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Launch your Online Video Business - Greg Hung Live Chiang Mai Thailand Talk

teacher avatar Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Nomad talk introb

    • 2. Nomad talk amazon video direct

    • 3. Nomad talk Youtube

    • 4. Nomad talk drones

    • 5. Nomad talk teaching and keywording

    • 6. Nomad talk tips for freelancing

    • 7. Nomad talk video editor

    • 8. Nomad talk how to make videos pro

    • 9. Nomad talk improving sound

    • 10. Nomad talk tips for stories

    • 11. Nomad talk what I would have told my younger self

    • 12. Nomad talk travel to do video last

    • 13. Nomad talk gear for the beginner

    • 14. Nomad talk starting points for success

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About This Class

Video Production Academy to access free courses premium contact on aerial photography, stock footage,video production, gopros, and the business of video

Greg Hung spoke in Chiang Mai Thailand July 2016 to Digital nomads to share how to start a video business on July 2016. Learn current business tips for launching your online video business in 2016

Meet Your Teacher

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Greg Hung

Travel Videographer


Hi I'm Greg. I'm a South African Canadian Travel Videographer aka Global Citizen. I first got into video filming with a sharp camcorder in high school making my own short films and tennis video and editing on a VHS.  In 2011 in Simon Fraser University (Vancouver Canada) I rediscovered my love for video while filming an earthquake hiphop safety video for a Media Course. 

After I graduated from Simon Fraser University (BA Communications) in Vancouver Canada I went on to pursue a successful IT career working 13 years as an IT manager. I went onto to complete my MBA in Technology Management SFU and found my Entrepreneurial inspiration to start my own travel video business in 2011 during the DSLR video revolution. I sold my downtown Vancouver Apartment, bought an iMac, a Can... See full profile

