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Lead Generation on Facebook [2019]

teacher avatar Rita Zinger, Facebook Advertising Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Learn how to create Lead Generation campaigns on Facebook. 

You don't need a landing or a website anymore if you know how to use Lead Generation.

  • Collect leads directly to your Facebook Form
  • Increase your lead amount with pre-filled forms
  • Collect as many information as you need

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rita Zinger

Facebook Advertising Expert



Hello, My name is Rita! I am a Digital Marketer and Educator. Nice to meet you :) 
You'll find many classes about Facebook Advertising, that will teach you how to advertise your business or how to become a Campaign Manager for an Advertising Company.  

Everything I teach about is based on my personal experience, I try to make my courses as practical as possible so that you will learn only the things you will really need. 

About me:

I work in Marketing space for more than 9 years now, running campaigns for different companies all over the world (the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and more). In this time I managed advertising budgets from $1000 to $500K per month and ran campaigns for F... See full profile

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1. 10000000 170303957306883 3692462954657580398 n: So hello and welcome to early generation Webinar. My name is margaritas in your and I'm going to be your teacher for today. Short introduction before start. My name is Margarita or more. Go for short. I'm a Facebook ads expert and consultant from Israel working in this industry for more than eight years now I'm an owner off an advertising agency that called Social Link and I helped businesses too, bro. Using social media companies that I work with are underwater Popo cosmetics, Gloria Paris, Dominus Pizza and more. So on this webinar we're going to go through important pointers off lead generation campaigns, and then we're going to see how we can create a generation campaigns on Facebook. So let's go ahead and start. What is the generation? This is Facebook campaign that helps helps us to collect customers information. What kind of information can we collect? We can collect customers name, customers, phone number, email, workplace and whatever desire to collect whatever we need to collect. Let's collected directly into Facebook form. This is actually a very, very helpful for us because in that way we don't really need a landing page or and rep set so if you didn't spend money to build a landing page or a website yet you don't need toe. You can simply use religion aeration, campaign customers information. Eyes pre field automatically. Why is that so important to us? As you know, most of our customers are actually using their cell phone in order to check her Facebook or too serious for something on the Internet. So customers basically don't really have time to feel in their details on the landing page , and it's not really that's comfortable for them to do its from their mobile. Since Facebook form allows them, toe already pre filled their details, it will grow a chances to collect kiss so we can collect its elites very easily. Using Facebook's regeneration campaigns things to know about the generation. There is a generation policy that we need to be familiar with. Nothing too drastic is just a regular policy that we need. Teoh submit that says that we want Hughes information that we collect from our customers in orderto harm them. So if you create your regeneration campaign on first in your at the count, you will see a link there from Facebook that you will need to go to and just a click Submit on your Facebook page. Let's see how it looks like. Yeah, this is the form that you can use in order to submit your l A generation policy. You choose your Facebook page right here and you just click. Accept, accept policy. And that says that you are already it can go and create your regeneration complaints. Sometimes you can forget to do that and that that is going to be a reason while your origination campaigns are not working. So it's important step for you to do before you go any further with your liberation. Competes G D, p. R. Or General Data Protection of volition lows in Europe They've bean updated last year and everybody were afraid that this is the end of regeneration campaigns. But it didn't happen. The only thing that is critical here, this union to remember not to collect, not a collect all the data that you possibly can with Facebook. I well targeting Europe, you need to justify whatever you're collecting their. For example, if you look both emails and phone numbers, you need to justify that. You need both of those things. If you need just one of them that it's better to let just one in order not to have any problems with Facebook. Great different forms for different campaigns. I recommend to use different forms off a generation just to build them from scratch. If you have a different broader or a different services, it won't take a lot of your time. It would take just few minutes and you can create Aziz. Many forms issue like this way you will be able to attract your results more accurately. Leads expire after 90 days. A. Yes, remember that that you need to download all of your data before the expiration date. So Facebook will keep all of your lives