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Language Learning: I want to learn a new language but don't know which one!

teacher avatar Angelika Davey, Here to help people "learning German with a smile"

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Teaser :)

    • 2. How to decide which language to learn

    • 3. Free online resources

    • 4. Language learning, final thoughts/ ideas

    • 5. "Learning a Language", a beautiful poem by Olivia McMahon

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About This Class

Welcome to my language deciding class!

Have you ever had this idea of learning a new language but didn't know which one? 

If that sounds like you then this class is perfect for you. It has just two videos, one with some ideas about how to choose the right language for you, and the second one with lots of free online resources that you can use for your language learning.

At the end of this class you will have a better idea about learning a new language - exciting times ahead.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Angelika Davey

Here to help people "learning German with a smile"


Welcome to my Skillshare page!

I am Angelika of Angelika's German Tuition & Translation and I'm here to help you learn German, especially if you are teaching yourself. 

How can I help you?

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1. Teaser :): 2. How to decide which language to learn: So it's New Year's Day or the beginning of a new school year or actually, any time off the year on, Do you decide? I want to learn a new language, but you have no idea which one. What do you do? Well, what shouldn't you do? I don't think back off your language learning days at school, whether they were good or about most people actually have pretty bad memories off their language. Learning days on they think, Oh, I don't wanna We learn German that had a horrible German teacher and it was horrible at school. Oh, I don't want to learn French. Our French lessons were awful. We all have some memories like this. Ignore them. Forget about them. Language learning as an adult is different and actually even language. Learning at school nowadays is different as well. At least I hope so. Don't ask your friends. Your friends may tell you about their language learning days, and there may saying, or whatever you do, do not learn Spanish. Oh, I ate. It's fun ish. I couldn't get on with it. On the contrary, they could also say to You are learn. Spanish is such a brilliant language. I love it. Well, just because they love it doesn't mean that you get on with it. So it's probably not the best idea either. And just enrolling in any random evening class. Get your college brochure out. Put your finger on it. Just stab one of the courses. Oh, look, I'm doing Russian now. Whoa. If you feel brave, you may want to do this, but it could become quite costly cause you're committing yourself, whether you turn up or not. Andi, if after the first lesson you realize, actually, I really picked the wrong language, what do you do then? So think about that one. So what could you do? How can you find out which language to learn? No one issue current job or you work related ideas. Does your company already deal with foreign companies? Does it export to foreign countries? Does it import from foreign countries? Might be a good idea if you learned that language or if there is more that there are more languages, maybe even give you a choice. It could possibly give you a better paid job. Obviously not. If you're still a beginner, fewer begin a then at least you can say hello. Good bye. Nicest ease on the on E Melton Things like this, but it could possibly give you a better paid job. If you're thinking off changing jobs, it may give you a better choice in any future jobs which countries are looking for, people with your qualifications might be worth to have a look what countries they are on, what languages they speak. And that would apply for getting a job in your own country. For a company that deals with people from the other company from the other country. Sorry, huh? It may even give you a job in a different country eventually. So it's on idea to consider. Possibly work. Think of holidays. What are your favorite destinations? What languages do they speak there? What do you like doing when you go on holidays? Do you like visiting museums? Maybe Then you could read a bit more about whatever you're looking at. Do you like travelling? Would you just like to lie on the beach again? It may be worth having a think off which languages are being spoken in these countries. You may even have relatives already abroad on. Never got round to learning the language that you're relatives now speak. Obviously, you won't need the language to speak to them, but maybe to their neighbors or friends. You may even have some friends already abroad. So holidays is another good thought. Thinking through your favorites. Do you have a favorite singer or author? Well, sport. Some people I know support or are very interested in the German football teams. So then, in that case, it may be a good idea to learn German. Others may be more interested in other sports from other countries. You may like some singers. You may like some foreign authors and have only ever read their books in your own language . How about reading it in the original language? The same goes to songs and films. Do you have a favorite foreign film? Would you like to be able to watch it in its original language? One day, when you have thought all these thoughts through Andi, you've come up with a couple of choices off languages, or maybe just one that you wouldn't mind doing. Then find out about some sample essence. There are lots off