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1. Nomad talk introb: so I'm really excited to, like, listen to some tips and tricks with Greg. He's got a lot to show a lot of knowledge, So, yeah, if you want to fall along the slides, you can go to the No, my coffee club, Facebook, and then the wife eyes over here so you can follow along. But I was just planning Teoh, use the slides as a guide. I spoke with some of you, and I heard there's some interest in online courses, some interest in YouTube and how we can use that for marketing. Build your list. And I've also used YouTube, uh, together with gum road, which is a platform you can use the host digital products. Um, maybe it's a show of hands sues. Got it. Cameron, doing video now for their business is to get an idea. Okay, some of you Okay, um, who's who's the developer or drop shipper? Okay. Got a mix. Anyone that's not doing any of those two categories. Okay, so we have developers and people with cameras. Okay, so I'm from originally from South Africa, but I'm Canadian. Andi. I spent 13 years working in I t and, uh, work my way up to a manager and I was supposed to be happy. I was living that dream lifestyle for Vancouver was getting good salary, had a nice car, the downtown apartment. Not so much luck with the ladies. But then something inside me said, you know, I wasn't happy. So then I I started doing my MBA, and I was on a search to figure out what my passion waas And by the time that I finish, I figured out that I was passionate about business and travel. I didn't know about the video part yet. And so after the MBA, I created this super business plan, is part of my final project and then actually sold my apartment. I left my job and I tried Teoh start this luxury tour business, and it didn't work out. But I discovered that, um, I really love video. I had a Canon SLR back then a cat in 70 and ah hired local team to do a video for me and to do promo video. And then while they were filming the video, it just occurred to me like, Hey, if they got a similar camera, why can't I do this? And I thought it was so cool the type of videos they were doing, creating promo videos for nightlife events that were sponsored by companies like Grey Goose and Volunteer like these really fun theme parties. So, um, I really started to get Maura involved in video. And then I started traveling around Asia and I had all this HD video footage. This was around 2011 so I think I was a little bit of ahead of my time, but I was still trying to learn how to do video. Eso is just traveling around with my SLR on my tripod, trying to do kind of like a talk show travelogue type videos, but I don't know how toe monetize it. So I came back to Canada. I spent a lot of money on camera gear and had to go back to a job. But by that time, I'll just putting out lots of travel videos on YouTube. I'm not sure if you've ever seen those travel music videos and they look, you know, so perfect two or three minutes long. Yeah, so I don't know. I had in my head I wanted I wanted to do that as well right. So I put a lot of time into creating these videos, but, um, take take a lot of time. So anyhow, I went back to work for a year and I hated it, and I decided I wanted to live abroad. So, um packed everything up, traveled through Australia for 2.5 months and Selden, Taiwan for two years. And I was on my website up by this time, and I was putting up content on It takes quite a lot of time to build up the content, and during Taiwan, I discovered stop footage. Company actually contacted me and he said, Hey, we love your Asia videos. Can you take him off your hard drive and organize them, ship us? Your hard drive will give you $500. And so I did that. It took a lot of time, but that was one of the business models that covering my living expenses. Though it's called stock footage and it's a passive, almost full, fully passive income, you can get paid. I might be getting a seal now while I'm talking or sleeping, and once you put the work up front to put your video clips online. You can put them on other agencies because it's non exclusive and, uh, gives you a lot of time Freedom. You could do it when you want. You can do it from anywhere you could do from Chiang Mai, Vancouver And, um, you got creative freedom. I'm not sure some of you could do videos have done freelancing before. Well, if you do freelancing, a customer wants a particular type of video so you could do an interview for a customer, put it together and you think it's perfect. And then they have other ideas, and then you just go back and four for a very long time. Ultimately, the customers paying for a particular type of video. So you don't really have that treat of freedom. You gotta treat the video that they want eso in Taiwan. I discovered what I got introduced to digital nomad culture, and, um, I, actually by a guy in Vancouver and discover Johnny F. D. I looked up his videos and eventually ended up in Chiang Mai, and then I just focused on scaling my stock footage because I already knew that was working , so I wanted to do more of it And so last year I spent a lot of time on stock footage, and I also started on online courses. So creating courses, teaching people about how to create video with the ESL or camera and go pros. And I was actually one of the early adopters of the phantom drones, people familiar with the found from drones. Pretty mainstream now. But back then I had the Phantom One had it shipped to Hawaii. I just went on to be a niche photo video. I saw that this thing could carry a GoPro, and I said, Hey, this is perfect. That's exactly what I want. There was good reviews and I almost didn't get the package in time before I left Hawaii T Australian on down on the Asia. But I had the very first version of the drone and had early experience with it. So also created aerial video courses, and, uh, those of got me a lot of exposure. So I put those horses on your Demi, and after that I started putting those same forces on other platforms like skill share, and I'm not sure if he saw the block post by Johnny FD about making 400 bucks an hour for our long course? No. Well, here's a block clothes, and basically it takes a lot of time to create an online course. It's sort of like, uh, creating a big project, right. You have to create the curriculum. You have Teoh be comfortable talking from the camera. Or maybe you have to dio do voiceovers or screen recordings. But you have to put this all together, and most likely you're starting out there, just one person. So there's a lot to learn at the beginning. But once you've created that course just like stock footage, it's a non exclusive model, and you can put them on other platforms. You DeMille's the most popular, but skill shares another platform that I mentioned you could put that exact same course on skill share on the block was that I mentioned from Johnny F. D. Is for you Demi competitors. So I read his block close, and I took action. I, um, ended up letting them have access to for my courses, just setting them