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32 Lessons (4h 19m)
    • 1. 01 Intro to Lowpoly

    • 2. 02 Decimating and Exporting

    • 3. 03 Using Simple Create Tool

    • 4. 04 Using Extrude Tool

    • 5. 05 Using Merge Tool and Zero Symetry

    • 6. 06 Using Soft Selection

    • 7. 07 Using Draw Tool

    • 8. 08 Using Create Symetry Tool

    • 9. 09 Using Sweep and Loft Tool

    • 10. 10 Using Tubes Tool

    • 11. 11 Completing Retopo of the Hand

    • 12. 12 Retopo the Shirt

    • 13. 13 Completing Retopo of the Shirt

    • 14. 14 Using Group to Manage Your Mesh

    • 15. 15 Making the Pant Lowpoly

    • 16. 16 Completing the Pant Low Poly

    • 17. 17 Finalizing the Shirt and Pant Lowpoly

    • 18. 18 Shoe Retopo

    • 19. 19 Completing Shoe Lowpoly

    • 20. 20 Shoe lace lowpoly

    • 21. 21 Shoe Lace Knot lowpoly

    • 22. 22 Making the Cap Lowpoly

    • 23. 23 Cap Strap lowpoly

    • 24. 24 Spec Lowpoly

    • 25. 25 Making Hair Lowpoly

    • 26. 26 Hair clumps lowpoly

    • 27. 27 Completing Hair Lowpoly

    • 28. 28 Hair Band Lowpoly Using Zbrush

    • 29. 29 Locket Lowpoly Using Decimation Master

    • 30. 30 Setting Up Lowpoly Objects In Maya

    • 31. 31 Optimizing Polygons

    • 32. 32 Final Cleanup and Conclusion


About This Class

    In this Class you will learn how to model your low poly character using TOPOGUN after completing the high poly zbrush character. If have not watched the High poly character sculpting then watch this http://skl.sh/2B9g7T1

    Class Topics
  • Decimating High poly Zbrush Character for Efficiency
  • Topogun tools to create low poly
  • Organizing the low poly model in Maya
  • Clean up N sided face, Non manifold geometry and Non planer face
  • Guidelines to make your low poly model error free

    So if you are interested to learn modeling and want to become a modeling artist in the game industry then without any delay enroll to this class to learn how to model your lowpoly character using TOPOGUN.


