roll is nearest fast right now, but we're fully developed. So we're able to monetize people, trust us and were able to mentor more effectively. Now that we've slowed down a little bit and decided to learn how to develop everyone and, you know, we develop our core group. That's why I have ah few paying members and then developing its people. Your business is growing. That's more important than the actual rope that both important. Because, you know, we don't have a group of 11,000 people that we wouldn't have enough. We would have a platform to minister. You know, minister business, your business mindset to them. But we had to slow down and vocals on. What's more important, Development is more important than growth, the both of critical. But I'm going to challenge you as a millionaire. The mindset to develop your mind more. I'll see you in the next video or at the top. Take care, have a blessed day. 3. Millionaire Mindset Duplicate other Successful People: 18 Video number four, I believe. Okay. And this month's edition of The Millionaire Mindset on Demand With Jimmy Williams How you hope things. Well, I hope you woke up today with the right spirit to get out and go get it, OK? Don't let anybody tell you what you cannot have. Only person is going to stop you, is you. So let's go get it. Okay, well, I'm gonna talk about something I think is I think we'll change the direction in the course of your life today, right When it comes to how to tap into the millionaire flow in the mindset. Some of you feel that, you know, I got to go out and I gotta I gotta do everything myself. I'm gonna make everything up and reinvent the wheel. Stern warning. No need to reinvent the world. Now it's great to be original. I'm not saying don't do that because you know, intellectual property. This price is what I mean by that is creating something that you own with your intellect. Like a book or seminar. You know, like what you see me doing here this electoral proper. This is mine, right? But I'm not going to reinvent the will. Here's what I tell you to do. Follow the success blueprint. Duplicate what the wealthy and rich do. You're better off as low. Here's awarding behind that as loans. They're doing something that's that's full of integrity and will allow you to sleep at night because I never tell people do something that the wicked Richard doing this. There's a good center, you know. There's a good set. There's a bad set. Did that are doing it right? You want to duplicate their methodologies because you don't have to go away. But the will duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. You know, if they're waking up at five o'clock in the morning, you know, going to be like 10 or 11. They get early because the brain the brain moves. You know, my wife and I go to bed sometimes of five oclock in the morning, but when we don't, we try to wake up at that time when we can. But at five oclock the brains fresh, you know, millionaires up before anybody else is up. Duplicate that discipline yourself and do that, you know, whatever they're doing, you want to learn how to do it because you're better off following that pattern that works , then making up your own patter because odds are you and I both we had to go and retrieve with We train our minds and I mentalities because, you know, some of us who listen to this most of us if you don't have a millionaire amount and tell you already, that guarantee is because you have some bad teaching somewhere you heard or saw someone else doing something that did not make any sense and lead to poverty and insufficiency. Okay, you know, we were taught go to school, get an education, getting a job and my knocking the education with good job. No, I'm not doing that. I would never do that. But that's not the way to really get successful. What I say successful, made financially successful, you found the patterns of what rich people are successful people have done to understand. But how? How you know, successfully works. You know, going to school, getting getting the job. To get an education. You can lead to a lot of debt, because ecology, as you know, is 20 between 20 and $50,000. Even now, in 2019 for an average education. And if you don't get a job that's going to help you pay your bills and pay off the debt, you'll be in debt to 90 years old. How far that that methodology take us did take us very far. No. You want to find a pattern of they were the rich in what they do. They invest their money. They find ways to invest and limit the risk they buy property, duplicate that they start, companies duplicate that they start, you know various types of businesses, you know, online and offline. Follow their habits, and you will succeed. You got to do it over a period of time. You can't just be one time. It must become a habit and eventually you will succeed again. As long as they're doing the right thing, they know something wrong. You know, there's millionaires are doing illegal things. I'm not advise you to go out there, do that like drug dealers. And you know, people who are smuggling stuff in the country