a dropbox link to those four courses and ah 1000 us for those four courses last month. So skills you No, it's actually called, uh, skill waas. Yeah, but if you if you look at Johnny's post, you click The link will connect you with the contact. So, um yeah. So online courses have been really good to me on, um, So I've been focusing on online courses in video format and do my stock footage on do video freelancing around Asia have done videos for international companies. Like paying year. Must have you heard a pin year? Yeah, I did. Ah. Video in June in Bangkok for paying year. I've done other videos for companies in Shanghai, but most of them are international. Done that in Taiwan as well. And I'm always trying to stay on top of the trends. I'm trying to make the most out of the content that already have, because it takes so much time and and resources to produce these videos. And I'm not sure if you heard the news lately about Amazon's you an announcement for Amazon video Direct. Yeah. See or not. Okay. Okay. Well, a lot of the the authorities that I follow that are in the online space. Like Rob cabin. Phil. Abner, they're they're starting Teoh talk a lot about Amazon video direct, and I actually just subscribe. Teoh knew you Demi course on Amazon video. Direct eso I think this this could be the new opportunity. And I think it's important if you're in this space, keep, um, you know, keep in touch with what the changes are. And what I'm hearing is that you Demi has made a lot of changes and they're making online teachers really unhappy and you know, so I I mean, I heard heard of this, and China has really good Internet speeds for upload and download. So the first thing you know, when I heard about this, I immediately created my accounts and I've uploaded ah, ton of videos already. So I've been going through the whole process of getting my videos online and published so I can take those same videos, my online courses and I've also taken those travel videos I've created from back in 2012 and 2013. And, um, yeah, now I'm gonna get transcribed so that you know they got subtitles. Amazon's very anal about their requirements, but I think will be worth it to get access to that audience of millions of Amazon subscribers on Amazon prime and you've also got, um you know, Amazon, uh, users that they go to Amazon to buy stuff. Eso I've been focusing a lot of my time on that as well. 2. Nomad talk amazon video direct: I know more about that video direct you mentioned you upload your travel videos. It's not like put up just, like used for enjoyment watching that for. Okay, So the question is, what type of videos can you put on there? Yeah, you do? Yeah. So Amazon Video directs allows you the put all types, different types of videos. You can put a full length documentary. You can put online video courses, which, if you log on there, it doesn't look like it was designed for online courses. But they have, ah, area that's called episodic videos. And some of the guys like Philip Inner or Rob come in there. They're mawr on the leading edge of online courses. They're using the episodic area to put their online courses for now until Amazon Video Direct creates amore specific category for that, and you can put short films on there, so it's if it's ah, maybe a 10 or 15 minute video. Maybe you're doing a video of, um, you know, maybe just the V log in Chiang Mai, and it's entertaining. You could put those as well, right? So I think it's pretty broad. The type of videos that you can put. But there's just a lot of, ah requirements you need Teoh take care of before their electoral publish the video. Do you think it like from that? People use that for? For them, like YouTube on their TV? I was, I've never used Amazon. Are you playing monetizing? What is what is a little life from the user? That's a good question. Yeah, I don't actually have an Amazon box, but I think Amazon prime is there. Their service, like some TVs, have a connection to the Internet. So now you can choose. You can click. Netflix is what my parents used for TV now in Canada, but I think that Amazon Prime's another icon they see on their TV. They can click in it and then they could search for content. They look like another. Yeah, there's more barriers to get your content there, and there's people actually look at it before it gets published. So I think the idea is to create a higher quality YouTube. But, um, you know, anyone can and give it a shot. Well, they have a team that's going to review your videos before they get approved, whereas YouTube doesn't have anyone improving the quality. You could just upload a video you put, um, you know, keywords the title click Public Save published. And there you go. Yeah, but Amazon is a huge platform, right? You've got millions of people, and they already have that Amazon prime service, which is, um, you know, going straight to people with these these cable boxes which I believe is very popular in the US so potentially give access to all these people using the same content. But get how do you monetize it? The monetization is based on the viewing minutes. So much minutes that people reviewing your videos, it's still very new even. You know, I've taken the you Demi course from Philae Burner, and they're they're still tracking their stats because it's taken a long time to get their videos approved. So it's still a very, very new thing. Only God released in May this year. No, Uh, yeah. Question there. And then how did Dave How horrible. Lady. Yeah, there's an option. I don't I'm not the expert on all these different types of adds, but once you upload your content, you can is the whole series of choices that you can make of how you want to distribute your content on what type of ads do you want to present to to the viewers, right? Some ads, like the ones that show up for 30 seconds before you got to see the content. That can be annoying, but maybe they will generate more online content, so you'll get to make those choices on the back end. When you create your account, you set it up. 3. Nomad talk Youtube: Do you have the best tips on marketing your videos? Okay, so this ties into calls. Question. Okay, So, uh, after I think it was, uh, what was creating you, Demi courses. I started putting free video lessons on YouTube and at some moderate success. But I did find that a lot of people were interested in the how to videos where you're actually teaching them something. Where you're using a screen recording is everyone. I'm back, user, or there's some PC users out here. Okay, Well, if I used your PC user in my TDs, that pass 56 years is Mac. So if you have a Mac, you can use quick time that they have a free screen recording feature right on the box, and it's free. Andi, I've used quick time, a lot to do screen recordings for tutorials. And one of my most successful YouTube videos is a how to tutorial about how to sharpen your video footage using final cut Pro X, which is the paid video software for a max. And actually, this this ties into one of the the ways of