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Launching your online fashion store w/ a BANG

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Assignment

    • 3. Prior Getting Started

    • 4. Cohesive Branding Identity

    • 5. Planning Your Launch

    • 6. Wow Them

    • 7. Launch with a Bang

    • 8. Tell a Story

    • 9. Start Building

    • 10. Build Excitement

    • 11. After the Launch

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About This Class

Ever wonder why some fashion retailers seem to generate rapid buzz around their launch while other brands barely get noticed? What is the secret  sauce that makes their brand so SEXY?

In this class, I will show you how you can build a lasting business which will generate sales from day one. I will share tactics that have worked again and again to generate rapid buzz. I will provide all the ingredients needed to turn your launch into an event customers want to be part of.

You'll learn

  • How you can differentiate your brand to create within your customers the urge to shop from you
  • Tips to help launch with a bang and build anticipation
  • How to drive traffic early on
  • Where you should focus your time to have a wildly successful launch 

Have any questions? Feel free to add them in the comment section of this class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: are you looking to launch your online fashion store and sell from day one? Do you want to generate rapid bus and how tribal customers eagerly waiting for your product . But you're wondering where you should focus your time. Have a widely successful launch in record time for you. Commerce, fashion consultant, author and co founder of Commerce Academy, which is a learning platform for start ups. And I really wanted to be Here is like a second still short class. While working very session grounds throughout the years, I noticed that when it comes to launching a fashion products, many brands repeatedly make the same mistake over and over again. They focused a lot of our energy on refining the product or their websites and completely forget to build anticipation for the launch. So white building anticipation so important you might ask. Well, because the pretty little launch with no one knowing are carrying about your brand. And actually, my also shock you by telling you that don't need a sophisticated website along. So you may be like but wait one. Now if I want to get people interested, all I have to do just post on social media over and over again. Well, I'm personally know that something, Michael, in this plus it's easy to follow. Step by set, Rocket launch. I will teach you how condoled excitement and get sales from Davon. I will share tactics that I've worked for clients of mine over and over and over again. And I will also focus on what really matters. You can stay on track and grow anticipation. All ingredients needed to turn your launch into an event Customers can be part. So what are you waiting for and world today? 2. Assignment: do you sign up for? This class is to help you with your launches to create a coming soon page, not hold. I know it sounds a lot more simplistic than it really is, but the coming soon is really the foundation of your launch will make or break your launch . There are a lot of the features that are essential for the success of your launch that are all within now. Before you get started, you need to have all your ducks in a row, whether it's Brent identity, having logo and place your copy tone, your photography. Also all your social media handles already acquired, along with having put some thoughts as far as what you're working, strategy is going to be an email marketing. So obviously I'll walk you for some of those features during the class. Please, once you're done, share your coming soon page as I've loved everybody feedback and also I want to get realized what you're working on, so don't be shy 3. Prior Getting Started: So have you ever wondered why is it that some online fashion retailers seem to generate rapid buzz around their launch while other brands barely get noticed? What is your secret recipe that makes their brand so sexy? Well, let's go through each of the point. The 1st 1 is that they ensure that there is in need within the market. They've done their research, whether it's through surveys or they really know their demographic, which is essentially why they know there's a specific need for the product they're launching with. I mean a great example on there's multiple examples here is blackmail clothing, for instance, where there are lightings company, and they were the 1st 1 in the markets to come out with leggings that had mawr wild designs , if she will, etcetera. So they really knew who their demographic win waas and they were speaking with them through tumbler to really get into the head of these individuals. They also focus on Peking curiosity. They really think through their marketing strategy and understanding. What are these key elements that is going to grab the attention of their potential customers? So all this obviously goes back to really knowing who they're speaking to, and they also focus on driving traffic early on. They don't wait until they have this perfect website. They know that getting people on board for them to share what you're working on and having traffic to the site is vital to the health of their business. And they know how to engage with their audience early on. So they reply to whomever is engaging with them on social media. I mean, a perfect example until this day is Rebecca Minkoff. She will. I mean, her team will reply to all the different tweets are whatever mentions out of our own social media. And I'm often in shock to see humming Brent out there that are more established, or