and prostitutes. Oh, I'm telling it not to do those things. But if that makes sense in this legit and honest, you want to duplicate the methods, don't try to be a bit the will. Don't go, go. Don't follow somebody who's working at McDonald's for the past. You know, to find a path to make a $1,000,000 a year. You duplicate the owner of the franchise owner of McDonald's. It was making a $1,000,000 a year. You follow that guy, that woman, that man and woman, cause they already got about making center. Let that sink in for today. Take a minute and ask yourself, who do I need to listen to? Some of you gotta change who you listen to. That's all I'm gonna say today. Let's get Let's get it going today. Okay? Let take action. Get up. You're just take action and do something about your life. Stop listening to broke people. Okay? The father habits. I'll see you at the time. Bye bye. 4. Millionaire Mindset Be Trainable, Coachable and Teachable: Hi, guys. Back again with video number five. I'm gonna talk about something that I talk about all the time. Even on my Facebook groups. Everywhere you hear me talk about this on its A Millionaire attributes It's a millionaire. Quality millionaires do this. You have to be teachable, trainable and cultural. All millionaires that really understand wealth and abundance. They understand that they don't know everything they needed. An idiot culture need to be trained. You need somebody to help them. Now there are a few that have never really had someone to say. This is my mental because they didn't grow up with anyone around that might. My grandfather didn't really have a Mitchell was my greatest mentor, but its few and far between the other 99% have someone they can talk to or someone that they can look at, you know, on a YouTube video or someone that can fix described to, to learn, you have to be have to be teachable, coachable and trainable. Okay, that's the millionaire minds that because you have to first acknowledge that you were you know that you broke right now, the first thing you have to remember is that you were taught something bad. Okay, well, you didn't have access to something. So there's something you've got wrong because you had somewhere along the weight, whether you want accepted or not, you might have gotten bad teaching from your parents. I did, too. I mean, my mom and that love me. But when it came to success and wealth in abundance, they didn't understand it. So they gave me a bad teacher. When it came to the to economics, they did not. He did. And still, a meeting will get a job, which I respect that my grandfather taught me that we'll, my grandpa, that you taught me a little more about entrepreneurship because he was an entrepreneur and a second grade education. But what I'm saying is, when I say bad, I don't mean that they're bad parents. I'm saying that teaching when it came to being successful, that part of the teaching was bad because they didn't know. Okay, if you were to say, you know, they're good, they're there would be labels good parents to teach me how to be a man. You know that part? They did right. But its success and abundance of how to become a millionaire, the 97. So you have to find someone who's teaching it right and be willing to be taught by that coaching. You need to be coached, cooked, heated teaching and coaching, and wondered two different things. Teaching is when you're trying to learn from them. Coaching is when you're when you're actually trying to get the strategy to win. Learning a method and then implementing it is different. Learning is a teaching. The implementing of the strategy is the coaching part. All right, okay. And the trading is when you get yourself fit, that's the so you. So you have to be trainable, which means, you know, just like when you go to the gym, we work. Sometimes you need a trainer to help you work those muscles. You need somebody to show you, you know, Let's get the skin it. Let's get ourselves fit. If you're gonna go into deep competition, you need to be trained, right, trained your body to be able to go longer, you know, work those muscles and that's and when you when you're in this business the most, the biggest muscle you're gonna work is your brain. So we had to train your mind cortical. You know, the physical parts of brain to rethink and into Conjure up, you know, now is we're confident, strong work and Teoh, too. We want O motivate the mind, the mind moving and working so that it can kick in. We're going to take great ideas that, you know that's already deep down inside of us. That's where the training comes, include, so you've got to train your mind, and trainers or mentors can help you do that. So again, being tradable, coachable and teachable you got If you want to be a millionaire one day, if you have the aspiration to be great, make tons of money and help a lot of people, you have to change first. It's a great method. If you apply it, let's make it happen. OK, I'm doing. I'm doing it myself every single day. I'll see you at the time, but my 5. Millionaire Mindset Surround yourself with