used YouTube and gum role To create a digital probably brings me passive income as well. Uh, join me diving a lot, but more. Okay, so I created a how to video basically goes Step two step of how to, uh, Donald the package. Where to put the files. How to actually apply the video footage and show my video being sharpened with my product. And what I did on the YouTube video is created a link, so I'll just take a step back. So my product was a series of digital files that I packaged into a zip file and the products called the final cut Pro X sharpening plug in. And so I put the following gum road, which is a free hosting platform that you can use to host any type of digital file pdf. Um, your word documents anything. So I created this this sharpening pocket, which is Syria's of files in a zip package. And, um, government gives you a link to your product. So I linked the YouTube video directly to the gumbo product using an annotation. So those clickable pop ups on the video and also used YouTube cards Has anyone used you two parts YouTube cards is, um it's the modern version off the annotation. I think some people were annoyed by annotations because they pop up and only want to do. Just watch the video, so the first thing you do is click extra, so on. The thing about annotations is you can't see them on mobile devices like an iPad or a phone . The cards you can see on your mobile device. You can see them on your iPad, so I think it's a good idea to do both. So I created a link to the Gunnel product using cards and annotations, and I tried toe. I should be spending more time looking at YouTube analytics to see, you know when you can create multiple annotations. I used to put them at the end of the video after a you know, showing the solution that I'll use 20 seconds of annotation rather than just putting it out there, like during the entire video. Um, yes. So that's that's what I did for YouTube to create that product on. That's what I use for a lot of my videos. To use annotations, put the link right at the very top of the description and, uh, use the cards and people pay for the down. Yeah, yeah, it's become the I got paid through PayPal. So it's become a regular thing of I think I've earned over 1200 us just on this product. Using YouTube as a platform, Teoh market it to find the audience and gum Roda's as the hosts for my sharpening product. And now it's gotten really good. ASIO If you Google search final cut pro axe sharpening. I think I've got the number one and two and three, um, spot on Google. Search for that. And so that's just become a machine. Oh, I'm not sure if I could replicate it, but that came out of a problem that I was. I was having just as a video editor. This question, I guess. Click rate on the cards and the annotation difference. I don't have to talk my head. I should be paying more attention to its It's just yeah, it's just something I created. And it's as this bringing in regular sales. Yeah, but it is a good idea to toe look atyou YouTube analytics and see how many people are clicking on it, which annotation there clicking on like wearing the video at the beginning of the end and you can make adjustments. That's the best part. Um, one other step I can give you for YouTube is they released a new app called Creator Studio , and you can download on your mobile device, and it gives you an easy way to track analytics for YouTube videos. Um, if you have more than one channel, it's It's super easy. I have three or four YouTube channels, and you can do things like, um, you contract the videos that are being viewed the most over different periods of time. 30 days, 90 days, one year of all time. And, um, you know, when you get those abs on your YouTube videos pop up, well, YouTube can also tell your top earning videos. I've started Teoh Click the Monetization Option, and that's slowly grown. It's not significant, but you can also track which videos air earning your money so you can maybe you can scale that up as well. Could you tell us, oh, like could enhance and reduce effects? Uh, no, I can't because I should be spending more time on analytics side. But I got so many things going on that Yeah, I haven't paid enough attention to that. E never closed. You could be only because I know it's just three or four seconds. Yeah, well, you have an option. Like in the monetization area, You can You can choose the different types of ads. So yeah, the most annoying ones that they have to wash them for 30 seconds. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, yeah. There's questions about 4. Nomad talk drones: tripled up. Yeah. Question. Okay. Fun stuff. Never. Wine, were you marking a course to like will be like top three features tough technicals for Okay . Okay. So who my marking in the drone course to, of course. The courses for first time drone photographers. Like I realized after flying the drone, I was just so excited. I wanted a touch my GoPro get it up in the air. But I realized you have to learn to fly these things first conscious, you know, get it up. It's not going to fly up automatically. And, uh, so I'd say first time users on bond, you know, I try to teach people how to fly safely first using the simulator on, then focus on the video. So turns out, I mean, there's a lot of mid twenties two guys in their forties from the U. S. Australia. Ah, Europe. Better interested in this top features I look for in a drone. Well, the Phantom four came off very recently, and one of the huge features introduced was collision avoidance. And I think of your first time flyer. That's a really good feature if you're worried about crashing into things, but for now the Phantom for when he has that feature on the front, it doesn't have it on the top or the back. So it's not a it's not. Ah, you know, full proof solution. But it's better than nothing. Ah, second thing I think is very important is to have a really good app that's going to give you the stats to the drone. The very first version I didn't know how. Maney, What's my GPS satellite coverage? How fast is this thing flying? How far away is it? But with the third generation, I had access to my battery life that's so important before at use a countdown timer on my phone that Teoh keep track of the five minute battery life that I had. Eso have access to key stats that air important for safety, battery life, your flight time you're speeds. Your GPS satellite coverage. Um, yeah, and I think it's good toe. Have the intelligence to fly back to be able to holding on home point so that if whatever reason, you you lose line of sight. The drone will automatically come back. If it's low on batteries or or what, you lose control with the drone through your remote control. So that's on the safety side. Course, I think I wouldn't. By any drawing these days that didn't have four k video resolution. Or if you're gonna do HD, you can. There are some good byes, but I would look for HDD that conform 10. 80 p 60 frames per second would be nice, but if you could do 120 friends for a second, you can get that super smooth slow motion. 