even your brand who don't do the due diligence of replying and engaging with their audience. If you want to make them feel like they're part of this tribe, you have to really put in the effort to take the time to reply back to them. So, you know, you really have to remember that fashion is the business of glamour, and building excitement and buzz around your brand will make all the difference. So prior getting started. It's very important for you to ensure that there is a demand for your product. So whether it's like I mentioned earlier doing surveys and speaking to the potential demographic, you're interested. Make sure that they're excited about this product that you're creating. You also really need to understand who these people are saying that someone is, for instance, a women between 24 and 18 and she likes to buy clothes is not precise enough. You need to make sure that you don served with the work when it comes to like bread positioning, really putting yourself in the head of this customer, like really understanding what they're all about. And then you also need to have finished all your brand identity works or whether it's your logo. It's your copy tone. It's your photography excuse. The sirens were in New York City, so make sure that you've done all that work and that you're ready to go to market. Another great way as well as I mentioned when it comes to testing as well, is to maybe test on platforms like Instagram or etc. To see whether or not customers on those platforms will buy your product It's a great way to kind of get a sense as to what people will get excited about, what they will purchase etcetera. And again, I apologize for the sirens in the background. So make sure that before you start with your launch that you have done the due diligence of doing the market research, Really understanding who your demographic is having all your brand identity work under your belt. So then it'll be much easier for you to just essentially good a market and focus on building that excitement and anticipation. So let's go through some of the other slides. We're going to talk about how you can plan your launch. 4. Cohesive Branding Identity: first things first, you want to differentiate your brand through your friend's identity. One of the example that I choose in assistants, like is from the information home page where it says Cool summer. And it's a model who's just holding her. I assume that is melting and the reason why so powerful? Because obviously it's featuring Romper, and it has a little bit of 19 connotations. Also, connotations of friends sounds out there. So I mean, it really speaks to the demographic, and it really gets people in ties to go and start shopping from. Obviously, when you're doing your coming soon page, you'll want to make sure that you have a strong teaser and I'm walking. True specific examples how you can have a strong brand identity to get people and really unique. I love this example from the re formacion home page because it's quite simple, but it gets to the point, the subtle copy, the imaginary the girl with her melted ice cream. It just says it all really itches and picks the interest other customers. So you really have to know who you're speaking with. So in the second slide, I'm going to talk about a specific example that I love to bring up. It's wild Fang. So essentially, because you want to make sure that you understand the unique value proposition of your brand. So there's this appeal of never seen before. You have a strong teaser and you really piqued the interest. So let me walk you through their story because I think it's really gonna help you understand what I mean here. So essentially, while Thank is a streetwear inspired cell and fashion company for girls who like to raise hell, so kind of your tone boys, if you will. And the story is really interesting is essentially the founders who worked at Nike at the time on their base in Portland. They were shopping at a men's department store, and they picked up a T shirt and they asked themselves, I wonder why they don't make these for women because obviously, following is a very different. It just doesn't fit the same way. So out of their frustration that there weren't any sort of tomboy options out there for women they started. So they essentially created the company Wild Fang. And apparently, I mean, if you read any of the articles that are available informs about their company. They did a lot of research prior going to market. I mean, obviously they were both working for 90 so they had marketing research experience. But they surveyed a lot of different women's to really understand what the gap waas and how they could fill that specific gap. You can see here from the images from the image that I picked on this is actually from their instagram that tone boy. It says it all. It really speaks to their audience, so they know who their audience is. Their unique value proposition is really clear. There's not a lot of retailers out there who filled a gap for that specific demographic women who like to dress a little bit more tomboyish and whatnot. So you have to make sure that you're extremely specific. And don't be afraid to be extremely Mitch. From my experience over and over again there many brands who kind of want to be all to everyone, and it's a very dangerous path because at that point you'll be really hard for you to really different it yourself. And it will also be harder for you to really understand who your key customer is so really dig into what differentiates your brand from others out there, make it as niche as possible and try to talk to a few people as well. Who absolutely need your product versus Many people were not going to understand what makes you different from the pack, so speak to as many