Law of Attraction Class 1

EL March, Mind Transformation

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About This Class


I am introducing a comprehensive and all-inclusive set of courses on the Law Of attraction and how to manipulate and use it to create the reality you are desiring.  These courses will start from the very basics and build up to show you how to take advantage of this beautiful law fully in your lives.






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EL March

Mind Transformation

Dr. EL March is a non-fictional, creative and self-help author, and is an Orthomolecular Medicine Doctor with strong background in Holistic Psychotherapy and Spiritual Alchemy, helping individuals transform their lives. In her practice she strives to balance the individual's emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual and business aspects of life. She has authored and self-published 10 books in the area of New Age and the philosophy of unity and energy based Universe. She was brought up un...

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