24 friends for second is the frame rate that you want to view one cinematic film. Look, 24 friends. Yeah, yeah, but it's great if you can get the higher frame rates if you want to do slow motion. Uh, yeah, battery life is important. One flight time is around 20 something minutes for the current generations. And you realize, you know, once once you fly that thing up the very first generation once you modified it and had the gimbal, which is what you need to stabilize the camera would put so much weight on the drone that you only got five minutes flight time. But now that's all improved. So, yeah, flight time is important. And you also need to get batteries on. Yeah, phantom is most mainstream. If you if you really want to get spend more time into it. I'm not that familiar with the smaller ones. Like Parrot. I think Kickstarter had one called the Lily. So yeah, it's Mauritz. It's kind of risky to go with smaller ones right now. Yeah, cautioned the back regulation on flying drones. Where anyways, us. I did. It's changing all the time. Resisting. So you just flying nice? Yeah, that's that's ah really difficult question. I mean, I think if you if your drone owner and your plan to fly always do well, search before you go out there, put it up in the air because some destinations are a lot more, it seemed. Drones a za threat I heard in Paris. If you try to fly drawing, you can get arrested and fined. Then you're drone confiscated and I read the same thing about Lao as well. But if you go to a place like begun and me Amar, you've got thousands of temples and is no buildings there. It's awesome place to fly. It's different for every country I went. Teoh Panang, Malaysia recently on its drones are still very new thing. And, you know, no one's rooted yet so can fly there. But if you go to Cimri, I was lucky. Toe get a flight in. But I heard now they've got signs posted You I cannot fly your drone over a place like anchor. What? So Yeah, I think different for every every destination. Yeah. Also, uh, D j has a website. It's if things called Google d Jai's fly safe, they actually have a map of the world. And you can see the zones where you're permitted to fly. It doesn't cover everything, but at least it's a It's a starting point. 5. Nomad talk teaching and keywording: So what's your favorite teaching platforms going for? To teach or to skills? Here. Yeah, right now, while I've got my courses on you, Demi. But I'm trying to focus more time on my own school using teachable dot com. And I think a lot of you Demi teachers. Yeah, they're pissed off. So what they've been doing is they create, like, miniature or light versions off their courses on. The idea is to funnel people from you Demi viewing. For those marketing people viewing you, Demi is a tall funnel, funneling them to their own schools and then on your own schools. You have more options on teachable. You can bundle your courses, which you can't do on your Demi so you can put my I could put my drone photography course my video production course, my stock footage scores put into a bundle, and you can charge more on. Then that didn't take me any additional time, just the way you package your product. Um, you can also use YouTube. You can use YouTube Teoh director traffic to your own school that's actually working out pretty well for building up my email list. If it's your own school teachable dot com gives you They have to take care of that. Yeah. So that's why that's why I, like teach bolts for you to start out with that. Take care of everything so you can just focus on the teaching side. Yeah. Question there. You too. Uh, YouTube actually haven't done that. Well, I have one video is called Nightlife in Vancouver. Ah, hired. Ah, attractive. Well spoken, uh, blonde model. Uh, but I can monetize enough for some reason, but that I think that is my highest ranking video. So I think Johnny says he for like, you know, sex sells actually, no woman today. Yeah, have attractive Woman gets a nice YouTube thumbnail and take care of all the basics title description and some of my friends that are in the Google keywords. They've introduced me toe keyword tool, weaken. Figure out which keywords air ranking, high volume traffic, little competition. So you can use that information in your YouTube videos as well. That's just the group. The Google keyword tool. Yeah. Solution for a problem? Yeah. Okay. Rates. Yeah. I think it's a good idea to do to do it all. You can do video. You can create a block posts about that topic. You can embed that YouTube video in your block posts. If you want to take a step further, you can create an audio file, all that law close and put on your forecasts. Yeah, so I can triple dip. I think something a path, Flynn said, is some people are different. They like Teoh. Some people like to read. Some people like to watch a video. Some people like to listen, so 6. Nomad talk tips for freelancing: Well, I mean, I think you want to. I mean, you know, when you go to these network events and you become part of a community, you definitely want to stand out as that person, right? You want people to know if you need someone for video? You want to think of drag, right? Um but I try to folks in terms of actually doing freelance videos. I find that the international clients they pay more and they can pay in Western a Western rates. Right. If you if you're gonna do a video for local company here, that's sort of a gray area to begin with and they're not gonna pay you. You know, the rates that are worth your time, right? Eso some tips in terms of freelancing while you're living abroad is Teoh. You can create lining pages for that particular country and you just you put yourself out there and give all your information. Put your videos that you've done and, uh, be surprising that a lot of people will find you on the Internet and that I need to free lines, video opportunities. Actually, I had my really good client in Taiwan. That was a multinational pharmaceutical company on. They found me through. We're press posts that I created like Taiwan Video Producer. And I didn't spend a lot of time on, you know, making you know, making it so ranks high. I just did the basics. But the title, you know, put your tags on image and all that stuff. And I was ranking a much forward ranks now. But it was in the top three, if you Google search type A video production. So I thought, Hey, let me just do that for other destinations. And last month I got been contacted by companies in Vancouver because now is the high season. So they're looking for Ariel videographers or people do weddings. So I think it's, uh, that good Teoh Promote yourself on the Internet, and that can lead to foreign customers that once on English speaking videographer in a foreign country, you're welcome 7. Nomad talk video editor: What about anything Software like? Well, is I movie enough to get it done for an amateur? Or would you recommend maybe something, perhaps justice, user friendly, but different media different. Okay, well, just