people as possible so you can really get into their head and really understand as to what gets them excited. Now your branding must be cohesive, meaning you must say the same thing and have the scene vibe throughout all your platforms. Whether it's with your photography, your copy your social media handles. It's a really simple exercise that is often neglected by many brands. So La Bella Mafia. It's a women's sports where liking company for Fitness Addict, they combine health well being and style to keep their hardcore ladies inspired. Their copy is really focused around the benefits of being an athlete while keeping it inspirational. Like this tagline right here. Find your freedom so you must have the same copy tone and brand messaging throughout all your brand communication. Otherwise, you're gonna confuse your potential customers, and they're never gonna come back to your site because they don't really know what you stand for. So here put a list of all your brand communications so you can make sure they can cross check and ensure that your Brendan is cohesive through all these different channels. Now, finally, you want to make sure that you have a reward that people can not resist. In this particular case, I just haven't example from five dot com from years back. I don't honestly agree for you to give percentages off your products right away, but you want to have a really strong teaser and a reason for individuals to sort of be part of the in crowd and register early on. So you're definitely gonna have to put in a lot of worse when it comes to copy writing and having copy. That will really resonate with your demographic and also grab their attention. So work with a copy writer. If copy writing is not your forte, as you want to make sure that you have an irresistible reward. Essentially, you want to tell him as to why these individuals to join the party. Why should they care? And it doesn't have to be discount driven. Like I said, you really need to be creative here and have an incentive for people to sign up to your newsletter so they can stay tuned. 5. Planning Your Launch: So when planning your launch, your objective, like I keep on mentioning over and over again, is getting noticed and ensuring that you're spending your time where it matters. It's really easy to get sidetracked, especially as a solo entrepreneur, and really spend too much time doing things that don't really matter. So from the very beginning, you will want to first peak curiosity. Second drive traffic third capture emails four have people share what you're Brun is all about and fifth engaged prior and after launch. So I've put together ah, high level road map for you. That kind of breaks down all the prelaunch priorities. You want to make sure that you get all your ducks in a row, get yourself over in ized so you can effectively promote your launch. The key is to start working on your marketing collaterals while you're building your website and really start marketing early on. So, to do the following, you really need to stick to this launch roadmap and make sure that you don't know this presentation. I'm gonna make it available for you and print specifically this section. It's really going to help you through the journey. So let's look at all the different steps. Like the creative brief. This is a lot of the work that will calm early on. So really thinking through so far is your brand identity, whether it's like the logo, obviously your photography. The copy for your website. Some of the early design You'll want to have some form of creative brief that you can give to all the different photographers and designers that are coming on board because you want to make sure that you're brining is cohesive. Start thinking as well as first launched strategy. Now there are multiple launch strategies out there. But for this specific class, I want to give you what will be most time effective. Especially. It's focused for brands like yourself who are just getting started and don't actually have a lot of capital. So I walk you obviously through the steps, and then it's also really important. Once you've done your creative, brief and higher teams because you can't do this by yourself, make sure that you have an intern helping you as well. But most importantly, you need to start working through your editorial counter is thinking about your marketing assets what your social media is going to look like all your setups and start creating your landing page. So you want to do these things in parallel. You want to make sure that not only you're starting to think about your marketing, so you have everything in place Once you have this coming soon page and you can start engaging with people so they start getting to know what you're all about. Obviously cueing. You know, your real website as you're building that in the background, making sure that you have all your allergic six taking care of. So whether it's fulfillment, packaging, all these are important part of the equation. I'm not gonna focus too much time on that again. I just kind of one of focused, replete and helping you with your marketing. And then you'll launch and then post launches where you obviously continue the conversation . So it's really important for you to have at least one month in advance as far as when it comes like marketing collateral. So you always know what to see next to your customer. So next you'll want to write down what your specific goals are for the launch so you can measure. It's success, so make sure to have KP eyes. How many social media followers you'd like to garner's? How many cells would you like to acquire during the launch? How much traffic to your website would you like to generate? Remember that also, there's no 1/2 to success. Everyone's business is very different. