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Lead Generation Sales Funnel +Email Marketing Automation Masterclass

teacher avatar Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 20m)
    • 1. Sales Funnel-Introduction

    • 2. Learning method

    • 3. What is a sales funnel

    • 4. Website vs sales funnel

    • 5. Lead Generation Funnel Explained

    • 6. Why Builderall

    • 7. Connecting a Domain

    • 8. Creating an email list

    • 9. Domain whitelisting and sending domain setup

    • 10. Introduction to Sales Funnel and Website Builder

    • 11. Create a squeeze page with a popup

    • 12. Building mobile pages

    • 13. Email sequences

    • 14. Sales page

    • 15. Customer Chat Plugin

    • 16. Browser Push notifications

    • 17. Conclusion

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About This Class

Learning Outcome

You'll learn how to create a simple lead generation sales funnel pages with an email auto-responder system.

With this system, you'll be able to collect emails, deliver autoresponder emails and sell your products via sales pages.

Sales Funnel Introduction

A sales funnel is a system thru which you sell your products online.
It starts with a landing page with a great free offer to attract leads.

An email popup is attached to the landing page. Those who want to avail the free offer will give in their email ID to get it.

Then, a few emails are delivered to the subscribers providing great value. This is to create trust and credibility and establish that the sender is an expert in that field. An advanced bulk emailing system called auto-responders are used in this process.

At the end of the email series, a related paid product is pitched.

An email list is a great asset because emails are very personal and people don't change their emails too often.

So this email list is used to communicate with the leads and pitch related products to them in the future.

This is why the saying "Money is in the list"

Software Used

In this course, we'll be using a platform called Builderall to create funnel pages.

For email autoresponder service, we'll be using a software called Mailingboss, which is a part of Builderall platform.

Course Coverage

Creating a simple landing page with a FREE offer.

Creating an email opt-in form and attaching it to the landing page to collect emails from subscribers.

Creating a thank you page to show after collecting the email.

Creating a list within the email marketing software to store and deliver emails to the subscribers.

Creating auto-responder emails to deliver content and offers.

Creating a sales page with a PayPal checkout option.

Adding additional apps on the landing page to increase conversion.

Who can take the course

Anyone who wants to understand the basics of sales funnels and how to implement them.

If you are an Entrepreneur, Digital marketer, Startup owner, Online business owner, a Freelance marketer who want to understand and implement a lead generation funnel, this course is for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called headnorthdigital.com. This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