1. 01 Intro to Lowpoly: Hi. Welcome to locally character morning in Tokyo on sex and in this sex, and you are going to learn what to do after completing your hype early. Modern, what is locally and why it's so important. You will learn topic on robots tools to create globally easily. You'll also learn some locally guidelines along the way to make it more professional. I'm ready to use finally you lonesome techniques to say cure locally on you Love what to take so that your model gonna prove by you lead our from your plant. Finally, you will have immortal which is ready for the next day. So let's start learning globally Character morning in Dublin. 2. 02 Decimating and Exporting: Hi. In this class I'm going to So you how to use decimus and master to decimate your object so you might have some pieces or some parts off your model which has a lot off many polygons whose cannot handle by a difference up to like top owner Meyer. So we need to decimate those parts. You don't have to dismount everything. So this medicine is a process off. Decreasing your polygons while maintaining the details. So let's see the select the stressor. If you take it here, it's six lack 43,000 something. Who is it? Doesn't have to relate because it doesn't have for very settlements or festive tell So we can decrease the polygons here by decimating Soto decimate this piece. Let's make sure you don't have any layers here. If you have layers like this Vagal Okay, sometimes you don't walk properly if you have layers and specifically it layers in recording so big, all layers by baking Don't Gillet layers vehicle less so school This we don't need in color here. So then let's go to G plug in on Dhere. You'll find this missing master. Okay, so make sure you delete the layered and click here on the first time you need to do is the people's s current. Okay, it's a processing. So just click it on. It's gonna process here. It's gonna calculate how many Republicans it has and where it can tell it Polygons where I need to mention to give the politicals, like on these areas, it's gonna maintain the polygons, as was as it can on from these areas. It's gonna delete violence. Okay, so then you will find an object with has less polygons, like listen than this six like 43 something. Andi still has those details Okay, there against its completed. So let's go to Ji plugging again once it's completed the processing. Now again, the second step is putting a percentage value here. What percent is you want to give? Like no six like 43 it sports open. Let's give maybe 30% enter on. You can see here the polygons, the new polygons. So let's click on this decimate current to actually disarrayed object. Okay, So, pre process. Then give the person days, then Desmet current, which will actually disseminate it. No, it's gonna take some time, and here you can see the process or go against him. Now it's just one last night. Tools and Think writes on Dhere. You can see we have all those details, so make sure go close and check your students. Decimate more than unit just hit sipped F to check the polygons. Here you can see now it has a lot of triangles and still have a lot of bull against. Right, so this is a process of decimating your object, but you don't have to decimate a Trippi's quite so you don't have to Desam it every parts, for example. I decided this, and I may not have to decimate this part. This locket if somebody has less polygons, so it doesn't matter. Toe a testament. The main point of Desam it is. It should have the details. It's a manageable polygons which other sub dress can handle. So let's once dis emit. This piece is so I'm going to do the tea set on the pant. A single globally means when I make the local, it'll be a single. Continue Miss Bullets again decimated the band. Let's go on, select the band. Make sure you don't have any mosque. Deve Andan Yes, active just big. All there a new big or lead you might like to this kind off flat, setting the stone off this broth like, um a No. Again dis omitted. You can see it's five. Lack something. Let's go and do the same thing. Pre process current. Okay, then let's go. Once it's processed it in, the second step is giving the percentages. You can put any percentages here, though. Less like if I put 10% I'll make it's very low, right? So don't go too much alert. Maybe 2030% would be fine because I have five black. So let's give maybe 30% on disseminated. Okay, now GNC. It has less belligerent, but it has the details but makes you again. You're not. You don't have to be disciplined too much. Check by pressing, sipped. If this was up, dense polygons is finally So then next this base again. Let's Deleuze bagel layers under the scenting here. I think I don't have to, because see, it's just 30,000 won like 80,000. I don't have toe decimate this part. Okay, then the next step is just more than exported, so I need to Mars that is that plant as a single vessel, a select this year, the desert. Let's go to Mars and you can see the bad is exactly underneath the desert. So it's a very good thing for me because I can just go to Mars than click on most down the street Settle. Most downloaded this space against a much down click. OK, so now the desert and the band Good most so then I can do the same thing with this pocket and maybe, but, um so again, the bottom is there anything? So I gonna get into the same thing most on you can click on always. Okay. So that it won't ask again and again. So again must town. But make sure you're looking at here and in the Ben pockets most don't. We don't need any color here. Most talent, most don't. I mean, most town again. Okay, so now you can see it's now a single subtitle which has less polygons, Just six lack, which can be handled by top of uneasily. So once you much this like this on day after dismissing on here, you saw I just read this part, this part. But I didn't decimate this part because you don't have to descend every piece. Go to export here, export. This can go to my project. And let's create a new full load here. I don't for gun on here or a friend's high. Given the name, just make sure you mention higher something that you can understand. Like so go and is the blood right? OK, it's fine. This name is fine. Float or busy, It should be no busy for march. Save it the letter. We're going to import this in topical on. We can veto put their okay, can make the locally on top disciple I'm gonna do the same thing in between lessons. You don't have to see me doing it again and again this The main point is they estimate where you need to decimate it. If you feel it's two months, it's more than 1 10 like hot, maybe one million polygons to unit to decimate that. Then more something like this that is, that band would BC single and the cap would be single locally like now we have different pieces here on whose makes makes the cap. But we need to decimate or maybe like this, but we need to mars this as a single myth. Except this straps. So then we can take this as a gaffe and exported. And this these two straps can be much to a single subtitle and export those on the head would be a single. So subtle It's a single septum and the Sioux and the socks again, more than day. So I'll do all those things in visual lessons. And on the next lesson, we're going toe meet in tow Pogon where we're going to start to read up on the body. Okay, so the body would be a single message at the body on and I can be a separate mess on the Sioux. Socks will be single. Place less will be a different separate supper. Okay, so I'll see you in tow. Bogan 3. 03 Using Simple Create Tool: Hi in this. Listen, I'm going to start Rita pledging the face area. So here I'm using tope open to on the first day of is loading the reference object. The reference makes object is our high Polly. So good file and go to Lord reference here Onda subcommittees controls it. Or Oregon Clicky a gradual Lord ref. So then, good, you appropriate browsing folder. So here I have saved all those diverse, so busy, go to different high here. Then let's open men body or visit so you can see everything is in parts. So we have to do part toys like the body and the cab. And so So go on, have a cup of coffee because it's gonna take some time. We have a reference object here. So as a reference object, you cannot modified this object. This is in the background and whatever we're going to do is on top of this object again. On the top of a navigates on is same as my again. Tom alleged with all left mouse a middle middle Onda we told right you can Juman Jamaat! Ok, same as my So that's gold drew into the first. Okay, Here I'm going to start to mobilizing the face on the left side. You can see the top oven tools here. And whenever I put my mouth course around top of something, I get a tool tip. If you don't want that, it's obviously distracting thing on top of my screen. So if you want to doughnut that it can go help menu here and down after so tips. Okay. So okay, lets start creating Our very top allies are are local object. So I'm going to use this tool who is a simple creator. So there are different ways to create your polygons on top of your reference object on in this. Listen, I'm going to use this simple create to land. I'll show you