for editing travel, music videos? Yeah, I movie is is free for the Mac. I use final cut pro works because you know all these some more advanced stuff. I'll do two audio sources or to camera angles and my movies. Good. Just for, you know, if you're just gonna do simple edits that can't even support four k video and they actually have really good templates you can use to create nice transitions. If you're creating a travel music video, they have this one template. You can put the country start in and the destination and will create that nice animation of the plane flying. So yeah, movies A good place to start. And even if you decide later on, you wanna operate the final cut Pro X, you can transition your pro Jackson I movie. The final cut Pro X and the look and feel is very similar. So it's a good transition 8. Nomad talk how to make videos pro: Yeah. Question there. Practical tips for, like, recording, pushing Meteors I was having set up. Like what? Do you have a camera? My performance now. And he gets for, like, using easy light Sources are backgrounds. I don't know. Your people created. So how to create? Better improve your videos to make one. I would say yes, I was right. Maybe you just hasn't just trying to get some any tips to make your videos look more professional or better improve the production value. Okay. Well, um, the natural lighting is really important. Um, I think that's the best type of light. And so if you're planning to video, what I'll try to do is to scout out the location. I want to shoot in advance and I'll go to that location and I'll get a night idea of which way the light is facing. Like we're in trying. My right and towards the mountains is Wes is east, nor self. Uh, so sun rises in the east, right sunrise in the east, sets in the west, so you'll get an idea that okay, 345 oclock. I'll use time and dates or just Google like sunset times. We'll get an idea of when, what time the sun is going to come down, which way it's going to be facing. And if you're playing, you know that you're going to shoot here and there's a window. You're probably gonna want to be having the camera facing the same way as the sun and be ready to record your video at that time. Eso That's some tips to use natural lighting Um, if you don't have access to natural lighting, you can use an led light, which I would use that might actually got thrown away by the cleaners. So I actually got a violent. But you can use these led lights that will fit on top of the on the hot shoe on top of the camera, where you Congar another external light source with lights than anything you know any artificial light that will shine against you and just brighten things up eso that improve the picture quality and then also, if you want to take it a step further, you can get good quality lens. I noticed using a cannon that the switching from the regular kit lenses like the lens that came with my camera, compared to the L Series lenses, which must have you seen the canon lenses with the red stripe around the length. Okay, if you see any one way, bring these canon cameras the ones off the red stripe around the lens. That means that there are higher quality, so if you compare the picture fall, you'll notice that's a lot more crisp air. The picture is a lot more vivid and look at the if you want that blurred outlook with the Boca in the background. A lot of people like that. Look, you know, if your in focus and the backgrounds blurred out a good way that she, that is, you can get a lens with a low F number F 1.4 50 mills my favorite lines for doing that, and with that lens, you don't need a law light, but it can blur out a lot of the background, so you could be in a you know, I could film from your apartment. You could blur a lot of things out, and it will look really good 9. Nomad talk improving sound: that question? Well, I so a six member. But some is bad football desiccated? OK, some Okay, that's a good question for most cameras. Like smartphones all way to the point in shoes to the SL. Ours. The big drawback. They shoot amazing video these days, but the drawback is the sound quality. And so the first step up from using the on board mic would be to use some type of external microphone. So that Mike, there's, ah, shock on Mike and that will improve the sound a lot. If it's just directed towards you and it's close, the camera actually should be closer to me. But the advantage of that is that you've got your video already with the audio in one file . Another option is it can use the lab earlier. Mike, some smartphones they have making a lovelier mike the plugs directly into your stereo, Jack, I think that'll improve it. Ryan writes out of the box where you can even use, uh, this lovelier Mike, if you wanna take it to the next level on, that's good, because the mike's right here. Right? So I'm recording from this live mike, but I'm using this Mike just Teoh amplify my voice and I'm using the shock. America's back of audio. So this this is a field recorder here? Uh, the popular model was H for N. A lot of people use that for field reportings, but they came up with a new model, I think, two years ago. So the successor is called the H five Zoo, and that's a great all purpose kind of mini studio that you can use to record audio with the recorder. Or you can use lavender mikes and you can you can connect your livelier mike right into the field reporter. Depends what you want to do with audio. If you just wanna create a V log for V logger online courses you're thinking. Yes, I think a shock on Mike would be good or just a lovelier that plugs into, uh, your phone or your camera. Or you could use even a if you're doing a screen recording a USB mic, Uh, a lot of people have blue yeti. You can get a Dapple store. Those are pretty good. And take a look at the recording frequency that it can record up. I like this field recorder because it can record up to 96 k H D says will create a really large file, but really high quality. 10. Nomad talk tips for stories: What's that like? Five most important skills have if we look closely here. Okay. Well, I'm not I don't consider myself a filmmaker. I produced videos like filmmakers. I think of the guys, the guys that are producing these our long documentary is carrying the, like, the really heavy big cameras. Um, so I think gears like, yeah, you tell a story. Yeah, well, I'm not a filmmaker, but I have made a travel log. Um, is that what you mean? How did you travel longer. Okay, well, I don't consider myself a child longer, but some tips that I would offer are if you're creating videos like have happen objective for the video, like some people, just it was put there videos together, cut him up, and then we'll put some music to it. Like when I create travel music videos, I tryto put something in sequential order. Like, if you're going to the airport picking up your bags and then you check in your hotel and then you're on the toe took and you're driving, so have a in sequential order. So it's like a story on film. The moments that you