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Lead generation for coaches and consultants

Rihab Seb, Digital Markter

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11 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Lead generation for coaches and consultants

    • 2. What software do you need to create your landing pages, optin forms and popups

    • 3. What is the best funnel to use for lead generation

    • 4. What is a funnel and why it is important to use one

    • 5. How to download the template i prepared for you

    • 6. Let's put your logo and your headline

    • 7. Prepare your video

    • 8. Why work with us section

    • 9. Don't forget testimonials

    • 10. Optimize your Mobile view

    • 11. Create your Thank you page


About This Class

Link to the Software I use : Click here

If you are a coach or a consultant looking to sell your services or if you are an expert who wants to sell his courses online. It is very important to your business to generate leads.

In this course, I will show you how to create your funnel (Landing page + Thank you page) and how to make it attractive. 


1. Lead generation for coaches and consultants: if you add a court or a consultant looking to sell your services, or if you add an expert who wants to sell his courses online, it's very important to your business to generate kids. If you go out there and ask people to buy your products or your services directly, most probably it will not work because if people don't know you, it's very difficult to make them buy from you. So how to solve this problem and how to make people know you more so you can convince them to buy your product? Well, the answer is easy. You use email marketing in Maine. Marketing is one off the best ways to create trust between you and your prospective customers in order to achieve maximum conversions. Hi, that I am. We have a digital marketer and the bestseller or line instructor with more than 18,000 students. I have helped hundreds of my students to build and boost their online businesses, and then this course I'm going to help you to boost your business and take it to the next level by teaching you how to do rate Morley's for your business. So how this work? Let's see together. All you have to do is to create a landing page in which you offer your visitors a valuable gift or elite magnet. Once you get the inmate off your prospect, you start sending in emails, providing value and showing that you are the best person who can help him solve his problem . And then from time to time, you try to sell him your products or services. In this course, I will show you how to build an attractive landing page in less than one hour, even without having any technical knowledge and to make the procedure easier, I even prepared for you a template that you can download in two clicks. All you have to do is to customize this template, putting your own in full, and it will be ready for you. You start by changing the headlines, putting your own video or photo and uploading your own testimonials. Then you can customize the section and you tell your audience why they should work with you . Here. You can introduce them to yourself by writing a small bio, and then you can put a frequently asked questions section where you answer frequent questions using this template you will be able to design your landing page in seconds and off course. If you don't like it for any reason, you can design yours from scratch. No need anymore to work for hours and hours on your Wordpress website. No need to stall paid plug ins and worry about updating your theme and all the problems that come with this. Using this afterward, I'm going to show you. In this course, you will be able to design a professional and highly converting landing page. This will boost your regeneration machine in no time and without any stress and any complications. In addition, in this course, you will be learning in a very funny and effective way. The majority off the lectures are wide board videos and with a lot off animation designed precisely to make you understand well, the concepts and to spare you any confusion or lectures, have some soft background music to help you relax and concentrate through these factors, you will never feel bored or overwhelmed, enrolled in this course now and start learning how to generate more leads for your business . And don't forget to follow my challenge to stay. After they took the latest forces I publish 2. What software do you need to create your landing pages, optin forms and popups: Hello guys. After getting familiar with the concept of funnels. Now we will move on and building your first fund. As I told you before, No a days. We build funnels using funnel builders. There are seven or software online that can provide this service, and you can work with any off them. However, there is one that I recommend precisely, and I'm going to tell you why. So to create my funnels, I use a very powerful and user friendly software. This software can do nearly anything you need for your digital marketing. No need any more for an auto responder to send a maze for your prospects. No need for a membership side software anymore. No need to install 37 plug ins to generate pop ups and opt informs this software brings all your digital marketing needs under one roof. This software, which you will find the link off in the description off this course, gives you everything, literally everything you need to market. Sell and deliver your products online. Using the software, you will be able to create your landing pages here. Thank you pages, your sales pages and your check out pages in a few clicks, and you will be able to add upsets and down cells and count down timers and many, many other options. Using this stuff good, you will be able to create your top ups, your upped and farms. You will be able to create your email campaigns and send emails your prospects and communicate with them. Also using this software, you will be able to create your membership website in seconds. No need anymore the expensive designers and coders to create your pages. It's a very simple drag and drop software, so let me show you what you can do. No. So what I want you to do now is to click on the link you will find in this course description. Then this link will take you to the software I use. Here you create a free trial account for 14 days. It's