how to use them. So click on here. Simple create. Now we are in simple a little jump into simple create. Andi can go tools and you can also select from here. And you can see the sort card we just see. Okay, if you want to go back to simulated toe are just your protects. You can right click on sweet back this tool. Okay, so right. Click switch between these two tools. Okay, so go to simple create and let me start from the I e d. I can start from anyway. So when you read a plays, you should have anomalies off, you know, is loops of the face. So if you have some kind of morning experience, you know you need a rounded loops around eyes toe, get animus and proper. Because of the animism requirement, we have to put some rounded like that. Okay, so this quickly click, you'll get the points and in between edges on all those points are confirmed toe the reference object. Okay, you don't have to worry about that. Okay? Once I do that, then I can go here again. Continue doing the lines, and you can see I'm not getting any fest because it's doesn't any quarter fess yet. So just comfortable that go like this, and then switch back toe Bree stool here and connect vision. These are You can also use your simple create and let's see how it to you. Simple clear toe. This who will control on arrogant IDs was selected white whole control and click on this when it got spread. Like if now collector, right then I want just, let's say collect this too. If I hold control here on day, then keep then they get a fist. Now, you can see this Grady gray color now, because it's, like closed. The whole thing is closed, and it's a corpus. So you get a face when it's squad. Now, against Diego that drink lines here because it was selected the nightly control and click here. It connected like this, so I didn't want that. So let let me undo it in this. Guess I should switch back to this simple aided by right clicking. Or you can click here all you can. He did sort cottage istea. So rightly gives the most easy way, right? Leak and well control. Now, Okay, right click again to go back to this stool clean. Okay. Make sure you're clicking on top off when it's becoming a red and cape. Okay. Again. Frankly, Lee, click. You can do like this or the easiest way is used. Please. This is the breeze, which is what you can find from here again. And the Sokratis it to be so breezes very quick face here. We'll get rid connected lines. Click, then. Okay. So legacy By using this to wit breeze, we can easily create polygons on top off our object. Then go back to hear their group click here. Click here you have also obsolete called make faces. This is tool obscenity. Whatever tool you have selected, you will see some tools absence here. Now I have selected simple grid so simple create has just one off sandwiches make faces. So now it's off effect leak here and I'm urging simple create. We'd make faces, so it's good luck or necked automatically with the closest vortex. If I drive here and you can see it's automatically, it's not just adding this vortex. It's also connecting with the closed one. So this is more faster way toe. Create your points at the same time you're connecting with another one. Okay, so let's go back toe breeze and connect. Connect. I can connect here. Connect. Okay, Andi, let me that we go to simulate it. If you want to move over texts, use your simple edit to do that like this, Like this. Then again, I can use simple create hold control control, click toe, collect motherly. OK, so I think I should stop this lesson. here on in this lesson, you learn how to use this total simple eight. It's simple. Create with breathes. We just covered the breeze to large. Well, have to create your studying parliaments. In the next lesson, I'm going to continue. I'm working on the face area. Okay, so I'll see you there. 4. 04 Using Extrude Tool: Okay, this Listen, I'm going to show you some other tools toe help you in creating this to redouble things. So last class we saw this how to use simulated to move around vortexes on how to use simple create to actually are points and creating and then hard freeze between them by right taking and how to use breeze tool to connect between these two points to get your province . Okay, so in this listen, I'm going to show you How do you extreme cold here on so that you can easily continue getting new polygons. So now we have the best update here on Let's go. And now we are in simulated. It is great. So no problem. Select it. If you go to this bottom, you have some upside here You have the loops in here, so click here to get the whole look Then goto extra and click here. So when you click on extreme real get something like this building oc tray. I don't know What is this? This is a thing Something which is activating the extreme tool. So we have toe to sit down and organ Allah is active again. See, from this blue and green lines here on this is totally white. Selected, no effect leak and dragged this green line. See, it's extruding. It's just like my extra on now. It's a very good way to create rounded loop, right? So I made this base first by using simple create. Then I selected an extra to get whole loop. If I drag again, I'll get another extra. So it's up to you. If you want another extraditing, I sort undo it. Okay, you can undo from here under the do re bit. Okay, then I got the around topology of die. So that's good. Then let's go toe. Go back to simple create no arrogance. Er it's automatically guard connector because of this obsolete make faces. So in this case, I want to turn off this. So Tom that off so that I can just work here without connecting anywhere. So make sure you were clicking on the A's of the leave, Okay? Exactly. So that it matches it that type of on when I do things I tried toe put the points matching with the top one, then. Okay, Good. Then let's can see my in system is a little Laghi because of the high polygon counts of this. So let's go and put a light points here on the leave middle area against, like this now arrogant on this on so that it's automatic. Delegate collect on. Okay, in this Logan suits connected with this point. I didn't want that. So undo it on down off this, okay? You just do it on Goto breeze and connected, and you can just hold left. Mouse don't release and track. You can do this. This is more faster. Way to do it. Okay, then again, so is back to your simple create. You can extrano all you can again just cool, make some of the points and connected. I think you don't have to put it, Lanier. We can connect here directly. Okay. And now it's connected. Okay, then let's go. I'll collect between these tools who threw. Be careful, Israel. Connect this. What if this protest while you have something in me so has to be careful about that. So sometimes you gamut I got off and in this case has hit f to frame. But there was elected. It's gonna friend that let me who raised these areas. Okay, If I understand something, just go to your simple edit. Select something and hit If Oregon click on here. Frame select. Okay, It's gonna frame it referring to see everything. Click here from all Okay, so now we have our live based their recovered that leaf. Now we can let the frame it. It's deleted. Doing this s selected. You can delete from your keyboard. Or you can just click here till it then do the same thing. Select. This is this hole. Is this like this Says if you understood, like, more to place, you can do that. Holding, sipped. Okay like this. Or you can just click the very word ups. And let me tell you, select this one. Select. Let's say you want to selected here. Select this one holding, sipped, then goto here, under here on selectable. But so you have to select. And if you click part, it's gonna select in between those areas is the quickest way to select. Okay, Once you selected, then go to again. Extra or extruded can see. The good thing is it's automatically conform to the mess. We don't have toe move around toe magic Heiple. It sort of illegal later. Yeah. Okay, then go to simulated. You can just add just when you do that, Rita. Border low polices tryto get a good. Is flu like this? You can have result this things here like this. Okay, then let's go again. Do the same thing in this case, I'm going to extrude this Still this is good, but okay. Oh, it's come here. So the solution is the saddest part. So selected their lives do somehow talk to select here. Okay, so again extra so you can see I'm creating those loops around the monk loops. OK, it should come till here. Consensus Lee, I didn't take this is because here you can see the Loach's a little complex. So we have to do that on DCA neck. That letter toe just extraordinary like this. Great. So we have some great loops there. Okay, So in the next lesson, we're going to do the Lord's on. We're going to connect a face whole face area. I'll see you there 5. 