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Lag Free Source Twitch Live Streams with Recording! [mac]

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. o.o - introduction to hq streams with recording

    • 2. 1.0a - open source tools you will need

    • 3. 1.0b - 3 x free apps you need (screencast)

    • 4. 1.1 - why do i need to do this

    • 5. 1.2 - setting up livestreamer and twitch gui

    • 6. 1.3 - twitch gui and vlc together (screencast)

    • 7. 1.4 - steps to setup vlc for recording

    • 8. 1.5 - settings in vlc for improved playback

    • 9. 1.6 - the roundup

    • 10. 1.7 - catching up after the course!

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About This Class


watch source quality streams in vlc easily! :)

I recently needed a way to record some of my favourite live streamers so I could start making showreels and also for future reference if I wanted to record a backup or check the status of a live stream from offsite (to make sure a live stream was up)

I did a bit of investigation and it turns out you can combine some programs to grab the live stream into open source programs to allow you to record the files locally to your own machine...

we will combine live stream, twitch gui and vlc to give us the ability to watch and record our favourite live streamers as the source feed without even going to the website! :)

in this course, you will. ..

  • take a look at all the components you will need
  • go through the setup process for each one
  • screencast of operation of the twitch gui and vlc parts

sections. ..

  1. open source tools to watch the source live streams from with less lag/buffering
  2. why not just watch the live stream from the website, why do I need to do this?
  3. screencast setting up of the live stream and twitch gui program
  4. screencast using twitch gui program and vlc together to watch a stream
  5. recording your vlc stream and converting it to a format you can use for video editing
  6. settings in vlc you can use to improve your live stream enjoyment - really neat actually!

it's a fairly quick setup, I've condensed this down from my experiments over a few hours down to around thirty minutes so you can get this done fairly easily as well.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow



I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet! an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

--- the backstory --

hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative media assets in obs and screenflow for clients during pandemic for business zoom