think some people don't care about people care about. You know, if your details if you're paying in Thai baht for something at a night market, like zoom in on that money, right? Zooming on the small details What shoes? Air people wearing, Um, does anyone know what you have? C uh, UFC creates the logs called UFC embedded, and that's the style off the videos they create, I think is a really good model. The copy they They will focus on the small details like they'll do video clips off street signs, um, scenery that landmarks so that if you look at the scenery in that video, you know that it's from that city. But it's not just focusing just on the popular touristy stuff. So you have seen better. They have a really good be long and the fighters from that Aaron, you have seer from different countries like Brazil and, um, Vegas and Singapore. So I really like their style. I think it's a good model. The copy 11. Nomad talk what I would have told my younger self: another question yourself being a career, you have told yourself, Come straight to Chang. Why, Um, come street the Chiang Mai build up my video collection on stock footage soon as possible. Start creating online courses as soon as possible. And yeah, and I think I mean, you look back and you realize that you could have done things differently, but I wasted a lot of money and made a lot of mistakes, and I still got a lot to learn. But I think, I think just, um, and also following people that are already there use free resources like podcasts. I think it's it's really awesome today that you can with new podcasts and immediately here , like, what are the changes, like what's you know what, People are listening Teoh and what platforms they recommend, like that knowledge is instance, and you could be in place like Thailand. You get access to that. That knowledge that that's coming from some of these experts in other countries 12. Nomad talk travel to do video last: question is do I need to travel to do videos? If I do on, like, horses that need to travel, you gotta look at the numbers I recently contacted to do. Ah, wedding aerial video in Vancouver. And of course I mean, you have toe look at the cost. There, your flight, your accommodation on what? What's the scope of the video? And then you have to factor that into what you're gonna charge the client. Is that going to cover your costs and give you a little bit more, uh, to profit on and have to see if that makes sense for you for online courses? I would just If I'm based in China, I just make him in Chiang Mai. Save wide travel to another place that you're not familiar with. You have to spend time, the find, a place, the records. You ready our nick in the city you're living in, and you know the place while just recorded where you are. If you stay in Shanghai for long enough, you'll have to do visa run. So I'll use that as an opportunity. Teoh, get new stock footage. I get inspired by going in you place and I'll take my drone in my camera and I'll get new new fresh footage. So I use that as inspiration and also got different scenery. Answer the question. Yeah, to be able to sell your stuff with you yet Do you mean to have support? Can you do from your phone? Okay, well, if you go to stock footage side, they have their specs. But at a minimum, I think these days you need to formalise 10. 80 p which most phones can do these days. I film most of my stock footage with the SLR, and I started to sell footage from my drone using four K last year. But with my phone, I and I have taken some clips, like, sometimes you're just, you know, just walking here somewhere like, Hey, that's cool, right? I got a film this So I've got a collection off stock of got on my phone on and I've uploaded it. I haven't sold anything shot on my phone yet, but the stop finish aid agencies will accept it, so that will be really interesting. My friend had a thing. IPhone six or six, plus whatever it can film super slow, slow motion shots like really smooth and, you know, I could see if you know you can film 120 frames per second. Everything looks cool in slow motion on I've had stock footage, clips arise, speeded up into hyper lapse or we slowed down gives it a different. It's just adds more to just the regular still video. So okay to make this blurred background, which I think really makes a big difference, you really do need in a camera do that you would never be which do that with no someone said you can. You said, Focus on the subject. Yeah, the the term to refer to that. That type of look is called a depth of field or Boca. Yeah, that's what made these cannon Esler cameras popular is because they can create that look. You can definitely create that little very easily with the Cantina Solares and the right lens. You can also do it with the mirror less cameras. But it's I heard it's not as easy to do that. That's one of the downsides. Um, and I haven't tried to do that too much of my smartphone, but that's definitely one of the advantages of the US, Lars and you would recommend cabin if we should go out and buy your recommendation range mid range, I'd recommend what depends what you want to do. But for online courses which you told me earlier and travel videos and yeah, cannon 70 D, which is the older model. But you can probably get you can get for 1000. The new models 80 or 90 and advantage of these. I mean, you should double check it, but the advantage off getting a canon SLR is you can attach the more expensive lenses like the L series lenses I mentioned with the red circle. You can use those high quality lenses on those cheaper SLR bodies. Yes, Chambliss, Chiang Mai placed investing Cameron Room here to invest in a counter here kind of old room you mean to buy from here? Well, I don't I'm not sure. Say cameras. I've just been shopping for some audio equipments, and I mean, I've compared the price compared to the Internet. It's very clear that there mark and up. Ah, that being said, my friend bought a drone here. I found him three, and I think he said it was the same price, But I actually looked the Phantom for at the Airport Plaza, and it's definitely more expensive than what d joy selling on their website. I never buy anything from that I ever tried. A lot of I I've heard of it, and I didn't actually peak it it, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. But, yeah, Lozada's I've heard good things about it for electron ICS. You've tried it up, Preston. There's a lot less than buying it from an Amazon Sellers who shipped here. Customs in shipping much more expensive than if you're us, of course, right, so it's worth a look anyway. If you got to do Visa run, I bought this recorder and my bag from Singapore. I noticed the price. That's very favorable exchange rate. If we convert the sing to us and you can apply for GST rebate, so if you have to do visa run, I would go to Singapore. They have access to a lot of the same gear that you would have trouble finding in selfies Asia. This is a short, cheap like from Chiang Mai food on digital. More is the place to