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and you can't really do it all by yourself. So I repeat, you cannot do it all by yourself. You really need to get help, whether it's bringing in an intern. Like I mentioned hot earlier or hiring someone threw upward, really taken honest, look at your business and decide which area you will no need help with. So now let's dive into all the action steps needed to get your launch ready. 6. Wow Them: Well, congratulations. You just launched your website. Now you just need to wow them. So you need to grab their attention with your home page. You need toe, have a beautiful home page. I will resonate with your audience. Surprise them with the unexpected. So ever lanes home page, for example, has such a bold statement. So what I like about it is that they're using black, for instance, it's to promote their stripe looks for the summer, and it obviously is copy that makes you interested in what they have to offer. So this is such a great example. You need to make sure that you dig back into the brunt identity of your business. So go back into that section of this class. Unfortunately, I wish I could cover Maura about brand positioning because it really is a bigger topic and would take at least an hour to talk about it. But really, I encourage you to check out one of the classes that me and not my business partner pull kit have available on or e commerce. Academy platform. Yes, you can understand really how to wow your summer. We have a workshop for free on our website that you can check out. But essentially, you want to make sure that your home page will wrap the attention of your customer and that after all the waiting that they've done for the last couple weeks that they feel excited. You can also use video videos, a great medium which interviews by a lot of fashion brands they use a lot easier than people make it out to be. You don't need to spend a lot of money toe have video that will really get individuals excited about your brand. Now the next thing you want to do is you want to get them a resistible launched offered when you launch, so I mean it really depends on your brand. You know whether it's giving them store credit or asking them to refer their friend and have discounts or shopping. Three. Here you can really try different method. I highly encourage you regardless that put together social referral program widgets. So either friend by a referral candy and essentially the following allows you to get referral. Traffic from individuals have already registered to your mailing list, and you can easily implement the following within your home page so looking to friend by a referral candy. It's a great way to get additional traffic to your home page, and you need to make sure that you haven't placed a reward that individuals will be happy to have access to. So here you know the focus is really going to be and having a beautiful home page focus on having Onley a few products here. Don't tryto have a huge selection of products when you're launching, because it's going to be overwhelming for your customers. So have anything between 5 to 10 different articles that they can buy? Make sure that it's consistent. If you're launching with too much, it's gonna be overwhelming for your potential customers. So don't do the following mistake. It's a mistake that I've done that I've seen Ah, lot of brands make over and over again, so don't try to spread yourself too thin here, have a powerful home page, have powerful copy and have an irresistible offer, and make sure that you encourage your audience to share with their network and by doing so , rewarding them accordingly. All the following will make all the difference 7. Launch with a Bang: so the most effective way to generate buzz around your launch is by organizing UN event around your launch date. Now, if you can try to have a real life event, it will make all the difference. So make sure invite bloggers or influencer whomever is within your network and when within your geographic location. You can even invite individuals to our and your melon list and try toe. Have fun here. I mean, do a party that people would want to go to whether it's inviting. Obando, you personally know, don't be afraid to partner up with other vendors who are in your geographic locations. So bringing in doughnuts from a location nearby just opened or other bakeries. Just have fun here. Make sure that you tell your sis cry bers to join the conjoined different ways. Whether it's you live streaming the event on live Facebook or YouTube, live or periscope, which ever way, I mean, I think it's a great way to engage with your audience, get them excited, make them part of the event if they're not within the geographic location and what you can also do, which has worked well for some of my clients is consider hosting on online contest for all your pre registered customers. What you can do here essentially is telling three or four weeks in advance all your different preregistered individuals that they're entering for a chance to win. You can either asked him to share your brand with some of their friends, and based on how many shares they have on how many individuals they were able to share the content with, they can be. The winner gleams on Io, which is a great tool to use to set up a contest as a bunch of different case studies there . So if you need ideas on what type of contest you should put out there, go ahead and do that. The one that we did for my client is by providing a shopping spree to one lucky winner, which we drew the day of the event. And what we did is we followed it up with email that announced through the winner Waas, and we also posted pictures of the event within the Bloc post. So try to have fun here. Be creative, find ways