Landscape Sketching For Beginners: Pen & Watercolors | Lalitha Ragavan | Skillshare

Landscape Sketching For Beginners: Pen & Watercolors

Lalitha Ragavan, Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist

Landscape Sketching For Beginners: Pen & Watercolors

Lalitha Ragavan, Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist

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9 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Supplies

    • 3. 3. Practice Basic Sketching Strokes

    • 4. 4. Landscape Sketching Objects

    • 5. 5. Landscape Project 1 - Sketching

    • 6. 6. Landscape Project 1 - Applying Watercolors

    • 7. 7. Landscape Project 2 - Sketching

    • 8. 8. Landscape Project 2 - Applying Watercolors

    • 9. 9. Your Project

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About This Class

In this class, we are going to discuss about the basics of sketching, sketching strokes, how to sketch all the components of a landscape painting and how to add watercolors to your sketching. You can also learn to sketch and paint two fun filled projects with me. Let's start!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lalitha Ragavan

Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist


Hi! I'm Lalitha Ragavan, a full-time watercolor artist and a Plant Biologist based in Chennai, India. I reside with my husband and two sons in a lively and an energetic city which has a delightful beach called 'Marina', connected with Bay of Bengal. 

I am a self taught artist and magical watercolor is my favorite medium due to it's flexibility, beautiful essence and accidental effects.I conduct workshops on watercolor painting both online and in person.

Basically I am a Plant biologist (Doctorate in Plant Biology) and I love to paint Landscapes mostly. During the start of my art journey I have had initial struggles, like every beginner, to paint even a single perfect picture of small size. But constant efforts and practices helped me to a... See full profile