See full profile

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1. Sales Funnel-Introduction: Hey, welcome to this course on how to create a lead generation seals funnel with email auto responders. I'm sure I'm a digital marketing trainer and a grilled hacker, and this course you learn everything you need to know about sales funnels and how to sell a product online using sales. Are you trying to sell all the time but failed to do it? Aspirin. As someone visits your website, are you showing them your product with fancy images and awesome written copy and try to sell it and year you don't see sales coming in? Are you using different types of videos to show how your offers are great? And yet no one seems to show any interest in your offers? Probably. You're doing it all wrong. Why? Because you're dealing with cold audience and you're asking them to buy your product straight. Every. Are you that big off a brand like Amazon or Walmart? So your site visitors will just close your eyes and buy from you. I mean, it's almost like you're walking on. The Lord find a smart guy or a good fallen low on Oz. This person to marry it ain't gonna work out right okay. Jokes apart. Here's outer deal with deceit Better isn't you? Need to warm of the audience before you. Awesome to buy from you. How can you do that simple. Give them something valuable for free and get their email. I d. In return. Do it when they are on your side. Show that you are a genuine, credible and authentic human being that are something valuable to offer, send them or valuable e mails and then show your valuable offer. Show the prospects, watching it for them. Show how others have benefited from it and then ask them to try it with absolutely no risk money back at it. Yes, that's how you sell your products online and this process off selling is called a series final. In the scores, I'm gonna show you step by step hard to create a simple and automated sales funnel and an email auto responder. It starts from building a landing page, creating an email capturing form, creating a thank you page buying and in connecting a domain with the funnel, creating an email list within a bulk email service provider Domain White listing and creating a professional email. I d. Creating order responded Emails creating a video Saints page copy. Help in Blue Urgency and Scarcity Elements to increase conversions, creating a people check out page and adding additional abs to increase conversions and the like to build a sales funnel with other responders, you need a two. There are few options in the marketplace like click funnels, trying thieves optimize prayers, Compact all of them. I fold it all in one digital marketing Pathankot Builder all offers a big bang for your buck. Why butter All over Any of these have covered this in video. In a separate video, General offers 20 plus deal Jews for a low price. You can find a list of tools here. They use low price market penetration strategy to gain market share, so it's the right time to enter the platform. In addition, you can promote this platform and earn off Philia commissions. Their affiliates system is more attractive than any other product in the marketplace. I know off that sounds super cool, right? If that sounds you view and wanted no bore, you can use my website the joint for a seven day free trial. You get tons of training, funnels, bonuses and 1 to 1 support from me directly. When you become my demon. If you already have a builder wall account, just Kimber and one of the next. Now go ahead and roll into the scores. I can't read to see you inside the course. 2. Learning method: Hey, first of all, thanks for enjoying into this course. Here's a quick dip on how to learn from this course. Our brains absorb things pretty fast when it happens to see things for the second time or third time. I mean, repetition is the mother of skill. It's an old saying, but it's very true. There are lessons in this court that requires you to absorb the fundamental concepts, and there are other lessons that requires you to work hands on, get your hands dirty and implement what you learn. So I strongly suggest you do this. You watch first, and you study next. Step one. Just watch all the lessons for once and understand everything from a bird's eye view. This will give you a holistic picture off what the subject matter is all about, how things work and what are all the tools you need and so on. So this is your watching time. Finish watching all the lessons in one sitting step to start from the beginning again and go through those lessons this time with full attention. You'll be in a study more. You'll see your absorption capacity is that it's speak because you know what to expect. You know what you'll see next you also implement by watching the step by step victorious. Believe me, it's were there. This is how I learned, and my absorption capacity multiplies when I learned the second time. Try this and you'll be amazed by the results and to increase their attention, go through the lessons as many times as possible. And that's how you nail those fundamentals into your brain. Okay, with that, let's get to the business now. 3. What is a sales funnel: Hey, welcome back. First of all, let's see what is a sales funnel. Many people who are new to the digital marketing world door understand this concept, our sales funnel. They wonder. What does this funnel? Why is it that customers have gold? True this? Well, a sales funnel is a CD. Self steps you take to turn a visitor into a customer. Let's see an example here. Let's say you visit a webpage. Let's assume that you visit a page for the first time you see the landing page. You find a product shown on the site. Interesting. A bit of costly product, but you like it. But would you immediately click on the buy button and go to the check out page and buy it? Most of you would not do it. Why would you not do it? Because you want to know more. You want to do your research before you buy. You want to know if the owner is trustworthy. If the product is reliable and useful for you, which is your what's in it for me? How is the product different from similar products in the market, which is the USB other product? Who has have bought this product. And what do they feel about this? We just otherwise called social proof? What if I don't like the product after I bite? Just kind of a fear of failure. What will the after CIA's support be like? And many more questions and objections. Unless otherwise, you get answers to these questions most of your unlike leader by the product. If you're still dough, probably that's a hasty decision, but most of us don't do because they are rational human beings. Here's another example. This time it's from a physical brick and Marcus store. Let's say you visit a shoe sale shop if the salesman asks what you want and show a few pairs of shoes and start asking if you are paying the credit card or cash, How do you feel? Oh, this man is trying to sell something he wants to sell, not something I want to buy, so you immediately come to the conclusion that is a vengeance are not right, so probably you'll leave the shop without buying anything. The same is true in the online world. Genius marketers have found it long back that this kind are selling doesn't work. Sorry, to say this. If you're still using these methods, you haven't made much progress as a modern day digital marketer. So how to sell them? Instrument? A shoe salesman could have done this. Step one. Welcome the visitor into the shop and ask him to be seated. Step number to inquire. What is that he is looking for a shoe. Are sandal for him are someone else and things like that. Step number three. Ask a few questions like, What is the purpose of buying it? What does the size and what's the budget and so on? Strip them before. Show some pairs that are within the budget, and some there are little beyond the budget step. Number five. Explain the advantages off each of them and why they are more than word. The price. Step number six Alstom toe Very the Paris and walk. Know how they feel like step number seven. Finally, tell them things like how popular those products are in the market and how fast moving they are and finally leave the buying decision to the customer. Now, the chances off customer buying a product, even a product about his budget cost is reasonably high. The same thing is true in the online Would your site visitors need to be nurtured in a certain way before you ask them to buy. The purpose of nurturing is to create trust and make them believe in their God that they want this product. This is where seals funnels come into the picture sales final. Start with converting site visitors in the leads by taking their name and email i D. In exchange for a freebie, which is also called a lead magnet, and the leads are nurtured in a way to teach them more about your products. Like what are the big benefits off your product's features off your products? Unique selling Proposition off your product. Social proof for your products. Answer. You can also create tutorial Subodh your product and show them how cool your practice. This nurturing creates trust and call for and through this you make seven touchpoints with your customers on. Research shows that on average it takes between 78 touchpoints with a customer before he buys a product again. It depends upon the product yourself. If your product is a cheap low end product, you don't need the nurturing part because most of those are called impulsive purchases, and you just need a simple sales final, starting with the lead, capturing and ending with a sales page thank you page and a card system to sell the product . Sometimes it can be as simple as placing a Facebook and toe sell the products directly again. This will work on Lee for impulsive purchases with very low price products, so there is no nurturing part over here. On the other hand, if you sell high end products, you need the nurturing part. Otherwise your conversions are most likely to be zero or near zero. In the scores I show you. Starting from building is please beige, an email capturing form. Thank you Page the nurturing, all the emails and finally, a sales based with payment collection vintage. Now this is how you see its final looks like Ida are a i. D. A. Is a simple form. With that you can use to visualize the sales, funnel a stands far, creating a vanish you create a van is among customers, but your product I stands for creating interest. You show them how valuable your product can be. Far them to improve their life how others are benefited. Anjouan. These stands for taking decision Once you do the about in the right way, this happens automatically. And finally, a stands for digging action make it easy for customers to buy your product. I would also put an additional a about this idea this dance for attracting because, in my view, you need to attract your customers before creating Obama's. So for me it's Ida A. I B a. A drag. Create a van nus creating dressed, help them make a decision and make it easy for them to take an action in the scores. We'll see how to put all this into practice. At the end of the course, you'll have a complete sales funnel that you can dig and put into practice in your business . If you want this funnel, just request me. I'll transfer the funnel for free in your account. See you in my next video. 