to keep this event within your budget, obviously, but inviting influencers who are in your geographic location where head of time, telling them to post about it. Using a specific hashtag broadcasting the events in different Life Channel. Try different things to see what will get your Ryan's engaged and announcing. A winner will add that extract Kazaa's as well within your lunch. So what's really important is to also follow up by announcing the launch to your subscriber . So either by sending event pictures on your block or you can also send a personal note. So Emily, from into the gloss, wrote a personal note as to why she was starting her own beauty product line. She spoke about personal challenges and obstacles that she faced while launching this beauty line. She also talked about the fact that she didn't relate to a lot of the beauty products that were out there. She felt like it was two out of her read. She wanted something that was really easy for her, put on in the mornings that didn't feel like she was wearing so much makeup, etcetera. So she talks about her personal journey. Launching the brand. She got 200 plus comments. I really encourage you to go check out that post and additionally from that she got quite a few shares out of it. So choose what routes feels best for you based on who your demographic is, either write a very personal post talking about your journey while you decided to launch a specific product. What your mission statement ISS and go into as much detail as possible. So your audience feels like they really get to know you or go the other route, which is essentially posting pictures and talking about why your audience should be excited about the launch of your specific product. So don't be afraid to be personal and really share your inner thoughts. Your audience will love you for it, so just have fun. And I guarantee you, by sticking to these methods, you will have all the excitement and interest of your audience, and it will really help you differentiate yourself from other brands out there. 8. Tell a Story: your second priority is to tell a story and start micro blogging. It's important for your audience to feel connected to you and really understand what the overall mission statement of your rent is. So there's actually a lot of bloggers out there who launch products these last several years, and I mean, it's a lot easier for them to do so because they already have a relationship with their audience. The perfect example is glossy A with the founder Emily Wise, and probably help saying hurting directly Apologize Michael Jackson. But in any case, so she had her blood in the gloss for about five or six years before she launched her brand and made it a lot easier for her to go into market and build anticipation. So it's really important for you to really sort of understand what the story of your brain is like. Go back into the reason why you started your brand and begin asked you what this unique value proposition is and creating a story. So what's going to the slides? So instead of blogging, which obviously is really time consuming, I encourage you to micro blogging instead, which is essentially posting on Instagram and telling your story through Instagram. Since Instagram, it's such a great platform for storytelling, and you can also do it on Snap Set and other avenues here, a specific example that I wanted to give is cast a Yano origins, so they're fairly you fashion start up a fair trade sustainable accessory luxury brand that collaborates with the indigenous artisan in North Colombia. Each other posts on social media focuses on bringing our awareness and how their customers can help change the lives of the why you try, whether it's through their video, a lot of the photography. So I felt like I was such a great example. Obviously, it's a little bit more on the other side of the spectrum because they're also bringing in social awareness. I'm not suggesting that you essentially do that, but what I like about it is that they do such a great job telling their story as to why this brand was founded. And it's actually guarding them even a post on Forbes recently. So you need to create a journey your customers can and bark on. This is extremely important. You need to dig into the court of what you're Brent is all about and why you started it. What did you look to fill and how can you tell the story through micro blogging? So, like I said simply by posting on instagram and getting them aware about your mission statement as a Branson can have beautiful photography and then under it, explaining what your brand is all about. So here's some of the sex to help you with my blogging. You're gonna have to put in place an editorial calendar and really think about what the content you're gonna be putting out there will be pre launched and post launch. You want to have a library of content. So before anything else, you need to sit down, start brainstorming, writing down ideas that will help tell the story If you already have a video in place, how can you take that content and break it down into little snippets for people? Teoh, get to another story. I mean, I need to make sure that you surprise your audience is well with daily discoveries. And some of the tools that you can use here is Meet Edgar for Facebook and Twitter. The reason why I love meat, Eggers because it enables you to post all your content in there and then essentially it repurpose. Is it throughout the weeks? And it's fine for you to repurpose your contents of meaning that one post that you've put out there will be recycled true throughout the weeks. And then for Instagram, you can do Economy Square. It will also help you schedule your instagram again. I don't wanna go into too much detail as to how you do your social media. There's plenty, of course, is out there. I just want to really focus on the fact that you have to have a pretty thorough editorial counter for your pre launch and post launch and try to put yourself in a habit of posting daily. 