<... See full profile

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1. o.o - introduction to hq streams with recording: Welcome back to a new course today. I'm looking at ability to stream from twitch dot TV into V. L see a open source video player, which I've been using for years and years and years. I use it for everything I'd use for watching movies back on. Just recently, I've been looking for a way of watching twitch streams without all the buffering. Without any lag. They'll tow watch the source video that the stream he uses that's normally something like 60 frames per second. Very good, high quality picture quality without it lagging, re buffering, just being annoying. And so I found a way to do that, using a thing called Life streamer Stream ling on DVI Elsie and combining them all together . So I wanted to do a quick course on that today to the six areas I want to cover open source tools to watch the source version off the stream from the from the twitch streamer with less lag or buffering actually tried this for probably about six or seven hours without any dropouts whatsoever, so it's definitely better on the CPU. It can handle the stream better because I'm not streaming inside of browser I'm not getting all the all the extensions that I've got loaded in my chrome browser. And so I'm just I'm getting rid of all of the latent Ciel, the lag, all the things that could cause the buffering, especially if you're using the flash player inside of you. Browse, it can affect it. Why not just watch the live stream from the Web site wide when he could do this? Give you five reasons. Six reasons why do that one point to screen cast setting up of the live stream and twitch, gooey program screen cast using twitch gooey program and GLC together toe watch A livestream recording your VLCC stream, which is one of the reasons why I want is as well. I wanted an easy way to record the stream that I'm watching and converting it into a format that you can eventually use, then for video editing and then, finally, some settings in the L C, which make the our whole live experience just a whole lot better in terms of sound quality and video quality can manipulate all of that inside of E l. C. So how are you excited about this? Because it definitely has an impact on a livestream just removed all that late in Ciel that buffering it's not running inside of a browser. So it's It's not having any issues there and also is getting the whole where accelerated at the corps level. V L. C. Being an open source. Programs been around for years. It's very solid it during that. So let's get into this course. I think, you know, enjoy this one. 2. 1.0a - open source tools you will need: open source tools to watch the source live streams from twitch TV with less like and buffering. Please check out my other courses as well. All right, then. So I was looking for a way to record life streams. I watch a guy over on Twitch Doctor disrespected in Washington a hell of a lot to find out how he does his life. Stream shows very popular show. He has anything upwards of 11,000 people watching him at peak times for about six or seven hours a day. So he's got a massive, massive audience engagement there. So I wanted a way of being out to capture and make sure reels off his content from a perspective of what does he do for audience engagement? How does he keep his remote audience active? Entertained part of something. So I've been recording some of his content. I made it course on it. If you want to go check that out, how he's making an income and how is being successful on twitch? So I tried a number of different sites around the Web for recording twitch TV clips and trying to download the video on demand clips. The VOD clips and a lot from that work. Love them a broken. So I needed something that I can use when he's actually live, not pre recorded stuff. But one is live, you know, to record some that stuff. So I found a website which you can find out Doc Start Live stream of the I O. It's a open source pieces software, which is hosted on Get till. But a lot of open source software is on ghetto works for many different websites were concentrating on Twitch Top TV today. It also works on YouTube and probably about 40 other different live sites is the site has to be live. Must be somebody streaming live, and then you connect to that live stream through this program program that I talked about. The live streamer is actually a CLI program, which is a man line interface. So if you're not very familiar, we feel uneasy typing in commands. Yes, typing in commands in terminal. Then you can actually get what's called agree, which is a graphical user interface, which lays on top of it. The live stream of program runs on your machine in the background and the gooey talks to it . triggers off the various action. I'm using a live stream and Gary for this because I just like it to be easy. And I want to remember all those commands and type things into the terminal. And you get this from Get Hope that com Force Last Stream Link Force our stream link dash, twitch, dash gooey and that makes it completely easy to use. And actually, the goo is really well written, really well put together using the latest Web technologies comes up like a looks like a normal application and has all your subscriptions and everything in there. You just have to off using your twitch oath, which, if you've never done that before, just do a search for twitch. Or you create what's called a token, which it starts with oath with the token, various numbers and letters after it. Copy and paste that into the gooey application and that retrieves all the information about your account people you subscribe to when they go live. What you watch last time just a really nice interface that you can drop down from the trade ball, so I use it with the L C. You can use it with another problem called MPV the Io, which is kind of the new kid on the block. I'm not sure if it's for PC and Mac and no, it's definitely format. I've been using V L C for probably maybe going on for about 8 to 10 years, actually, so I know VLCC very well. I know it to be a very reputable open source program. It's very