go to don't go to the, uh there's another plaza. Think single. Um, that's where you get people trying to rip you off. How we doing on time? Good. Any more questions? Yeah, No dumb questions Is a beginning writer. That probably will be a free when you look at logs as a visual person that you just created . Sometimes when you say just take a few for video here, they get spruced up so much. Yeah, Give me advice. About what? Project That for somebody who's really the letters. Yeah. Okay. So you want toe? Make it prettier. I'm prettier. More effective. Okay, well, if you have a smartphone, Yeah, you can use their smartphone, Teoh. They can take really good pictures if you use good lighting. And even better if you use a tripod. But yeah, you could not Those photos to your block posts And you need, I think, for better s CEO. It's a good idea to tag those images. The old old tag if you want Teoh make it the Yeah. Yeah, I was gonna mention the yos sdo plugging. It's a free plug in for WordPress. Yeah, that's a great plug in because it will. It'll check chalk off everything that you need. Teoh do the minimum requirements. And that's what I did for a lot of my posts on the video. Heard of video also helps, especially for engagement. Keeps them on your site. Longer topic. You can create a lining page or posts Get the images the video secret on like course. And I think you'll be, you know, heads and shoulders above most people. Oh, forces to websites. I want to check out more about what you're doing. Yeah, you can goto Greg hung show dot com I got everything there. My website podcasts courses, But, um, thank you for coming. 13. Nomad talk gear for the beginner: Yeah, Question there. So you just touch elaborate just a little bit further on this year. So, Sandra, a total amateur right now actually has an interest in making 23 minute travel. Just used to use, you know, catching high quality. It is this that you could just name off, like maybe five essential pieces of gear. Just get started with, you know, spending okay for, like, travel. The logs travel to market. So you want to create the two? The three minute travel music video You can show your friends. Okay. Well, you can actually create amazing videos with the smart phones these days. Um, the one thing that's gonna prove the video production right off the bat is having stability . And so if you go over to one of these, uh, computer plaza by the northwest Gate are, um, pensive or pencil plaza. You'll see, like all these different tripods you can you can sit your your phone on, and if you sit your phone on the tripod and you knew the video and make sure there's good lighting, So if you want to film something, make sure that the natural light is is actually on it. those two things will improve the quality of the video from your smartphone. Also, um, if you have a manual function, sometimes the smartphone cameras, for whatever reason, they won't give you the best video settings that you need. So if you spend some time to just understand exposure and I s O if you switch to manual mode, you can adjust the settings to get a bit better. Picture if the auto is not doing it for you. Yeah, uh, so that smartphones. Now, some of these other cameras What type of cameras everyone have, like point and shoots or seven us Marylise one. It's a small video shoot, but it's like a really, really good It's OK for camp for shooting pictures. It's really good for videos. Yeah, it was like 650 bucks for 700 something, everybody that you see all these youtubers around here? Yeah. Here we go. Okay. I love it worked. Really? Don't you experience it? I haven't. I'm not from that particular model, but I've been falling Panasonic six Marylise cameras. It's probably very similar. All right? Yeah. Candy said my personal. Okay, well, if you have those small point and shoots. Some of them have the, you know, the flip out screen. I know the Canon seven D does. And this I think the a d d so you can turn the screen if you want to dio v log and have yourself and focus. Those cameras were also good for creating online video courses. Their favorite of Phil, Abner and I think you could get a 17. 70 D for about 1000 us. Some other tips are used different angles, right? Uh, if you have, like, a full size tripod, that's great just to get regular shots. But be creative. You can get those small. Try Pons for your phones. Put him down on the floor, get a worms eye angle. Use guerrilla pods if you have a larger camera. Um, you could wrap him around, get stability anywhere and used time lapse time lapses if you can, and then find good music. Uh, CC mixture is a great place to find music. Yeah, free music 14. Nomad talk starting points for success: if you talk. If you don't think about process when you've got studied, I just pure interest thinking in the business. How do we got equipment training? Okay. How did I start from the beginning? Yeah, key points. Okay. Uh, well, when I first had my camera at the ramp up, my knowledge and I already spent a lot of money on my MBA. I didn't have money to go to film school. Eso I wrapped up my knowledge using free resources like video film school. They have had some really good resources, which led me to discovering other role models. And that's something I recommend in whatever field you have. Like, fine, who's already doing when you want to dio in the video space I found Philip Bloom Chase Jarvis. They were doing They were like the celebrities in the video and photography field. So folds a lot of them online. They were sharing a lot of content and use that to ramp up my knowledge. And of course, you got a chef toe. Take what you learn and you have to practice it. And then I did workshops and just creating a lot of videos and getting feedback from other people making adjustments and taking courses. So a combination of things. So after I managed to get the technical side taking care of, I could create great videos than, um, I just started sharing right, sharing my videos through YouTube, creating block contents. So bike sharing the YouTube videos people were able to discover my work, which introduced me to the stock footage model and, um, that I started listening to podcasts from other entrepreneurs like Path Flynn. They want no part Flynn. And so Pathan has created ah, a number of people that are doing well in their specific niches. But there, using the same approach is path Flynn and Path lends a big share. He shares a lot of free knowledge and content, and the idea behind doing that is that even though you may not be the very, very best in your niche, because you're putting yourself out there, people that air searching on the Internet or discovering your content right so immediately become someone that they can trust, they can build authority, build authority by sharing your content and um, yes, So by sharing along my stuff and having a website, people have been able to discover me that are not local Chiang Mai, but that air using Google search to find a video producer, find online course things like that.