Launch Ethereum tokens & crowdsales smart contracts without coding | Raymond Yeh | Skillshare

Launch Ethereum tokens & crowdsales smart contracts without coding

Raymond Yeh, Blockchain Developer in Singapore

Launch Ethereum tokens & crowdsales smart contracts without coding

Raymond Yeh, Blockchain Developer in Singapore

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18 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Metamask Installation

    • 3. Launching Your First Token & Crowdsale Contract

    • 4. Playing with your crowdsale contract

    • 5. Understanding Etherscan

    • 6. Understanding Metamask

    • 7. Understanding MyEtherWallet

    • 8. What is a token

    • 9. Common variation of token contracts

    • 10. What is a crowdsale

    • 11. Common variations of crowdsale contracts

    • 12. Units in Ethereum and calculating exchange rate

    • 13. Deploying your contracts

    • 14. Token code verification

    • 15. Updating token details on Etherscan

    • 16. Listing your token on exchange

    • 17. To the moon

    • 18. Debugging Failed Transaction

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About This Class


Token & Crowdsale (ICO) Contracts

Dealing with bleeding edge technologies such as Ethereum is daunting for many non-developers. In this course, I will be sharing with you how to deploy your own token and crowdsale smart contract on Ethereum, and I will make the process fun and easy for you! By the end of this course, you will understand how token contracts and crowdsale contracts work on the Ethereum network and will be able to deploy your own token on both the test network (Ropsten) as well as the main ethereum network.

Look Ma, no code!

With the tool I provide for you, you will be able to deploy your own token and crowdsale smart contracts within a few clicks on your browser!


There will be some challenges in the course where you can try out what you've learnt in the course. At the end of the course, feel free to drop me a message if you have deployed your own token or crowdsale on the main Ethereum network, I will help you list them on the website where you deploy the contracts from to showcase your token to the world. 


All tools to deploy your contracts are included in the course, including how to get free ethers for testing. Throughout the course, I will include external resources to help you learn more about the subject. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Raymond Yeh

Blockchain Developer in Singapore


I'm a developer in Singapore where I work on blockchain-based Proof-of-concept (POC) projects. 

I love to learn new technologies, blockchain is one of them. My experience with blockchain was when I first bought Bitcoin in early 2017 and have never looked back. Working with bleeding-edge technologies such as blockchain can be daunting at time and often scare non-developers.

I'm putting together a series of courses to help demystify blockchain (particularly Ethereum) and help newbies to blockchain and blockchain developer wannabes learn more about the technologies behind the hype and hopefully help YOU monetise your new-found knowledge. 