very simple. You don't even need to enter your card information. Then you will have to go to Inbox and click on the confirmation link, and after that you will be choosing your password and this is it. Your account has been created, and you can enjoy 14 days free trial. So this is the software dashboard and in here you will be seeing good results in the future . Let's see now how we are going to build our funnels. We go to the menu, but in here and we go toe funnels and we click on Create. Now we have to give a name to this funding. Let's call it, for example, trying one. Now you will have to choose the objective off this funded. Our objective is to collect leads, so the best suitable option is to build a new agents. Here you will be choosing the currency off the funnel. So if you are selling products in American dollar here, you have to modify the currency and then we click on create. As you can see automatically. A landing page and a thank you page were created, and now you have many templates to choose between. Or if you want, you can start the page from scratch by choosing a blank page template. Let's suppose I would work with this template. I will click in here and select it. Then I will click in here to start modifying it. Here. You find the link off the page. If you want to modify it here, You can do so. And if you want to copy, There you are. L you click in here, so let's move on in tow editing the page. So this is the place that we have chosen. All you have to do here is to replace the no, go, buy your own local, you click on it and then you upload yours by clicking. Here, you can change the size of the logo, the alignment, the margins and the spaces. And you can also add shadows if you want. Then you can say the headlines and dry anything you want. You can edit everything very easily the phone size. If you want to make a headline bigger or smaller, you can also change the text. Tied the phone family. If you prefer to work with a different one, you can pick it here. You can also change your text color, and you can add a background color tour text. If you won't like this, for example, you can also change the text alignments, the margin, the beddings, literally everything and if you want, you can also delay when the text appear on the page in here. No useful in our case here, but it's useful in other cases. For example, in a say stage when you want the price to appeal, maybe after your visitor watch few minutes off your pitch meeting. Now let's move on to this future. With this feature, you can edit them. Abi View. This is one of the most important features off the software. Fixing them above you off your pages is essential. The lumber off mobile users is increasing daily, so don't ever miss that. Let's click on it. And this is it the mobile view off your page and you can start fixing everything as you can see, for example, that letters here are very big. So I'm going to decrease the size off the headline text. And this way the headline will be well optimized for mobile eyes. You can control everything and optimize your No by view in order to achieve maximum conversion. You work on your text one by one, you work on your images one by one and you make sure your mobile view is well optimized. Once we finished, we just have to save and go back to our funnel. And we can now add the thank you page in the same way. So as you can see, the software is very easy and very simple. But also you don't have to worry about any off that. And you don't have to understand all of this because I have made it very, very simple for you. I have prepared a template for you, a complete original template for coaches and consultants that will help you create your landing pages and thank you pages in less than one hour. All you have to do is to prepare your content and your pictures or videos and just throw them in the template. I'm going to give you the next lectures. I would show you how to create your funnel very quickly and easily using that template I have prepared precisely for coaches and consultants. Hope you enjoyed this lecture. And let's need in the next one 3. What is the best funnel to use for lead generation: What's the best funnel to use for lead generation? Hi there. And welcome to the structure. The best funded we can use to generate leads is a simple one composed off landing page and the thank you page. All you have to do is to create content online. It would be a YouTube video, a Facebook ad, a block practical, a story on instagram, and you have to inside people toe visit your landing page in the landing page, they will find Elliot Magnets. Elite Magnet. It's something you offered an exchange off. Your visitors amaze because nobody likes to give you their personal information, so you need to offer something in exchange, the more you lied. Magnet is attractive, the more leads you will generate. So in the lending paid, you should prove to your viewers that the lead magnets you are offering to them is worth giving you their inmates. You should put social proof on your landing page and also some urgency, and you should give your visitors valid reasons. Toe why they should accept this deed. Let's see an example off a successful landing page. So, for example, this is our landing page by their look the Magna Kate. Here is the book. Here we can see the headline that reflects the real deal and what people will get from this offer. Then we have the pitch video, and on that I we have the lead captured for so to get the book, I should fill this form. If we scroll down in here, we will find people's testimonies reading what other people are saying about your magnet lead is a very important social proof, so you should be adding this to a landing page. If you scroll down much further, you can find additional social proofs, and here you can see on offer with a countdown timer. It's now set at zero as the offer has already expired. But this kind of things add urgency and scarcity your landing page and push people into taking what you are offering them. At the end of this page, we find a second call to Action button that takes us back to the lead capture for after your visitors land on your page. And once they gave you their emails, they will lend on a thank you page In this page, you have to thank them for subscribing but not only this. You have to tell them that you already sent the lead magnet so they're made and to remind