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Landscape Photography On Location

Mujahid Ur Rehman, Landscape Photographer

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4 Videos (28m)
    • Taking photos at sunset. Wat are the challenges?

    • Taking photos at sunset. Dodging Waves.

    • Taking photos at sunrise. Golden Light in the Mountains

    • Graduated ND Filter (Grad ND)


About This Class

Tips and Techniques on Location. 





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Mujahid Ur Rehman

Landscape Photographer

I am a Cape Town based photographer with a passion for landscape photography. Nature's colors bring joy to my heart, and its sounds are music to my soul. Getting lost in the miracles of the world is my escape and my serenity. My passion for photography sprung from years of travel, hiking and exploring. Before I bought my first camera in 2006, I always collected photos digitally, often printing them and sticking them on my wall as a student. They were a world into which I escaped in thought, i...

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