See full profile

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1. Course Introduction: Hi. Welcome to the cost on how to launch it here, in tokens and crops is we don't coding in this lesson. We are going to cover the cost structure, draw the cost, will be using this concept called led by plea. In fact, you have been writing no court throughout the entire cost. When launching your token and close it in a cost, we'll start off with the first section where you achieve a quick ring by launching your first organ and cross so smart contract on it. Your in network we don't quoting in that section, I would did you how to get free eaters on the test nets and deploy our first spoken and cross the smart contract from there in second to we'll look in depth at our tools, focusing on the treatment to us that we are going to use drug costs. We are going to focus on my feet, a wallet you just gain as rs Manama's, after which, well, don't look at took and contracts in detail. We'll talk about what is the token contracts standard YRC 20 as well as some other common variations off token contracts in Section four. We'll do the same for cross their contract, where you learn more about cross, there's not contract and the common variations off Crotzer contract in there. We'll also talk about some basic conversion off eaters to your token exchange rate. Finally, in the last section, we'll talk about some of the things you need to do before launching your own talking. I hope you are very excited about launching your first broken and cracked so smart contract are seeing the next lesson where you get some Etess to launch your first Dogan and Katsuo smart contract. I'll see you day. 2. Metamask Installation: Hi. Welcome to the first lesson on halted. Launch it. Your tokens and crosses. We don't quitting in this section of the costs. We'll go far quickly in the lunch. Our first open and crosses not contract. I was first. Been sometime to have you set up the tools you need to interact with it each year on Blockchain as well as to get you some free wraps Tinnitus to pay for the transaction costs to start. We need to make visit. Madame Master i o $2 discrim extension that we need. All you need to do is to simply followed instructions given on the APP store. Once mandamus has been start you know this this fox over here on your top, right hand side of deeper. Hoser, we're not proceed to set up the Met him loss account once you eventually a positive your show you trough wished that you need to rest William Adama's account. All you need to do is to save them somewhere safe and keep it a secret. Once that's done that let them know that you have copy it somewhere safe. When you first install madam lost, you give You wanna come. But you can create more constantly by creating more column G top left right hand site off de minimis toilet. But about this of discourse, we require approximately tree accounts. Additionally, your need to suit short men and master the rocks and test network for the first few section off this costs were not used to mean it your in network and say we're used to drops in test network. This is because Robson task networks eat it is provided freely by Metta Mas. So now we have Altria counts were proceed to get some free Robson test that it is to do that. Simply visit. That's it dot Miriam us not by all. All you need to do is to request for fetus on the facets. Simply click on this button a cup off time for each of the tree accounts. You notice that there would be some delay between requesting the eaters from the facets and receiving them on your cult. But that's all right. So repeat this for tree off your accounts and you realized that you have eaters on each of them. You'll be good to go once you have Peter's on each of this tree accounts remember that each of this transaction will take some time on the networks to get to you. So once you have some eaters on each of the TRIA calm, we can procedure the next lesson on Hull to deploy on fists talking and cross this contract . I'll see you day. 3. Launching Your First Token & Crowdsale Contract: Oh, well, come to lessen to on launching your first organ. It's crops So smart contract In all previous lesson, we have set up Manama's on your composer. Create a tree accounts loaded down with some three robson eaters. If you have not done so, let's head back to last one to set this up. Also, remember that we are connected to the Robson test network in this lesson. I want you to get your hands were and deploy Office Logan Contracting Katsuo Contract Using a two hour provided for you just to allow you to deploy parameter, I slap on Trent on the term that will, without writing any court at all. However, you need to understand the virus parameters that I required by the two. For now, you think that were skipped the technical details of the contracts and revisit them again in section tree and fall off the costs. Let's get started Visit Will that dot com to access the tools are provided for you. This website contains several smart contracts that you can deploy onto the Syrian that what we don't writing any quote. There will be most contracts added to the site as I add more features to it. For now, we will mean users extend its standard crocs here and talking contract to conduct distended crosser and Token contract is a bond that smart contract the deploys do smart contract in one transaction. If this creates the token contract Witches and Yossi 20 standing talking contract In that contract you get to do you find a token name symbol, decimal place and supply of the token. This to also creates a crop, so contract we should help Used to Sally are talking a pre defined price on the Syrian network. If you are confusing the terminal allergy off token contract and cross your contract, don't worry. We'll revisit the details of this contract in Second Tree and forward to cost for now, simply following follow along to cause to deploy office contracts. Now, once you're at this pitch, I want you to simply click on Deploy Token a concept. Remember that you are connected to this. Met a mosque and then you can see the account will match this wallet over here. Remember, let's start off with some logistics before we deploy. Any contract would like to define who are the ones who own this contract and who are going to be the buyer so that we remember who is going to be paid and who is going to have the tokens in the wallet later. Remember that we had three accounts. So we will make you city physical as the owner of the smart contract. And he'll be the one who received eaters from the sales off the tokens a lot. You'd open attacks editor and then copy your address to declare pot and based it do so tell you that the owner would be the one who who will get he, etess once people start buying from them and then you had tea bias. So we're making use of a country to be Dubai in, and he would be the one who received a token from the Cox so smart contract leader. Do the same and copy address onto the quick thought. Now make sure that you go back to the first account, and that is a column that just the one state that you So now we are deeply we are going to deploy office spot contract to do this, you elect to throughout this four parameters for the token and the one parameter for the cock soup. You agree? Name all talking now. So for my token, I'm going to name it the ship token. You can name yours anymore. Any name that you like? If my single would be bought, I will also be following the serum decimal place. We just 18 and I will creates on the loan officers she token. And finally, I will have a 1 to 1 price to each other. Damon's one Nico will get you one. She took it. Finally, once you had still up, all this permit is go ahead and click on deploy contracts. You'll notice that matter. Mass will have one transaction coming in and you like to make sure that's you have enough treatise on medical and go ahead and some meat d transactions. Once you have created transaction, you are able to view them on either skin on your mandamus wallet. Frequently transaction. This will bring you to the ropes than either skin, and you can see the transaction details there so once or transaction is successful, you notice debt. There would be a transaction research status and sit that its success and that his contract has been invoked. Going back to the tool. Your notice, That's that would be a transaction. Has, ah, crops, your contract dress and the token setting. I would like you to copy the token setting as well as the Crocs settings on Julia Text editor for now. So congratulations. You have created your first crops so smart contract as well as your tokens. My contract to buy Etess. All you need to do is to half your bias. Send It is Judy Crops contract address, which is over here. Remember that the rich that we are exchanging the the ship token two meters is now 1 to 1. That means one meter will get you one ship token in all Knicks video. I'm going to show you how we can play with this crop. So, contracts, I'll see you there. 