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1. 1. Introduction: I'm really proud of what color? Hottest on any district I hope you are not doing. Sign on good help in this class. We are going to discuss about the basics off sketching, sketching strokes. How does catch all the components of the landscape thinking on how toe add water Palace Two years cage. You can also learn to skate. I'm paid to hunt from the projects of me. Let's stop, uh 2. 2. Supplies: you need 300 years and Water club people's since we are goingto play watercolors. Another sketch in here. You could see the list of cortical is what we're going to use for this class. You condone what this list I'm about. Politics section I'm going to use 01 on double 05 micron. Black color prints are sketchy. You wanted proof how in these we need pencil and Asia Masking Day. If your own brushes on feel paper towels, untamed worker in just 3. 3. Practice Basic Sketching Strokes: you can use a double 05 Arciero one. My campaign. You know their practice. Trolls? No, I'm doing the hatching technique. You know, watching you have to broaden our land mines in the same direction. You'll help grow parallel lines. I'm leaving some space in between them. Ask for your fish. I'm going to growing a set off travelling lines in one direction. Something I'm going to go on a whole set of popular lines in another direction. Those things between the lines should be any form. If you're rich, too short, some darker portions in your speaking, you have your brother lines close to each other. I'm in concentrator lines to exhibit the darkness in your station can increase the space between the lines according to the light and dark portions off your sketching. So hatching means you have a great power lines on you happily use on even space between them. You can draw them in any direction. No, I'm doing house hatching kidney. Here you have brought the lines as be home, down in the hatch in technique on mobile, the faster drawn lines. You have her Broca's cross lines to give some deep shadows that this class hashing you can increase or you can produce the space between the lines. We exhibit the lightness on darkness off your skating. Now I'm doing the course hatching technique in various directions. I increased our reduced the space between the Christmas lines. Aspen, my rep humint? No, I'm making highly concentrated crisscross lines. We exhibit the dunker portions in my sketching. I'm making spouse lines to exhibit the lighter portions off my station. This picnic is called off after hatching. So here I'm going to make up the coast. Like See, I mean, three goes, I increase are produced the space between the lines. So sure the darkness, unlike nous off this cage. As I mentioned earlier, I brought them in any direction. Generally this Gilles, your train dimensionally affect to any hope. Shit. No. I'm making concentrated contra hatching lines. Do you exhibit the knockem portions off my skin? You know, there way I'm making Spanish lights. Do we exhibit the light of portions of my sketch? Now I'm doing cross country technique house. I'm going to make on your hashing lens and then I'm going to me a second Set off contour lines in an opposite direction. I think the you can increase on the news, the space between the lines. At the same time, you can shave the marriage off the lines according to your recommitment. This sketching technique is known as drones. I'm making loops in between the lines in the form off rounds you can in place are reduced the space between the loves to show the not miss our lightness off your stage. This technique is known as doing. I'm making Redlich lines in a non organized a Manu. At the same time, I in place the space between the lines are produced the space between the lines to show the lightness on darkness off my speech. This technique is stippling, so I'm just making some guts in my sketch. I can increase radios, the number of dots. According to my wreck, you meant to show the darkness, our likeness, my speech. There is no room like the how to use a particular kind off stroke to faint or the sketch your particular options. You can follow any kind off strawser toe sketch. Any type of object now are making combination strokes. That means you can use any kind off strokes. Risk Asian object. That means you can make some much any kind of strokes to exhibit or to sketch on object. 4. 4. Landscape Sketching Objects: in this lesson, we are going to see how to sketch the main objects off a landscape painting. I'm just sketching brand of lines to clean the clothes. Also, I'm doing some past hatching strokes to show the not cost a portion off the club. You can also follows tip in straws to show the lightest under doctor's two portions off. The car, however, begins to playing. Strokes are time consuming and skating here. Some floats on some grasses as hatchlings. He started off skittish, normal games. I'm making out playing off the movie by using my phone, and then I'm going toe the hatching lines. For sure, the darker, unlike portions, you can hollow any kind of combination. Strokes are single stroke. The sketch, your object, - please . All the major components off any landscape. No. I show you how this cage your country. I'm using Dolan technique. Hell so scared You're buying tree. You can follow any kind off straw. Also a money. It kind off shand over here Now I'm using hash lines to create the pine tree. You can use concentrated lines vitamin, the darkest a portion. Off the tree comes. You can use cars hatching lines unloading dick Me to sketch the shadows. This is another kind off screen that I'm going to sketch. I'm using hatching lanes. So sketch district. I'm going to follow the rudely picnic, sketch the branches and leaves off the tree. Wherever the tree appears darker, I'm going toe concentrate the looting lines. - I'm using the cross hashing techniques to sketch the shadows. Otherwise I can use the same Dooling straws to sketch in the shadows. This tree. It's not having more normal stuff, please. So I'm just using the hatching lines to pay the main trunk on the