free online resources. I will talk about them in the next video, um, that you couldn't do and try out free App sa's well, and you can have a sort of a feeling. Do I actually like this language? Don't like the sound of it. If you go to YouTube and listen to a song in a particular language, you get a feeling, whether you like that language or not. So that may be another good idea. And then if you want to, I'm not very good at making graphs. But if you wanted to, you could actually turn this into a graph answered off. Look at various languages. You may consider Onda Um, which gets the most points when you look at work. This is a good one for work. It's just a good one for going on Holidays is a good one for my past time activities or anything favorite. And hopefully, once you've tried out some free on Ryan Resources after you sort of narrowed it down a little bit, you should end up with a language that you will enjoy learning. And if you've only done a few lessons on your not to keen, you haven't lost anything unlike when you've enrolled in an evening class and you paid for 30 weeks. Once you found your lessons, then you can enroll in the evening classes. But try some things out for free, and I will cover that in the next video. 3. Free online resources: So you've decided on what language to learn. What do you do next? There are several possibilities. Of course. You can have lessons. You can have weekly lessons, maybe your evening class or with a shooter. But even if you do that, you may still want to do some extra work on its nothing worse in reading and re reading your text book. So what other choices are there? I'm going to give you lots off ideas, some of them with website links. Although I haven't put the lings in the video cause the one thing I don't want you to do is post a video and frantically right Downing's links. I will give you the links later on. So all these choices are perfect. If you already have lessons and you want to carry on doing some things on your own, or if you're teaching yourself completely on your own, in which ever language you've chosen, for example, there are some smartphone apps that you can use. Some of them come with online activities as well the most No. One do Lingle. I don't think there are many people left. You haven't heard of your lingo. Do you lingo Sometimes I think it's a bit like this English lovely stuff called Marmite. You either hate it or you love it during is completely free. You can use it on your phone or on the computer, but you can't choose what you want to do. You need to follow their course, so you start at the beginning and work your way up. If you are already advanced, you can test yourself out. But you then have to carry on where it issue can't just saying, Oh, I'm introducing things about animals. I go to that topic doesn't work like that. Also, you linger has got some weird phrases. Sometimes I haven't quite worked out yet why there must be some system to it. But I like using it because the lessons are very short and I always have time to do five minutes at least somewhere. Your lingo comes in several languages. Not too many yet, um, so, depending on which language you've chosen, there's a good chance you could use do lingo, and I would certainly recommend you try it out. Although if you really don't like it, then don't bother. Then get rid of it chicken. But give it a try. Memorize also can be used online. Um, and it's also free, just like you linger, and you have a Napa's well. But with memorize, you can choose the topics. Andi. There are lots off different things available again. It depends on which language you want to learn, because a lot of times people like teachers, for example, put up their courses. I've seen one. For example. I was teaching some German, some girls German GCSE. Andi and I found that memorize actually had evoke up course for exactly a with words that they need it. So again you have a look. Find your language and then see you what's there and tried out. See what you like about it or, if you don't like it was a lingua. It's only on a nap, similar to memorize again. You've got various topics that you can practice on your phone. Learn where I've got the dot senior to put the language in. So, for example, learned German 6000 words. That is the first up you condone. Note or learn Dutch 6000 words, or learn which of other language they have on. They have a 2nd 1 500 phrases rather than words on their You've got various activities. You can choose the topics, and you can choose the activity so you could learn some new voke up and you can play a couple of games and things like this, a swell. So that's a nice in addition to any other things you may already do. It's a nice way to learn some extra words and later on phrases websites with free lessons or games lingo hatch lingo Hat is this fast? I can tell. Probably the one with the most languages you could learn. It's a huge amount off languages that they offer Andi. Each language then comes with individual lessons. You can choose which one you want to do, starting off with very easy. Going to bit harder on the system is always the same. You learned the voke up on. Then you do some games and activities to reinforce the voke up all free well worth having a look at digital die elects is aimed at beginners. Onda geun. It does woke up learning and phrases on sorry and gains, but again you choose what you want to do. If you want to learn the numbers from 1 to 10. You click on this button. If you want to know verbs in the past tense, you click on the next button in a few languages. So hopefully the one you want to learn is there games for language? Well, it says it. It's games, and they have a writing off languages with games on, lessons on