Greatness: All right, guys. And back again. Video number six for the month. OK, getting down to the nitty gritty here, it's, You know, I'm gonna give you some deeper nuggets. I think's gonna help push you through. And I have a real serious millionaire mindset nuggets today for you. Okay? You definitely, definitely. Definitely, definitely. Oh, my word. Studying about work here. You definitely I want to surround yourself, but people who have waited in you whether they be mentors or colleagues so wrong yourself, But people that are gonna push you and stretch you to a higher heights and deeper depths not the people that you're so comfortable with that you know what you know. You know, you have strongest man and woman in the room. That's not gonna help you build wealth. Now it is a great to grow yourself and be powerful when you walk in the room. They know that you know, this person has great. This person has, you know, they have never or and a presence about them. That's good to do. It's not wrong with that. But that's that's that's after you. You pertain what most people haven't attained. You know, you should never start out that way with the air against, right? I was sending someone the other day. Can arrogance be good? Yes, if it's contained and it becomes confidence you got you got, you gotta grind that arrogance and make it more confident. And you need to have humility to go well with it. It's hard have the ability and confidence, and you know what I mean? And at the same time, we had to be developed. But you, Carney, you have to be the strongest person in the room. In fact, until you get there, you need to surround yourself by greater men and women than yourself. Why? They're going to challenge you. They're gonna brought the best out of you. And you gotta grow and become more than you ever thought possible by being around people that are not at your level at your level and below. Because you already know what they know, You know, You know they're not compatible with you economically where you want to be now am I say treat people bad and be your above them. And that's not what I'm saying. Don't take that away from this. You know, I grew up in the country. Okay? In the woods. You know, I was born in Rochester, New York. Came down to Florida on seven of living my grandparent's. It was the first time I saw my master. Mitchell was my grandfather. Most you. This man was full of humility. He had his own business. He never treat anybody bad or disrespect them with all the things that he had. And I knew from a young age that you don't treat people negative and nasty because you're you're fortunate they're not. That's not what I mean. So ask for understanding What? When I say what I say to you, what I mean is, you know, you don't want to be around people that are not gonna push you to grow and develop more. There's me better than them. But you're trying to go somewhere. You're trying to get hired in euro and the things that you know and understand about business get around, tax attorneys get around. You know, real estate lawyers. And you know these people in, you know, contractors, multi millionaire investors is I'm just talking about real estate right now. All right? You want to learn anything? My Franchising. You need to get in a room with other people who own franchises. You know, people who own McDonald's and Burger King. You know the meaning. You know Wendy's, you know, subway and learn from them. I learned. What's the techniques? You know, How do you buy what do you What are the methods? What do you need to do to buy one of those franchises? And then how do you run it? Because you don't know, right? You're still broke. You need to surround yourself with other people that are where you are already, so we could challenge to become more. I talked about two natures. Real estate and Franchising. But this goes ready. If you're a tech guru, you feel you're good. Really? That because Google is not a good word, by the way, don't use that word. If you're somebody who aspires to be a tech mogul or somebody who wants you want, invent something in the tech industry, go to say, let's go to Silicon Valley. You know, some of those young people there, they may not be fully developed has grown men and women yet because again, I talked about earlier the mindset. How did growing belt, but seven massive, brilliant ideas. You know, if you're 50 or 60 years old, humble yourself and get around some of these 25 26 year old, some of them 60 and 70 years old. Get around these guys and learn from them because they're greater than you at that niece. You need to learn from them, swallow the pride and get around people that know more. It's going to stretch your ability to grow and to have access to things. When you humble yourself, get around people that are greater. That's the best tip I could give you. And so that's a $1,000,000,000 nugget if you get that one. Okay, If you don't have that right surrounding, you need to find ways to go online, you know, and tap into coaching and mentorship with some of the greats. Well, depending on your niece and listen to them. Don't think you're better than them because they have. You don't have it yet. Do we do it? The way to attain things is home yourself and get a go about it the right way. Learn it, then you can go out and you could help somebody else later but that's that's what you gotta do. I hope that I hope this is, you know, hitting home here, hitting here in your mind. Don't let this let what I just said. Get stolen from your mindset. You need to apply it immediately. Have a fantastic day and enjoy the rest of your week. I'll see you up here. Nobody. 