just for 19 days. Now let's see how we actually create lead generation form. I will use these Facebook page in order to show you. So when we are on our regular Facebook page, we have a main you up here and inside of menu. We have publishing tools. So we go here in Irvine, create origination form. Then on our left, we have different categories there. We need to use lead at form and go toe forms Library. This is the place where we can find all off lead generation forms that we created, and we can create any new religion it inform directly from here by clicking on creates, we want to create a new form. We just select new form. If you want to duplicate the existing one, then we just select, duplicate and select the form that we want to duplicate, who, for our new form would just select a new form and then click next. And this is the menu that we get on the right. We have a preview, religion, aeration form and on the left we have all our options, so we're going to start from injury. I usually do not use intra because I think it just slows us down and shows just extra information that our customer don't really need the order so and add it was attractive to them. That's why they clicked on our form. So I just turn this off and continue with questions for questions. We have a lot of different information that we can collect from our customer. Just you just need to select anything from the least that that you would like to collect and you have additional questions that you can create by yourself, since we talked about three field information on our religion aeration form. And a lot of times people just click on our ads and by mistake, they send us a legion ish inform that is filled filling. So in order to filter that in order to improve quality of your leaves, I use f question just a simple question in order to filter those lives. So, for example, if I advertise gym membership, then I will use a question like, What are your fitness goals? And then I will provide a few answers right here. And and as you can see on your right, here's my question and hear my answers. It means that customer one be able t to submit this form without choosing any off those answers. It means that it won't be a sub. He wants a meeting, this worm by mistake and our lead. We know what is his signing? Four. The next thing is privacy policy, and we talked about not having any lending page or a website. So what do we do in that matter? In that case, we can simply copy paste our Facebook. You are well, no one really cares, and no one really checks that out. So you can just copy of Facebook your l ends best. It's right here for privacy policy. Same thing goes for your finger sprint on your friends, your screen. You need to feed your form with some kind of websites or a phone. If you have a phone, you just can fill Aegean right here. If you don't, you can Hughes websites. But if you don't have a website, use your Facebook page your L. It will be equally as good as using your website. When you finish preparing your form, give it a name right here, and then you can click on safe if you want to save it, to draft and continue editing it later or click on fief. Oh yeah, for what? To give a name to this bottom. Let's your fresh it's And now we can see this form right here. When we will get a new leads, we will be able to go here to forms library and downloaded directly from here just by clicking on downloads and speaking, download new leads or by choosing at the range in order to tumbled it we see the need guns right here. We see a date off this warm when it was created. So all the basic information that we're where right is right here. Now let's go and see how well our religion aeration campaign look like own Facebook. How do we actually create it? We'll go to our ads manager. And on our campaign level, we have green bottom. The sense creates, So we're going to clean right here and from our campaign objective. We need to choose a regeneration. Here it is. In order to move forward with this, we need to provide name for our campaign ad sets and add. So we're going to give name just to remember what is it? And I just put a number on my ads here on exit A level. We're going to choose Facebook base that we want to work with, then click safe to draft. All right, so we're going to close this far by clicking the arrow and selecting are a new campaign with Will proceed into idiots editing it. So we're going to click on our campaign name and go directly toe exit. By selecting this assets, we're going to click on edit, and this level we're going to choose our in our assets ever feels organized by categories. So for the first category, we have page. So if you didn't choose your page correctly while creating this complaint, you can change it right here. Then we have the 90 creative and catalog. This more of progressive creation doesn't really has anything to do right now with our targeting. So we're going to miss that, and we're going to go directly toe budget and schedule for budget and schedule. We have a few different options. As a budget, we can choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget. It really depends on you. If you shrug your companions day, I would recommend to go with daily budget. At least at the beginning. It will be easier to you to see what's your ad spend and optimize your abs. Then we have a starting date. If you don't want to start your campaign right away, you can choose