9. Start Building: so you'll want to start building your coming soon page and also all your marketing collaterals. So let's go through the anatomy of the coming of age. You need to have a teaser with a call to action or a reward. Like we reviewed in the brand identity section. You need make sure that you have catchy images and email Upton, which is crucial as you want to make sure that you start building your email list and then a social sharing component. Some of the tools that you can use and there's plenty of other ones out there. I personally like on bounds. There's also megaphone out, which is a pretty new lending age crater. There's leap pages as well. There's work press. There's Shopify as well. They have coming soon pages, APs within chop. If I and then you can also do pre cells ages, try. Celery is a great option. So can use any of these tools, and I'm gonna show you some specific examples. So this specific example you can see that there's a date. The garment is emphasized, and it encourages people to be wait listed. Now I don't think the copy is all that powerful, but I just gonna wanted to show you an example so you can have an idea of how a coming soon page could be built. It's going to be important for you to have the photography that really speaks to your audience and really work on copy. That's a little bit more, a little bit more catchy, like we reviewed in the Brent Identity chapter something that will pique the interest of your audience and has some sex appeal, if you will. So the other thing you want to do is start collecting emails. You want to make sure that you I've set up your captain's so you can either use Mel Chin, Emma's another one or I Weaver. Whatever you're most comfortable with, most of my clients like to use Melcher because it's pretty easy to use, and the AP eyes are actually included with on bounds, so super easy to install. Once you obviously set up your opt in, you need to work on having all your automation emails set in place, and also I need to make sure that you have information serious set in place. The reason is because sitting and welcome email is great but it's only the start of discussion. If you don't want people to forget about your brand, it's extremely important for you to continue the conversation just like you're gonna continue the conversation through social media and making sure that you're telling people little bits and pieces of your story. You need to do the same with your e mails, and you want to drip emails at least once a week. If that's overwhelming to it every other week. Whatever feels right for your brand but haven't information Siri's so first, obviously right. The welcome email. Make it fun in this welcome email. Make sure that you tell individuals to follow you on social media, so whatever you have accusing, whether it's instagram or it's your Facebook pages, encourage them to be part of the community. Tell them what they should be expecting from you, the type of content you're going to share with them. Tell them more specifics about the launch, etcetera, and then, in the information. Siri's is where you can tell them a little bit more about your brand and just make them part of your tribe. Now, once they've gone through the information, Siri's, which is our automation emails, which chicken easily set up with emotion. Then make sure that you have follow up emails either once a week or twice a month, whatever you feel more comfortable with. So they don't forget about your brand essentially trying to say, And then you'll have to have a thank you email post lunch thinking, though, for being part of the journey on having share with their friends and what not and then you need to continue the conversation. So essentially here. What's important is when you're creating your coming soon page, make sure that you also have an email captain. Just like this example shows it when you click on their wait list, you are signing up to the park to be included within their 10. Build Excitement: so for you want to build excitement and essentially drive traffic to your coming soon pages is really vital early on to try to dry as much traffic as possible to your coming to page not only can capture email addresses, but so your brand name can start registering and consumers line. So there are a lot of different tactics out there that I'm sure that you read. You gotta drive traffic to a website. I'm only gonna walk you through tactics that I know work and will be the most effective. One of them, for instance, is influencer marketing. I have a class on influencer marketing skills share. If you want to check it out where I give you all this step by steps needed to talk to bloggers, that's really effective. But I'm gonna walk you through the steps that are the most effective and getting you the most traffic and a limited amount of time. So let's jump right through this lives. So you want to build excitement around your launches anti. What you want to do is drive traffic to your coming soup age. So these are the most effective tactic for you to do the following the 1st 1 is influencer marketing. So by giving bloggers and influencers special access to your product, you're gonna be able to not only build ups your credibility. So for people to take you seriously, you're also going to peak some form of interest because, as individuals keep on seeing you are seeing your brand through different bloggers post etcetera. It's gonna make them interested in your brand and then additionally, from that, you will also be able to expend your network by tapping