6. Millionaire Mindset You MUST believe in you, NOT other people: the guys. Jimmy Williams again with another informant. Video video number seven for this month. Have a very powerful one today for a millionaire mindset. Okay, millionaires, listen up. I don't care if you broken Don't have any money in the bank or nothing. Get that mindset going. Okay. Are you ready for this one? Are you ready to keep asking you that? Say yes with me. I'm ready. Okay. I've learned over the years that how you look at people you know, you look at them and your mentality toward them is not as important as how you look at yourself. Okay? So the most important thing that I can tell you right now is you must look in the mirror and believe in yourself. It's how you see you that's going to determine your outlook. It's not what the millions of people of millions of people look at you and see. They may look at you and say, you know, there's nothing much of that. That man or that woman, That woman, that man of trash, you know, they're not going to where they're doing that. Those things cannot affect you. If you know who you are, most millionaires know that almost all of them do. I mean, don't get their athletes or whatever they do. Real estate investors don't matter. They understand something about self image. That's one goal. With this date, your self image must be so on point and so focused on you and about who you are not a very selfish way. It's a it's a confidence that you develop, you know. It's a millionaire mindset, level of confidence that you have. But you understand that whatever is only outside of me cannot affect me as much as me affecting myself. What's what's inside of me? If I don't believe in me, nobody is going to. So what I want to tell you today it doesn't matter what they think of you. You have to think well of yourself. Okay, no matter what the world says about you, you begin. You continue to apply these principles. The other six that I gave you so far in six and set whatever have made videos is above this one. You apply, then stay focused and look in the mirror every day and tell yourself I can do this. I have what it takes. Even if the guy next door doesn't believe it. Even if a 1,000,000,000 people on the planet believe that I'm nothing, I can't do it. I believe I am. You are according to what you say. How I said this on my video on my Facebook page just last night, I said, Don't let anybody fool you. You will eventually become what you believe about yourself. Did you leave that? You can. You will. It's really that you won't. You won't. That's a $1,000,000,000 nugget. If everyone gives up on you, you make sure you don't give up on you. It's not a suffers. Think it's a confident thing because if you don't give up on yourself and you make it, you'll be able to get back to. Your community, will be able to get back to others. But if you give up on yourself, there's a whole community of people that you could have reached and you can. But you gave up. I believe in you. The most high believes in you. You may have a sphere of influence of people that believe in you, but that's not the most important. The most important thing, but you must remember, is you must believe in you. Okay? You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you do that. I'm a fantastic day. I'll see you at the time. My, my. 7. Millionaire Mindset Don't Listen to Negative People (Family & Friends): I guess I am back again. One last video for this month's video number eight. Okay, so I challenge you guys to, you know, to try. You can look at all the videos where you want, you know, in one day, if you want to just listen to one or two of them. A week, which will give you like to a week will be eight for a month, which is a lot of content, you know, And I give you gave you a lot of the seven. Take those nuggets and, you know, and the things I said there and apply them, you will see a difference. Trust me. But this is a big one I'm gonna give you now. What do you think about what I'm gonna say? You're all right. Most millionaires, not 95% of them understand this principle. Never, ever, ever rely on your family and friends to believe in you. It's good that they do. That's great. But you have to be able take criticism from them. There were Jackson did misunderstanding and all those things because most of them 99% of them that you grew up with and hung out with never became a millionaire. So who is most likely to criticize you or to put down what you're doing? And not necessarily because they