whatever date you desire. It's it's not a problem, and you can also choose an end it if you like. The next thing is our audience. This is the most important being here off on our outside because this is our targeting. So we're going to start from a location, location. We have a few different options. We have everyone in this location. We have people who live in this location people recently in this location and people travelling in this location. So we need to choose wisely. Whatever you want to target, it depends basically on your target audience. So if you sell to local for books, you going to choose people who live in this location you can target by country by city. You can include few countries inside your targeting or exclude some of the countries or cities or whatever you like. It depends on your audience. Then we have a judge to choose from killed 65 plus from 18 gender. We can target everyone or just men and women. We can limited by a language, for example, English. And then the important part is our detailed targeting for our detail targeting. We have a few different oceans here that Facebook Facebook actually give us have demographics, its relationship status, education, work. We have interests. So if I said I was started in people, I was advertised gym membership. I would definitely choose the feet, nous and wellness. An interest rate here, and we have much more where it came from. We have behavior. You can target people with them. Let's see a specific mobile device, maybe specific email domain people who that means on the Facebook page and so on. There are a lot of options here. Please get yourself a meter with those options before choosing your targeting. As you can include different interests, you can exclude them as well. And then there is a replacement for only generation campaigns. We don't have a lot of options here we have Facebook and Instagram. I would recommend to leave them both, but you can limit yourself to mobile only. For example, here we have mobile and desktop so we can limit ourselves to mobile. The important thing here four are targeting that I would actually talk about. I would I am advice you to notice that our potential rich right now as mean and 1/2 it means our competition will be are very high, and we won't be able to around her campaign's property. I would recommend to start from I 500 K to one million, probably so we need to decrease this amount, Aziz. Much as possible. Let's do it by decreasing age and let's see if it helps. I am a little bits. Let's choose just one gender here three ago. Now we have 600 K We'll start with that for our leads. Facebook says that our estimates daily results going to be from free to 18 elites per day, which is good. No, let's, um the final think here is our optimization and they worry. But since we're just starting this campaign, we want a change here anything. So we causing this bar as well and continued toe are at by just clicking on exit name. Here we are inside our heads, the ever selected, So we're going to click on edit. And we also have different categories Here. Here we have our Facebook page and our instagram account. So if you have any Sir Graham, you're going to choose it from here. And we're going to continue to greet eight for Creative. We have image and video image is really easy to work with, because if we don't have anything prepared, we can use Facebook's um, library or Facebook image stock in order to choose whatever image will like. So we're going to click on Change image and here we're going to go stocks and we're going to write Jim, Since we're advertising for a gym membership, I'm going to choose this image, for example, and on our rights. We will have a preview off this image. We can crop. It's as we like just for an image to look a little bit better and going to continue with our heads. We have fixed displaying headline and Ellen description. I'm suggesting to feel everything we're going to start with headline since its bold and everyone will see it. So I would go here with some kind of call to action. Why sign up right now and you can seize stands out Very reasonable, since we're not using any website. But we don't want facebook toe leave their euro here. We're going to use something in display. Even if you, john, have a website, you can just write it down, senses just playing. So no harm. Have beans on here. In our text, we're going to describe our product or our service. Example. There is after months. Uh, Jim, read location. You're going toe. Give little description to your product or service in the text. You can't describe you can right here. It wants actually matter. You can just write something likely here to apply. It will give you an extra post right here, and then we're going to choose a call to action. We have few options here. You're going to decide which one is better for you. And the most important thing for this origination campaign is our religion. It form. We have created it and hear how we choose in its We're going to shoot this one, since that's the new one that we ate it and that's it. We did create our regeneration campaign, and all the dis left is just click on publish and applauded. And that's how you create a lead generation campaign. I think it's pretty easy. Tell me, what do you think? Tell me questions about it just right. The common glow and I will respond to you as quickly as possible. Thanks for watching and have a bread day