Lazy SEO Scaling Strategy For Siphoning Massive Amounts Of Low Hanging Longtail Keywords | Greg Jeffries | Skillshare

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Lazy SEO Scaling Strategy For Siphoning Massive Amounts Of Low Hanging Longtail Keywords

teacher avatar Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Lazy Organic SEO Scaling Strategy

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About This Class

In this short lecture you will learn a very simple SEO strategy that you can implement for FREE to target and siphon low competition long tail keywords from the search engines so you can start getting lots of organic traffic to your website.

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Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. Lazy Organic SEO Scaling Strategy: every Jeffries here and in this video, I want to go over a really simple strategy for getting pages ranked into in Google and search engines and just getting a lot of free organic traffic in a really simple and lazy way. So I drew this diagram here to kind of show you basically how s CEO work. So it really just comes down to over here on the left. It really just comes down to So you write a post here. Ideally, there's going to be a lot of content level of words on that in that poster that page, because that's really all that Google has to go buy in order to determine whether you know , if that pages about that particular topic. So you want to make sure that the keyword is mentioned or a variation of the key words in the title just meta description that tags and, you know, sprinkled all throughout that article. And ideally, it would be like a long, meaty post with several 100 or 1,002,000 words or whatever. And then what you could do what most people dio to rank that one page or post was just to buy a bunch of back links or build a private blood network from high authority domains and create post from those those, uh, private like networks Oregon, you know, purchasing five or gigs or link packages with anchor text for these particular keywords. And then just pointing them all back to this particular post to tell Google that this particular posts about these particular keywords ideally ranking you for this. Yeah, this post for all these different keywords. That's the way that most people go about ranking keywords and content and Google the way that I'm doing it and showing you going to show you this little overview. An example is kind of this way. So I like to look at the way I'm doing, kind of like octopus and each of the keywords them target. It's kind of like a little technical and not really taking a lot of time in order to rank these particular keywords. But they're very long tail keywords, which means this very specific keyword. It's not just like one word. Usually, usually there's multiple words, and there's usually very low competition for these keywords. So just a matter of, uh, by my way of having this keyword in the title and description on these pages generally is going to rank home page one or two, usually for most of these keywords. So if you do this for several 100 or several 1000 keywords, you can just go out there and just, you know, gather up hundreds and thousands of potential free organic visitors using the same kind of content. But you're just basically the way I'm doing it. I'm just duplicating the same page over and over and over again. But I'm just optimizing the title and the tags in order Teoh to get get the search into traffic from these particular keywords that people are typing in. They're not gonna be usually type of the men that much. But you know, once or twice or a couple times a month and multiply that times thousands of thousands of keywords, it starts to add up. So the reason I know that this works and the reason I'm doing it this way it kind of gave me this idea was there is a tool out there called Search Shaker. I can lead to it in the description or somewhere on this page, and basically that's what this tool. It does. It goes out there and basically duplicates Post Beacon 1,000,000 post in a couple of minutes with the goal of basically customizing it and a localized way, or you can use it for in any way you want. But basically, you would insert these short codes and then those short codes you could upload it list of like, whole cities or hold zip codes. And basically they short codes would be the know when it create goes out there and create thousands. Oppose. It would just replace each post with one city and one corresponding zip code. So basically, you're out there ranking for thousands and thousands of, um, cities and towns and ZIP codes and, you know, obviously bigger cities. It's gonna be more competitive, so you're probably not going to get on page one for that. But you know, these thousands of little small towns, you know you're gonna pick up a lot of free or inorganic traffic from the search engines from building these massive you know, niche specific up localised sites for different keywords and services like long care and, you know, and you can monetize it with paper call paper paper, lead, legion and that sort of thing. That's just one way to use it. But that's kind of how I got this idea to do this, and I'm doing it own. I am source that Oregon. My my initial hesitation was, You know, I didn't really want, like, a junkie big Spammy