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Kendrick Kidd, Package Designer & Digital Illustrator

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16 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Product, package or label?

    • 2. Homework

    • 3. Client input

    • 4. Concepting, sketching and editing

    • 5. Presenting your ideas

    • 6. Define your design area

    • 7. Mandatories

    • 8. Unique & Repeating Elements

    • 9. Hierarchy & Graphic Framework

    • 10. Color Use

    • 11. Vessel Substrates

    • 12. Carriers

    • 13. Label testing

    • 14. Creating your digital vessel and applying the label
    • 15. Refinement

    • 16. Explore Design on Skillshare

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About This Class


Imagine a shelf at your local Whole Foods. There are dozens of craft items, a riot of colors, clamoring for consumer attention. What separates one Pinot Grigio from another? Why does the consumer reach for one pale ale - and not the one six inches to the right? 

In this class, we'll learn how to design killer packaging. I'll teach you how I work with clients and their brand to achieve beautiful design, and how you can create an exterior for a product that seamlessly weaves together logo, brand and product identity. 


What You'll Learn

  • Concepting. We'll find a common thread. How do we connect the dots between several discrete branding elements?
  • Package Elements. We'll identify the elements of a packaged product: what needs to be on there and why.
  • Space Allocation. We'll organize all of the information on your packaging in a way that's fluid and fun.
  • Hierarchy. We'll learn how to spotlight certain design elements and what you want to stand out on the grocery shelves. We'll also develop an understanding of how regulatory information (those disclaimers and charts that so often mar bad packaging) can be made beautiful. 
  • Color & Material. Finally, we'll make your packaging stand out with bold colors and the correct material. It's all about texture and touch!
  • Dimension. Your package will be 3-D... so we need to design it that way! I will help you format your design to fit the needs of the dimension it serves.


What You'll Make

You will design your own packaging for a beer can using Adobe Illustrator. I will walk you through tips and tricks to make the process of package design easier and more efficient. This class is perfect for those familiar with basic branding concepts and a rudimentary understanding of Adobe Illustrator.

By the end of this class, you'll have a firm understanding of how the elements of design are critical to your product... and why they translate to superior package design. You're gonna put these together to make that pale ale on the grocery store shelf stand out above all the others.