them to check the spam folder because sometimes the first female land in the span and also you can teach them how to add your email to their contacts so they are sure to receive in their in box the majority off your inmates. You can also guide them to like your Facebook page or subscribe to your YouTube channel. So now, after preparing the landing page on the thank You page, you should prepare your first in made the email that you will send two prospects as in which you will present yourself and you will give them the gift they are waiting for. Hopefully, everything was cleared in this lecture state June and less meat in the next one. 4. What is a funnel and why it is important to use one: Hello, guys. In this structure, I will explain to you what is our marketing funnel and why it's very important to use a funnel for your business. I know a lot off. You might know already what a funnel is, but let's get a quick review. We all know that it's so difficult to sell people directly. Imagine you cross someone on the street and you stopped him and started to try to sell him your coaching or consulting services. Most probably he won't buy anything from you. Well, no. Imagine that someone just landed on your website and he found your offer directly in front of him. It's his first encounter with you the first time he know about your offer. Well, if your offer is a $50 coaching some off, your visitors might sign up. But imagine you are selling them our $500 coaching session. Then I can bet most off people will not buy directly in order to convince your visitors toe by your offer and to make them take it, you need them to trust you. They need to see your content several times. They need to get familiar with you. They need to see what people are saying about you. They need to see the value you are putting on the table. The marketing rule off seven states that a prospect needs to hear the advertiser message at least seven times before he'll take action to buy a product or a service. So how are you going to reach your prospects seven times, at least? Well, that's why it's very important toe capture the email addresses off your prospects. In this way, you will have the chance to market to them as many times as you want and convince them to buy from you. Let's go deeper. So first, if you are not known yet, then you are a stranger. For the majority of people, it's normal. They don't know you yet. Some of them will go through a piece off content you put on the Internet. It could be a YouTube video, a bloke article or a Facebook post, and then they consume your content. Some of them will like it, and they might give you their email addresses. So now you have the opportunity to send them emails providing value. And why not try to sell them your products so a funnel is the idea journey that your prospects go through on their way to becoming customers. First you attract, qualify the traffic off strangers and you make them your visitors. Then you convert your visitors to Leeds, and then you close them and you make them your customers. And then you delighted clients, so they stay with you and help you promote your products or services. Let's take an example. Let's say you want to build a store and you are searching for e commerce platforms. So you go to Google and you search for e commerce platforms you find certified. So here is the attraction face. You click on this link and you visit their website. You find that they are asking you to provide your email, an exchange off 14 days trial. So this way they get your leads, and when they have you remain, then they can send you a lot of content in order to convert you to a client. Years ago. In order to create funnels, coaches and consultants relate on WordPress websites. Well, this is an outdated solution because we're depressed websites in 99% off cases are somehow slow and you need to install a lot off plug ins, upped and forms pop ups and lending pages. And then you need to connect your website toe on auto responder to be able to send amazed to your list. And then you have to update WordPress and you seem and your plug ins, and this might sometime break your website. Do you tow an incompatibility between your theme and some off the plug ins? No. A days We have the chance to use what I call funnel builders using funnel builders who we can create pop ups, upped and forms landing pages, saves pages, check out pages very simply. And guess what? Using the same software we can said amaze to our email list directly all of this using only one software. Nowadays, you can build your funnels easily and quickly without any technical knowledge. In this course, I will show you the software I used to do all this in an easy way, and without typing any line off according hope, this lecture was cleared. In the next lecture, we will see what is the best funnel to use to generate lease for your business. See you there 5. How to download the template i prepared for you: Hi there, and welcome to this lecture. So, as I told you, intellectual before I have prepared for you are very powerful template to use. All you need to do is to take this same template, use it for your landing page and fill in all the information related to you. In order to take this template, you have to sign up to an account on system that I owe. We have done this in the previous lecture. So you goto the description off the scores. You click on the link in the description and you create a trial account for 14 days. No need to give you requested information on Lee You were in made once you created your account using my link. All you have to do is to write me any mail to this address and ask me for the template I prepared for you. And I will share it with you in two clicks for transparency purposes. The link you will find in the description off this course is an affiliate link. It means if you subscribe for a paid account on system that I Oh, I will take a small commission and this will not change anything for you in exchange to creating your account through my link, I'm giving you a template that took me literally four days to build. And it's important to state that I only recommend this software because I use it daily in my business, and I'm very satisfied with it. I wouldn't recommend anything I don't believe in. So now let's move to the next lecture where we'll be building your landing page together using this template statement and