4. Playing with your crowdsale contract: welcome to a lesson tree on playing the fuel crops. So contract. In all previous lesson, we have deployed all first crops ill and snot contract. In this lesson, we are going to play around through your contract that you have to employ. I hope you still have your text fall with your cross, their contract dress. Eso is the token setting here. If you have nots, please go back to lesson to and deploy all contract again. That's that Before we start, let's do some logistics work. Go to your mandamus and make sure that you copied Audie number of eaters in the different accounts. This is to make sure that the figures match up at the end of the day. Remember that. All know of the contract is the first account over here, and all physical over here has tiny 6.89 fetus. Let's keep that there. On the other hand, I'll buy you. Could you saw second account over here? He has turning one Aegis and $9 then has any Ammon off the bottle? Also, we are going to define a reception. Who will be receiving the bar token from DiBiase and that would be all eternity calm. Remember to copy your address and we go to mamma's Click on the tree dots here and copy. Address. The pickle physical has shift in. Each is at zero. Bond took it great. So now we are going to be the buyer and were by the bottle. Could to buy the bottle can simply log on to the second account on the account that you are going to buy with and simply send the transaction to your cross your address and remember that the transaction rate is 1 to 1. So if I want to buy 10 Botta good, I need to have 10 liters here. In this example, I'm going to bed by 10 Bartok. You'll notice that's this transaction will cost more than 10 meters. Ask 0.2 eaters will go into the transaction costs for paying for the guests. So me, the transaction and then you want wait for the transaction to be completed on lobster. We're now it here on duty. Transaction is successful. So once your transaction has been mine, your see that the transaction is successful and that you have sent 10 meters to the contract. You like two. Very slide that you have received it shipped token, Madam us do not have to future to allow you to check how many tokens you have. Instead, we're now using you to call my eater wallet to check on the top noble tokens that you have . Visit the build up rid of you. Don't my little wallet dot com. Once you're there, click send you does and talkin. So that meant a mosque, wallet and connected. Remember that your network is still on Robson. If you are not connected, rock to Robson the gun to spot on the top right hand site and then select rocks there. Once you're there, go to senators and token meta moss and then connects to it. You're no notice that you're in your car and shows you need a month off. He does that. You have viewed in custom token that you have just created simply at custom token. Here you'll need to fuel in T details from the token setting. If you have copied this to your text, Adjective simply called me that in Judas. Pitch over here and click on Safe. Once us safe, you'll be able to see the amount of token balance that you have on this account. Remember, this is a co number two and we have a chaste 10 meters and we have made a purchase off 10 bargain with 10 meters. And right now we are last trees, 10.9. It drops than he does. And also 10 bottle going over here. So the next thing we want to check is our owner's account. If you want to visit accountable one, you're no notice that you have 10 additional eaters that is received from the purchase of the off the bar token from the buyer we like to visit. Account troll. Look, a transaction over here. From this transaction, we can see that there is Internet transactions and this internal transactions actually send 10 meters to our originating account over here. Which is why we have received 10 meters now and now the updated talents is 36 meters instead off 26 meters. No, all buyer has got 10 baht again. And now what we want to do is to send this 10 bottle came to 1/3 party. We'll do that now. To do that, simply go to my wallet dot com and then enter your search party address into D to address and instead off Robson eaters. You like to select part of it we would like to send to battle into our new Reese Eakins. To do that, simply generate transaction from here. And once you have to sign, transaction took on send transaction. My daughter will wallet would then ask you for confirmation again, Member, that sending talkin is a smart contract execution. Any requires guests? Well, so you have to make sure that your send this account has got eaters for us. USC we have 10.99 It is right now in all account. So we're going hit and make the transaction. You noticed that meta Mars would have one new transaction and you'd like to something that transaction over here. This was cendy transaction to the network. And we can check the transaction status on either skin once more. Once the transaction has in mind. Your notice that he status is now success. And there's a talking transfer from your account to to a country. Now we can verify this on my heater wallets. Once again, you'll notice that from a country religiously buyer's account you'll know have a bar token because you have sent to to the last do the recipient occult. And now we would like to verify that the receiving has indeed received too bad. Okay, let's check it. I would like to refresh the page and select a country on your minimus and then connected from my digital wallet. It is Grow down. You notice that you have received two back, okay? And us do have your 16 Roxton this since you have No, you have not created any transaction on you rocks in that book. So now you might be interested in the token distribution off your Bartok. And this can actually allows you to do just that. Simply visit Roxton. Thought you did skin and then copy or token addressed into this and you'll notice that this is, uh, smart contracts for tokens. Simply click on your ship, Duncan. And from here, you'll notice that this other locks off our transaction from there is accounts. And then, if you were to click on token holders, you'll be able to see a chart off all the talking holders. This is exactly how it is like right now, the address that owns all the other token is simply your smart, your crocs So smart contract the address that own it off this part open is this account to And finally the turn address that owns the token is a recipient account, which is a country we have come to the end off lesson True. Where you learn to play, you feel cross your contract You has slowed halted by tokens from your cop silicon Correct also yes. Learn how to send you all talking to your friends. Additionally, he has also learned how to look at the token distribution for the token contract In our next section, we are going to go back to the tools that you have used such a speeder Skin men and mosque and my little Wallace. And take a look at how this true tools can help you interact. You teach your, um, network. I hope you had fun deploying and playing. We feel caught. So contract I'll see you in section two often calls 5. Understanding Etherscan: Hi. Welcome back to the costs on hell to launch its urine tokens and crops. So we don't Quoting in approves section you have deployed your first Okun and crosses my contract and you have learned to play with the cross of contract using madam asked in this section. We are going to introduce you some of the tools that you can use to interact with it. You on Blockchain In this lesson, you're going to have a deep dive into the disc in they're before many things that you'll be learning in this lacks in the 1st 1 is hard to check. Balance off eaters and tokens in any woman. The second you learn to check the status off a transaction. Next, you learned to get information over token smart contract and lastly, you'll get information off crops. Your smart contract. We also did I do that? Start reached defense. Why, sure all costs. We will be using the teeter skin for Rob Stone and it is very similar to the one for the main net. Most of functions are the same When you visit robson dot edu scandal. I owe you notice that on the life in sight you see the block status and you notice that each this blocks were minor approximately 10 seconds apart. And that is the blocks. Time for the chair in network. Next to it, you're see transactions. These are all of the transactions that is executed on the human network. Whenever you send each other from a calm toe, another or you sent a token from an account to another, the transaction would be exit will be reflected here. And usually you will not want to such true this transactions. Instead, you like to type in your account. All transactions hash over here to search for you and now office stars is to check the balance off a wallet address for this toss a stick. A look at my neck all over here. Remember, there's account over here is the owner of the cross your contract when you put it into the situation and such your noticed that you can see order transactions that's coming in and off this wallet over here. You can see this transaction shows that I receive one eat from this address. Hop off time. And remember, there was where we received the eaters from the facet following which we see a transaction from this account and it says 0.5 meters do the contract and this is the contract. They're created our broken and crocs So smart Contract Additionally, on the Internet transactions, you can see one transaction coming in with 10 meters. Remember, this was the 10 years that buyer has sent into the crosses my contract to buy the 10 bar token. No, this that there is no tokens on this address because the owner has not brought any single bar token from the cops. So smart contract. Let's take a look at what I'll buy a has, you know, buyer's account. We can see that under miscellaneous, we can see a token ballots and that will show you that we have 10 bar token on this contract on this account. Additionally, we can see the sink similar transaction off one fetus that were coming in from D mentum mass facets. Additionally, we can see 10 meters being sent to the crop sales but contract, which also shares the same transaction hash as they're talking transfer transaction. As you can see both off this transaction, such use your ex to for a DB and they belong to the same transaction. When I sent 10 meters to de croc suits my contract 10 Bartok was sent to me. Steve, also remember that we have sent to