Launch your Successful Event in less than 30 days | Zack Miller | Skillshare

Launch your Successful Event in less than 30 days

Zack Miller

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10 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Researching the Event Landscape

    • 3. Name Your Event

    • 4. Where to find a location for your event

    • 5. Creating Event Page

    • 6. Finding Sponsors

    • 7. Reaching Out to Your Network

    • 8. Keeping Your Audience Up To Date

    • 9. Day of Event Breakdown

    • 10. After Event Communication


About This Class

Become the Authority, Launch Your Succesful Event in 30 Days

This classis for those interested in growing awareness in their community through events. No matter if you have created an event before, this class will hone in on your skills and make your event awesome! 

This class will take you step by step into the world of launching an event: from the idea stage, to announcing, to follow up after your event. 


A few topics: 

How to come up with an event idea

Laser Focused Marketing

Unique ways to Maximize Sponsors

Creating an Event Page


Who is it for? Everyone, but we think those who are entrepreneurs, those interested in economic development, community growth, business and marketing professionals, developers, engineers, designers, community managers and evangelists with find it the most useful.

Each student will learn to find what events to organize, leverage and grow their networks and turn attendees into paying customers. 

Each student's class project will be in producing an educational event series.





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Zack Miller is the brains behind the Norfolk Startup Community, Managing Director of Hatch and the Creator of Start Norfolk. Miller has raised over four million dollars in cash and perks for the Norfolk community and was mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine as the guiding light for entrepreneurship in Norfolk. Miller also brought Tech Crunch to town in April 2012.

Zack Miller is an author, business and community leader and entreprenuer challenging himself and others to solve complex prob...

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