Lazy Lovers In-Bed Spooning Massage (For Couples)

Sexy Wellness JazminLite, Touch For Joy Massage

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6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. LazyLovers In-Bed Massage INTRODUCTION

    • 2. LazyLover Pt. 1 ~ Neck De Stress

    • 3. LazyLover Pt. 2 ~ Bring Their Back To Life

    • 4. LazyLover Pt.3 ~ Bed Head & Shoulders

    • 5. LazyLovers Pt. 4 ~ Rock Your Baby (Hip Rocking)

    • 6. LazyLover Pt.5 ~ Pyjama Party

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About This Class

This Short & Sweet, Revolutionary, One-Of-A-Kind Massage Course is a true game changer for couples.

Packed with valuable information, this tutorial is for people who are comfortable being physically close to each other. Step inside for a few moments and learn how to transform aching and stress into Joy. In 7 to 10 minutes. Even when you're BOTH tired!

The Fun, Easy-To-Learn Techniques are all performed right in your Lazy Bed. No massage table, chair or oil is needed. 

My name is Jazmin Light, and I have over 25 years experience working with healing and sensual massage. I've created many of the techniques you'll discover in this class. 

There's a magic power in your hands for soothing and regeneration. The techniques in this course combine Deep Touch and Qi-Gong pressure mixed with Rocking, Tantric Strokes and more. The Sexywellness courses will teach you basic skills that you'll have for a lifetime. 

So make their day, help them recharge their battery and discover a sanctuary from the everyday stresses of the world.

Learn to give quick, amazing, healing and relaxing  mini-massages in the comfort of your own home. Right in your Lazy Bed.

Click "Enroll"  to join the enjoyment! 

Disclaimer: This class is for pure relaxation and healing energy only, and is intended for people who are comfortable being physically close to each other. It does not help with, or offer consulting on: dating, relationships, romantic compatability, attraction or sexuality.

"7 minutes to Heaven" 

What can you do, to Brighten the Mood

Your loved one's Tired and achy, But your tired too?

This Quick Refresh, Lazy-Bed Massage,

Will win you Kudos, Respect and Applause.

I Created it for Couples to Beautify their Love Life,

I'm Jazmin Lite - Been massaging my whole life.

Let me teach you my unique techniques

So You can bring it on too - Great Happy New Energy.

Massage is proven to be anti-stress

Guaranteed to bring a shot of happiness

Boost serotonin dopamine & endorphins,

So click the start button and jump right in!