Lag Free Source Twitch Live Streams with Recording! [mac] | Philip 'dm' Campbell | Skillshare

Lag Free Source Twitch Live Streams with Recording! [mac]

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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10 Videos (27m)
    • o.o - introduction to hq streams with recording

    • 1.0a - open source tools you will need

    • 1.0b - 3 x free apps you need (screencast)

    • 1.1 - why do i need to do this

    • 1.2 - setting up livestreamer and twitch gui

    • 1.3 - twitch gui and vlc together (screencast)

    • 1.4 - steps to setup vlc for recording

    • 1.5 - settings in vlc for improved playback

    • 1.6 - the roundup

    • 1.7 - catching up after the course!


About This Class


watch source quality streams in vlc easily! :)

I recently needed a way to record some of my favourite live streamers so I could start making showreels and also for future reference if I wanted to record a backup or check the status of a live stream from offsite (to make sure a live stream was up)

I did a bit of investigation and it turns out you can combine some programs to grab the live stream into open source programs to allow you to record the files locally to your own machine...

we will combine live stream, twitch gui and vlc to give us the ability to watch and record our favourite live streamers as the source feed without even going to the website! :)

in this course, you will. ..

  • take a look at all the components you will need
  • go through the setup process for each one
  • screencast of operation of the twitch gui and vlc parts

sections. ..

  1. open source tools to watch the source live streams from with less lag/buffering
  2. why not just watch the live stream from the website, why do I need to do this?
  3. screencast setting up of the live stream and twitch gui program
  4. screencast using twitch gui program and vlc together to watch a stream
  5. recording your vlc stream and converting it to a format you can use for video editing
  6. settings in vlc you can use to improve your live stream enjoyment - really neat actually!

it's a fairly quick setup, I've condensed this down from my experiments over a few hours down to around thirty minutes so you can get this done fairly easily as well.






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