to you that 6. Let's put your logo and your headline: Hi there. And welcome to the structure in this lecture, we're going to begin to work on your landing page. I recommend you to create your account on system that I owe. Using that link I gave you in the description and asked me to send you this template which I created for you. Let's begin with your landing page. So first, as you can see, we have to put your logo. You just have to click in here and toe upload your logo in here. Now let's move to the headline. So he had his mind creator online business in less than two hours. Even if you don't have any technical knowledge and without having to build ah wordpress website. So as you can see, I begin by stating clearly what is my objective? So I am promising people that I will help them create their own line business, and I'm giving them a precise deadline in two hours. In your headline, you have to be precise and clear. Let me give you some other examples. Lose £10.4 weeks. Create your own websites in 10 days, become a persuasion monster in one month. So in your headline, You have to state clearly what you gonna teach your agents and in what time frame? Believe me, this is very important. Then I move on and I act my headline even if you don't have any technical knowledge. So, no, As you can see, I made it more simple. Ah, lot of people are afraid off online business because they think that to build an online business and to succeed, you need to master technical skills like coding, for example. So here I am stating clearly that they don't need to master any technical skills again, I added. And without having to build a WORDPRESS website, he I made it also more and more simple. You know, it's not that easy to have a WORDPRESS website because you have to update it from time to time and you have to install plug ins and you have to worry about all the incompatibilities between the team and worth crass and the plug ends. So creating a workplace life side is a little bit off farmers, so I'm making it more simple to my allegiance by telling them that they don't have to deal with all the mess off, creating a Wordpress website. In addition, to make it simpler by having the small expression, I created some curiosity because my visitors will ask themselves Now, how can we create an online business without the website? So I recommend it to you. Is this structure for your headline your objective plus timeframe, plus without annoying things? Let's make an example. Lose £10 in four weeks without having to run 10 kilometers each day and without starving to death. So in this lecture we have seen the logo and the headline part in the Lex lecture. We will explore different parts off your landing page, so let's meet that. 7. Prepare your video: Hello there. In this lecture, we are going to talk about the video you need to prepare for your landing page and about your lead magnet. Well, I know a lot off. You are not very comfortable making videos and showing their faces, and it's totally normal. I still remember the first video I made. I was very scared, and I had to repeated it many and many times because I was never satisfied by how it turned out. Well, a couple of years ago, things were way simpler. You would just put any book for free and drove traffic to your landing page, and many people would leave you that e mais and get your offer. But nowadays it's getting more and more difficult to convince people to give you their email is. That's why establishing trust is very important so they could know to whom they are giving their images. That's why I recommend you to create a video where you present yourself and talk about your lead magnet and convince people to give you their amaze. When your prospects your face, they will know the person behind the offer, they will feel they are dealing with you on a personal level, so they will trust you more. You trusted them enough to show your face. They will trust you enough to give you their inmates. So in addition to that, in this video you will talk about the value you are putting on the table and how your method can help your prospects reach their goals. And at the end of the video, you will invite them to take your offer by feeling your lead generation for your lead. Magnet is the thing you are offering to prospects in exchange off their amaze. It could be, for example, a video course or a precession with you. If you are a service provider, it's better to offer a free session with you. If you sell your online courses, it's better to offer a free online course that will encourage people to buy your paid courses. You can film a video showing your face with your camera, or you can do an animated white board video with your voice in the background, like the video you are watching. Now, if you want to create everyday like this one, I recommend you to use the software I use. You will find that link off this software in the description off this course. Once you have prepared your video, you can applaud the jury job or toe video. All you can upload a directly on system that I owe. So now let's see how you are going toe. Put your video inside off your landing page. As you can see near the video on the right side, I am putting their benefits off having the free online course. This will encourage more people to leave their emails, as we can see. Also in yellow, I precise that you are talking about a free online course. This will push people more into taking my offer and leaving their email addresses. Hopefully, the structure will help you creating your video and you lied Magnet. Stay tuned with me and let's meet in the next one. 8. Why work with us section: Hi there. In this lecture we are going to talk about Why work with us section You can see how beautiful and attractive this section is In this section. You will have to tell your audience why they should work with you if they want to reach their goals. As you can see here the subtitle join 2400 students learn our powerful strategies to create your own line business. Here we are adding some social proof by saying that you already have 2400 students or 2400 clients Below you stayed the things that differentiates you and make you special. You can talk about the unique strategies you are teaching the best value to money that you are providing and any other characteristics that make you unique and special. As you can see, there are some