site on. So the way that I've done this is and made it work for me and kind of the, you know, to kind of go along with the my goals and reason for making I'm sources. All of the pages that you see here if you click any of these length, those are all pages. And most all of the reviews of specific products are pages generally, but the the the pages that I'm using for to multiply these pages over and over again. Our post on because I'm not super like I don't know a lot about WordPress, but I believe there is a limit on the amount of post pages that you can create. But I don't think there's a limit on post, since that's kind of like your blawg and the pages are different. I think there's like a a couple 1000 pose a page limit on the pages that you can create. So you know I'm going to be creating tens of thousands of posts. And that's why I went with posters of the pages. Plus, since there I guess I could have done pages or posts. But with the way that I'm doing this, you know they're not. There's nowhere on the site to click these thousands of thousands of of pages that are posted I'm created. There's over to click to navigate to them, but if you're searching for the specific terms it's going to show up in that search engines . I'm going to show you some examples here is going to show up in search engine and bring in that organic traffic. But it doesn't clutter my site. What normal people are going to come to my side? I'm source that or the home page and click around. They're not going to see all of that, so I'm going to kind of shoot some behind the scenes. So this is what the user season, the front end on the back end. I'm going Teoh, show you what they're going to see here. So the's air just some examples, like ho skater. So I did a review. And the key here is you want to have, like I described in the S e o kind of lay out there and And how s CEO works? You want to have, like, a solid piece of information that gives value to for for whatever you're trying Teoh the visitors looking for so initially you know, all of these products and services, they're basically reviews. This is what I created. I am source. That work for is to be a database for all the best tools and resource is And then I'm starting to slowly go through and make reviews for them. You know, just a legitimate review and usually in bed, some videos related to that particular product or service. So this one is host Gator on What I've done is basically I go over to a tool called keyword tool that I owe. You could use Google keyword planner as well, but this one just gives me a lot. I feel like a lot more, you know, keywords and longer tail. And like related keywords and things like that in a filic, in my experience, the keyword planner, it selling it to give you a small amount. And so I literally just go go by this list here and you know, some of the weird ones I won't make post for. But basically I will create my initial post, which the 1st 1 was gonna be. It was host Gated Review. And then what I'll do is I will copy and paste this over and over and over again and make new post after New Post. Basically, the only thing I'm changing is the title here and then the tag cell make. Basically, I'll take, like, 10 of these key words here and stuff him in my tax because that's another thing that I learned from Houston Search Shaker as the tags actually pull in quite a bit of the organic traffic, so a lot of people don't take advantage of tags on their websites and their WordPress sites . It's an extra step. It's very quick and simple to add tax, but a lot of people aren't taking advantage. Um, and they do really well for sucking M organic traffic. So all I'm trying to do is get more free organic traffic to my pages some. That's how this whole system works, and I'm gonna show you that this is legitimate and just it does work. These pages do ranking stuff. So this is I'm store stuff or inside of analytics, Google Analytics Analytics. And this is just for the last month or so. So I'm just gonna go down here under acquisition, search, console, and then queries. So this is what people have typed in an order. Teoh, get to my site. So I'm just going to kind of show you some of these. Um, and we look for these up. Gonna look for a couple of these. That and a lot of these pages on my site. It's only been around for about two years, but they get index pretty quickly, too. So a lot of these I just created in the last couple weeks. And so this is one stack that money coupon code so we can see here. We school up here. We've got clicks. Impressions, click through eight. Average position. So skilled on here. This is just one of those copy pasted pages and you could see or sitting in about 6.4 Had about 47 people impressions. I see that. I believe that the way I'm interpreting. This is the people that have actually searched for this and then nine people that search for the type that end clicked on my link. So I'm just going to highlight that and copy this kind of copy it in incognito so you can see where it comes up. And it could have been any one of these pages, But let's see what actually pops up here. So it's that particular page so that I am source, you know, that's my my website, of course. And then we've got this. Does stack that money to review with Stack that money form coupon code in the actual title . So let's click that boom and it's