05 Using Merge Tool and Zero Symetry: again this Listen, I'm going to continue readable izing the face. So let's go. And you can most this vortices by 23 ways. Like if you select one xy I want two months this with this one So you can do by this told in control and just click here for there it's gonna mars automatically my holding control and rat toe That word s or you can just click here and click this one My holding Sit. And you can Mars here as well. But just click on this more jobs in here. I think you have a sort Good for that. If you go toe modify, you can see it's all. See? Okay, so that means again. Just leg on. All see? Okay. All you can words by this click and use this morning with. So this is gonna automatically Moore's to the closest vortex. It's very good. Okay, So much like this. And maybe this one moderate, it's gonna automatically monster. Closest one So smoothed. Is it a little bit? Everything should be properly relaxed. And I have some tools, techniques, toe. Help me on this. I told you those letters. So let's as do the lows again, let me use the simple create going to control their this clique. Clegg Oakley on here I have. This is which is actually penetrating the Lord's idea because we don't have anything here. So if I want to connect something to this is I need to hold sipped. When it don't rare, then click Andra as soon as I click that point, it's like this place is gone now because now it's don't in Ghana. Insider fest toe Bogan Always try to keep only quadrant triangles. If it's an insider face minutes you have more than forages. You're going to want to 345 It's not gonna feel that idea. It's not gonna give you a face, so you have to connect somewhere. It was just click here control. Click here to connect like a great right click. To switch to the stool for is a simple edit. And then again, go here called Control Onda Again again, start doing Maestro Fear. Okay, just to go. And that's to the same thing. Here's sipped drug like report this year. Okay, what? I can just go toe exterior and select one IDs to is from against extra orders Okay, so you just seem to be to bring the pre stool and connect this areas. Okay, if you are getting trying else, that's totally fine, because we're making a model for game. So game allows us to now have triangles. Don't worry about that. So makes your you don't have insider face. That's it. Okay, because a lot of game engine doesn't support and cider fists. Then hold control and moved this point toe. No get murdered or just go to Mars wit, and it's gonna Mars to the closest born. Now you can see the center line isn't straight are doll OK? It should be straight exactly to the faced center. So for that, it's a select this one on Select the bottom till here, click on parts to get selected. The between India. Once I've selected, I can go to here and click on Jiro symmetry. It's gonna snap everything to the center. Exactly. I don't have to like eyeballing Where is the center? I don't have to, because it's exactly the center because our model is symmetrical. You can see this is a great way toe no straight in the center line because it's needed. We're going to meet it to the other side. So for that it's it should be stretched exactly so that we can march does Italy. So let's quickly complete this nose area. Oh, I can see my incompetence finding hard to handle this mother of parliaments Let's go back and goto simple, create control to select it, then controlled connected again Here on here I can do the same thing with I I did not believe the select Oh the select Just this area on extrude to get around and look here you can see I'm getting some problem here so that's fine And it's just trying to move few points here and there because it's hard. That is okay. Here there's a good opportunity to So you guys something new? I can say this place is that like these were collected and this is squad, but I'm not seeing this kind of face great face. It's because the publican faces reversed there. Okay, so like normal bomb my face, it's reversed there. So you you don't have to, like, recreate these things. Just goto view if your drift on off this be referencing may object, Donald, that so that I can easily go to this side and you can see modify departs. Okay, so just I don't know if your reference object any time you want to, don't off. Now you can easily the select your face and go to modify Andi Reverse normals if it's and switch to the other side. Let's say this face Andi could modify by using this revolts is gonna reverse this. When something is reversed, its not gonna solve the face. You can see from this side I can see the face. So if this is this has happened to use, just go to modify and reverse mammals then again down on this buf Okay, let's quickly feel those knows but, um area. So let's select the loof on I can ish to once more on this will be the last time Anything sex itude smooth This points and grant matter it. Let's let the intel lluvia loop here on good months, most of slow food. OK, it's fine. So that's fine. So in this lesson, I saw how to Mars. This modest is by using Moore's on how to use this more sweet and we saw how toe straight in the center lines by using Jiro symmetry. Okay, so in the next lesson, we're going toe work on the face area and do their 6. 06 Using Soft Selection: again this listener going toe work continuously on the face on debt. Me, Finish the face in this. Listen, So I'm taking a lot of time to select years years on. I think I'm going to repeat some of the tools, if you don't mind. Because I already talked about those like this on Goto path. Select in between. Go to extrude. Always dragged this green line. Don't drag this blue line If you drag from the blue line, it's gonna move your products out of your friends objects. So make sure you don't do that. And let's drag it once more still here. Okay. I should have dragged this. Split me Undo it. Extracted again, dude, So that it matches with this vortex here on drug again. Okay on. Let's select this vortex. Margaret. It's gonna come. Are now. Medically, Mars is the closest one. Do the same thing more. I like this story, but you should use whatever you like. I'm not forcing you to use something. So then you can say this area is mess. Just move it. And I smoke like this. This chick because we extruded those things and you don't have a lot of space. Just remove these areas around on little. So you something else when you were in this simple 80 tool? You have a lot of absence. You can see here. Andi, you have some absurd on sub selection here. So now you can see I'm only selecting one vortex and moving days. Let's say I have to move a good idea. So by this way, I have to move a lot of protects. So you have sub selection for that. So down on this sub Thompson on, you can just select one vortex. Okay? Now, if I move, I'm moving a bigger area. It's like my soft selection to on you have the radio substance here toe control the area. OK, so obviously we'll do it. I don't want to move these liberty A Those are fine. So selected gives him less radius. So let's see this one. My laptop is a little slower. Consider now the idea is lesser. Small. OK, so you can use these tools. Let me down off that. I can also use this pain brush tool here. If I go to Penn Breasts on. I have a lot off Upson here so I can move with the breath radius. It's almost like sub selection. So you can see I'm not moving a single vortex and moving whatever inside this brush radius , Right? These are some ways to know. Move your vortex. I saw Dexter once more here has selected here. But if you were confused about the is loose, you can follow any images from Internet. You can. This, Jake? Any major? It has this kind off loops. Uh, so let's measure this one here on Mars wit. That's a great tool. Right on. Obviously, I need to give it a little bit more space. Well, let's move around it now. I'm going to extra in a different way. Like I don't want again this flu like this so we can do one thing Score from two. Like, this is maybe to this is good. Bad on. And from here to here is gonna up to create the skull area. So go to extra you. So this loops would go like this. Okay. On again, I got some crisscrossing thing here. So again, do one thing. I have a lot of militancy years. Just move it here. I can't Just more this too. I'll get a drinker here. That's fine. I'm starving this Listen here, in the next lesson we're going to we're going to do the head in a lesson and maybe a year in a lesson, So let's see you there. 7. 