reliable, decodes and place back pretty much anything I've ever thrown at it, and I just I just like it because I know it. But you can use it with the new kid on the block. The MP veto Iot, but it doesn't have as many features as V. L see another. I have the live streamer on the gooey attached to together they're working together. I can now stream to my vlcc. So the way this works is the live streamer will connect to a live stream running this program in the background. The goodies for me to be able to select him, organize which I wanna watch. I double click on a stream. It goes and connects using my own off token. It says this is my user account and it brings back all the different viewing streams that are available to me. Then I have another drop down on the gimme that says, What format do I want to? I want the source quality, which is basically what the streamers providing to the website don't want high, medium or low. So they're all difference speed settings that you can have, depending on your connection. But I always try and go for the source because I've got a reasonably good connection for G connection. If you've got three G, I would suggest something around the low in the medium, but the source is basically what they're pushing up to the Web. I can't watch sort streams through the website because I just constantly get LaGon buffering, and I think it's to do with the speed the handling of it might be. The Flash Player might be just my Web site on my Web browser has all these extensions in, and so this is a clean away of watching a stream, and I've never had a stream drop so far in the week or so that I've been using it. Andi also has a really low CPU usage, which means you can have that live stream running in the background while you're working on the stuff. Also, the distraction of not having your browser open toe open another tab is quite useful as well and not being able to see the chat, although you can fire up a separate chat application if you want to. So I have this running now in the l C. I can easily record this to my local machine because in the l C, there is the option to record on. We're gonna go through the whole settle process of that as well. Like I said, I've had zero buffering issues by using this method instead of having a browser open. And I can only put that down to the extensions in there, but also it being a cleaner signal. If you imagine this like an FM radio, you can have an FM radio. With the aerial down, you still get a signal. But every so often you might get the crackles. You might get interference. You might get things happening on your channel. If you pull the aerial up and extend it out, you just get a much cleaner signal that pretty much what this does it gives you a cleaner direct to the server to your VLCC stream. Direct the thing about V L C as well. It's It's been tuned over the years to work really well with Network Stream. So it's dedicated application connected to a dedicated stream on life said. I've had no stream dropouts, a tall it's almost like TV, which makes it a whole different experience altogether. 3. 1.0b - 3 x free apps you need (screencast): okay So quickly wanted to give you a walker of the three pieces of software that you're gonna need. So you need to get the live stream of first, which is the command line utility that extracts the streams from various services and pipes into a video player of choice. And we're gonna use PLC for this. So, Doc, start live streaming that I owe brings you to this page. We're also gonna need this, which is the stream link twitch jury, which you can find it Get hub dot com for a slash stream linking extremely dash Twitched up . You eat, you'll need V l c. Which is that video land? Walk on, depending on what platform you're on. He just download via VL See, from this big one here, I clicked through onto the installation which gives you a lot of different text to go through. I simply grabbed this from here about installing. I then opened a terminal in the terminal. You wanna type pseudo, which basically gives root access to install it. And then I'm just gonna control of a here putting my password root password on what it will do. Is it'll go away? Search for life streamer as a package and finds you over apart, pipe in the AWG and then find the latest version of life stream and installs it. You can see I've already got installed, but it's got all the dependencies, and everything is now set up for that in the background. Now I can just get rid of the terminal now. If you wanted, you use the CLI, the command line interface. You could do that from Terminal and do all the settings for life streamer, but I really don't wanna work in the terminals. 2017. Okay, so what I download it is this wonderful, gooey, this front end four stream link. Andi Livestream. It's theirs to the Stream Link and Livestream. I'm not sure if it's a renamed version off life stream. If there's any benefits off stream link over life streamer, but it supports both of them. So it's this beautiful like interface you can see here the application's been renamed, says here stream link. Previous in his life treatment, which has been renamed in December 7 about the change, the future of luxury into Xperia. I'm not of that, but what I love about it It's made from a Web application, and it's completely written in JavaScript using Ember Js Onda works for Windows OS X and Linux. So what? I did, but I didn't install it manually. I went through to the releases page to the archives, and here you can see they have all the different packages. I just downloaded the OS X Ron, which is here. Version will put one for Mac O s. Do give these guys a donation if you can. They spent a lot of time parts of work into this five papal flatter Bitcoin or knows quickly bring up the program going to show you this again in a minute anyway. But it's a beautiful. It just looks like a native app. We're gonna get into that in a minute How it works with TLC. But as you can see, I can look at all my subscriptions. Live stream hosted streams. Actually, I would if I was logged enough. I've locked out on purpose to show you the whole logging process, but you can see the featured channels you can search filtered on results. Game channel stream Super nice just runs in the background. Runs in the tray and then just download this, which is the V l C media player free, open source, Cross platform Media player, which is what it links to. So you have the life stream which runs in the background. You have the stream link which is the gooey that sits in the trade bar, which talked to the life streamer. And then, once the you've selected the life stream in the twitch security that loads in life, dream in the background and you connect to it by vlcc. 4. 