4. Website vs sales funnel: Hey, you will come back. Sometimes people get confused between websites and funnels. Well, let's look at the difference now so that you have absolute clarity on this. The purpose of a website is to offer information, so a website hosts a ton of information on the Radius pages like home page of Bartosz Page , contact US Page Terms and Policy page Antoine. It also includes sales beaches like category and product and check out pages. So our website visitor may visit any of these pages before he exits. Let's say ah website has 10 different pages. Now the chance of a visitor visiting the CIA's pages and buy the product is one tent because he has the option to visit. Many other pages flick on many other buttons. Angela, on the other hand, the purpose off as sales funnel as to sell it need not be the sell your product. It could be to sell your free information product. Our A league magnet in return for an email i D. Or it could be the actual selling off your premium product are an affiliate product. I mean, others products in return for a commission, so the funnels are designed to give the users focus on the product in benefits rather than 10 other different things like and a website. So the visitors have no other choice other than to go through the sales page and click on the buy button. Our exit. The sales funnel, a sales funnel will have no other pages linked to it. The menu bar and shows Onley disagrees and sales speeches. So the chances off a visitor staying on the page and possibly by the product is pretty high . Let's say it's one out of two. He can either stay to buy our exit the page. So that's the difference between of sales funnel and I'm inside. 5. Lead Generation Funnel Explained: Hey, you will come back. This is how your hiking wording seals funnel. Looked like it starts with a lead, capture our landing page and enjoyed the thank you beach. Landing pages are powerful because the page has one and the only thing which is a lead capture farm. So no distractions. So the a landing pages you offer a free T to the site visitors in exchange for their email i d. Then your site. Visitors visit the website and then leave. There's no way to communicate with them, so you need their email ideas so you don't lose him. Email ID's are very personal, and people don't given their abilities unless otherwise, you offer something valuable in return. This is why you'll over this freebie in return for the email. Now here's an important thing to keep in my You must start this process as soon as you decide to do an online business. I mean, even if you don't sell anything, I can't stress it enough. You must build your email list. Why? Because your list is your potential customers. It takes time to build a list. You need them by the time you have a product to sell. It's too late to have a product and then start building a list. No doubt my watch. The right way to build a product is by taking feedback from your prospect of customers. Yes, the big benefit off a list is that you can validate your product. I mean, you can ask your list one they want if they'll pay for your product and the like. This will save hours and hours off your time in building a product and later on, find that no one wants to buy. With this vaccination, you cannot. Why executing some of your product creation ideas and same a lot of time and frustration on this. The other benefit of having a list before having a product is you can build expectations. You can tell your list members some off the unique benefits and features off the product you create that they can get any various. This will build up expectation and interest on the list members. So by the time you launch your product, you have big sales coming in with it. Now what would you offer as a freebie to get the email? It depends upon the product you sell If your final product is an e book, you can offer the first chapter of the E book as Afridi. If your end product is an online course, offer some lessons from the course as Afridi. If yours is a physical product, you may offer a special discount in return for the email eyes. If you're offers his service like consulting or coaching, offer a free consultation. Are coaching time slot while creating a freely Keep in mind that at the end of consuming it , your leads should crave for more. Your lead magnet should be such. This will increase conversions in a big way. Once you have the email idea of the lead, you can't send them emails and communicate. You'll send a sees off emails to deliver high value content and create trust. Then the first you emails, you provide pure value. Absolutely no intent to sell anything at the stage in the later part of the email sees you introduce your paint product. Are your affiliate product. Tell about the benefits features unique selling proposition, social proof? Answer one and then tell them about the product. Village Price showed the sales page with a cart. You'll write great copy on a sale speech with a button of by the party in the funnel with the date of closure of the offer. This it include bolts scarcity factor with limited stock are limited discount coupons, details and urgency. Factor with a countdown timer to show the discounter prize is valid Onley until a certain date. When people click on the button, they'll be taken to the papal. Are any other payment service providers page where they'll pay for the product? When your audience buy you, a Upsell are down. Show with another product. If you don't know what an up sell is, it means when your leads by a pride from you on the thank you page, you offer a more expensive product of by. This is called an upset offer. If they don't want it, you offer a lower price product. This is called a Donncha. You're not gonna cover up cells and downstairs in the scores. However, when you learn to create a funnel that I've shown in the scores, you can easily create Upsell pages later on from this experience. Now what do we need to create the sales funnel? Here's a list of things we'll go before we have a life funnel in place. First of all, you need to decide what they are going to sell. It could be a digital product. Are a physical product the sequence of these, Senator, Whatever the product yourself, I show how to sell and advanced sales funnel course that a funnel blueprint. I'll create a list created email sequence and then create a funnel and a connector. Funnel the list so that this list subscribers and start receiving the sequence off emails. We need a platform to create the list, send email sequence and create the funnel. I'm gonna use a platform called Bed Raul because it offers crazy value for my. It makes awesome funnels, and it's easy to make funnels on this platform. Plus, I have several other dude I can make use off within the Spire Farm to promote and sell my offer. Anyway, I've covered why the Spire farm or any other solutions in a separate video, so stay tuned 6. Why Builderall: Hey, welcome back. Let's see why Buildable, Let's see some of its competitors. First of all, click funds. Yes, it's an awesome platform. But as you may know, the pricing is pretty costly. For $97 per month, you can build up to 20 funds, but no our responders. If you want the full suite shell out to $97 per month, yet you can do only sales funnels with order responders. Nothing else. What about try themes from WordPress? Yes, it's a good product, but again, you are limited to websites and funnels. Funnels are not asked powerful because there are no options toe up. So on down cell as funnels are relatively less complex. The price is $30 per month for membership, which includes many websites. In final templates, it's a good option for WordPress site Builder's. The other option is Optimal Express. For a one time price off $197 they offer funnel templates and membership site options. It's another good option for word for site builders and again limited to funnels and membership sites. Only the reason I chose build Raw is they provide a whole lot of digital marketing tools and ask for just $30 per month. Moreover, if you are willing to become an affiliate, you can make several $1000 a month with their powerful leveraged affiliate system for promoting their platform as an affiliate and use all the tools they charged $50 per month. But hey, look at it this way. If you become an affiliate and gain just three members in yard Dean, the platform becomes completely free for you. Why your monthly subscription is almost equal to the commission's you receive. So that's like a break even point. And anything about remembers is trade profit, and their tools and abs are awesome quality. Take a quick look at their dudes and ABS over here. 20 such tools for just $30 per month. And if you look at the price off individual dude in the market, you'll fully understand the value provided by build a rock. Just see how much an email marketing auto responder would cost you per month and how much a sales found a builder like click funnels would cost you per month and how much a living a platform like Webinar Jam would cost you a month. I mean 20 such tools. In my calculation, it would cost you anywhere between 500 to $600 per month. If you go with these tools individually and you're getting it all for $30 per month with Bill draw, go ahead and sign up for a seven day free trial Here, do it on. ABS are easy to use, and we'll be using some of these abs in this course, so stay tuned. 