07 Using Draw Tool: okay in this. Listen, I'm going to soil some new ways to create your allegiance again. Now, in know how to you simple create to create polygons. Okay, so how we can create polygons in some other ways. So I see that. So there's a tool here. Gold draw. So go to throttle. Here on DNA, we have the line ups and is selected. We have poor absence here, so the line is selected. And now if I draw a line can see it's like a drawing. Okay, draw lines like this. Just imagine the is floater. End is flow. I hope youll miss like this on. It's constrained to this mess. That's good. So sometimes it's See, As you can see, I couldn't re still here. So again, just clear last here if I don't want the last one. So let's drive draw from angle so that I can complete the safe there. It doesn't have to be, but they fight. Keep till they're it. It's gonna like this. OK, so see, I had three lions didn't let's are some points. Just imagine how many points of vortex you need between those. So give them. Let's see. It may be eight. It will be fine. So now I have eight. No lines it eight points. I need to evolve it. These are not a this right now there's a lines lying to the different thing Now you don't happy is this? You've all heard to get a this new urgency. I have some ages now I can do one thing again. Just clear all all those lines you can see Still, the lines that there is clear all now have some ages. I can use breeze to scrag like this to know it's my breeds So it's a different way to create your Demetri by using brought all camp My laptop is deliberate slow I'm doing it on my laptop So OK, so as you can see it's very quick here I got connected I'm wanted Li like this I can connect like this So just goto this simple Create click click Ok on Although I can have the strangles but I end illegals with so village does Then again they grease Connect connect If I could link this city, it would be a very big gaffe Yeah, so somehow I need to put one is more I think let me so use on Mittal's So let's breathe here place. But you sometimes find this kind of thing. So go to simple create click here, Click control Click here. Okay, So Okay, then If I want to Arts amaze here the select one is on Goto Connect ring here it's gonna give you anything is low fia No, it's gone for me You can see Okay, so let's now I can do one thing. I can select this, I think till here on select the path next to So you have a lot off different different ways to do things. So try all the way. Andi, see who's you like? So select one. Then select this one. Maybe more sweet If it looks good Moore's with this one? Yes. Let's move this one on Margaret So yeah, Good. Good to go. I need to tweak a little bit those areas, but still is Onda. The thing is, let's select and its electoral here But on Glicken dosimeter toe, Bring those to the center. I think those are a little that side here You can see So now I have I'm crossing those lines here. Moved them again. Let's go click here. Click here and click on This is medically can click on this edge. Oh, okay, I can do that. No problem. Plea klieg ma GIC Andi documentary So then against elect still here parts to get the whole But then again, extrude extremely bored. Do you hear? Move this point with controlling school Marzotto Medically with that area so weak over the score Lydia So still this lesson I have not talked about the saving things. Let's goto file and saves in ads or saves in water buff for the first time on. But the problem file for marty's dot TZ is double on same file. So a sable with this pervert we have other Absolutely jizo busy. This is the top open file for March. So save on this former when we're done with the locally and we're going to move it to Maya , then we're going to save it in or visa per mark. So But this time I'm not done. Eso just cities and disease and browse you Lucas in Let's save here. You give it the name the body. Okay, seven on. I'll see you in the next lesson where we're going to complete this year 8. 08 Using Create Symetry Tool: Okay, here we are. So I'm goingto do the yet this time, and I'm going to complete this place. Okay, so let's start simple. Gretel. So let's does this on this part of the year. First caters to do this ark, do you hear? Okay, so don on this, Make faces and go ahead. Does who This cleared this base of the year here. Okay, Good. Onda. And move forward here. Okay, Lets down off this so that it won't connected this place. Then again, Tolan on, then move. You won't see This is a little bit Laghi because of the high bully messes Too heavy. I should have just decimate on. Bring it. Okay, so let's see. I discovered this year, so I think I should Yeah. Okay. Great. And don't off this alright, kid, to go back to the simple it. Oh, gasoline This one again. Go back. We can extra. This is as a list like this photo extra or stewed? Extra again. Go to simple Greer Asadi simulated. Move it. Okay, so nothing fancy. Just use the simple create simulated degrees extreme to get there. Let's see like this from here. Uh, let's elect from there to here and go toe part here did. Selecting between the next reward move. So okay, go to simulated Move it. And in betweens again, system words hold control and just move on top off to different vortex. It'll Mars except one the most is to hold control. Moved this and when the second and reconsider red religion. So I'm just keeping the video toe cover this area just extra or and move like this. Okay, here. Here I am. Just just used this. Create an extra tool. Took over this idea. Okay, so then let's select This is And like, the love to sort of dental look, then it all off this off, sons. Okay? Sort of subsume. Andi, let's extrude it list extra. Just move this green line. Okay, Great on That's extruded again, but this So once I just here, I can just move it. Andi. So move this to the year Best way, connected the body of the head, so move that line there. Well, guess so. Now just connected with the hair there. Then I can just connected to the body and here I can use auto breeze. The selected Salicylic days is just like the loop on trial to bridge. So the select the whole is Logan Dry orto plays so you can see it's automatically connected wherever it feels like it. It should connect. So then I have still have some interior, so I just need toe do those men early Has to move it. Do this again. This I feel that I have a lot off following on. So it Okay, so maybe maybe I need to mars this like this. So obviously, here, this is a little bit You can connect with this line, So I have a lot off unnecessary things. I can connect with this land. And if we're getting like triangles like this, it's for free, Cliff. It's possible to report that can keep drinkers. Then let's is it's crazy bridge here. These here, delete this line on Dragon. We didn't feel that face off. Sometimes it old connected this cortex properly. So that's why it's still feel that so And now I'm just going to select this tour decks on going to Mars. It okay, Miss Drew part ways. So let's select. This is still this is our next to so that it moved down. Okay, this wolf like this. Then let's move down the Inter part, but and then next to move extra again Because I need some loops there. Okay, great. Okay. Just do that on. Let's complete this face. Totally. So I'm going to select the central area before I meet her. This I'm going to select the intel. Is Loof there? So that's a little in there is Loof like this on? I'm gonna dislike this Justice elect this lens. Once you have selected, let's click on Zero Symmetry Toe like snap to the center. Everything okay? So before I actually made it, I would like to use this pain breast tool to relax somewhere. Like in these areas. You can say this loops are going crazy. Yeah. So let's take the plus and take the relaxed brush here on in this case, I want to keep the border. I don't want to change the borders, so just keep click on this key border absence so that we knew Just paint on the border. It won't change the border. Okay, so this relax. By relaxing agency eaves and little slow, you can see it's our jesting are averaging the word expertise. And so you're getting a good, smooth loof. Soc. So just use that in this case. I want to use these area so don't use two months like on the year the idea where it can change the world exports in two months I took a good then let's go and middle it or just use this creates symmetry ups and to meet at this side. So I have done it this half. So I'm going to meet it. Choose any of the vortex, decide on create symmetry. Okay, here we go. Concedes near that site. Andi, As you can see this border, the sainted line is not much. So that's what you are seeing this bull black line because it's not most so in this Guess what? What they do. Assist hit six toe. Get it up that friends mess. Then the select the border. That's Dr Intellect. A border. You can also Were you selected, you can just stolen back fists. Okay, so I'm in the simple every tool and darling back first so that when a drug, I'll select the behind lines. If you don't, don't off this then, as you can see if I drag if I drag like this. It don't see, like, the behind, so make sure. And also, I can don on five to see the behind or stolen this one trialist rides can actually you select the center line like this. I need make sure you have lost liquor. Anything on 12 So just disliked here. Must to stream most too. Yeah. So we're donate face and the next Listen, I'm going to started the hand and the leg. Okay, I'll see you there. 9. 