1.1 - why do i need to do this: so 1.1. Why not just watch the live stream from the website? Why do I need to do this? So I was having constant buffering issues. I was constantly getting every five minutes or so it would drop out maybe 10 2030 seconds and then reconnect. And then when it did reconnect, it went from the source to the high to the medium, the quality Degra gated. And it just it wasn't a nice viewing experience. Hold me out of the experience instead of me watching this content at 60 frames a second, really, really smooth, as if I was watching a TV screen from a sofa at somebody's house. Just drop me out of the experience. And and actually I think this is one of the reasons why people don't engage with online content is because it's not like TV, whereas TV you just hit a button to turn over a TV station. It's good quality, it's high frame rate doesn't drop out. And I think that's the reason why people like that experience is reason why they watch content on a television set rather than to know that is changing. Massively, there's a lot more people watching live video streams now, and I think that's because the quality has gone up. We saw him to see very high frame rate, even four K video, so the picture quality is amazing. There is another reason why I don't need to do this is I have no need to run a browser just watching a live stream, which brings about lower CPU usage. Sometimes my CPU usage on chrome could be 140% of the CPU. Obviously, that's multi threaded, so it's not just on one core, but on this I could be using V L C. And probably uses maybe 12% 20% of the CPU. So incredibly low CPU usage, which high, I think has a knock on effect in terms off your whole system performance. And it might not be. The problem is the Web browser in terms of watching it, But it might just be seriously Mount CPU usage. That is happening because my browser has all these extensions in there. So it's a much cleaner way of watching the stream link twitch. Gary is a great standalone program as well to get notifications when people start to stream if you sign up for notifications from your favorite life streamers and you're gonna get emails when they start to stream. This is nice because it sits in your tray bar and gives you a little push notification in the top right hand corner, and you can click on that and jump straight through to the stream, which fires up the L. C Onda. Just start streaming into that. You don't have to actually have a Web browser running, so you could be working on a document in another program, for instance, so V. L C gives me a whole other tool set now to do things with the live stream with video and audio settings that I can't do in the Web browser. I'm going to get into that bit later on so you can improve the sound quality, improved the graphics. You could mess around with that graphic. You can re stream that you can do lots with it. So when you load your browser also loads up all those additional extensions that you added to it, which takes up your CPU on each of those extensions will be doing something called polling every so often to the Internet. They sort of call back home if you like, and do some checking. And that effects the Layton. See the actual connection time between you and the server where you're watching the video. All these different. Layton's is all this different lag and effect and create buffering on your video playback. You could run this to what? Your own stream that your streaming out live on. Record it locally to your machine because, as such low CPU overheads you could be streaming up to twitch, but also recording it the same time. On that way, you've got a real time version on the video. Maybe also link that in with something to be able to do playback inside of your favorite broadcasting program. 5. 1.2 - setting up livestreamer and twitch gui: Okay, then. One point to screen cast setting up off the live stream on twitch degree program. Do check out these other calls as well. So from the terminal, what I did is I ran this command pseudo easy on the score, installed, dashing you live streamer. As long as you've got python installed on your system, what will happen? It will go away or gravel the files that you need and it'll instill life streamer under your python directory. If you don't have python, it's very easy to install. Just go over to pythons at all if you don't have it. An easy step through program installs like any of the Mac program, and it starts all the python tools that you need in the background. Now, like I mentioned in the previous slide, Livestream natively is a cli, so it's a command line interface program, so you have to do a lot of terminal typing, which I didn't want to do. I don't want to learn the commands. I don't want to set up the conflicts. I just wanted an easy way have enough to live stream on record. So we've installed this new application called the Stream link twitch gooey, which gives us a graphical interface. That's what Gary Stance will graphical user interface to the actual program Live stream, which runs in the background so you can see here on the right inside. This is what happens when the livestream twitch, gooey comes up. You have various settings in there. This one that I've got highlighted here is for the live streamer, and you can see this is set up for windows. But I have it set up for my Mac. I can literally just set up the link where the stream link file is, and it will just load that stream link programme through degree connected the soul stream that I want to watch on. Then Vlcc opens up on receives the details from the life stream of