7. Connecting a Domain: Hey, you will come back. Since we are gonna create a sales funnel, we need a domain to connect the funnel. So let's go ahead and buy it for me. You can't use a service called named mesh dot com to find an available domain name that suits your branding needs. They also provide s your friendly domain name of a library. So it's pretty useful. Frito. Once you decide on the name, go to godaddy dot com and buy Domi. There are other domain service providers like name dot com on name she dot com. The choice is completely yours. But for the sake of this demo in this course, have the using Gordy. Now I want to connect. A black funnel still is to me. Here's how I would do it. Go to picture Perfect builder. New upside at a blank template. Save it Now I'll go to my site. I'll find what I just seemed. I think that job down on more options in connected me. I'll provide the domain name. You just bark, select the Syrian all regions and click safe. Now read through this here Bedroll provides the name servers Not going to go, Daddy are any other service from there. You bought the domain and change the name servers, for example. And Gordy, once you signed in, go to my products and Venus. You'll find Gordy's name. Silvers. You'll need to change them toe builder while name servers. Because your funnel, our website will be holstered within Bill draw. So just copy paste these name servers into this area once names overs are changed, hit safe, not go back to build a wall and had this button, the domain will get connected. Now it takes some time to connect the domain. Maybe a couple of farmers. Once domain is connector, you can activate SSL over here with just a click of a button. You can set up your professional email over here, So now we have a blank funnel with a domain connected to it. Let's proceed now to create a list within the auto responder. Later on, we'll come back to this blank page and create our funnel 8. Creating an email list: Hey will come back Once you joined bedroll, the first thing we need to do is create a mailing list and set up an email order responder . So let's go to meeting bus ordinance. Ponder. Now this is just a quick and dirty tutorial of our various functions off mailing bus. If I hit them menu here, I have a few options like lists where I can see my current list. Campaigns, which are single male, are sequence off email campaigns. I can create bags off for personalizing emails. Templates are beautiful, ready made email templates shy can pull in and start using. Domain's is a place where I create sending them. Eight. The create professional email I D, for example, admin and digital marketing courses. Hub dot com Our admin and go earn money online dot com are some examples of professional email ID's instead of sending via my Gmail account, this is very important toe improve email delivery billy to Primary Inbox, The not a professional email ID e mails may land up in the spam folder. This is where you can't grab your A P I key to connect your Web side with contact forms. Automation is Autobots separating and segmenting your list. Here, you'll use meaning boss to perform certain act duties automatically when certain Druze are set and they're fulfilled. For example, if I used to click a link on your first email, then subscribe them automatically in another list you had created. And finally, integration T will love you to integrate with third party Softwares CEO subscribers here and here. You can go to see all of your lists in dudes to manage your list again, just like on the menu. You have one time evils email sequences and custom tax and start tagging your subscribers to Sigmund them properly. Work flows can be created here for your campaigns and sequences, then mailing bus. As you can see, I can drag and drop the elements here. Click here to edit, and shoes and existing list are create a new list AB sequences. Workflow is not within the scope of the scores, but you can find how to do all these within builder while victorious on here, you can find information about your profile, and here you can find the company. Information in this little icon shows that account usage details like your total eligibility and how much you have used so far and so on. As you can see, I have in Fine. It's sending caught up, create in final number of lists. Can send infinite number off campaigns in store. Infinite number off subscribers. That's so awesome about mailing bus. And this button is to log your are off mailing bus. Oh, here. You can't see the last list you created in mailing. Boss, this is where you can start creating your subscriber list, and here you can start creating an email campaign again. Campaigns are single emails to use of cry MERS sequences are sequence of emails sent as order responders and you can see some of the statistics of campaigns over here on. If you hit this logo, you go back to the main dashboard off mailing bus. Now let's get to creating an email list first and then an email secrets. I do have a mailing list already created over here. In fact, it shows the last list I created in this place. I can start creating a new subscription list over here when you fill in the name of the list. Oh, colic guest list. I choose the display name just I'll write a description. Forli Future Reference Guest List created for training Here I have the choice for options I can choose either Double often are single, often as you in old double opt ins are better, too good and list with high quality subscribers because they become subscribers on Lee After taking two actions. Action one is filling in the fall, and submitting and action to is to go to the email inbox and confirmed that they want to continue to receive marketing emails from you. My enabling double. Often you prevent many from giving it a fake and made up emails like Superman at superman dot com, our Batman, batman dot com and so on. So some people do this kind of thing together. Freebies you offer not actually giving in there really email i D. We don't want those kind of people anyway, so double options are better for a cleaner list and better delivery, really. But double opt in will result in less a conversions because of our additional steps to complete single. Often, as the name suggests, it acquires just one action from subscriber that is filling in the form and submitting it this will increase conversions. If you choose this option, please make it clear in the opt in form that subscribers were together free gift directly in their email. Only this way you can a wide spammers entering faking it. This is what we'll be doing in this course. Opt out is for UN subscribers. If you choose double Opt OG, you have an opportunity to ask them why they're living, and they'll probably tell the reason and confirm that they want to exit from the list. Otherwise, Jews single opt out moon the unsubscribe immediately in just one step. So with that, you'll successfully chosen the data collection form time and saved it for further use. Let's customize our fields now. The first feel is email i d. The obviously need this dough. Connect with the leech. 2nd 1 is first name. I need this to personalize while writing it. The 3rd 1 is last name. It's your choice to get the full name of the leech, but it's completely optional. If you want to skip, you can't do that. I also want GDP are complying statement. If you want to change what appears and what order you can do that I'm show you how A little later in this video, if you want to create more custom fears, you can create with these buttons. But for the purpose of this video, I'll Moammar and save changes. Okay, let me click on this air or to pull this back that you go. That's going to be the email farmer off my first emailed to subscribers. You may want to personalize that a bit with a call to action. I can do personalization by including the first name of the subscriber. Dag ends one, so you can't find them over here. I'll explain them in a minute. I can drag and drop elements from here. Then click on it, exit out. If I wanna add it something, I click on it. Boom. I have the tool bars over here. I can do the average play with them a little bit because there are lots of options over here. I don't hear the bottom. You have some extra bags. The decks with Squire brackets indicate these are tax at the bottom. I can find the list of tags I can use on this email just plays the curse of there. You want to include the tag and choose attack. It's included. I'm not going to include my freebie here. In fact, I'm gonna disable this email anyway. I want this email as a part of my email sequence, so just wait for me to include this freebie as a part of my email secrets. I just wanted to show you how the edit function and bags work in this email. We'll disable this email in a few minutes. Then I'll hit. Say you and next. All right, the list creation has done. As you can see, better all takes you through step by step to create your list. First, it starts with a farm time, then form fears than writing your first email and that should the listers created. I love the step by step logical approach. It's very user friendly. Before we want. I told you I want to tell you how to change the order of the farm fields. So click on this village we have our data collection form feels same over here. You can start the order over here. Let's say you want to show first name as a first field, so you choose zero for that field. one for the email field and do far GVR compliance Statement theater. Then I had saved changes. You can see email statistics over here like subscriber segments feels and pages over here. I just go into segments. Now you can watch the video signage off. Subscribers over here are you can create new signage If you want to embed the up in farm into 1/3 body at our block, use this system according to the farm's to do that history mo dext are the i frame next either one of the Duke again and a quick clings. You have some options to play around with, Like this update list in advanced. This is where you can choose whether you need a welcome email as a part of the list. I always prefer to have this as a part of my order responder e mails. So I'm gonna choose No, here I can choose my professional email. I d here and save changes. Once you join meaning bars, you see tons and tons of tutorial videos to explain all these in detail. So check that out. If you get stuck on any of this 9. Domain whitelisting and sending domain setup: Hey, welcome back. Before we proceed, I want you to a race sending the main two million bucks Got a menu in domains, Create new. Just make sure you don't put Hester GBR Hester TPS are dub, dub Dub in the front. Just a plain remaining saving. Now I have some records to create within go, Daddy because I bother the man from Go, Daddy, I'm inside, Gordy. Now I go to Deena's Since I have already entered the build Raul silver names. They don't show that Akash. So I