09 Using Sweep and Loft Tool: okay in this. Listen, I'm going to talk about some new tools, and I'm going to do the hand and the lake part of here. So I'm going to talk about this drawer total, and inside that drawer, it'll a sweep on blocked. Okay, So how to use those two tools to create this kind of cylindrical saves like this are media here. This is a Celinda safe, and this is a cylinder safe. So tougher Gun has some very good options to create this kind of things very quickly. So let's say those the little see loved. So as you can see inside my drawer tool here, I have selected Loved to select locked here until xom points. So here, let's elect, let's move it to eight on drug here. Dragged from outside like this. So when you dragged from outside and go to the other side, it's gonna wrap off the hand you can see on now you have eight more Texas because this points that said to it If I increase it, you can see increasing this count here. So now I'm keeping eight drug, one more line drug. One more line. So wherever you want an AIDS just dragged the line. Yeah, here is my elbows. I need some more geometry here. Okay? So that the hand can be been from here. So let's again go here. Yeah, And again, I want some lines here. Okay, So make sure you're starting from the outside going to the outside. So once you've done just drug from this side on, just covered this in lines to start from this end to descend, then Evolet. Now it knows it should loved from here to here. When you create these lines, follow a pattern like from this side to this side. You cannot do this this then this. It's gonna I loved from here till here. Then it's gonna come back here. So you should create these in orders for you can see it's good here. I have some. He's so but I can fix those letter. So I didn't see It's very quick. It might take some time when you you velvet, but you can see it's more quicker than the manual way. So this is one way to create cylindrical SEPs, So use a lot with points and go along with that. Celinda, create some lines and then just create another line. The love plane. Just Chavalit. Okay, on this part, I'm going to. So you how do you sleep? I personally like sleep, then locked because when you use, we've you need to just create one line along the gulf along the cylinder, like along the height of the Selena. They need gonna sleep. It's like Mayer revolved tool. So let's see how to use this sweep. Now I have eight on DNO. The sleep state has three. So let's see. I need toe do one line. Let's say you get a line like this, which is not properly at the center, so you can just clear last toe. Do the last line. Okay on you. Can you steady most? Can you steady mouse? A steady miles makes the line. It liberates lawyer, which makes you which gives you the control. As you can see now it's going is delaying the stroke on. It's good. Good to go. Okay, so let's say this is my line. I have very few points here, so let's increase the point height here. As you can see on the loved I was dragging the line like this. This is my cylinder I was trying trying to drag like this here for Suif. I'm creating a single line. Andi, I'm going to evaluate it. So before I e value it, I would like to increase this value Sweep steps, increase this to age and evaluated. Okay, great against it was very quick on. And I have got a very good clean geometry. So for sweet Unit to just drag a single line which is going along with the cylinder on. Just said the points aun said a sweep step. So these two absence allow us to create cylindrical serves very quickly. OK, in the next lesson, I'm going toe do the bomb and I'm going to talk about this new deal stool, which is new for the tough. Going to again that's a very quickly took the excellent medical seps on. I'll use those for the fingers. I could have used those in the hands agile, but I have to cover these things. So you have blood off good apps and so see you there 10. 10 Using Tubes Tool: Okay, I'm going to cover this to you've tool to create this finger kind of again. The cylinder concepts. So we have three absence to create cylindrical saves, which is we covered in the last class lot and sleep. Those are great tools on. I'm going to cover this new tools again, which we can use to create Solin medical sets very quickly. So let's start from this. So as you can see the fingers that against cylinder on, I'm good. I'm going to use this deal. Stroll on now into you Do, too. Don't have blood up. Absence is just divisions. It's kind of loved. We're going to create this kind off if this is the cylinder crossing lines put in crossing lines like this. So let's start from here. So let's drug from this outside like this. Let's turn off study mouse. Let's under divisions down off. Steady miles. I don't want to the most like now. So just drug like this. It seems like loved. But if you move the camera again, see, this line is not on the surface. This line is on screen space again, so I just know the difference there so you can undo it on this move. Drag it like this on dragon line. It's exactly like love to you are dragging some lines. Okay. On, then innards to create this rightly. And this is more faster than loved, actually, so it takes less time than love. So I like personally like to use this tool, then loved. But it depends on you so you can use any tools. Just drug here. Makes your you at covering the end of finger. Uh, like this. So I have some lines like this, rightly to clear the belligerence. Let me quickly drag. Well, here are the knuckle ideologies. Keep three lines, at least one lying to the center of the knuckle onto the side of that. So so that it can make an immutable easily on. Okay, frankly, So this tried and erected. And then drugs are the same toe. Okay. And this drug here on this deep idiot I'm going to cover. Those were manually using this simple create total. So it doesn't do the body part of the cylinder by using this. Okay, right. Get to complete it. Okay. Somebody is not to there or get a fine. You can see it's very quick to do. Use this after drag like loved lines, and that's rightly toe Get the symmetry so good on. Then we're going to use simple created toe complete some area again. I'm not going to do with every fingers in the videos. I'm going to do those things in between lessons, so I'm going to do one finger. Andi, is this need to follow with that thing that every finger so selected select the loof I can use extreme. Your wedding fancies us to use those tools like this. Um, maybe like one land there may be one till here. Andi, unless cover this a simple clear. You can hear it if to frame it. So that the camera routed from that point. Okay, on. Just put some light board x point here so that we easily restored didn't take the breeze. Hundreds, this lines. Or you can again use that same simple create toe. Google. There's my breeze. Okay. Freeze. Yeah. Is this coming like this? Okay, do the same thing with every finger and just fill it out on in the next lesson. We're going to Duke and cover this area and see there 11. 11 Completing Retopo of the Hand: in this lesson, I'm going to complete this part. And if you're comfortable with all these tools, just skip this video if you want to. Because I'm not going to talk in noodles. So select this is and let's select a loop I started extremely. Okay, So just extrude to get a new round Lou fia this move off the grid. Then let's extrude again select the loof after again. So we need at least three loops here. Okay, I'll go with it, then Lived through the same thing here. So let luv on extrude. We need looks, years or just again do the same thing. You don't move too much so that it's not Austria, different areas, a list view word there. Just move a little bit and we can manually move that. Okay, just move it. And then let's manually move those things like this on disk. Unless it be most. There's monsters as if to frame and GoPro's It seems like I have missed one Faceless Tigger . Let's turn off the view, ref. He is so I do means But you can see the vortexes there. Stay good. You can't even if I have dawned off that still snapping. That's a cool thing. Just so, like this water stewardesses and more stores. Yeah, perfect. Live. I think we can all Tamworth this to so much Spit most dish to again from word so to the same thing. So I'm just passing the video. I'll get back to you after completing this thing. Okay, so you have much everything less now it connects. True this whole Loof. Let's select the whole Loof extreme struck this area again Here. We need some loops at the knuckle Lydia. So that it convey in from here drug again. CUF years. Okay, good, Good. I think we can move this idea. We don't want that months here. Let's go back to simple tweak and also simulated a new need to Mars. This area with this Boyens we can most. This point at this point was Okay, we're gonna just move thistles. And this much this space, this war this is a little bit. Yes, I do. The same thing here can most is to so you can see we have a lot of fridge is going on from the fingers. Are all those Is this coming here? So But we don't need this much of dense polygon here. We can just combine these things that you can collapse. These things just like this is, is let's say, select these storages and go to collapse here. So it's gonna collapse. Andi is do the same thing here. There's collapsed this to two x s collapse. Get a move on. We'll do the same thing at the bottom. Maybe in from year can collapse it. Golub's okay, Good. Let's elect from this is still this is on. But it didn't give me your greatest lists like this, man early. Good. Next to look a extra or and extra you're you can just hold control and drug Today's when it turns rare Just religious gonna Margiotta vertically. But before you drag whole control Andrea lease Oh, you can just use more tweed Do it so sometimes you get a feel dragon approx in that unit two for Lord unit tohave is messing with the hyperbole like this here. So just be word of that. Sometimes if you can match or if you can put a name is we'd like this on the hyper Leah have a leased line here. Andi in Lofa Lee, if you can just pull their names their exactly matching. But you cannot do everything we can. Putin is everywhere like this. So Okay, then let's select the whole loof on. Let X dude Teoh raised Good. Okay, so here, missed space does. Okay, so here we have some to state 10 year soldiers. Delete this, but Okay, so I have deleted that. So let's select again that loop this Lubin move it. We need Cem. Good amount of Frigia. Listen here because of the again defending this is the rest of the X gonna deform. It's gonna bane from here. So you wherever it's gonna Ben every joint idea, you need toe fulsome loops here, maybe 34 loops. Okay, so let's select and let's strike or no breeze. So let's see if it works. So arteries or domestically, try to breeze it with the closest. Okay, It works well, but you can see that some gaps, because these ideas has different public suggests than this area. If it's matching, then it can create a good continue thing. But here we can just pulled some V it's lines. Okay, So you have completed the body here and in the next Listen, I'm going to start recapitalizing the T sect. Okay? So I'll see you there. Guys 12. 