code. So the live streamer is this background program, if you like. That connects to the server twitch servant brings back the the actual source and then in VL see, I'm connecting from the Elsie to the life stream of ruling locally so connects the link together. I've been super impressed with the stream lingo. It's super nice. I was not expecting it to be a so clean and so well written as it is, I love the fact that I could get straight to my subscriptions that live streams, any hosted streams that are running, and I can also do searches from it for different channels with different game types as well . Don't forget when you've got it running in the settings to at least come pick the streams live streamer on the player components. So there's three items on that list that you need to set up before it will actually work. If you want to have chat as well, cause I know that a lot of you might want to have people to chat back two from your life stream. If you want chat, I suggest you use chatty, not get hub Io. But look to use it behind a VPN, just in case there is a way for people to knock you off line to dot attack you denial of service attack you by the chat if they cannot. If you connected the chat, it kind of exposes your I p address. And if people flood your i p address if your life streaming from the I P address that knocks you off line. So a lot of life stream is tend not to actually chat in the chat box When they do a live stream. They have moderators that do that for them. But if you do want to chat in your own chat box, and I would suggest that use a VPN and mask your I ps where you're coming from. 6. 1.3 - twitch gui and vlc together (screencast): okay while I show you how to operate this streaming twitch. Agree? So we have the live stream and just running in the background were actually not running yet . It's just a file sitting in the background which will get called from the stream. Lingering. First thing you need to do is you need to sign in. You need to get this Oh, orthe tokens. So I'm going to sign in, which was gonna go to Twitch is going to validate on it's gonna love me in some lovely Now got this. Top notifications are or enabled, which is perfect. So I could go to subscriptions. Now on, if I've got any subscriptions off broadcasters that I'm subscribing to, they will show here any particular live streams that are running from the people I follow. So, for instance, his one from the SLC s go that's doing replays at the moment, over and over hosted streams. People that are host in other people, streams of people that I follow on. You can also go through channels that I'm following. So I have, for instance, Dr Disrespect somewhere down here on the chef shot, was one of my favorites as well but it's unfortunate that stopped, so we can also go to featured. We can see what's happening right now what's what is featured. Somebody's playing the legend of Zelda. And lots of people are playing that right now because of the new switches. Come out, You can watch a particular game that you're interested in, so maybe less Peak. This one here now, I don't know what these people going to say. This one, that's good, because it looks like the dog playing it. Um, the language could be bad. So please bear with me there in some of these streams cause I'm gonna find one of her minute gotta settings. Just double check out settings, go to streams. I want stream to be the source quality. If we could get the best quality, I wanna make sure that life streamer is selected. It's a python execute Herbal. Last year, the Python script. It goes off as it'll in super easy to use the player we're going to use the l C. Straightforward. So if I go back, go to featured again top games. Let's go over to battle grounds again. And let's say this one if I could come play what it does, It goes away, finds the channel, logs me with my old token, successfully logs me and says here, Oreo High, Low, medium. And now what's happening is loading the L. C. I can now shut this down if I want to. Just shut that down and then you'll see here there's a U R L just string this down part. Let me turn this down and what you'll see is now, this is in V L. C. I'm not sure who this is and what game they're playing. Just some random one that I've opened up. But you can see it's now playing inside of E. L. C. And if I go to the playlist again just to quickly show you the playlist a playlist you'll see here that it's going to want to. 700153739 Now this is the live stream of running in the background. Basically, I'm connecting to myself, which is pulling the stream from twitch, so it's a lot more low latent. See, if I go to the CPU, you can see that it's using 35% whereas if I was using something like you're chrome. It might be 100 120 130 I might get sufferings have really low CPU usage. Onda doesn't really have a problem in playing back that content. And you can just jump in also shows you what life streams are currently running. Which ones that I'm watching easy to use. I could just jump around into different, different shows that if I just shut this down a sec, just get rid of veal seeking because of the V. L see what it will do is they'll start up, feel. See, I get these errors, but I just clean them up by clicking on the clean up and get rid of it. Not quite sure what those errors are. And then after a few seconds, you know, I'm not gonna jeopardize TheStreet comes up, and then I could just shrink that down, put down in the corner, Just get rid of that. Just turn the sound down, But you can see very high quality stream. I'm actually getting the source from this chef direct, you know, really good, low latent. See, I can scale up and down. I could do various things with it and like I say the you can see here the stream, which is 20%. Actually, the thing I'm recording with screen flow is using more power. So really nice way off watching streams from twitch. 7. 