bar token to our turkey seeking over here, and it is also reflected on these stones transfer. You can see that to bottle can actually lease this wallet to the next wallets. Similarly, on our took account, we can see that there were no outgoing transaction because this account has never sent any transaction. Instead, if you were to look at token transfer, you can see that it has received two baht open from the previous account. Alternatively, you can search on their token talents to see what is the batteries off all the token on this account. Where's Nolan? How to check the balance off Peters and Token balance off any wallet address. So let us see how we can check the status. All the transaction we alone senate transaction from a common one to account to. So let's copy, account, choose Trump address and send it from come one. I like to send one e today and then likewise for summits. You see that new literal exacted transactions were have depending status as this transaction This do not mind by any minus, and we will have a pending block height as well as the time stamp. Usually book transactions to take around 10 seconds. And it may differ when the network is congested or less congested. Well, now it for this transaction to be mine. Now you can see that the transaction has been mine and it has the success as the TX received status and it also have a block high. This is an example of the very simple transaction where I send one eater to another. Now, you look at a variation of a transaction that is slightly more complex, and that is the contract creation. From the first account, go to bed a mosque and click on the first transaction that you have from your physical. This will bring you to the transaction for the contract creation. The last study is this transaction to help you understand how you can use this came to understand what happens in a single transaction in this transaction, you know this debt 0.5 notice has been sent from the owner count to a smart contract and when this is being executed, a 1,000,000. Your secret anti ship token hasn't sent from this mark contract to a separate address. Reduce your crops. Still clean trains in the same transaction. You can see there are Internet transactions over here. You can see tree internal transaction in this transaction for create to you Notice that that is the creation off this contract F six. In fact, this was to transaction to create your crock seal contract. Naturally, the second creates would then be creating the token contract. Lastly, this contract this call if you send 0.5 meters to the owner off the smart contract, that loss for this automatic deployment. Lastly, let's take a look at event law in the event. Look, you see even locks that were you need during the transaction over here in this event, you notice some familiarity over here. In fact, the top tree off this are actually eat, um, addresses. So let's convert them to address this format. In fact, this tree addresses correspond to number one. The owner off deep contract address number two, The token contract dress number three, the crops new contract address. So in the event that you have not safe all these addresses. They are not lost. You may look for them at the event locks. Know that you have checked the status off a transaction. Let's look at how we can get more information over talking. Contract a copy of the contract address off your token and place it into the skin. Such spot. A copy of the contract. Dress off your talking dress, competing contract. Dress off. You're talking threat. Copy the address off your token contract and basic into the search bar off the skin. You notice debt it is can actually recognize this as a token contract off the seat distended. In fact, you can click on here to go to the token tracker page Over here. You can see that this is a token track, a pitch, and it tells you what is talking name over here, the total supply of the token, the value off each token and, of course, the number of token for this. From here, you can see all token transfers from this talking contract. In fact, this list one crisp on duty contract creation. The 2nd 1 shows buyer buying 10 bottle can from this contract, and that one shows the bias sending the receipt king to about. Okay, you can also click on contract holders to see a breakdown off all the fullness off this broken and also the corresponding percentage. If you're someone who prefer something more visuals, click on the charts and you can see the breakdown. Another way off to search for your token is simply to go to the home pitch, click on tokens and click on your C 20 token. Such you may then enter the name off your token and you'll be able to see all the tokens that shared it need. Remember that all the token statues nicey one and this is the one that you have meant it You can click on that, and that would bring you back to the same pitch. No, they Yes, learn how to read token contracts. Let's look at home across the contract works Corbyn coat, crop sale, contract address and based it into their skin. You know this that this was a contract and that the contract creator was from another smart contract. Additionally, this contract also holds the remaining balance off all the bar token. There were unsold. Also, you can see G conceptions over here that shows the buyer buying the 10 bottle. Good. And remember that if such is your ex to for in the Internet transactions, you can also see in the same transaction this month, Contract has sent 10 meters to the owner off this mark contract in the token transferred pitch. You can also see that for the transactions Your ex to fall 10 baht organs was sent to deep by it address. We have now come to the end off this lesson off. Dive into this game. I hope you have small mortgages. How to use this came to examine the transactions on the Blockchain. In our next lesson, we will take a deep dive into the Madam. Lost from extension. I'll see you there. 6. Understanding Metamask: Hi. Welcome back in this lesson. We are going to talk a bit more than madam asked, covering grounds on the wallet feature as well as how we can use Mirror mosque to indirect with the EPS All decentralized applications, Madam asked. It's not a new tool to you. In fact, you would has been started if you have full of truly lessons. As you can see, we already have tree accounts set up on minimus and Madame Asthma Cues offer feature called deterministic bullets. Little Minister Wallet allows you to create an image that number account from a set off private key, while minimus the private key is generated from the 12 seat woods. If you would like to take a look at the Chelsea worst day that y'all matter losses using simply go to settings, scroll down any review, see what's minimums will prompt you to enter your password. Getting a buzzard you can see or Chelsea. What's that? It's used to initialize them, had a massive counts at all times. You would like to keep this child seat safe and secure for me. This soc was is only use for this test account, so now that we have saved ourselves. Q. It's I'll try to delete out my mandamus account to do so. I can simply just long out from this account and legal and rest off on seat phrase. I can now copy the 12 seat woods and based it in, and here I can set a new positive. And no, if you realize I will have only one call weighs like two other accounts. In fact, you don't have to worry about that to get that your two accounts, since we create more cops on your realized that the address is the same. To get my terror come back, I can simply create my telecom. I can keep doing that until I run out accounts and I can keep doing debt to generate more and more house, and all this accounts will be laying back to my tell secrets. For now, let's sticks back to the tree accounts that we are using. The reason meta Mosses so novel was because it is able to interact with decentralized applications online. In fact, it connects each year in to Web applications. In fact, if you would like to look for more decentralized application to play with, we can search for the real down home where there's lots off that decentralized application that you can use, Madam asked. If you would like to not spend any details off them, be sure to be connected to Europe, sent Aston it and use the free eaters to play with this teachers. Another slight that you like to visit. It's also instead off the Viet stopped cold from killing. You can also find many applications that you can use that on lost do take note palaver that many off this decentralized that has not been audited, and many of them was simply written by a single individual. Be sure that you know what you are interacting before spending you. It is on them. In the next lesson, I'll talk more than my little wallets. I will see you day. 7. Understanding MyEtherWallet: Welcome back in the Brutus lesson. We have talked about Madame Moss in debt. We're going do the same for my it'll wallet this lesson. Now you like toe. Never get to my little wallet dot com to start one suit and Curtis sites you like to make sure that you are under right net work by setting yourself to Roxton and to facilitate faster network transaction, you might want to increase your gas price to a higher limits. Oh, so now there are a lot of features for my It'll water, and we are concerned with the wallet feature as well as the smart contract future for my little wallet. First of all, let's take a look at the wallet future to access a wallet from Metta Moss, Think on senators and token and select mandamus and then connect. You're realized that you have the meta mas will show all your Roxton notice over here if you're connected to the main, that these account balance will reflect minutes notice. And if you like to see your token balance