know down the two servers we already entered here in a note back can change into default. No, I can see that at cars area. Now I want to end that regards from mailing must to text records and one see name record. So let me have a record now. Next, add the domain key, then everything here, including quotation marks. Add another record again. Text Justin, add symbol here and everything in the quotation marks. Now add the third record and so see name record M boss member dot milling boss dot com Don't into it. The full stop here dungeon. Good meeting, boss and hit. Very final. Mitch If everything is done ride. You have your domain verified immediately. The end of the two servers we copied back over here on the custom and saving. Now we have your domain ready Flying. Let's create a professional email. I d goto better while dashboard murders Dragon Drop big. So perfect my site. I have connected the domain already, so let's create a professional email I d. Click on emails. Had email. That's it. I have a professional email I d created. I can access it here. Now we have one more step. You'll need to add the professional immorality in three different places within mailing bus . This is a must to insure your mails, land and the prime mini inbox off email services like Genia. Let's do that now. First thing, Check your profile and company and put your professional email. I d. Here, especially there from email. Never use e mails like Gmail, Yahoo and Shawan and save it. The next step is check within the list. Go to dash more. So this is the list. I think any advanced here the from email should be a professional in variety. The reply email can be any email, but from emails should be a professional one. Saving the next one is chicken within campaigns. A blade set up. She had the from email. Must be a professional email. That's it. Saved changes. Now you're good to go. 10. Introduction to Sales Funnel and Website Builder: Hey, welcome back. Our list is ready to capture emails. Next up is to create the funnel pages Good of builders and dragon drop pixel Perfect. Better. The builder is seen for building a website. Our sales formal. I would go to my such and the blank baby already connected in the domain Before I go there , I want to show you the different menu options on this pixel. Perfect that side builder. So I'll go to new website. They have different pre made sites and funnels. Let me choose one of them and explain the menu writers. After I explain about this, we'll start booting the funnel from this crash. OK? No, just to give you a quick idea about the page on the right hand side job, you have some menu items like saving your funnel. So whenever you make a change in your upside, keep saving it so you don't lose the data. If something happens to your laptop, then previewing the funnel helps you the get an idea off water funnel. Looks like when you're building it, then show our hide grid lines. This is just to make sure you put your main content with this line so that it appears properly on all kinds of devices like laptops, different types of Mobil's tablets and swan. This ruler helps to line things up when you are building your site. It also helps to create guidelines when you click on the ruler both horizontally and vertically, when you bring something near to it, it snaps it so easy to build different designs with it, right click and it disappears. The next two items are undo and redo your latest actions. The next one is show and hiding element. There's nothing in it As of now. If you want a highland element on Europe site, let's say I have some next year. If I want to hide it, I can't right click on it and go all the way to the bottom and find a hide option trick on it and move the items hidden and goes and sits here. You can view the item by clicking this icon and click on his return button to bring it back , so it's not deleting it. It's still a part of the Web site, but this option has to move the things out of the way and bring it back when you need. Then you have light bulb, the sister darkened or lightened of upside to seed better, and you have bottled water. If you find it difficult to see the borders of different elements, click on it. The border color keep changing. So you know exactly the bader is sometimes with the design of the upside. You may find it difficult to see the borders at that time. This option is handy. The next one is the job Don box. It shows all the pages off your funnel. You can switch between pages easily over here. I'm on the whole page now. If I click on any other page and take me over there now, let's see what's on the flip side. Top corner. You have different views off the funnel here. Laptop view, tablet view and mobile view, usually after building the funnel for laptop view. If you go to the tablet are mobile view, you'll find all the elements outside the panel. You lied are just them by dragging and blazing them and the place you want them. Since this is a pre made templates, everything is already set up properly for all the devices. But when you build everything from the scratch, you'll be setting up elements for different devices. Separately, I hold that make sense. Unable to drop is a relatively new option incident displaying your elements as layers. It merges the elements and creates something like a single image that helps to load the page much faster on the mobile devices. The next option is to change the it you're gonna keep 12 40 pixels. Why? The other option is a shorter wit off 9 90 picks up. As you can see, the grid lines move closer, but we want a wider one. Now let's see this lip side 1,000,000. The 1st 1 is a layout and pages menu. If I click on it, I can see the layout I have on this funnel. A layout will have one are more pages. All these pages in that layout will have similar designs. For example, same sized and colored header and footer. If you want pages with different designs, you need a different layout. If I wanna edit the layout, I can click on this and do it here. Here I have all the pages within that lay out. Now if I click on the gear that takes me to the bait settings. I can edit the page settings here. The next item is text. This is where you customize the foreign family and size, so it's like, er, CSS customization. If this is set once, when you choose a particular ticks type, say, a henchman header in a short with the exact same sittings you have here. So this will ensure uniformly inconsistency off foreign times and sizes throughout your funnel. The next one is the plus sign. This is where you'll go the most. When you build a funnel our website, you can add a pop up to collect the use of data text on your site. The dicks will be based on your customization here. Then you can add a banner so you can use that as a background. Boxes and lines, batons, images. An image gallery, which is a collection of images, a menu, an audio are videophile, social media element. I contact form, an email form, animated counters, the naps, which is awesome. I explain that in a minute. Hover elements cone down. Timers check out beige CNN's funnels. This is acquired when you are building a website and wanna add a funnel into it and blah gaps. Now, within the ABS, I have several options, like a PayPal button. Hestrie McCord, 11. Our platform and the Learning Platform A GDP, R M and curse toe attached the menu to these anchors, a review system, Shopify information and an open day with a reservation system. So a ton of things to do here, then you have this double gear, Aiken, That is another bunch of conflagrations you can do here. Then you have shopping bag. This is where you'll set up purchasing information when visitors want to buy something. If you want to add a blogged, you can do it over here. And finally, if you wanna end your e commerce stores element, you can do it here. You're not gonna use all these if you are building a sales from. But since the builder is seen for building of upside and a sales funnel, you have all these options anyway. 11. Create a squeeze page with a popup: Now it's time we go back and pick up the blank page and start creating our funnel. So I'm on the blank page and this is my home page. It's under the default layout. Let me just name this page as Squeeze page. The address remains as home. It will appear here on the you are. Title is whole description is enter your email i d. To get free lessons on building a high converting sales funnel. I'm gonna deliver the lead magnet VR and email and offer free lessons for three days. And on the fourth day, I'll be pitching to sell the full course for the key word you can do your research and put the right key were in here just for the purpose of this example. I'll put free seals fun. Of course, you can preview it on Google. Here you have the choice to upload an image here, and if you want to play some script, are cored like Google Analytics scored our Facebook script. You can place it here. Good. Let me save All right. If I click on the header panel, I can adjust the height off it the way I want it If I right click on any element, I can see the type of it in this gaze. It's a header. I can't edit the header. Here I go to appearance. If I click on this gear icon, I can customize it for the I can't Adam image. I can't change the background color If I want saying blue, I can't choose it here. As you can see, it changes you. Can anyone shadow here and do necessary adjustments? Here? You can choose the color of the shadow also, so I'll keep the color as gray drew. Power is how you want the head of the appear on hover. I want to keep it as none and as you can see, the header moves when I scroll down. If I want to keep the header as fix it on the page, I can't check this button Now it's fix it so there are tons and tons of options like this on every element you choose. I don't want to explain all this before building a funnel. Then it will become like a belt around pictorial. So let me start building the funnel and you can learn mawr such options as I build it. Let me add a logo here at the top. Now I go to the plus button and had a image right click on the image and change the image. As you can see, I have my logo already in here. I choose that in your case, you not have anything over here. So you go here and upload your local image. So I have my logo. I a justice size by clicking on it for lunch and adjusting it with this handle. Then I'll right click on it. I'll simply center it. Let's move the body. I'll probing attractive Bagram Image year and make it fix it. We had an image. I'll go the layout area on so background, I