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11 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. How to participate in the class

    • 3. Your biz and your WHY

    • 4. Model Success

    • 5. Frankenbiz

    • 6. Give MORE Value

    • 7. Deliver on Expectations And Sprinkle in Moments of Joy

    • 8. Make Sure Ya Test It

    • 9. The 5 Making Mad Money Guidelines

    • 10. Summary

    • 11. Bonus: 9 Tips

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Project Description

Create your "FrankenBiz"

Download Biz Builder PDF & Learn Class Structure

  1. Download the NO FAIL Biz Model Builder PDF (attached)

      And print out that thang so you can fill in as we go along! 

Define the WHY of your Business

  1. Complete the My Business section

    An example could be:

    My biz is: a botique design company 

    It sells: services to design websites 

    To: entreprenurs and small businesses 

    I do this because: I love designing. It makes me happy to create. I'm good at it. People ask me to design their stuff already. 

    It benefits others by:

    - helping my clients make a great first impresion with their customers. And first impressions last forever. I'm helping to set them up for success and become a more profitable business.

    - Putting money in my pocket and, consequently, food on the table for my family! 


    EXTRA: Another point to think about is what problem does your business solve and how your company solves for it. 

    A hypothetical example is: 

    Biz problem: people don't have enough time on their hands 

    My company's solution: developed a unique time-management model that increases productivity by 1000% 

Learn how to Model Success

  1. Complete the My Idols section

    Reminder: we want to identify all the best, most relevant companies and list out what the heck they are doing so well. Then, in the next section, you’ll pick and choose what to apply to your biz.


    - If your biz is a laundry mat that cleans with all-natural ingredients then you would look at:

    • Other laundry mats
    • Other laundry mats that clean with all-natural ingredients
    • Other products that are all natural
    • Companies with the best customer service (regardless of their industry)
    • Other companies that reach your target audience 

Create your "Frankenbiz" (your class Project)

  1. Make Frankenbiz come to life! Then upload on Project tab.

    Remember, we ain't looking to do a copy and paste job from another company. But, rather identify what works then see how it can be applied to your biz. 

    Here's just some of the things your research can uncover

    - Effective tones when speaking to customers 

    - Website designs that work 

    - Ways to stay in touch with customers 

    - Extra bonsues other companies offer 

    - How to structure your offering 

    - FAQs that will be asked of your product (because peeps are asking about it for similar products!) 

    - Best things to put in sales deck 

    - Holes you have in your biz that need to get filled (remember mine was experience so I partnered with an experienced team!) 

Adding Value to your Business

  1. Check to make sure your biz has all 4 parts

    1. Product/service is magical in the eyes of your customer

    2. Product/service is needed 

    3. Customer service is awesome & you/your staff are likeable - so is your brand

    4. Unique opportunity - are you the only one who can offer it? Don't be a commodity. 

    Remember, bonus points if you use the power of scarcity. People are smart so only use if you can legitimately explain why there's a limited supply or they have to "act now"  

Drive Continued Results

  1. List out what you can do to regularly sprinkle in unexpected delights

    First, you need to consistently deliver on expectations. But, then, what can you do to continually improve your customer's experience? 

    Some examples: 

    - 16 Handles introduces a flavor of the month 

    - Bands send t-shirts to their biggest fans without being asked 

Testing your Business for Peace of Mind

  1. List out how you're going to test your biz model

    Test this sucker. And, get ready to refine it. Or scrap it. Or evolve it. 

    A couple examples:

    - Interviewing your potential customers 

    - Looking at Google search volume

5 Making Mad-Money Guidelines

  1. Confirm your biz will make money!

    Adhere to the guidelines. All must be circled YES. 


    If customers can't initially pay what you want, perhaps you can keep the idea but swap out the pricing model for something else. For example, if they can't pay $200 at once, maybe you create a lower-priced product. 


  1. Complete your NO FAIL Biz Model Builder PDF

    If you enjoyed the class please, pretty please! write an endorsement so others can benefit from it as well. 

    And, check in and tell me how you're doing: 

BONUS: 9 Tips to Being a Successful Entrepreneur

  1. Enjoy!

    - Remember to say hi to me and tell me what you thought of the class - 

    I loved creating this class for you and hope you got a lot from it. 

    - Joe 

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