branches off the tree. No, I'm sketching a military. I'm just using the hatching lines on cross hatching lines to sketch destry and you think that cross hatching lines. But about the darker portion off the tree comes. - This is a country. I'm using the same kind of hatching lines to sketch this dream. I'm falling doting strokes on ground strokes. So sketch these bushes. I'm going to use hatchlings. No sketch the grasses. I'm going to follow the scene kind off strokes to show the shadows by using simple hatchlings on cross hatching lines. I'm sketching the houses by using the similar strokes and sketching defenses. I'm the shadows. After making a now play for their broke, I'm going toe on hatching lines, or I'm going to follow the stippling technique to show the lightness and darkness off the house. Same kind of strokes. I'm going toe use to sketch the shadows to exhibit the running water off to show the shadows in the water. I'm going to use hatching lines or some random lines. Similarly, I'm going to use the random lines. Does give the Bulls. 5. 5. Landscape Project 1 - Sketching: I'm making the horizontally by using the fence I'm making among thing range as we come done in the landscape off obsessions. I'm going to use the hatching strokes to show the darker portions off the Morgans by using simple hatching strolls on cost Hodgins strokes. I'm sketching your house and I'm going to make shadows by using the Google in strokes. I'm sketching the trees also. I'm using cross hatching lines. Throw sketch the shadows. No, I'm skating few pine priests. I'm using the doodling technique to sketch the trees. I'm using concentrator lines that haven't been tree appears, Doctor. Similarly, I'm going toe a small size increase here and there. Plus getting the shallows. I'm going to use house hatchlings way. 6. 6. Landscape Project 1 - Applying Watercolors: I'm just chatting your fence out of the house. I'm making up a whole portion off this pitching and then I'm going toe color studio. I'm a playing civilian. Blue toe this guy portion I'm not a plane. Nickelodeon. Me that. Leaving some weight spacing. Britney, I'm using indigo on French Children. Really No pain. The monkeys, I'm adding ending wherever the locker portion off the moving homes. I'm meeting some which place in between the colors so that it will give the appearance or snow. - I'm using lemonade, you permanent storage woman and treat on the raid on bond C and on makes the pain that true . I'm using welcomes to paint this tree. It could give parents off a Tempe. It indicates the end off the autumn season. Also, I would like to make the focal point of my painting here. I'm in the other tree. - I'm just a randomly ah plane the French on Tamara and in Deco here under don't give the appearance off this new using indigo that are the shag off. Once I'm just a splattered in tiny droplets off water by using it only English. It will create some beautiful Eat it. I'm using permanent re Bernstein Andre Qnix on save You to paint the house using, say, pia toe pain The darker portion off the house using Mancienne on sepia toe pain, the box off the trees. 7. 7. Landscape Project 2 - Sketching: I'm making a horizontal line by using pencil. I'm creating clothes by using some random lease on. Then I'm going to his car searching picnic sketch the darker portion off the flow by using hatching Technica. I'm sketching the main branch off the tree. I mean drunk off the tree. And then I'm going to make some branches. And then I'm going to use during pickney toe pain the leaves off the tree. I'm going to use concept sector lines to sketch the locker portion off the tree. Let us I'm going to use Lows are sparse. Lynge. No sketch the lighter portion off the tree by following doodling on drums. I'm adding some bushes just below that tree on some grass is, too. I'm just making a bone tree for the riverbank. No, I'm adding some rocks on grasses to the land portion. I make the whole painful little's on. Then I'm going to use the hatching picnics on class arching kidney. No paying the darker portion on shallows off the house by phone in the building on town technics, I'm sketching the person place. No, I drive a small boat which is stalling on the water. But following the doodling technique, I'm showing the reflections in the water here 8. 8. Landscape Project 2 - Applying Watercolors: I'm just reading the upper half portion again. I'm going to have to call a street. I'm not playing sitting in blue to the sky portion except the cloud richer because I want to show my pills as sweet girls I'm losing lemon You ask the light of truth And then all you green some green on Palin green toe pain This tree I'm splattering tiny droplets of water to create some Interesting If it no, I'm beating the riverbank on Then I'm going toe and call us to the I'm no seeing lemonade on green, some green and very angry So being this now push in. Also, I'd like to show some sun here and there so that I'm going toe I burnt Sienna on Serbia us there I'm not playing tiny droplets of water to create some interesting that I'm just reading the Sophie's off on then adding per lingering on the indigo makes toe paint the distant dreams. - I'm not saying certainly in blue French ultramarine on antique Oprah painted water using indigo , preparing the darker portion off the water. I'm using Sapio. I'm bounty and no propane. The boot I'm using indigo toe paint. The reflections I'm using a normal purple once you non sepia toe paint the house. I'm not playing in off first on the top portion off the rock as the later toe and savior to the modern portion off the road to show the darker, too. I'm using something and Caroline clean toe paint ambushes under the tree. I'm usually insane. Sit off. Call us to paint the graphics master here. 9. 9. Your Project: Thank you for watching weakness. Write a sketch, a variety of landscapes on at me. Carlos, if you wish to explore more about watercolors on give watch amply these glasses Charlie projects in your project section. I'm always feeling happy to see her products on reviews about the happy painting.