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Landing Page Design And Development

Rinkans Channel, Design / Development / Expierences

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3 Videos (16m)
    • Designing Website

    • Writing That HTML

    • Finishing With CSS


About This Class

Hey, this episode starts three part series (or a mini-course) on designing and developing landing page. For the design the city of Los Angeles and California served as the biggest inspiration. Easy and free are the words i would use to describe it. In this episode we are going to lay out the design. Hope you enjoy it ;)

Join this free class where we will design and develop stylish landing page.

We will start off by designing this website from scratch in design software called FIGMA (but you can also use Photoshop or any other design application). Then once we have the design just right, we will export resources from our design so that we can develop it into fully functional website.

This is quick any easy to follow course that does not require you to have advance knowledge in design or development.

Download resources: Download





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Rinkans Channel

Design / Development / Expierences

Rinkans Channel is online education company focusing on design and development. Our mission is to bring together design lovers from all industries from all around the world. We want to teach and inspire those who are craving for more of that delicious design pie.

Main focus and passion for us is design in all forms and shapes. Web design, graphic design or maybe even illustrations ? Yep, that's us ! Not only we want to teach, but we also want people to get inspired by the work we are d...

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