1.4 - steps to setup vlc for recording: 1.4 recording your VSE stream and converting it to a format you can use for video recording . You check out all these humble but link courses below, so you need to make sure you set the record directory inside of preferences, which is under the input slash codex section. You won't be able to record anything that you're watching in V l C until you have set this because it doesn't know where to put the file that you want to record. So what you have to do is go to select file, select the option that says streaming for four slash export wizard and go through that wizard to set up the format you want to record in these air Some of the settings that I've used to get myself a T s stream on em pick ts tree, which allows me to just press space bar and preview it locally on my machine. I then converted later on. So what you want to do is save to file select the existing playlist items so you will already have a stream playing from Twitter at this point. So you just select that playlist item and then I use the settings. MP four video and I used 3070 kilobytes per second, and I also used MP four audio 192 kilobytes a second. It's probably overkill on both of those, but I just wanted to have a good source file that I work with. Next, you need to select encapsulation formats. I have mindset to MPEG ts, but you could use Ogi raw SF whatever suits your needs. But most most people will probably use MPEG ts and then once you step through all those different options, once you've settle those things up, you'll get to a summary page. Don't forget to click Save now, because then all your recordings will be saved. Using this format in the future and simply whenever you want to record a livestream, you have the life dream running. If you to hit the windows shift and our button you'll see in the top right corner of your V , L C Player says recording on it will start recording and saving to that directory that you saved in preferences in the import Kodak's section and then you could go into that later on . But obviously export that fall for using in your editor 8. 1.5 - settings in vlc for improved playback: Lastly, land 1.5 settings in VL see you can use to improve your life stream enjoyment on. Actually, some of these things are really neat, and it makes it a reason for actually experimenting with this. It only takes probably half an hour set up. All this took me about two hours of research. Maybe an hour and 1/2 for research, 30 minutes to get it all set up. And it works absolutely beautiful now. And I don't have any lag or late and see issues with watching video, audio and video can be tweaked inside of E L C as they are being hardware decoded. So instead of it being Hasting all five or a flash player inside of a browser using the browsers kind of codex now in using V L C, which opens up a whole spectrum of different things that you could do with whatever content is playing back. So the things that I tend to play with is the equalizer, so you can have that enhance the sound coming in. You can turn on a compressor, which means the sound is gonna be uniform. Whatever audio you get coming in, there's a really neat feature called the Spatial Isar, which is a kind of almost like atmospheric setting. So if you got headphones in and you've got a a live stream would say casters on there, you can really fine tune the sound to whatever you want to hear. Other things I like about the L C is that you can carry on with doing work while still have the video on the screen by using the setting floating on top, which floats the V L C player on top of everything else you'll do so you could be typing away while still having a shrunk down version of the L C player running in the bottom. It bob corner of your your your screen or wherever you want it on the screen is also video effects you can do. You can add. Remove this cropping motion blur manipulation for re streaming. You can probably put layers on top of that to restrain that continent. Maybe you have one of your friends who is doing a live stream somewhere on the Web. You can connect to that twitch stream, grab part of their stream to re stream in yours. Is that really nice way of doing it reveals because obviously the CPU overhead is low is a bunch of different Adams. You can get from Adam's dot video Landau, all lots of Adam plug ins that could extend the stream features. And also it's possible via video effects to add a piece of text on top of that video or even a logo on your stream content for saving out so you don't have to put that on later on . 9. 1.6 - the roundup: so the round of then it should take you less than 30 minutes to get this set up. It's not a long process. It all You just need three pieces of software. Live streamer, agree on VSC. Most people got PLC on the machine, if not using V L C. Do downloaded. All of this is free software and gets rid of all the lagging of reconnecting and freezing. Or at least that's what I found in my experience. And it should be a thing of the past with all of those issues when you're watching live streams, at least on twitch from. My experience also gives you the ability to get notifications in the top right hand corner of your screen when the streaming software is running. And also, when your favorite casters, your favorite life streamers, are live. I also use the Free Mirror video converted to convert the TS files that I record out of the Elsie into MPEG four conventions. Drop the MP for into my eye movie on away I go. I can just cut up and edit that as I as I pleased. So it's a really good way of watching high quality life streams inside of E. L C gives you the ability to recall him as well. It's just like a one stop shovel your live streams for twitch. I hope you enjoyed this today, and I hope you will watch it all the way through and suggest it to other people on our policy. You on twitch? 10. 1.7 - catching up after the course!: get automatic updates of new courses from online training. Doc click four slash me. Get behind the scenes email updates for me as well at digested dot set dot e said he would love to see you on the live show. We haven't started it yet, but I look forward to getting a few people. And I've already got two people who are lined up to be on the show team. Humbled that link ful slash live stream and four notifications from Facebook as to when we go live on their team. Humble dot link for slash f B. I really enjoyed this course. I will see you soon.