Sinti scroll down to see all the Tokyo If you have not, you can get your custom talking here by King in your token contract dress token symbol at decimal and you're talking will show here to see the tokens and eat is off another account . You'll want to click on the plus side over here, the log off this account and then simply look into the other, come from the animus and then connected you, you know, see dirty account balances updated as we speak. Address off this account and also the token. From here you can see that you will be able to send token from wallet to another. So let's try doing that. Now you'll be sending it is from a country your call to reverses Copy aggress off account to into the clip and we're send one bottle can over. And to do so, we simply generate the transaction and then signing again. You like to make the transaction, and you realize that minimus you send you a notification where you like to pick on some meat from here. The transaction sent to the network and you can very fire transaction here. This will bring you to this game. But you can morning to the transaction Cedars. Once the transaction has in mind, you'll be able to see the broken transferred in theory account. So let's log on to our second account check. As you can see here, the number bataclan is operated. Trina, this is how you can send token and Peter using my eat a wallet. You now see how we can use my eat a wallet, even interact through smart contracts to indirectly smart contracts. Something quick on D contract. You're required. Do things Number one, the contract address and number two, the A B I in the face or writer the Jerusalem interface. We are going to interact with t token contract right now using this A B I interface you like to pay, sell token addressed in sight. And then in your exercise fall, you're flying your RC to deduct Jason, copy everything in the fall and based it here and click on XX. You'll now be able to see all the methods in this smart contract. Let's take a look at all total supply. As you can see that is this number off tokens available and remember that all of this are expressed in a way. Remember that we have defined it in decimal for the number of decimal, so let us come off 18 zeros and make sure that days Mylan Token left. So there's this tree. This is six. This is nine 12 Festen 18. And from here you can see that day someone token over here as the tokens. Total supply. We can also look at the balance off account from here. So let us look at the balance off the buyer, which is all a second account. As you can see, your second account hosts for off this Tokcan and the technical hosts one of the stoker, the owner of this contrary off the Katsu Contrite. We're all zero of them. As you say. Any other address to transfer token, we can also click on transfer to execute transfer. Let us try transferring one off this bottle can to the owner. So we would like to copy the owner addressed over here. And we like to transfer of one off this token. Remember, there's one followed by 80 zeros. 1234 by 6789 10 11 12. Leading 14 15 16 17 18. And there's this one token. Make sure that you are on to the second account and from here would like to connect, deal minimus and performed the transaction. Now you'll be able to see that your transaction has been broadcast and you can view this transaction on each escape. Gesticulate. As you can see, the transaction is now successful and we can vary. Fly this by checking the balance off the bull account. Let's first look at buyer account. As you can see, it's left if tree Bartok and the only has one bottle, you know. Well, not touch. No. Let's see how we can interact with teacups. Sue Contract. You want to refresh this page to clear all this data? You interrupted the crops ill. You will have to anti the cops will contract dress And also the FBI provided in the South Cross. So not Jason something. Copy everything and based it here. And you will be able to access the concept from here you can see the rich. This right over here shows you that if one way I can get one units off the bar. And since both Peter and the bar Koken has even decimals one pita, get to one, Bob took it. We can also take a look at the number where you raise As you can see, the total number off talk and salt was simply five particle and naturally, that would raise me five. You test mates, let's not get a wallet function. This shows you d A. Let's off the owner of the crops. We're just here. All it is were raised on. This contract would then be transferred to this address as you have very slight. Only next by clicking on the token, you can see that you are seeing 20 contract that is next clicking on the token. You can see that you are seeing 20 contract that we have Russians in from this contract and it can be found here. Lost me you can. There's also a function called by token where you can by a good boy beneficiary address. Now, let's try buying this token. Using the recipient account, make sure that you are connected to turn a cup and put the beneficiary as to tell that from day connect and write to it. Yeah, you like to decide how many off this bottle you're like to die. Let's die. Fight back. Okay. Generated transaction and sign it. Make sure Daddy number off fetus is five over here and then press on it. Now we can wash the transaction on disk and again No, you can see that the transaction it's successful and five ship token has been transferred from the contract address to our recipient account. Additionally, five eaters were transacted from this contract to the owner count. We cannot verify that this has happened using the contract address for the token. Likewise, let's put the token country address here and you'll see 20. Maybe I in sight. We can now check the balance off the turn account. As you can see, five back open has now been added to the parents off. All received. I'll know talk a little bit about a B I. Before I conclude this lesson, maybe I stands for application by Terry in the face similar to the A P I step. FBI refers to the application binary interface. This interface defines how the smart contract can be invoked. From here, you can see that there are various methods to do. Smart contract. We'll have a function called disappoint, where accepts zero input and it tells us the output expressed in teacher Someday. We also have another Matic called batons all right. Accepts the address where you like to check the better in school. And it all puts the number off units off Logan for that address. There's also another method call transfer. Well, yeah, that sets and address and the number off units off tokens to transfer. And from that, you know, tell you ready the transaction is successful or not. This is how you read application binary interface. The FBI for smart contracts are usually publish, or you will be following a common standards. In the instance off token, contrite distended that defines how it's being caught is shown in DRC 20 standards. In our next lesson, you talk about the contract, the token contract stand. It's your secret d. In our next lesson, we'll talk more about your seat 20 which is all token conqueror extended in details. I'll see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 8. What is a token: Hi. Welcome back In this lesson, we are going to talk a bit about smart contract in general as well as stoking contracts. Well, first, put away our browser and instead have a shot crashed. Cost on this to subject before we start on talking contracts. That's no a bit more about smart contracts. Smart contracts are just caught living on the each year and network this court lost for automatic execution. That means to say, no one has to press a button to say this could automatically executed one dinner. This could automatically executed on the network without any human interference. Also, the court are deterministic. That means to say, given millions of computer in the network all of them were under could exactly the same walk, same way, given the same input. Additionally, it is temper resistant a piece of court after being deployed onto the network. It's not a lot to be changed unless the original call explicitly allow for that to happen. Lastly, this temper resistance future allow the entire network to be trust lis. We can trust that the smart contract behaves the same ways as it has always been, regardless off who is deploying the smart contract. Anyone is able to review the application coat and say that they trust a smart contract to behave the way it should be and that bring us to token contracts. You can imagine token contract as some sort off database way stores your address as the key and the value off that key would then be the amount of token that you hope and anyone can interact with the token. Contrary, what on this indirection within to be to us. How much Logan do I have? You're talking Contract within rest pond with You have five bar took it and another direction would be like this. Someone could us. I'll tell the smart contract to transfer tree token to another recipient and the token condense it. Should I have done the transfer all if De Transfer do not have enough balance in his account. D talking contract can dentro an exception or rather, an error to tell the transfer that that is an error and he should look, we look at his transfer, so essentially the talker contract allows for many questions to be asked. One of them is how many tokens are there in total people would like to know What is the total supply off the token distribution Also don't like to know how much talking do I have ? Our writer? How much talking does this address have? Additionally, we can also the form simple transaction from a receding to another. And of course, for the token contract we allow other people to