into the demographic of specific blogger. So now there's different ways for you to work with them, either by providing them special access like I mentioned to your products or sending them a freebie so their audience can have an understanding of what's the concept of peak? A sneak peek, if you will, of what's to come, then you can also send them marketing collaterals, so whether it's stickers, a postcard and then the third way is by giving them access to a shopping spree. Once you launch and asking them to blawg about your specific brand and giving you they're feedback. So there's different ways you can work with these individuals, encourage you to set up an interesting marketing really early on at least three months in advance, prior you starting any of your launch activity and really spend time figuring out how to get these people interested in working with you now have a class on skill share about influencer marketing, which will walk you through everything that you need in order to set up this influencer marketing campaign. So whether it's identifying who to work with how to set up a comprehensive package that will get them interested getting contacting them, etcetera, etcetera. Now a great tool that I recently discovered is pitch box. The reason I like it so much is because of Nixon, a lot simpler to automate e mails that are going out to these blogger, especially because you're going to want to reach up to at least ah 100 of 200 individuals as many as possible, because your response rate will be different based on who you worked with in the past or who your contacts are etcetera. So you definitely want to reach out to as many individuals as possible. What's great about pitch boxes that enables you to send follow up emails, and they also have a tool, which I haven't completely tested to be honest, but enables you to identify influencers within. They're tool so by it, just simply having a keyword you can essentially stirred for different bloggers. I don't know how effective it is. You'll have to test it out, but definitely spent 80% of your time doing influencer outreach. The following will help you drive traffic to your coming soon. Get you the brand awareness that you want it and then also, if you decide to throw an event and we'll talk more about the following in the next video, it's a great way for you to invite them as well to your launch party and and start to build a connection with these individuals. Glow. See a eso Emily from into the gloss did a great job when she launched. She essentially sent out stickers and lip balm to all the different influences that she persuade you, and you kept on seeing her stickers and lip balm like three different sort of instagram posts or block post. So because there was so much brand me calling, it really helped piqued the interest of the audience, and it really encouraged them to go on her coming soon page and be on the wait list to learn more about her specific launch. So make sure that you've thought this through that you're spending a lot of time, and you can also buy collaborating with these bloggers kind of pitch different ideas for them. They know their demographic best, so they will tell you what works, what doesn't have on ongoing communication with them, and they will be your best. I lie to really help build excitement. So a second method that works as well is promoting your coming soon page, either on Facebook or Instagram paid Organic Post. Obviously, if you're doing fashion, instagram is better use of your time. Instagram ads not as costly s Facebook ads You'll want to do a B testing. So testing different imaginary photography, testing different call to actions to see what works for you. What you want to do is essentially have them keep their interesting up to come to your coming soon page and pre register or be wait listed, something that has worked for one of the clients that have worked with is touting special summer look book so essentially giving their audience ideas as to what to wear this summer . Where's like specific looks that where budget friendly so you might want to also consider having the low doble item or something for individuals to pick another way is also touting a contest If you decide to go that route, I mean there's different routes, but you'll want to test different copies and different photography here. So pretty straightforward. And there's plenty of the communication out there as to how you can create, Powerful adds. I don't want to go into too much detail here, and then this. Lastly, you'll also want to pitch your story to blog's and use outlets. So the following my non icily work for every breath, you have to kind of look at your Brennan the mayor. I get a sense as to whether or not there's newsworthy content that you could potentially put out there two news publications. So in the case of Kassig and no origins because there's a social component as she's working with Colombian tribes, it was easier for Heather to get mentioned on Forbes. Obviously, if you're doing an event in your geographic location, reach out to your local newspaper, tell him about the event. Tell them why it's important to your community, So try to think us two different stories you can pitch. Don't give up, Pitch out to pitch to a zoo. Many reporters It's possible a great tool to use here is just reached on Io as they have a list of reporters that you can work with. You can start doing your own research and putting together your own list. And then you can plug in these contacts into the tool I mentioned earlier, which is pitch box, because essentially it has this capability of enabling you to follow up with whomever you're reaching out to. Ah, block to follow. To learn Morris us to how to pitch to the press is criminally prolific dot com. He's got great insight and how to engage with reporters how you should put together your press Really, how you should email them etcetera, so encouraging to go check out the block. But essentially, you don't want to stretch yourself too thin when you're putting in place. These different campaigns, different tactics, are gonna work better for different businesses. So once you get a sense as to what is working best for you. Just go full steam ahead. If you see that influencer marketing is more powerful for you than really focus all your energy there because it's going to help you get quite a bit of traffic faster. Obviously, by collaborating, tapping directly into these individuals network, it's going to help you expand your reach. 