glistening exercises. So again, another one worth looking out about dot com has got. It's a huge website, Andi. They most likely will have something about the language you want to learn. A swell I know for German. They have grammar lessons, They have information, they have games, and they do the same for fringe on and most likely, some other languages as well. So well worth having a look there as well. BBC languages. I've put that the end. They've archived ditch, so there are no updates anymore. But they have got quite a few bits off lessons on games and information about a couple of languages as well. So again, it's worth having a look. Now websites with free books and magazines. You started your language learning, and it's getting a little bit boring. Now. You want a little bit more with There's one Children's books forever. It's actually by a German author who's lived in America for a long time. Now, Andi, he's decided to put his older Children's books those that were very popular in the 19 eighties or seventies. Not too sure win. They're free online, and you can download the Miss Pdf's and you could read them on. He has a few foreign ones as well, so that's worth having a look. Freakin the books. This is my favorite. If you have a Kindle, or if you've got the Kindle app or new computer or on your phone, you may have bored free Kindle books in your own language. So what about free Kindle books in the other language? Easiest way to do that is, for example, if you wanted to learn German, you going to amazon dot de on. Find the freakin the books there, and then you find that Amazon says you can't buy anything here because you're not registered in Germany. But if you go to the u. R L at the top and take out the D E and at your you are also in my case, it would have Bean doctor co UK dot com. You will then find out if that book is available in your country as well, and then you can order it just like you would any other Kindle. So it's worth having a look what free books are around. It may even be worth having a look at the paid versions. It's a great way off buying foreign books without having to pay for postage. Predict Couldn't back. It's really more for advanced learners on at the moment. I checked again earlier on, um, the foreign languages. They only half Portuguese, German and fringe and huge amount of English. But those are books that are out off print or shall I say, out of copyright. So there are old books, and often they have old words. Old terminology in there on there are quite hard. I looked at one or two Children's books, which have Bean updated in the meantime, to make it more easy for Children to read nowadays, but the old version are quite hard to read, so for that, you need it to be pretty good at the language. If you are listening to this cause and you're not actually a native English speaker. There are loads off English books on there as well. And, of course, what anybody else wants to have a look and you can download in various forms summers, ordeals, summers, Kinler versions and some justice PDS. Your favorite magazines can't give you a link for that, because I have no idea what your favorite magazine ISS back. For example, if you're an avid reader off reduced Ageas again, if you go on to the reader stages website and then change the in my case dot co dot UK into dot de. If it's around, it will come up. Reader stages does exist in German. It's also there in Dutch on I don't know about any other languages, but it's worth finding out if you like reading it anyway. You may even find sometimes the same articles in the other language, and that applies to any magazine. If you know of website off your favorite magazine, just find out if it's available in the language you want to learn. Of course, when I say you want to learn, if you're an absolute beginner, it may be still far too hard, but just bookmark it for later on on sometimes just enjoy looking at it and be really happy that you recognize some words and then gradually sentences. And then you can have a look for websites where you, Congar news or even TV channels. As a beginner, you may want to start off with Children's programs and then later on. Look for adult Once is well. Often there are websites where they have news aimed at Children or the news are slowly spoken, which makes it a little bit easier for you to understand. It will take a little bit off search once you know the language you want to learn. But once you found those channels, bookmark them, making a nice folder with all those. And then you've got a lot off sites to look at. Music. If you want to do some singing or listen to some easy songs. Mama Lisa is a website with Children songs in a huge amount off different languages. Andi. You'll find a YouTube video on there. If there is one you get the lyrics on, did you get the notes so you can just listen or you can sing with it as much as you like Spotify. If you're listening to Spotify, you know there is a free version where you have to listen to adverts in between on and a paid version. And Spotify also has songs in other languages and playlists. So again, well, we're spending some time and seeing if there is anything there in the language you want to learn, even if you just listen to it while you're doing the housework, your homework or your tax returns. Radio stations. I found it up for German raising radio stations, which gives me a huge amount off German radio stations, and there may well be one for other languages as well. Well worth having a look. Lyrics training Your ex training is mainly aimed at with that English songs, but they have got foreign songs as well, on their still adding to it. So even if the language you learning isn't there at the moment, it may be worth