transfer tokens as well. Let's see I have produce a subscription from you. I'll like to allow you. Do you take three tokens from me every single month? So So I allow you to do that. And you can't execute this transaction to transfer Excellent. Off the gun from me to you and the love for this kind of transaction to take place. I have to first allow you to transfer up to treat off this token. Finally you could also us. How much can you transfer? It's on me and this six functions happen to form the DRC 20 standard. There is the standard formal stoking contract you see now, in fact, almost all tokens in the return right now are derivatives off the C 20 standing in the 20 standard six off dysfunctions are clearly defined. In fact, they correspond to the 1st 6 questions that we have seen just now, the 1st 1 being the total supply that returns you the total unit off tokens that is available, following which you also have the function off. Balance off where you can input any address and you tell you the number off token that address has Oh, so you are able to execute the transfer function even that you are the owner off the address you can transfer to another account are given set of token. Additionally, we also allow other people who have been previously given the permission to transfer to execute dysfunction called transfer form. They can then transfer from a contact. They do no own toe account at the own and specifying a value in it. Of course, this transfer from is not entirely unbounded. It has to be first approved by the person who is allowing the transfer to take place. The approval simply have to call approve a took party to spend upto a certain value. So let's see, I allow you to spend up to 50 token. You can then execute answerphone tow up to 50 took it. If you try any value days for 50 token you transfer were filled. Finally, you might wonder how many off this token can you transfer and you can use the function. Allow words to check home many off this token, you can't be allowed to transfer and of course, using the allowance function you can then get who How much off the Logan are you? A lot To transfer the entire set off yrc To understand that can be found online. Simply search for U. S C 20 and you can't find this six function as sure as to off the events that are emitted when the functions are called. When the transfer is being is taken, winner transfers take, please. Winter transfer take place when a transfer takes place, the transfer would then be emitted. When approval take place, the approval event is standing. So what does this stand? It allows us to do the U. S. C 20 stand that allow us to come with a common A B i in the face that all application which in the face which token contracts can use to interact with the token contract Over here. This is an example off the A B I interface that we see over here. This is part off the A B I interface that you see dysfunction clearly define. What is the transfer function. You can see that there is a to address. There is a value which specify how many talking you can send. And after executing dysfunction, you can have a balloon that tells you whether the transfer hex been successful. Finally, let's examine what understanding out there beyond the RC 20. Other than you'll see 20 understanding exists fell. You see two to tree is an extension on your C 20 a loss for safer transfer off token. And it prevents talking to be sent to smart contracts that do not a set. Those token, in fact, to send a Yossi to to treat token to a snot contract. These my contract has to explicitly along the organs to be transferred to it. You'll see 7 to 1. He's standing separate extension that allows for non fungible token to be minted. If you have been following the news, crypto kitties will not be new to you. Non fungible tokens are used to create applications like kitties essentially allows token off different value to be minted. Let's take an example, every eater is the scene. To understand this, let's look at what is a non fungible token and what is a fungible token. Ah, fungible token is a token that has exactly the same value. That means to say one meter is the scene as any other one Peter and all the eaters are the same Excuse. My Bartok, however unknown Financial Boat Open can be used to represent different things, for example, are at peace can be represented by Norm Son Cheapo talking. Every artist has different value assigned to it, and none of them can be replaced with another piece. The same applies for crypto kitties. Every Quito kitten is different from each other, and they are being very differently. You cannot sort one crypto kitten for another cryptic kitten unless both the owner has agreed on the value. And that is non fungible talking for you. And we have come to the end of this lesson. I'll see you in the next lesson where we talk about and we have come to the end of this lesson. I'll see you in the next lesson where you talk a little bit more about the different units in each year. I'll see you there 9. Common variation of token contracts: Hi. Welcome back in this lesson. We'll talk about the different variations off token contracts. Hi. Welcome back in this lesson, we'll talk about the different variations off common token contracts we have already seen. To stand it token. The standard token implements that your Seat 20 Standard where it has to follow in six functions till dis supply balance off transfer transfer from a proof and allowance. If you're not familiar with this six functions, go back to the previous lesson to revisit the subject again. For now, let's move on to our first variation. Office variation is the possible token. The possible token. Allow only the owner to use the function port and on pause. When a contract is being pause, the token transfer is being paused. That means to say no one is able to send a token from an account to another. And, of course, there will be a publicly accessible variable named Pause, where you can see ready the contract has been passed before or not. The second talking is the mint herbal talking, the mental part talking. Allow the owner to use the function mint. Essentially, it's more talking to the token total supply off the token contract, and it says all this new token to the new address. Remember, only the owner is able to execute this function. No, was the owner has finished minting the number off token that he wants to meet. He can then call the function finish minting. And of course, there will be a publicly accessible, very vocal meeting. Finished meeting finished Chelsea. If they're told to supply, will then be constant or not. This will allow people who participate in icy goes to know if there would be more this token that would be in the market. Finally, days also a token called Lueneburg took it benevolent talking implements to function. But way you all know off in account can choose to bud an amount off his talking. And usually there will be additional functions that execute after but indie token. An example of those function were then to be sent Peter back to the owner. So, for example, if I Bun X and Monem just talking, I can then get back. Why among off eaters and this vulnerable token actually reduces the total supply off the token, making the token available in the future, there's no come to the end off de fur token. Variations are seeing the next lesson 10. What is a crowdsale: hi. In this lesson, we're going to talk more about crops. So contracts across the contracts smart contracts on the network allows users toe are simple questions such as What is the rate from there? The contract with an answer. How many off the basic unit? Off the token, we'll be sent back to the user for every unit off Eaton that's sent to the contract. So, for example, when a user wants to buy the bar took in here, then send five Peter to the Crocs. So contract across the contract within sin the equivalent off five part open back to the user. And that is only because the rates is given us one unit of bar for one way. For other rates, the rates will differ across the contracts. Basically allows for a few functions. The answers questions such as What, talking? Are you selling? What is selling it? And he volunteer buys. I'm talking. I'll send you some. Etess. How did I do that? This sort of main functions that your crop sealed contract implements the 1st 1 is could talking. You're tells you exactly which token address is it dispensing for? Also, it also have fullback functions to allow Peter's sent to it to call this function called by talking whenever across the country, whenever it is, is being sent to the Koksal contract, you execute the fullback function. We should then call it a by talking and send it talking back to the user. Lastly, process of contracts also has the reeds for the uses across. The contract also has a suspended A B I interface. In this case, this is the FBI interface fall by token function. As you can see, it is a very simple maybe a baby I interface. It takes in a single address for the beneficiary account, and it outputs nothing. Do take note that in this function table is set to true. That means to say, this function can take in a fetus. Lastly, let's talk about why you have to contracts. Remember, we have one token contract and we have one crossing contract. So why is that? So why no. Let's combine both off this contract together. In fact, in a lot off, icier and cross sell the token contract nd Crotzer contract are one contract altogether. However, in this instance, we like to separate them. But a very simple reason. Both this contract might have different life spin, for example, the token contract are usually more long lasting, and they are least you cross. So contract the cross soupcon trick I usually use in the initial failures off icy owe and then never use again many different variations of crocs. He'll look awful different variations off the contract, and we want to simply find the token contract itself to do so. We like to separate both of that about costs. If you have experienced Kolya, few free to combine both the contracts into one token contracts. With that, I would like to come to the end of this lesson are seeing the next licence goodbye. 