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Latte Art Masterclass by World of Latte Art

Neelakanth André, World of Latte Art Barista

Latte Art Masterclass by World of Latte Art

Neelakanth André, World of Latte Art Barista

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15 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Meet Your World of Latte Art Masterclass Teacher

    • 2. How To Craft a Rooster

    • 3. How To Craft a Pussycat

    • 4. How To Craft a Butterfly

    • 5. How to Craft a Bear

    • 6. How To Craft a Dragon

    • 7. How To Craft a Fish

    • 8. How To Craft a Sunset Love Tree

    • 9. How To Craft an Elephant

    • 10. How to Craft a Peacock

    • 11. How To Craft a Naive American

    • 12. How To Craft a Swan

    • 13. How To Craft a Sunset

    • 14. How To Craft a Flower

    • 15. Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts❤️!

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About This Class

Have you ever wondered what kind of figures in the world of latte art there are, besides the commonly known heart, rosetta and tulip? In this Masterclass we will guide you through some latte art figures which you might have never seen before and we are explaining you how to make them yourself!

Although creating different latte art figures is mostly practicing and practicing, a guideline with clear instructions on how others are making the figures might be really beneficial. In this masterclass we created some figures we came up ourselves. As a base, we are always using an apple, rosetta, heart or tulip.

This is an intermediate masterclass. We will go over making an espresso and foaming up milk the right way, but will not in depth go into these basic skills. This masterclass is designed for latte artist who have been able to master the basics already.

Let's create a beautiful worldwide next level latte art experience together!☕️

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Neelakanth André

World of Latte Art Barista


Hi there!

We are barista Neelakanth and Andre, 

Currently barista at a Specialty Coffee bar in the Netherlands, specialized in latte art. Together,  we founded the worldwide World of Latte Art community.


Apart from being a barista i also do stuff with social media and some piano/guitar playing.

If there is something  I am passionate about, it is latte art. It has been my dream to spread this passion in the broadest ways possible. I have travelled to different countries in the world to experience what the importance of latte art is in different cultures. Together with André we are combining experiences and art around the world with you guys. 