the same. This is the same review that I use for every single page. I just put that in the title, and I get sales every single month from from Stack That Money. And I only expect that to increase due to the increase in all these pages and a poster that creating 100 100 some just the only thing that can happen is I could get more traffic and usually more traffic is gonna translate into more sales and more conversions. So that's just one example here. So let's keep going down here. I'm gonna get a lot of traffic since I did a bunch of reviews for Hit Leap to. So I'm just going Teoh. See if we can see that we got one for hit Leap. So this one's hit leap cheat engine and I'm trying to pick someone's that people actually click through. But also ones that are on the first peso hit Lee Cheat engine. Let's see where we are on that one. So it looks like we're on page one for that again. These air, these air terms that don't have a lot of competition. They don't get really a lot of traffic. But hey, you know, you're just picking up these little low hanging fruit. That's something that other people really aren't doing. And and that's why you know, there's the opportunities there. So hit the cheat engine is the same review that I use for all the other pages, And one of the things that I do to kind of make the make it look not so fishy with Google is, since I am creating hundreds of 100 of post. Usually I'm just copying and pasting these all in the day. It looks a little strange to have all these pages posted and the same day within minutes hundreds of hundreds. Are you hundreds in a couple of hours or hundreds in a day. So I do use search shaker specifically for one feature because it has a lot of different features in it. On again, I'll put a link to search Shaker in the description, but search shakers worth it just for this one feature, cause I don't know of any other. There may be a free WordPress plug in that does this. But search shakers is worth the investment just for this one feature because I use this plug in in this feature on multiple sites. But under certain shaker, the Shaker pages come down here under shaker. And then basically, what this allows you to do is spin the are, spend the dates of the post that you're creating. So I backdate it. And so when I create, let ah, batch of a couple of 100 new posts are these reviews, then I'll backdate the post selected date and then just hit submit, And what it's gonna do is going to take all of my posts on my website and kind of mix them up, spin him up and give him all new dates. And that's gonna again make him look a little bit more natural because, yes, Google's going to index all these, but it just it does look a little fishy. It's probably not good in the long run for you to have all the same dates on on these, uh, all of these posts another tool that I use. If you're using particular themes, then you can. You should be able to hide tags with your WordPress theme. The work first thing that I'm using on a lot of other sites is called Focus Blawg by thrive . Themes will have a link to that and the description of this video's well I use I love there there were pressed names because there one time fee and you can use it for unlimited sites . But this is studio press on my website here, and I couldn't find our figure out where to disable the tags on this particular theme because it looks a little again kind of spam me because it was putting them all all the tags here at the bottom. I didn't like that. So one of the plug ins that I installed, which is free if you're using this theme are other themes where you can't manually or somewhere in the back and disable the themes. Disabled attacks. I'm using a attack plug in called WP author date and made a meta remover said, That's the plug and I'm using. If you're wondering if you're going to follow this this tutorial step by step. So let's just wanna just wanna shoot this quick video to let you know this very simple strategy of getting organic traffic through Google without doing a lot of effort and have another tip of one of throwing his, in addition to writing a couple 100 word article like a legitimate, unique article about thes Proxim. I could do that because I have had years of experience, so I could kind of just right from, you know, just experience over the years and knowing with these tools and how to work with him and stuff. But I also like to embed a video cause I feel like that, you know, Google owned YouTube and they like embedded videos gonna help your videos, and it's also, I feel going to help your kind of anchor the post that your that you're creating and publishing. And also, I believe it helps them get indexed faster by throwing a video on there. And if it's related, Teoh the product or service you're trying to promote, then that's just a bonus, because some people like myself. I like toe. I learned better by watching something than reading something on this. I don't really like to read long blocks of text. I'd rather just watch the tutorial video and then that I could click one of these links when I'm done. But this is kind of a very simple overview of ah strategy I've been using across multiple sites here. But, you know, specifically here on I'm source that, or to increase the amount of organic traffic I get for all the tools and resource is that I'm promoting here on I am source