11. Common variations of crowdsale contracts: Hi. Welcome back in this lesson. We're going to talk about different variations off common cross. So contracts off course. We will not cover all the different type of cross their contracts, but rather to off more common ones. That is easy toe for you to understand for Standard Cross. So remember that we have a few functions. The 1st 1 we have is a public variable called REIT. This variable. We'll tell you how many units off the token where you get poor unit off way there is being sent to the contract. Oh, so for cross sell, their usually implement to other functions, the first being the default callback function that would be executed when eaters is being sent to the crop. So contract this four back function would then call the function by token assigned the originating account as the address. What this would do would be to send do tokens back to the originating account. However, if the owner of the account were to execute by token itself, he can essentially change the address and this function to another address that he likes this fall it be talking to essentially, they allow me to pay for my friends talking. Let's move on to first type of crosses. The first type of cross there would do were to be de Lena Price Cross. Sell the new price. Cox CEO takes a function off the block number, and then it gives the rich at that block, for instance, if via at Block 1000 right now it would give me a raid off 1.75 part Okun for every eater that I said. Additionally, I could also have a block also. So as time passed by Block 1800 the Ritz would then be decreased 1.5 di block 1200 the river been be decreased 1.25 I got 1300. The rate would then be decreased 1.0. Do take note that this rich are not usually used in the crop. So remember in the previous lesson, we have mentioned that rig shoe be a into your number. So about a way to represent this were to be 175 150 195 and 100 broken similarly, a more more common type off cross. The contract is known as the latter price crops so contract the lighter price cross. The contract also takes the function off the block number and geese a rate. However, what is different is that instead off leniently, decreasing the rete, the lot of price crops, your contract jobs it by a step. This is usually use when I want to have a same great for a given week in the same week for the next week and a century for the following week and then ah, fine ovary perpetually do take note there other than using the block time as a function both off, this council can also use the number of talkin song as the function. So imagine this using the linear price corn crops, their contract. I can see that the 1st 100,000 token would be so at 1.75 the next 100,000 would be so at one points life the next 100,000 Rubies. So at 1.25 and finally the remaining token movie set so at one. Similarly, the latter prize across the contract can be used for the same purpose, taking the non both token sold as a function. Instead, I hope that you understand how common cause your contract can be rife. Ritz, form your debt. I will see you in the next lesson. Good night. 12. Units in Ethereum and calculating exchange rate: Hi. In this lesson, we'll talk about the different units in Kirin and how you can calculate action. Sure, it's from Peter to your talking. Let us understand the basic unit off Peter. The basic union off Peter is away and since each year has 18 decimal place one Peter, we essentially have Vietnam. Many number off, weak other units off each year off Peter. Other units off eaters include the following Do take note that you do not have to remember all of this. So how would that relate to? How can we calculate the exchange rates for token in your crops? Syria. Smart contract Remember that you have this few rich rich is defined as the number off units off tokens away. Let's assume that we are comparing eater and the bottle can you have created earlier In this case, both Peter and the bargain has 18 decimals. So if I want swap one meter for one bar token, well, simply put rate as one. So essentially, when I deposit one eater into the crops, your contract I'll be getting back one but took it and that would be equal toe one refuting zeros units off the bar token. Easy, right? So if let's see for everyone Eater allowed to exchange for 10. Bar token. Awesome. Multiply the read by 10. Since I want 10 times as many bottle. Good. Now. So with one eater, I will simply get back 10 bar talking. No. How about if I want to change five Peter for one bottle? So essentially, when I put five, you just injured his crops is smart contract. I'll give it one bar token. Do I put the ring as your point too? The answer is no. And why is that so? This is because the way there's the smallest unit off Pita, we must always consider whether we will end up with a unit that is not in teacher in this example. When we put the A 0.2 and supposedly someone exchange troll, we you get that 2.4 Bartok. And as we mentioned earlier, the units off the basic unit off the token must be an integer. It cannot be a foot number like two by four. So in this case, there were 0.2 will not work. If I want to achieve the exchange rate off 0.2 So how did I do that? In fact, essentially, if I want to have I took a more precise than the eater token. I'll have to include more decimal place. In this example I was simply increased the number of decimal place by two and deploy my bottle can as a 20 decimal place. I took it. So how would that look like? And so with 20 decimal place, we can now achieve the effect above instead off defining right There's no point to we're now defining us 20. So how does that work? Imagine changing five meter when I have a strain Tea that will put he does this number over here. And since I have 20 decimal place when I called off 20 zeros from the right which is up to this number here Since this common represented 18 0 when it and twenties you I only has one off the Bartok. No. How do I do the reverse If I want to exchange one Peter for about five baht open giving. Given this specifications, I'll have to enter the read as 500. Because if I would use the same method and multiply by 500 counting off 20 zeros from the bag. Remember, this is aiding coming off two more zeros. I now have five Bartok. Finally, if I want to do a 1 to 1 exchange for one meter for one bar talking, I'll have to enter the read as 100. The same reason applies. That is because when I come off 20 zeros from the bar token, I'll get back one. So, as a general, who off defining the number of decimal, please are usually stick with 18 decimal place unless I wonder talking to be more precise than it you're talking, we must always remember Daddy a shade tree. It must be an in teacher. And that one unit off Peter, which is one way must not by obstruction off your took it and you will want to consider using a more precise you need to allow your rate to be an integer. So no, this is a challenge for you. Go ahead and create across the contract there said he won talking for every 16 eater sent to it. That means to say, if I sent to the two seater to the crop so smart contract, it should give me to Bartok or any talk in that you want to send. You can send me your crops. So contrary dress and I'll try to see if you pass the challenge. Good luck at your challenge and I'll see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 13. Deploying your contracts: Hi. Welcome back in this section we are going to talk about how you can long shall talkin on the main each year network In this lesson, I'm going to show you part of how you can deploy your token on the network. First of all, you have to make sure that you are connected to the menu to a network. From there, you're has to first fund your town over here by sending eaters to this account following beach visit with dot com and click on standard crocs here and talking here. The step is all the same s it is in the Roxton deployment. Simply click on deploy and then entered the relevant details and click on deploy contract. Mandamus would then ask you to confront In this case, I do not have enough eaters in this account and would not continue with this transaction. But if you have fun that your madam last count, you can dance. Take on confront to confirm the transaction this tour, then bring you to the token confirmation to the transaction confirmation pitch. And once the transaction has confirmed your see your token contract extra Esther Cox Your contract Address e days any problem with deployment? Please take a look at the debugging video. Main shows you How did about your transaction is dead are going are seeing the next lesson where I took more about Rocancourt verification on your escape. I'll see you there. 