11. After the Launch: now that you've launched, you want to keep your audience interested, so you have your website in place. Whether it's a Shopify, any piece of minimal, viable product, you don't want to have too many options in there. For individuals, like anywhere between fact products is plenty. You may be used. Imagine solution if you're more comfortable with that, or perhaps your own WordPress using commerce. Chrisley recommend shop. If I don't have an extensive death team in place because it's a lot more friendly, you have a beautiful home page in place. Now you need to make sure that you continue the conversation with your audience, which is why it's so important. Have in place an editorial counter and do your homework as faras marketing strategy prior launching and really be ahead of time. So think of how content that's ready and beings out one out. You can always change it accordingly, but this is he, when it comes to social media is crucial, and I'm always sort of back to see us. How many brands are not consistent with especially might post a lot one week and then they fall out of the radar the following week, so put in the whole work and really think us to what are the best way they can share your story. Three snippets Now that you've launched, you have new content and new products to share with your audience, so make sure that you're rolling out new products. At least you know every season. Whatever. I don't stop, you weren't able to sell. You can sell that inventory either. On software's like deep pops of any marketplaces that are out there. So people is a great Juan eBay at sea, even basis Marketplace. Try the options. What worked best for you, based on your demographic is D pop is extremely easy to use, their kind of an instagram shopping integrated within its and a lot of retailers quite a bit of success with that particular platform. The key year is to have an email strategy in place, sending emails to your customers at least weekly or bi moms. Me whatever. You're comfortable with keeping the story alive, sending them offers pretty regularly so they keep on coming to your site. You're gonna also have to continue doing collaborations with influencers and set up different marketing campaigns. Launching is one part of the equation. Now the next work is keeping your customers engaged and making sure that they come back to your site over and over again. Once you've launched your core mission is to constantly bring traffic to your website and keep your audience interested. So driving traffic obviously will require you to continue with influencer marketing. So collaborating with bloggers so their audience come to your website touting for products at your launch and then try different things when it comes to marketing, whether it's having Periscope Lie sessions or Facebook Live session. Having a specific Facebook group for your niche, whatever works best for you. Demographics that a lot of time in and surround posting pictures regularly and test different ways to engage with your audience. Now, like I mentioned in the introduction of discourse, a lot of brands out there spend so much time building their website. Yes, having a great website, beautiful Page doesn't call the difference. You definitely want to put a lot of work when it comes to having beautiful photography. Great copy that will get your excited and wanted to learn more garner their interests work with professionals here, but don't get so caught up in the technology of things. Obviously, there's plenty of tools out there, and there's lots of classes Skill share, whether it's Shopify classes to help you tailor your theme because you will, you will want to tailor things according to you. But when you're first watching, really sick to the chairman and also have a minimal, viable prominent have a beautiful home page, make sure that you've tested to make sure that you check out process. It's less. And also spend some time thinking about packaging the overall experience and making sure that your fulfillment process is list this well. So, firstly, I wasn't able to cover following. I really wanted to give you all the tools that you need and all of tactics that are up to date so you can have a launch of successful launch that your customers will be really excited about. If you have any other questions, please at them in the comments section. Or you can also use hashtag E 82 shots. So right here asking any questions, whether it's Twitter or even Instagram mentioned the class, and also I have a platform e commerce academy with my business partner Polk. It which I encourage you to check out. You can join our Facebook group there if you want to be part of our growing fashion started community. We have different bloggers and photographers and different experts within the fashion industry. Cool part of this group and who will happily answer any of your questions if you need additional support. Alright, guys. Well, I hope this was helpful. And, uh, yeah, please leave me out of you and ask as many questions as you would like by