hit you is just most of the time. I think some of the criticisms coming from a good place that they're concerned about you. They think it's a good place, right? It's putting you down to use that you discourage you. But to them, it's like you know, I'm protecting Jimmy or protecting Charles or Lisa. You know where you are from themselves, you know they need to wake up, go get a job and get an education. And, you know, do what everybody else is doing right? So they think they're doing the right thing by speaking poverty and insufficiency over you because they don't know that you know, that job in everything they do is gonna lead to the same situation they're in. And they're comfortable with that because they want you like them, right? Do you think I'm fine? So I wanted to be like me. We'll go ask them for a glass of $4000 to see what they do. 92,000. I wanted to start a business and they can't give it to you. So deep down inside, you don't want to be like them. You want to be greater. So you could say, you know, you can go back and help this That same family member of where they are, You know, they ask you for 1000 because you know the lights off, they lost their job. Well, if you don't, if you don't stay focused and you focus on what they think you will never attain what you will call and put on this planet to do so you could be able to help them one day. That's what they're not understanding. You know, I love and I'm letting this thing out right now. My entire mouth in my own life, I'm giving this person a little secret. I'll be done for the month. But most of the people that started out with me on Facebook as I've been doing real estate and other things for about 34 years now. But I started my real estate group, You know, my public Facebook group about nine months ago, and my private personal group where I mentor and coach my paid pay platform about two months ago, and I have several students. I probably I've probably spoken to over 1000 people phone And I currently have about 500 students out of 500 May, but maybe fraction of them are paying clients. But long story short, I built this huge network. My wife and I and 95% of the people have started out with me. Nine months ago, in real estate, I hooked up that disappeared. They quit. A lot of them were jealous of what I was doing. They were They were absolutely Johnson. Me. It was terrible. So they quit. Yeah. All these bad things to say, You know, you know, they leave me of scam artists doing these bad things and, you know, slander my name before my business start really taken off. Now that it is taking off, you don't have a say file with family members. People in my family. What is he doing? Is he doing something illegal? Just because I wasn't doing what they said I started a company somehow this bad guy. But those same people a lot of them right now, coming, asking for something financially. Jimmy, can you help me with this feed What if I had taken that advice and quit? Now my wife and I had a certain decision to make because you can't help everybody who comes . Just say I need help financially, right? Because that's just not wise, but some generally need to help me. They fell into a situation and they needed help. Way were able to help him at that time. We did that, but I'm just trying to show you don't follow the advice of people even know what everything wasn't Love you. Family, friends, people. I know you. You're gonna criticize you if you say no to them. Don't listen to them. But you have to say no to get where you want to be in life. And I want you guys to stay focused. Believe in yourself. Don't let anybody tell you what you can't do. If they're telling you, you know you're gonna be homeless. You ain't gonna make it. Stay out of that. Those same people will come around one day. You know, if they swallow their pride leader. And so you know what? I was wrong. You rather them to be wrong, right? Then for you to quit, be wrong and you give up on your dream, let them be wrong. Keep Don't you're supposed to do then you whether than you quitting and you being wrong later finding out. You know, I could have done that thing. Not gonna start that business nature. I could creative it app, You know, I could have branded myself. Became a multimillionaire coach mentor. You know, I could've been a millionaire investor, but I quit because somebody who was broke thought they were giving me good advice and basically didn't only lie to me, but that's what we did. They didn't tell you the truth about yourself. It sounded true because, you know, because they said it. But it was a lie. Don't let people will close to you. Anyone talking to quitting because they don't believe in you? Because when everything turns around the shoes on the other foot, they'll come back or they're just run and hide the bushes. You won't see a kid either way. You don't give up on yourself, so I hope this is a blessing to you. Hope this whole month was good nuggets for you. Take them and run. Run like you've never run before. I guarantee you I'm gonna see you at the top. Take care. Bye bye.