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1. Meet Your World of Latte Art Masterclass Teacher : Hello. Welcome And Army Sunday. I'm Cohen or foretell flat. Starting today, you're going to show you some magic like they're just something Bishan eight with a lot off lovin a lot off patient. So come with us now we're gonna make espresso. Expresses the buses for the cappuccino that we can make a nice latte art. One thing it's very important. It's the temperature of the milk. If the temperature it's not perfect. The needs your foam. Not perfect for latte art. Very important. 60 to 65 degrees. It's crucial now. We just wait for the coffee, so no, it's milk. It's very important that you open first, that the water goes out because you don't want water in your milk, right? Okay, you can just feel it with your hand. If you cannot hold it any more than it's warm enough, then it's the perfect temperature. All right. Don't forget to clean it. Very important to open it. Put it back. Okay, let's go 2. How To Craft a Rooster : So now we're gonna make a rooster the same thing. You just make a heart and you finish it. And then I'm gonna show you out to make the rooster. All right. Think about a contrast and then you finish it. Here we go. Then you have a heart not so special. Off party special, of course. Ok, do you do want just make their heads like this? You do two times just to be sure. Do you have divided one? Yes, you do like tits. And I you just take a little bit from the foam. You put it here I and then from the coffee and you make eye. And on the right you put 12 three texts, three points. No coffee. One, three again. Three points. Now you make feathers. I did three, 45 times and they take it to three for and fire. And here we go. There is 3. How To Craft a Pussycat: So now we're gonna make a boost. Tickets. So the basis heart and then from the heart, we gonna make the pussy. But you don't close the heart and you do it on the other side. Not like that, but like that. So there, girl, think about a contrast again. So right now you make, like the years two times to from inside to do you make, like, three under two and three the nose. Then you just take it from upstairs. So I do here three and then the ice is very important. Take just living from coffee you make to ice Not a big one and two. So now you take some foam from the milk from your picture you just take leave your phone you put it on the go feet and now you take again Go feet And you made the ice because now you can see If you don't do that, they get off the Pacific. It cannot look. It's kind of it. Not so it needs to Look, there we go. No, we're gonna make nice. You always can make. It's like just to make it would be more special. Okay. Food? No. Yes, like a body 4. How To Craft a Butterfly: So now we're gonna make a butterfly. And don't make it too difficult for yourself. If you can make a heart, you can also make a better flight. And I'm gonna show you how to make it. So No, you just make a heart. But you don't finish it. It's very important that contrast from the coffee did you can see good about a flag. So Okay, now it comes just two times you pick. Just leave it off. Phone 12 They make like the body in the middle, just lowly. Then you just get it Unusual times from outside. Today I sat and then four times you did one to three. And for And then if you want to make it more special, you just put living off food like this and better flight lifts. Now there is babies. 5. How to Craft a Bear : now we're gonna make a bear also. Not so difficult, if you know, of course, but we are here to learn you to make it. That's gonna be easier for you. The baby. It's also and heart. But you make like to arts 1st 1 bigger and then one small early side, the other art and it's all right. Okay. We start with a here from the from the bear, and you make, like around around it like this. You make the news on the small heart. Do you make legged it here? And ice? It's very important to bear. It's like you make maybe off coffee on the top. You can make it much bigger than no law because they are a little bit off brown inside. All right, you make it get and then you take living phone from the milk, you just build a little bit. And now we comes. Cannot see like that. But if you take no living off coffee, you just like a point on it. Yes. Here we go. And then you haven't. There we go. It's a beer 6. How To Craft a Dragon : now we're gonna make it dragon. Okay? If you can make a Rosetta, you also can make it rain off course. I'm gonna show you how to make it. It's not so difficult. Oh, well, all right. Just a bit. Very do like debts. There is. This is the base. And now we're gonna fetch no amount. Bit off your feet, and then you Can I? No, You take a little bit from phone from the milk they could make, like far here. Because the dragon without fire, it's not a trigger. No, I call it fire that it's fire phone. Here you go. 7. How To Craft a Fish : now we're gonna make a fish and the fish, it's It's not so difficult again. But you need to know it and the fish are gonna show you how to make it. You make you make like it's in it. Okay, Did like this because if you want to give to someone, if you need to be like that All right, here we go. They started very slowly, very slowly in Are you there? Need to one to three and for and it's it's more you don't need. Now you take babies from the film to depict like this. Now you make to make the mount. It's very important. Did you take, like, two times a little bit dick out and then you make the mom to take it off coffee and you go , You make amount that I like that a little bit off foam from the milk. And now you're gonna share special trick that the fish can look better. Just believe it off milk from for me with just two points. Then he's looking and you take a little bit off phone from the milk again for the bubbles under the water because it is not under the water. But it's 100 coffee and there is very selfish to make perfect 8. How To Craft a Sunset Love Tree : So now I'm gonna make the sunset Love three. So the base now we're gonna use this paper for contrast. We just put it here, like right way gonna do like this. Now we take it out, They're important. You clean it. So here we go. You some color. What a contrast. It's It's much nicer to see right now we take some father, some red father. It's this one. It's like red