choose his image. Make sure the images at least 12 40 pixel by 7 20 picks er to make it look good on the screen. I'll add a box here in the middle. Now age is a size a bit, right Click on it to goto. Appearance colors make the background color black. Now I work with the Grady and to make it look cool, add radiant. Now I have two options. Linear and radio. I'll keep linear I choose this box at the bottom, Senator, make the grating effect from top to bottom. Now, I would remove the color on both sides to make it transparent. I had a new color of the Lipsyte. I choose black trans pattern click. OK, I just choose this balm. I have the Radian effect here. Now I can just the size of the box the way I want. I'll center it and I have the box ready. Let me put the dext over here. I goto plus Martin. Next I choose this title Excell So now I have the next year Let me double click on it to select all Make the color of the text White I'll change the font. I like all Suard. No, I've had the text freely. Generation sales funnel A step by step course Center aligned the dext. I've seen the work mouth. So this is my header. Now I'll add a subhead are also learn to captured thousands of leads because you know money isn't the list. She's and kind of Dwight. I choose both Wild ST better. No, I'll add a CD, but this one looks good. I can adjust its size if I want that rightly cornet in choose text. I change it us. Give me the course, right? Think again. If you want to change the appearance off the button on text, you can do it here. You have tons of options over here. Let me center it. Now I go to action. This is where you said what will happen if someone fix the button? I want a pop up that asked for email and password. You have many other options, but I want to capture even addresses. So I need an email often form So I choose pop up. I have no problems here, so let me go toe plus sign and add a pop up. First, add a pop up. You can choose any one of these. I'll choose the basic one. Give it a tidy as pop up, so a pop up is at it. This has a headline, a sub headline. See this element? If I right click on this, I can see it's an email marketing farm. Now this pop up looks pretty basic, so let's decorate it a bit. I delete this headline and some headline text and add new ones with our standard for in size. Jeanne shed light and sub headline formed. Change the text as enter your primary email. I d. Some headline is together free course I'll send to the dext a change their color to make it fit the background so I'll make it couple tics. Color is white now, right click on the form con Seeker. I can connect it to various email service providers. Hi, Jules. Mailing bus. You already created a list within meaning, boss. Well connected with this. Papa, can you do this? The emails collect that will be on your list. So let's do this. You willing to enter the public e and private key to connect? I'm on the meaning, boss. Dashboard, Go to menu and a P I keys. Copy. Paste it and you're done. I'll click. Logan. You see on your list Over here. Let me connect. This one we just created. It's connected and the farmers ready to collect data has changed the button Text. I right. Click goto button. Change the text. If you want to change the button color farms and so on. You can't do it under appearance. That's it. Save it. Now let's connect the home page button to the pop up, right click on the button. Action. Select Bob. Okay, now we have one more step. Once people sign up, we need to drag them toe a thank you page. Let's create it now. As you can see, we have only one patient, AL, which is this whole beach pop up is not a beach, so it will not appear here. That's going to create a new page. Had a peach, I chose a blank page. I leave the beach as thank you confirm. So I have the page created. I wanted to be playing and simple. So let me add a banner over here. No, I landed text. Thank you. Check your email law so I have added to text over here. Let's add a little decks year at the footer that say's all rights reserved and decide me - I'm saving. Now let's go back to the papa right click on the form. Change Yarnall because once people click on the pop a button, the email get added to the mailing boss and the thank you page should automatically open. So let's connect the thank you page to the button. It's a single often Thank you, Page. So let's choose this. Let's select the thank you page and click. OK, confirm. I'll seem it again. I make sure the funnel is published. 12. Building mobile pages: Hello. Welcome back. So we have the laptop. You're ready now. I want to create mobile view of the funnel. If I go to the left side top corner, I can see the mobile view. Or here I have the tablet. You also here? I've heard in it. If you know how to create mobile view, you can easily create cabin you exactly the same way. If you want to see their the tap of you is hidden. You can goto this double gear icon and black form sittings. You can see the top of UME or is disabled. You can easily enable it by selecting years. Okay, let's go to the movies. You know, as you can see, all the elements of the pages are lying outside the panel. Now I can't simply drag and drop the elements into the panel because they're too big for a mobile view. So I want to adjust the size of these elements before I place them on the panel. So let's do this. When it comes to images, I want to reduce the size of the image before I do it. I want to create a duplicate other image and player are only with the duplicate, and I want to hide the original one. The reason is if you play around with the same image over here, it'll affect your laptop. You also. So by the time you make all these changes savior and go back to the laptop view the elements in that you would have been missed up. So I don't want that. So I always want a duplicate the images before I make any changes to them. So here in this case, I'm gonna duplicate this logo. This is the duplicate one. So I want to hide the original one. So I have the duplicate logo here. I can clear out with this the way I want. I deduce the size of it and plays it right here on wall. Click on the header. Introduce the size. Let me play around with the items in the body area. When it comes to text, I can right click on it and go to customization. And I can adjust the foreign size here and change the lines facing. And if I want to play around with the letter spacing, I can do it here. Okay, Now they're just a size of the sub headline. Okay, let me drag and drop the box with a dext over the panel. The Dix look fine. Off course. That is always scope for improvement. But this is just a demo for you. Give an idea of how things work. Let's play around with the button. All so I think on it and duplicate it. You hide the original one now, right? Click on the duplicate button Goto appearance front. I want to reduce the size of the farm. Okay, now I can't just the size of the button. Okay, That looks cool. Now, finally, I want this footer size to be smarter and plays the foot of the but and dragon drop this text over here within the footer. That's it. I think we have created the landing page. I can't right. Click on this box and center it. Now you play around with the bubble I go to pop up. I think on this icon, the pop up in its current state looks horrible. It doesn't matter. Let's change it a bit to make it fit the mobile dish. We adjust the size of the window. Double click on the headline center, aligning Save it. The justice up hurt a bit. Center the element on a duplicate this email form. Now hide the original one. Just a size a bit in this button. Fixed is too large, right click on the farm Goto appearance. I think on this gear I can style of button. I want to reduce this con size. I'll keep it at 20. Let's drag and drop the barbell on the panel. It's a bit larger and doesn't fit the panel, so let's reduce the size of the box a bit. Now center all the limits, drag and drop the pop up with the mobile screen. That's it. Let me save. So we have a landing page and the pop up ready for the mobile. Let's create a thank you page for mobile law. Let's go to thank you, Page. I have the text and the banner. I dropped them over here just the size of the banner, and I'll put the Textron it That's just the size of the decks, a bit right click and customization, font size line spacing and dragged the footer to the bottom. That should let me save it, and we have our mobile pages ready now 13. Email sequences: So I'm on the dashboard. I want to create a sequence off emails for the subscribers off my list. So let me hit Overview button here. I can start creating a sequence from the screen on the right, a sequence name Li Jen says, Final secrets name and list and who I want the emails to go to. Everyone are only futures of Scribner's. Here. I can choose a segment of people. I want the emails to go. But I want everyone in the list received these emails. So I'm on the first email. We're just a welcome email, but if you remember, we were already set up a welcome email when we created the list, I think welcome. Email should be part of the sequence, not as a standard email when creating a list. So he had the option to switch off the welcome email. If you remember, we have already done it under quick links. Okay, let me put in the copy. I want within this email. The copy goes like this. Hey, welcome to marketing. Academy has promised. Please take the course by clicking here. The scores will cover how to create a squeeze page with a pop up to collect emails from your site. Visitors step by step. Once you complete the course, you'll have a lead generation funnel that you can imply the generate thousands of leads in your niche. If you have any questions on the implementation part, hit the reply button and let me know since you were interested in lead generation and see his funnels. I'll be sending some powerful stuff in the next four days, so keep watching for my image. It's kind of like a countdown. Four powerful funnels on four days. On Day four, I'll introduce my most powerful sales funnel fall. So stay, do old and have a great day. She will come on Dutch it a simple text email with a link to the course output the link here. The course can be holstered within Bill Raul. There's an e learning platform here. Are any other platform like teachable? Think if it part similar. Most importantly, put a surprise element at the end of the email. Something like this. This will help create expectations in the minds off your subscribers so they'll open. All the emails and read are very suitable Title to