having a look later on. Lyrics Training is not for just listening. You actually need to do some work, and it's quite fun if you start off at a nisi level where they call it beginner's. But I wouldn't do it if I was a beginner absolute beginner off off the language. You listen to the song and you see the lyrics underneath. And every so often there is a gap and you have to type in the word the missing word. The song stops and it will not carry on until you've typed the word in great listening practice. Yabba yabba has videos, a lot of music, but also other ones. It is his paid side, but there are quite a few that you can try for free. So again it's well worth having a look what they have on whether you like it before you even think off paying for it. And then there is YouTube off course. Type in whatever language you want, plus songs and see what comes up or films or any films that you know, and then just type the name of the language next to it and see if anything comes up. Children's programs make yourself playlists. I started making playlist for German firm cartoons in that pepper pick, for example. No, you can do that with any language, whatever you can find. If you spend some time, it's probably going to be an afternoon or a whole day because if you're anything like me, you get carried away at YouTube. You know what it's like, but make yourself some playlists, and then when you have some time, start listening or watching as well. Apart from YouTube, don't forget any off the other social media child that challenge sites, Facebook pages and groups just search for whichever language you want to learn, and you're bound to find Facebook pages, either by teachers who teaching that language. So you probably get a lot of educational information, or by newspapers on and, um, companies who post in that language. And the same goes for groups. You're bound to find a group, which, for look for people who are learning that language, your lingo has several groups on their for various languages. So have a look around there. Twitter. Follow people who tweet in that language or teach that language again. Search for them. Start following them. If you're on Twitter, Of course, Pinterest off made some great boards for my German teaching, but also for my own language. Learning whenever I come across a pin with something useful about the other language, like keep it and then every so often I go back and never looked at it if you're on Google. Plus there are some groups there as well, which may be worth looking into. The same goes for linked in Lincoln isn't so much for language learning, but there are a few language learning groups. So again, if you Arlington already, why not have a look? Instagram started off justice. Private is now, of course, so many other things, including people who are posting pictures and many lessons in language. So there you are. You can have lots of fun learning a new language apart from just reading a textbook. And just in case your choice, it's German. Check out my online classes or even my block, because there you can find out about lots more free on rendered resources. But they're only aimed a German learners, so I couldn't mention them in here. But you're bound to find something off interest. Have some 4. Language learning, final thoughts/ ideas: at the beginning off this cause you said I want to learn a new language, but I don't know which one to learn. Well, maybe set something else. But in that line anyway, did you follow the instructions in the first video? Did you manage to narrow tick down? Maybe you didn't narrow down to one long, which maybe you came up with two or three. That's fine, because if you then follow the instruction from the other video and use some of the online resources, do one each. Andi. Spend a couple of days Michael. Maybe just one session a day, a week, a month, as long as it takes you until you realize. Actually, it's that one. I want to learn and know the other one. Have you started learning already? Can I already greet you? Hello, Ola. Joe. Hello. That's English. Salute, Andi, I'm afraid to say I don't know what the other languages are. Well, you know, that's one of the first things you normally learned when you learn a new language. So once you found the language you want to learn there is one more thing you should do, and that is to commit yourself now start off easy. Don't say Oh, I'm going to learn an hour every week, every day. You know it's not going to last. Say you want to spend five minutes every day learning this new language. You can imagine five minutes isn't very long. Somebody once said, if you only spend five minutes every day, it would take you 200 years to learn a language, and I don't think we've got that long. But it is a good way to form a habit, and there is actually quite a bit you can do in five minutes. The apse like your Lingle memorize or any of the other ones I've given you often only last a couple of minutes. You could do one lesson the day. That's not a lot, but it's better than nothing going to you to find a short video, watch a cartoon, sing a song, find a short book to read. There are lots of things you can do in five minutes. And if you commit yourself to doing five minutes every day, you probably find that sometimes you spend actually longer than five minutes, hopefully a lot longer. But the habit forming is there and that's a good thing to do. And that leaves me to say thank you for following this course dunker messy. That's you. Maybe you can tell me thank you. In which ever language you have decided to learn and just posted in the question and answer sections that would be brilliant. 5. "Learning a Language", a beautiful poem by Olivia McMahon: - way , way, way. All right, way.