bit. Read the powder. Then you can use it to make the lifts just a little bit off color. Makes it the love salsa. Three. Because if you don't use the red, it's not left. But it's only son sentry. I love a lot off patient. Just be careful that you don't put too much, just little bit everywhere. So, no, you're finished. We don't. So we're just gonna contrast it just to make it How years like a little bit off yellow for the sun. We just make like gold trust with your own world. And there is 9. How To Craft an Elephant : now we're gonna make elephants. It's also a till it. And then I will show you how to finish it. They're gonna look like all the fun. Elephants bill a frontal front. So complicate. Sometimes the names. So Okay, slowly, very slowly. Cover older, it one. No foot. And the fact do like this just a little bit. Sad way. Okay. Don't make it too. With elephants, it's no. You take from what you make it to Rome. And here one more time. Debts. The hears from the phones. Make it first like that. Cut it. And any food, right like this. Then the ice put it on the 1st 1 like this. A little bit of phone from milk way just covered. Just not everything. Just little bit there. You see the coffee too? Very important. And then a little bit off just a little bit. And then you make, uh, 10. How to Craft a Peacock: Now we're gonna make a power. The peacock. So here you go. The same thing, Ron to three. Okay, you know, and of course, leave it on food. Just leave it off for the I very important because you don't. If you don't do that, you cannot look. And it's not good he wanted. He looks all right, you know. Look good. Now we do like peace to don't forget to clean every time you use it. It's very important you use it. You clean it now you taken a bit off. Do you make like points? Then you take phone from the milk, you make the interests. You put it like ice and I take more any dude on second ones. Just a small point. 11. How To Craft a Naive American : Now we're gonna make a Native American, and you ask me, What is this? I'm gonna show you. Okay. This time we need a spoon. Small school is enough. And the best of course I love it. You make like a presentable. You start on the right side. Okay. There you take your spoon, you take some foam and the foot issue cover just little bit here. Then it's very important for the head that you have only film and not milk. So you do like Okay, you go. You make make point. Like for the nose they make likely for the mouth and the kid. And then you close it. But leaving food everywhere Did you see? Only white. So from and just flume. There we go. So and are we going to start? Can we start like you take a living off coffee? You make like a division here, and you make like this. That's it. Just a bit. It's right here. You don't go up, down, uh, down I look, I don't And then you put points every 56 Okay, there we start. We start reading I way put it like here. You may just like this one. The coffee. There you go, like one from inside to outside. And the other one? Just leave it. Could you make it like this? And then the nose, you make notes and end amount. Okay? No, you make, like, two things here. Here you go. There is a native American way. Call it an Indian. 12. How To Craft a Swan : Now we're going to make a swim. You have a lot of ways to make a spen I make like a swimming with Rosetta close. 13. How To Craft a Sunset : now we're gonna make the sunset since it it's beautiful. Everybody, like, loves sunset. Okay, Okay. Go slowly. Okay. You want to make the sunset? We need, like, a little bit off white foam. Just a little bit. That's it. Leave it off, Cohen. Neat. And just a little bit from it. Is this paper to have, like, a right? Right? You take it perfect. Very important. Clean the cup. Okay. You need to use some colors. Now. We used, like a living off yellow and it's a sunset. Then it's like, not full, full, full sun But he goes home to see make it first to make a two year low. And you just got a bit now read Use the red Like to make the contrast from the sun and we gonna really do not know You make like around as you make like that Just a bit off for it. You're going to be doing it rare. They're like, Yeah, I know. Arrange Read it to get her. And now very important. If you use it, you clean it every time you clean it, use it and you clean it. They go like very think strips from inside to outside. And you go, Um uh well, now to finish, you just take a little bit off coffee. You make like, three leader birds, and there is 14. How To Craft a Flower : now we're gonna make a flower just ah seep of flour But it's very nice to make also and easy You need a spoon and pencil and the topping on a living off yellow color This one you got to make just a little bit off foam You put it in the middle You make everything brown You go, you go, You go you go and you go and you go and you go and in the middle just put a little bit of foam you make just like there you go And no, the magic Yes, the phone with a spoon You go and you put just a little bit film on the side from the cup Everywhere you put it like this you're cool and you're going Go, go, go. So you know we're gonna use the yellow We just take a little bit of fellow and you put in the middle Everywhere you put a yellow by the white you could make a tear alone twice a yellow Yes, you make it round It's very important. Okay, And then the magic the tipping you just put two times you make like a run deep here beside the the phone. You go like that to make a round circle and you make one more circle by the yellow one like that. And now, guys, here it comes. You put the cup right? There you go. Six times you go on, just you go one to three for Fife and six kiss and you go from the clean It Don't forget to clean it every time. Now it's very important. You go from the foam, you go inside one you clean it to you, clean it. Three clean. It's for clean it. You clean it and six, you clean and finish. You go with a point you can see just touching the Miller. You go tell you, take it out and there is 15. Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts❤️!: now the coffee is good. Thank you very much for watching. I hope I share with you my passion for coffee That you can learn a lot off enough. And that you help us share the patient for coffee. A latte. Art to everybody around the world. Thank you very much. Hope I see you next time.