it. Let's say welcome your free courses. Here, take it. The campaign name is email. One lead generation seems fun. Of course I'll click done. I'll go back here. I'll click on this little clock icon over here and put a zero for the first email. So it goes immediately after the subscriber enters the list. Save and I had another email. So in the first email were created Expectation. So we need to fulfill it. So day to email copy goes something like this. Hey, welcome back. Yesterday you learned about the lead generation funnel the all my course. I'm sure you like the course today. I'll show you another interesting seals. Final fact There are many types of sales fun ish. You pick and use one of them depending upon your needs. All of them. Start with the squeeze page because the purpose of all these funnels is to capture email ladies, for example, a webinar funnel. Where once people join your email list, you send them a link and ASM to join your webinar. When they do, you do a live webinar and at the end of the webinar you offer a high end product offer. You should be prepared to do the first you have in our life until you know how it works and which one can work the best and what the exact requirements of the Lebanon attendees are before you automate those webinars once you automate them. They had run on autopilot at the designated times, you said, but don't ever automate them until you learn the process by doing live webinars and start earning money. From that, it's simple. If you automate mediocre quality webinars, you'll be spending time and money on something that doesn't convert. So get really good at live webinars before you automate them. Take a look at this webinar funnel blueprint within bedrock. You can take it easily and three care to your own needs. Tomorrow, I show you another powerful sales funnel you never want to miss. So stay tuned that this email covers another interesting concept about lead Capturing and Vinicius funnel. It shows an example of this funnel also, that's a valuable information to your subscribers and notice this. I never sell our promote anything here. The intention is to add value so the copies ready copy paste it and this template campaign name is email to lead Generation sales from of course, and I want an attractive headline over here. Thousands of marketers use this fun of the generate leads. You. I can edit this the way I want using these any options and then click done. Go back, click on the little clock icon over here and put one for the second email. So it goes one day after the subscribers enter the list, save it at another email. So this is my 30 mil. And as you can see, the created expectation in the minds off your subscribers in the day to email on Day Tree, I'm gonna talk about product Launch Funnel. If you heard about Jeff Walker and his evergreen product launch funnel, you know how powerful this is works because it create huge expectation in the minds of people may explain in the email houses Goche the text goes somewhat like this. Hey, welcome back to Dave. You're gonna talk about another powerful sales from the call product launch funnel. You set up a video launch sequence with static open close Cartlidge. If you're washed. Jeff Walker's product launch formula. This is how it works. Send the visitor to our page where you show the product is not available and as a visitor to join the latest. Once a visitor is opted in a few days before the date of launch, send video one. Then, after two more days, Senate video Dube. Then, after a gap of two more days, send Video Tree and all these three videos provide valuable content, and the next day send video number four that introduces about the premium product showing how to buy there. Most importantly, you also show that the card will be open for a limited time, say, 5 to 7 days. Only This way, you throw some urgency into it. After those 5 to 7 days, you take the product down and start sending people again to the waiting list. In this funnel, the dates are starting. Let's say the visitor joint the veiling list on August 1st of the year. And for the sake of this example, let's say the launch date is first of December. On 26th November, you send an email that your first video content on 28th of November, the second video on 30th of November, the third video and on the first of December, the fourth video with the details off How to buy the product. Cartas open from 1st December toe December from six to December, all new visitors again joined the waitlist. On the other days, videos are taken down from the website. As you can see, the dates are static here and every year on First of December, the product launch happens. This creates huge expectation in demand for the product. So a lot of people joined the mailing list and they can word in huge numbers on the day of the launch because any delay will result and program closing, and they'll get to see this on Lee doing the next opening, which is one year later. So this type of launch, when done right with the big spike and sales during the days it's open to be specific during those five days, the first and 2nd December, in our example guilty big spike in sales. Then I better dip in sales on third and 4th December again on the day off closing, which is the 5th December. Another big spite and the card closes. This is how the static product launch funnel works. That's it for today. Hope you learned an important information about another powerful seals. For if you want to see a blueprint of this funnel, you can't see here within build well, so tomorrow is the final day off this email CD's I'm gonna reveal my most powerful sales funnel system, so never missed that. Have a great day show. Come on, That's a Ripper, isn't it? I have again ended the email in a way that has built up shoot surprised and expectations. So Day four email opened rate was shoot up like anything, So I coffee based the campaign name is emailed. Three. Lead Generations sales Final course Again, The headline should be attractive. This funnel has generated millions of dollars and sales. See how it works. Save it. I go back. Click on this little clock. I can't go here and put do for the 30 mil. That means it goes two days after the subscriber. Intersil ist with that, let's want to the final day email. Add the Ford email. The fourth email copy goes somewhat like this. Hey, you will come back. This is the final email of this CDs, and I hope you gained a lot of value from this in today's email I'm gonna reveal my most powerful funnel system ever. Normally me there are many marketers that are deployed this and earn millions of dollars and driven you. So there's nothing wrong in calling it a $1,000,000 sales foul. It's called Evergreen Product Launch File. This is probably a better vacation. All the static product launch funnel product line specialist Jeff Walker covers the strategy also, but I support he doesn't go into the details are creating it, and this is how it wash. It's somewhat similar to the close card product launch, I explained yesterday, but it's not static. Deadline to buy doesn't end on the same date for everyone in this. As the name indicates, you'll actually never close a cart. It's always open, and the product is available throughout the year. At the same time, it shows the card open for those 5 to 7 days for every new customer. So it's kind of customized for each customer. They're lying toe by inch for each customer based on when they sign up, so same experience as the static launch. But it's individualized for each new customer who signs it. So instead of November 26th it's on the day of the sign up, you'll send your first video content on Day three, the second video content on Day five, the third video content and on Day six, the fourth video content with a message about the cart open and a buying option. Then close the card for that specific customer five days from the date of the cart opening on 11. So it's a launch where people would get the same kind of experience, like the static card open, close funnel respect off When they sign it, they mean signing on any day of the year, and they get to see the same fun of secrets. This is why it's called and Evergreen product Launch Funnel. As you can see, these sales funnels are complex and used by expert doctors to do 1,000,000 daughter launches online. Now here's the news recently are but this funnel using build wall. It has come through really well. Most importantly, while creating this final I've recorded a video on, I can offer it as a course to my storage. This is an advanced level course available to you now and for a very special price for the kind of revenue potential it offers. It's a no brainer that you should go grab it real fast before the offer inch find below the details about the course and what it covers. As you can see, there's an early bird prising off $49 that n john so unsure. Date in after this date, the same courses available at $97. So it's high time that you grab it now. And here's a bonus that those who sign up in my bill royalty once you're signed up, just let me know I'll transfer this evergreen funnel I built completely free for you. Do your account in bedrock. You can tweak it a bit to your own needs and use it to launch your product from day one. Isn't that amazing? You get tons of training on how to promote affiliate products, plus personal 1 to 1 Training and Schwan. Go ahead and take action. I'll see you on the other side. Have a great day show. Come on. That's how the copy for Fort email goes. It offers great value plus a reach for the product I want to sell with this. The email CD's anche, which copy paste this into the template campaign Name is email for lead generation sales. Final Course Again Attractive headline. The most powerful off all the finals to generate since Do you want it for free? Done. Go back, click on the clock icon and put Tree for the Fort email. So it goes three days after the subscriber and there's a list shaving. Now, before I activate all the emails in the sequence, I need a sand space with the offer. I also need to set up demon pages so that subscribers can buy the product. So let me set this up now and connected to the Fort email. 