14. Token code verification: Hi. Welcome back in this video we'll talk about how you can very fight a contract court on you'd escape verifying the contract court. We allow you to publish your source Good off your smart country on to eat is skin allowing the whole to take a look at the source code. The benefit off that is that everyone can then verify that your contract does exactly what it say's and that there is no doc on malicious could in it to do so. Let's never get to our token contract. Prior to this video, I have deployed another copy of the ship token onto the main net. As you can see, there's no rob stand extension over here. You may follow through this video on Robson on minute, depending on your perfects. To start very fine. Simply click on the court section and click on verify and publish Your contract could Today you can see that's also this contract was created by the contract. Could at this address this no doubt down and click very flight and publish Do note that you need all your perimeters for the token. In this case, this is my ship token with the Simba Bar dating decimals and a 1,000,000 supply to start. Let's take a look at the attach fall standard talking, not txt standard tooken doc txt shows the contract could that was the plan on behalf for you onto the each year and minutes. As you can see there, several hundreds off lines of court over here and the two made it very easy for you to do point this 100 soft lines. Of course. Right now you want to publish this court to allow everyone to see so copy everything from standard token dot txt and based it over here at the end. The text phone. You can see the name off de contract copy debt and based in contract me from there. Select a compound for consistency Sick. We are going to use vision four points your point to one plus commit and we will be turning off optimization scrolling down your c. Contrary arguments, idea included. DUIs is the constructor perimeters off this contract? We will build this using a two day you see here. Never get to this address over here and we will know. You know, maybe I, as you can see in the court there'll be five perimeters. 12345 Detecting how we are going to initialize our smart contract. So we are going to at five currently this year, the first to being a string. The next tubing on signing teaches in the last one being the dress off the recipients off the token. So now we will have to input the token name in my case that she's talking. The next one is the symbol and then following by the decimal in the show supply. No, you need the deploying contract dress this deploying country address. Did you mean the smart contract that deployed this country on the mean There it is this address over here and on Robson. It is this address over here you can also look for this address is by searching for your con trait. And then you can see the contract creator simply copy dept and based it into the A B I convert and generate the FBI. Now copied is a B I and Basit back into the contractor argument Least contract library address blank as all the library has been built into the court and finally verified and publish. Now you're simply waits for the solid Edie, so it's got to become part very quickly. You can see that this contract is being compelled and it has successfully generated by court and a B I. Now, if you visit this contract, you will be able to see that the court is now that and that is to sleep to the public. They will also be a green tea decided, showing it is a very slight contract sauce could. From here, everyone can then read your source code and verify that this is indeed what it claims. Now, on top of that, you have one additional tet that allows you to read the contract. Now I can simply execute balance off grasses. Yeah, I can also see that the name this ship token 18. That's more and days on the limb token. We have now come to the end of this lesson on health to verify the contract. Could I hope you have enjoyed this lesson? I now see you in the next one 15. Updating token details on Etherscan: Hi. In this video, we're going to talk about how we can update the token details on it escaped. First of all, let's take a look at the difference between the ship took and half deploy and a more commonly known talking us from here. You can see the pitches significant different. First of all, you can see the desert estimated value for the token Over here, we do not see any value. Also, you can see that days links to other resources such as the website. Email. Facebook Tita, get help. Telegram reach white people and the coin monkey may link however, for ship Duggan not available. Additionally, under talking in four, you can take a look at the general information off. This took Hiva on ship token. Well, nothing. So to update your information, simply click on either distilling over here All this ling over here from here Summit. All you need to do is to fill up this form over here, starting with the object request full your name, your email address your crops, their address, official sites, any local e mail, short description offer project and the various links from here we can also provide a summary off your token I c e o and send this message. Take note that this form is processed manually by either escaped. Have some patients when something this form with dead there come to the end off this lesson . I hope you have enjoyed this lesson and I'll see you in the next one. 16. Listing your token on exchange: Hi. In this lesson we are going to talk about how you can leave your newly created token on various action just around the world to start. Let's take a look at some of the top exchanges by clicking on the link in this cause. No, it take you to the claim. Lucky kids. From there you can see some to top. I changes around the world. In fact, you're noticed that there are several hundreds off exchanges around the world Dissection. Just allowing you don't exchange. Bitcoins are her to your talking If you get two lives them there I was a compartment list off some of the links that you can use to Lisa talking on some of this exchanges. Open up exchange listing the XLs X and you're flying 10. Or this links over here in the list to off them are actually decentralized. Exchange Peter Delta and phoned outta make news off. Get help pagers to something you're talkin to eat a gente simply visit dealing day and from there you can lease. You can see that there are various listing off other people's your seat when he talking for Selves, all you need to do it's the copy deferment over there and create a new issue listing your contract address descriptions. A small right up off your token has first the link to your websites. From there, each of Delta within contact you to lease this token. The same applies for four Delta, except that they do provide you river default template when creating a new issue. Simply feeling that information or called into the template and something did new issue to lose your token. Do know that all this on manually curated and your requests may not be instantaneously process other type of listing. They require you to few out of you perform. For example, in idexx token, request your Benin your need to few up this form over here, the least talking. The sing applies full finance. I hope the least that I provide you issue soup and if you do know, find them to be enough. You're free. Just grow on this pitch over here and find the various lings to lease your token. So you click on the exchange, visit their website and search for places where you can lease. You're talking this example on the coin tiger, you can see that you can have a coin listing application and there is the link to use the coin duty notes that many of these exchanges require you to some talking some off either Bitcoin or its year to these your token on their website. Either that or they require your token to be highly visible first before they decide to leave. Start talking on your website. Savic repay to spend some Bitcoins Are Peter to lease just open on their site with debt, we have come to the end of the costs. I hope they're young, more confident now on creating your own token on both test net and unmined it. Also, I hope you enjoy the entire process off playing around with your own talkin and launching it all day in my links video. End of the cause with some closing notes. I'll see you day 17. To the moon: Hi. Welcome back to this final lesson. Here I have some closing for the entire cost for you. First of all, let's talk about some of the things to do before launching a successful icy. Or for you, the most important thing about an icy or all the token sale is the product no one wants to buy. A took it for the sake of buying a token. So you want to make sure that you have a solid, productive backing, that talking whether you are using the Children so as a fund raising event, all using it to sell your existing productive all as a utility token do represents some physical products. You want to make sure that you have a solid, productive and, of course, a solid team and reputation helps along as well. He's dead. We come to the final challenge off this course. And of course, I hope that you enjoy this entire lesson. And if there are any shot coming all things that you like about this cost list, let me know about it so that I can find like those things through other students. As sure as the fear in some of the questions you may have. Remember to leave me a feedback. Thank you very much for attending this course. And I really hope that you had fun. Good night. 18. Debugging Failed Transaction: there'll be some case where during the deployment, your see that the transaction was not mine. The result is simply click on the transaction hash. From there, you can see all week for your transaction to be completed once the transaction is completed on ropes, since quickened, even lock and from the event long you see this talking and address and deer convert destroyed dresses. And then from here, the first address within the your wallet address as seen here, your ex tree, etc. Your ex create. See, the second address would then be all token contract as seen here. And lastly, your turn address is dan your crops, so address. So you want to send this as the token settings? Do you have friends? And the last address is the one to send the took to send the serums to I hope this helps you De Bock