12 Retopo the Shirt: again this. Listen, I'm going to start with the desert globally, but let's goto file and clear the scene by clearing the scene. You're locally will be clear on day. Let's go toe Lord Reference. Or you can just click your lord Ref, go to my reference high fuller on Let's speak my glow, Toby. Okay, this is my gloat or visit. So let's start doing this so I'm going to use to you stole to create these things. Okay, so let's select the two tools. Let in greed some divisions here, maybe 12 on gets dragsholm line. Let's drag some line from here on. You know, whenever dragging this lines, just follow one did excellent means just follow. If you have started from this direction to districts and just keep that, don't don't put one line like this, so it's gonna fleet the polygon when it's going to create it. Andi, when you were putting is loops again, try to think about 12 minutes more like in this westerly, it's going to bend. There are some more on this right leak to create the political and leads to the hand. Let's drag and rock like this, rightly to conflict int here. I think I don't need this month off Politan. So let's undo it on this. Decrease the hooligan count. Maybe 10 eight would be fine. I think they would be. Find a list selecting. And if you want to do the same thing with this side again, Donald symmetry. So let's try a symmetry and do it. Okay, Good. See, let's are some Manuel lines here, so I need a exact matting line here. Solar sports. Um, more decision. So it makes you this abstinence off make faces and in just trying to match it this line so that I can easily raise it. Okay, so I'm just looking at this. Gorgeous is, and I'm putting a line corresponding to that list. Okay, I think I'm done. So let's hold control and click on this to connect with this one. So then let's select the whole move The whole loo. Onda, let's tryto octobre zip. Lexie. Okay. Against a very quick automatically wrist. We knew one round love here. Okay, You can see little leg until it this side. He did not always I can again do this'll Ooh for toe, please. Okay, Good. The little select on the whole luv. Let's extrude it for Let me tell you how to use an sucker for the stool. So let's go to edit and go to Cuba or said Card. Here you can find the tool Zeman cool inside that and select extra or no arrogance. He doesn't have any sucker if you select distillate hearts is good, but just write it down. Let's a e for extra your okay, a sign. Okay, so now the select the loof. What, again again? Say the soccer for Lou Budget Move Presti on extra stairs. A sex, too. Okay, I'm let's just these things a little bit. So I need a loof here and I think I need on low fear a gentle select, this loop unconnected. I want low fear so that sometimes you can see this kind of thing even if it acquired. Still, it looks like that's and manifest, but actually days a face, it's kind of bug on. You need to just delete this is through. This is and let's take the breeze and reconnect it. It's kind of a bug. Just unit d Leader is and connect. So let's, uh, now we need to connect this area. So let me delete this side. Turn back first. Delete Dissected Wonder said. Now, once I do this on, I'll begin to placate the whole part. Make sure you have something at the center. So let's select luv. Let's geo symmetry. Okay, to be straight Loof Jiro Symmetry Okay, on delivered this. Say so. Good. Then let's do this part here. Let's use our period every tools. And so turning of the symmetry by pressing takes you condone on our off the symmetry of Phyllis to this man earlier on putting it protects too. Imagine this length again. You can just turn on make faces that it connects automatically and create a face for you. Okay? Yes, it to be okay. Good. Then I need to decision till this is and part on. Let's extra by blessing e extreme So you can see whoever I have around Loof. I'm putting another round love toe kind of supporting and it can be banned from belief from here. Okay, so let's solar. It's extremely this too ex true And that's going to next. Food in well controlled to Mars will control to march. So let's do the same thing here. Their sole control, control and country. And here again, the select to work. This is Aunt Monster. It will automatically margarita closest one on here. I can use the breeze to connect connect their electorate the breeze to connect the original Just Then I'm going to extrude this extra once. More attitude if you'd let's let this is what This is this word. This is Mars to Mars. I think I have selected something else. My mom most this. So these two and most to let's more, this one, it's much this is gonna give me a triangle. Fine. Okay, Here it's very messy, so let's use the brush with Relax, upson and paint. On top of that. Do there's the middle bit. It's a great tool of years. Alerts again. Select this front door. This is You can see good selector the faces so you can just turn off these things. Andi, select all the vortices. You can also use your sort card toe. Select waters raise our face. You can see one for vortex do for days. 34 Face can cycle between those. So let's go to robotics. Make sure you have selected the right one. That's just like this one on digital symmetry. So I have a vortex year deluded. I didn't do the same staying with this backsides off like this ejido Simmon tree. Okay, so let me stop this video here and in the next. Listen, I'm going to complete the he said, and we're going to continue the parent as you can see, the pendant that they said, It's a single mess. We're here. So we're going toe, make it as a single continued mess, OK? 13. 13 Completing Retopo of the Shirt: hi and this. Listen, I'm going to complete the desert. So let's let's bring these things to the end. Yeah, at the end line express Safe. As you can say, this scene is more quicker than the previous bodies in because because of the high poly count we heard there, so here it's very smooth to do or work. So then let's let's select this move. Well, that's stolen. This is on DSA. Let the love on this extreme of this to viewer that, as you can see, you have less polygon to it. It's not matching properly here, so we might need some more polygons in these areas. Alerts. It's our somebody going to goto, create simple, create cold control and I don't have to Arden, Azov all the way there again. Just start from here on. Let's see like this to on connect. It would be better, I think is connected. I just I just this thing on. Let's take this total control and control Click to connect presenting here. The soul seeped on for new whole saved. It allows you to put a war tax on the AIDS. Okay, so, no, I consider it's roughly matching. There's fine to do the same thing here. So we feel that I'm going to mass this line under the high police Seem seem of the clock there. Okay, so let's take a simple create tooling and toe the same thing. All suit Andi whole saved. Just be careful. Toe this This whole city. Okay? Okay. Great. And rightly to switch to the simple idiot and then right click again to seize back, do the same thing here. Okay, good. Now we can just extrude the whole loof inside. As you can see, we need to gather here. So let's luv then goto extra or on extra? Sure, you can see it's not giving us a clean line. Toe toe are just a little bit. And sometimes you might need to exist. Moors. This water says you don't need too much here. So So just following that hard Garner the hyperbole just followed that and just moved his work Assist to that less and feel this ruv around and do this. So then I need to the scab it on. We need to just feel it so we can just select these and morse those. We don't need this much off it it Details of polygons. They're just more steam. Oh, you can collapse as well if you have selected ties. Okay? Yes, to the same thing. You can press Z to repeat Jackson like my Okay, then let's a Let's go to sprays Tool. Ours was connected. You can use bridge to