14. Sales page: Hey, welcome back. Let's set up the same species. No, I goto builders Dragon drop pixel Perfect. Better my size. Where did the funnel go? To my layout At a new page. I want a blank fish. I call it seeing speech. I go to the beach. I want the address on the Ural as advanced. C is fun, Of course. How about saving? No, I'll add a banner. Resize it to just below the header. Change the color off. Add fixed. Change it to advanced evergreen seals. Fun, of course, changed the form. Does Ward and I save it? Let's add a banner. Jesse's size. Let's use this blow. The purpose of adding banners is you can easily move the entire elements within the banner by using this handle that's at a video. Now explain a little bit about the advanced seals from a course in this video. Goto Plus, are you on video in select the 1st 1 As you can see, I can move into Ron the way I want. I resize the video bit. He incented. Let's create some space below this video and I had a banner and I suggested to place below the video I'll change it to D'Argo. Let me say the work you've done so far, it's important to keep saving the work. I can't stress it enough and ahead of next. I would say What does cover to this course? We change the form. A change. The color Dwight that let me air subtext put all the topics and benefits cover in this advanced course. I've already made the ticks ready, so let me just and indexed over here. - So how to set up a squeeze page with pop up horrible video pages and sale speech? How to write in your copy for Evergreen Finals? How to set up auto responder e mails, how to set up a pile demon set up here and check out how to make it mobile compatible hot air Ever agreed. Calmed on timers. How to add from Grey's bars how to set up a membership side to deliver the content. How to drive traffic to the funnel? How are increased conversions on the page and much more. I'll goto emoji PDR dot com and add an emoji within the text. I'll search for the tick mark. Kate will choose this one. Go back to the sea in speech and and the emoji in front of the benefits. Dext over here and save it. Now let me create some more space Below. I had a banner changes color to light blue. Now I want to add two boxes, one of the lips side and the other one on the right side. Now she's the color too dark blue. All right, let me and Dix No color white. I want to put some testimonials here for disco. Swahr. I don't get it and based it here and call it limited time offer. Let me add from dummy texture into testimonials. Here I'll change the form and boxes to include photos on a limited time offer. Let's include the text avail. The early bird pricing here offer expires soon sent by the next Annacone. Don't timer. You can edit the timer settings by just right thinking it Now. Finally, I'll add a papal back I ordered. Plus, under abs, I can add a people, but oh, right click on it. And it I choose. By now, email is my people. Email that is sellers email. Country is USD description is let ST Emma Green course eels among is $47 Quantity is one Returning oral is a thank you page. I want to use it to go after the pushes. I don't have one, so I create one and provide a link here, Choose the country and confirm saving. Let me have a new patient. No. And I want this to be the thank you page. Call it. Thanks for buying. Added banner. Add the fixed the textures. Thanks for buying the evergreen seals from, of course, please visit the course page below and I add a button below. I changed the Dexter. Take me to the core speech. Now I want the link of the speech. So grab it. I go back to the check out button vahj and paste in within the return. Your that Should I save it? So if you're ready with the funnel, you see conversions. Depending upon the quality off your email list, it can be anywhere but being 2% or 10%. This means if you have an email list with 1000 members, 2200 people may buy the product bigger than lest better than product launch. It would be okay. Now you're ready with the funnel and the email sequence. Copy. Now your next job is to start driving traffic. The your funnel. Those who given the email I d for the lead magnet will start getting these image. Some of them will buy advanced course. You can have more up cells and down sales to increase the revenue bullied. So this is how the seals funnel works. Now here's the Bulls. Let's add a few more arsenals to the scree speech. This will improve the chances off capturing leads and conversions. I'm gonna add a few abs from bed, Raul, So I'll see you in my next video. 15. Customer Chat Plugin: Hey, welcome back. This is the customer, Chad. Plug in. This will increase your chances of capturing leads that land on your website. So we'll add a customer chart Plug in to capture leech on the FB messenger. To do this, you'll need a FB page our Facebook page. You can do it on your personal profile. You need a business speech. So that's created Facebook business page. If you already have one, skip this step, I'm on my Facebook profile page. I'll type in credit vision. I can choose any one of these to create a page. Let me choose brand our product. I choose that category as brand and get started. Once your pages created, make sure you added cover photo that reflects ER business and add your brand feature and then go to settings and player out with the six, not at a customer chat. Blufgan. You need to go to the messenger in this area. You lied to white. List your domain, so enter your domain name and save. Then goto advanced messaging features. You can see the message from Facebook here. If you want to use the advanced messaging features like customer chart, plug in it requires an additional review from Facebook. So click on request you're declaring here that you use this messenger platform to send non promotional recurring messages. So choose one of these three. It's a zoo. Your page may send news related stuff are productive. Ity dips our personal development related stuff like held Willis finance Angela. If you send anything other than the about, you may provide the details here. Just make sure that the information you provide here was send only information of messages to the subscriber's not the promotional. Once here, you need to provide some examples off messages you'll be sending in for, like, these are informational. So they're allowed like these are promotional. So not a lot. So in my case, I might say a new course with the subject. Copyrighting Masterclass is released. Please check the site here, and I might provide my sightly here. Another example might be check out my new review article here. The compares click funnels with Bill Raw and I might provide my review article link here and finally check this box and see the draft. Then you can submit this for a review. Facebook may take up to five business days to approve this. Once approved, you'll go ahead and set up customer chat. Blufgan next. If you want to change the welcome message, you can do it over here. This is how the Blufgan looks like on your page. Next I choose typically replies within a day. Next, put the website Europe. There you want a plug in in saving and copy the court to the clipboard and hit Finish. Done. Now go to the funnel. Not that are two options to plays it one of the layered level. So go toe layout settings and based it within this script. This means this is a show up on all the pages within the layout and saving. The other option is to go APS. Jews has GMO. You'll see a great box right click on it now plays the chord within the body section because that's what Facebook sees in confirmed. Now this dotted circle indicates that is in a hasty accord on the speech. I just plays it here. This will make them a singer pop up, show up on Lee on the specific page. You place it 16. Browser Push notifications: Hey, you will come back. This is a browser push notification. I want to show you how you enable push notification on this funnel with this anybody you can ask visitors to subscribe, and you can send your information to your subscribers so they can see on the browser another great way to get people subscribe. So let's goto abs and browse the notifications and create a campaign. A lame it as legion funnel website. You're a medium size now. My next is gonna be like, I don't want to miss out. Get notifications straight to yard to stop. Then we have new trainings and announcements for you. I choose an image in the button. Text has send me the trainings. I want the Baghran color in light blue and the button color is dark blue. And that should be a good to go. The campaign is at it. I can edit this here if I want not installed this on the funnel. I grab the court here. Copy that, Gord. I only do plays it on the head section. I go to the funnel. I go to the squeeze page in the scripts area I based in this court That's it. I save. Don't. Let's clear Cash now. Now let's test it to see if it works. Let me hit the send button. Now I'm back in my eyebrows on notifications. Dashboard hit subscribers. That's me. I just subscribe. Now let me create a push. Notification to the subscriber's title. New training leased for copywriters messages. Check out my new training. The least on coffee script generator. Amazing copyrighting tool. And I'm gonna give that YouTube you are. This is why training video on you do. Sen. Now you go. I got the notification on my desktop about the new training, but I took on it. It takes me to the training video on you do. 17. Conclusion: Hello there. Welcome back. So you have come to the end of the scores. Now you learn how to set up a sales final, then even order responder and a step by step matter. Now, your job is to a go ahead in general traffic to that funnel that our hands all ways to generate free traffic like search engine optimization, Facebook posts, instagram posts, linking posts, YouTube videos and the like. The other way is to use paid sources to generate traffic like Google ads being at Facebook ads and so on outside just you to go for the low hanging fruits first, like targeting relevant groups on Facebook and linked, I mean, join relevant groups, are Facebook and posed a relevant content. Consistently show that you're an authority in your field. Never tried to sell in the beginning. Provide free stuff and bring those people into your circle. I mean, the community off your own people via email list and Facebook Cruz. Once people understand that you're an influencer in your field, they'll start buying from you, Then start expanding to other traffic sources like other free and paid traffic sources. In case you have any technical issues with the funnel. I suggest you to raise that issue within Builder will support group in Facebook. You can also raise a supporting get resolution. And finally, if you have not arranging the score so far, please do it now. Higher the rating better. It is for me and for the course to do well on this platform. So adac, I would like to say goodbye Police State, Dutch.