Aikens. Integrion. I took these Aikins from this website. You can go to this website and search for and I can That fits furnish, But don't forget to give credit to this left side at the end of this landing page like I did below There is a section in which you introduce yourself. It's very important for people to know you more. The more they know about you, the more they are likely to trust you so you can put your photo, your name and some lines that describes you. This will give you readers a clear idea about the person they are going to work with. Next, you can add a text where you convince your readers more. Here. I chose to explain for my readers why 90% off people fail toe build their online businesses . So I'm basically telling them that classic methods don't work, and if they continue using them, they will fail. It's a technique I used to tell them that my method is better. And as we have seen before, you can modify everything above the section, the phone, the colors, everything you want. Next we have the frequently asked questions section in this section. You have to answer the objections off your readers a lot off. Your readers have objections to not give you their emails. In exchange for a free session with you or a free online course in this section, you have to answer the most common objections. At the end, I repeat the call to action section and other time, and that's it. Now you have an extremely converting landing page that will convince maximum readers to give you their emails and phone numbers in exchange off your lead magnets. Now, after finishing up with your lending page sections, we will be moving on in tow, optimizing your mobile of you statement with me. The next lecture is very important. 9. Don't forget testimonials: Hi there. In this lecture we are going to talk about testimony is your call to action section and your background photo testimonials are very, very important that the more testimonials you have, the better it is off course. If you have 100 testimonials, you don't have to put them all. But putting 4 to 5 testimonials on your landing page will help you increase social proof and thus increase your conversion. As you can see here, this is the testimonial sections. Here you can upload the photo off your client and here you can add your client text. You can choose the phone. You can choose the size and everything as we have seen before. If we go a little bit down, we can find the school toe action section. He and we are repeating the same information and we are inviting the visitors to get our offer at the right. We are listing the benefits. So what happens is that when the client click on this button, he will see a pop up in which he has to enter his name, email and phone number off course. You can optimize anything in this pop up very easy all the colors. All the funds can be changed before we move to the next lecture. Let's check a business background photo. As you can see here, the background photo should not annoy the visitor. The visitor should be able to read the headline very easily, and this is the case here. We can see that the headline contrasts very well with the background photo. You can click here and you can upload another photo. A few choice if you want. You can not see it. The pilots effect in this background photo. Look what happens when I scroll down. It's a very beautiful effect that will add beauty to lending pitch. Now let's move on to the next lecture. Where will be exploring new sections off this landing page? 10. Optimize your Mobile view: Hi there. In this lecture, we will talk about your lending page Mobile view. Optimizing your mobile view is our must. If your landing page is optimized embassy and not optimized on mobile, your conversion rate will be very low because a lot of people nowadays serve the Internet only using their mobiles on the bottom left corner. You can click here and optimize your mobile view. We can see directly that our mobile view is not optimized. The phone size and the line height are very big, for example so we are going to make them smaller just right now, you follow the same procedure for all the elements and you will have the perfect mobile view. So this is how we optimize the mobile view. But anyway, you don't have to worry about this because I have already optimized the mobile view off this landing page. So if you want to get this template, all you have to do is to sign up for a free trying to system that I owe. Using that link I provide in this course description. Then you have to send me any mail to my email address and you will receive a very good looking, highly converting landing page optimized balls for mobile EPC view. So active seeing how to optimize your mobile view, we are almost done. In the next lecture, we will see how to create your thank you page. So stay tuned with me and let's meet in the next lecture. 11. Create your Thank you page: hi, everyone. So after finishing the landing page now, we need to design the thank you page. Here is the page that I prepared for you. As you can see, it's a very simple design. I congratulate the prospect for subscribing. Then I tell him that he will be receiving his gift in a couple of minutes. I also invite him to check the spam because we never know. Sometimes our email goes to the stamp. You can also create a video and put it on your thank you page. The aim of this video is to promote one off your products. For example, you can give a one time offer or are you discount on one off your online courses in the thank you page, you can invite the prospect to follow you on instagram on Facebook or to subscribe to your YouTube channel. In order to send the lead magnet to your prospects, you have to create a campaign here on system that I owe. So all you have to do is to go here and to create a campaign. Let's call it, for example or line business, and then you go to funnel automation rule and you tell system that I owe that each person who submits his email will be subscribed to this campaign. The first email in your campaign should contain the lead magnet that you are giving to your prospects. Hopefully, the scores and my landing page template will help you get more and more clients. Please do not forget to rate and review this course and to check out my other courses. You might be interested in exploring some off their topics. Hopefully, I will meet you soon and new courses see you there.