Lori can use the simple clear with control holding on bleak like this . Like this. Okay, right. Leak and greatly control. OK, so it's good if you don't off the real friends of your F off you can take your morning. Okay. Good. Then let's do the same thing with the naked here, So let's select this air. Still, as if to frame Agassi like this is part here. Just let the extra or next to okay, the next to it again. This time it's working properly. Okay, Good. Then just connect this things breathe. These read sometimes don't work, work if it's too far away. So as you can see, it's hard toe. I want this line with this lens is very hard toe going this way when it said little far hours off on those consists us to you. Simple, create on hold control and click control. OK? And rightly greatly control control. Again, click here, then. Just go like this. Okay, Good. Then do the same thing here. We need to just move these things on matters here. You don't have to Buddha line here. We'll get that detail from normal map. So Okay, almost. It's done. But I need to the streak a little bit. We don't need to Must Mulligan here on. We need some more elegant here on the westerly. Okay, so let's let's more this three collapse, it giggle last that I think we can call last this as your list collapse it presidency to reprint Jackson de to repeat Jackson. Okay, good. I think we can collapse this actual. And I'm going to put one on two lines here. So that's double click to select is ring and connect to get it in between lanes. There. Okay, so I think it's fine. I just need to space them a little evenly. So less strict. The paint brushes it. Relax, Andi to space them as you can see and changing the border. Swiss click on this up some key border when you paint it, Relax. If you don't want to change that border. So just know against, even if I bend on the border doesn't affect that. So just relax them in Rebid. So that day, evenly spaced. Okay, good. Let me go to the simple Harriet and monolith do this What gets done to in the next listen and going to do the bent? 14. 14 Using Group to Manage Your Mesh: in this lesson. I'm going to do the very top of the plant, and I'm going to talk about how to hide some off your reference object like, Let's say when I'm doing the pan, I want to hide the desert, he said. Reference object under tow. Irritable object here. So let's see how to do that. For that. Let's go to view minimum and go to view Group window Robson here on this is a little endure . Automatic electric dated some groups According to the different objects, we have been the scene, so we important single Oh, busy object. But you can see the tea set and the band is not connected in you, so it's automatically created. I have not created these groups. It's automatically there. So let's take some of the group we knew. Selected Groove. Some part Don's white are brighter color Onda. Other parts are darker, so let's say there were brighter parties inside this group. Selected growth. OK, that this is the case, that group. So let's rename this group Goto Group and renamed Roof. Okay, so exports Saad. Okay, let's select this and let's go limit event, so I'm not know, reliving everything just dependent on this basis have the small, small pieces here because these are again different. A sub Tuller different object doesn't have to be different sub tools, even if it's a singles up to intake. Jeepers still, those are not Morse. That's what those air in different groups. Okay, so let's go to Sirte on Defy Hide that. Let's say let's go to band and hide the side. You can see the reference object is gone. The high poly or the local It's still there, still, in my view. So if I want to our this to this group, I can hide it right? So let's select this. So when you select, make sure you have your selecting the backside as well by just don on this back first option, then drag toe select the back side as well on Go select. The groove you want toe are this sir thing. Then goto groove on ours to group. Okay, so now my adding the low poorly to that group, actually, so let's go to a different and select a different group and hide the South Group. No agency, Even if it's a complex ing, you can bring every object as a single o b j here Then you can use this grooves toe work can hide a necessary thing and focus on the thing you want to do If you want to see everything league on all on click on all to still see everything and work on everything If you up selector parent than you create the band you are walking on this group on your hopefully will be in this group. Ok, so now I'm going toe all and I like to do it all again again Hide it I like to do it all and then I cannot depend to here because sometimes I need to follow this lines to the band as well. So I want to see those. Let's go and let's start doing the bent. Okay, so let's use that you stole to create this area. Okay, I'm in. Do you have stool on this part? Sex and I'm going to do that. So let's are some line here and this on. I have a division selects increase this to to elf. Maybe then our this line. So using to you stool is going to give you the faster result. So let's rightly to create the cemetery. So obviously we're getting something. Exactly. And the flames? We can clear them using this broth subsume with Relax. And don't Don't keep the ad Diab sandwiches Keeping poor border. If you don't on on this and bend it, your border will be moved. So that's click on and then and in between. Okay, so to use is a great tool to create cylindrical. Say very quickly. Okay, Let's use the drawer. Toronto do some parts, so I'm in drawer tool. And this is the line ups and the lineups on the selector out of this four ups in. So we have lines we've loved Andi Reza. Let me. So you the use off line? Yeah. So let's draw some line like this. And I mean my singing where I want on aids. I'm putting him lying there like this. Okay, let's put online here. That's what then food stiff a line like here and make sure you're crossing those lines and you're not like like this. If you do this, you are not going to get this fest. We'll get this first. This place This is the closed idea, right? You'll get a face when you value it, the clothes area will get a fest. So let's clear last, because I want to read. Draw this line, makes you recovers the line and cover the lake. Now trying too hard matching with this decent line. So whenever Lopa lead abandoned the start, I'm going to obviously connected here, but still use of mass. This line on its Let's put some Lanier. I can move that letter for then evil it like this and then clear all on disc. Get rid up those lines. Yeah, I can do the same thing here. Two straw. Some lines like this on makes your toe these lines, these lines, these lines. See, I'm not crossing, so I'm not going to get this first. So okay, that's fine Created. Okay, then, Cleo. So then let's breeze. These things connect that idea. Brace Breeze reads. Okay, that's fine. Let's adjust this lane. Who is the center lane So select, select, But on click on Jiro symmetry to make it perfectly to the center and flat on. Then I believe I need to are some loops on the east side as well. So let's select this line. Andi, I want hard on his move all the way. So select one IDs on Goto Connect ring. It's gonna automatically connect the whole ring and give you on his love inside. Okay, Like this. So that's good. So let's use the brush tool and we keep border. Relax. So let's relax. Thing the Miller bitch. Okay, like this, I think I want UNAIDS. Lutfi Araj also select monitoring. I need a few gradually suppressed g to repeat the same accent. So I'm just adding few loops and then let's relax them so you can see I'm not moving the border. I have toe do those manually. So our next thing I think I want to Arden eight Luffy originals disconnect ring nor lists are one here. So I'm just increasing the Bali gowns and giving it a good against the military. But if you have low Polly budgets, let's say you have got 2000 politicized for the whole character. We can't make the object this month events. So then you cannot just this Mannelly let me move thistle and look this Okay, so I'll move those letter at just those. Then let's make sure you Jiro symmetry this interline on. Yes, I want some lines here, So select these two lines on DCA necked ring, so I'll get two connected lines here. Can you can see fine is to the same here. Connection. And for us. Okay, You can see I have reversed face. I believe so. That's best six. Let's check that in. This case is destroyed to deliver this line under Dr Rhee. Breezing it. Okay, look at this fight. Okay, here. I'm completing this. Listen. And in the next lesson, I'm going to work on the plant again. 15. 15 Making the Pant Lowpoly: Okay, let's continue doing the band here. So I had put it some lines on the last lesson and put it some vigilance into this sort on DNC. Looks good on. Let's let's have the same digitalis. I'm going here. Okay, so let's move this line with here. So let's try toe of raising those lines to a particular distant an average distance. Okay. So okay, this line is better messing here. Let's sport this here. Uh, no. I am Have to move this line here. Bid. Okay, now it's going good. Andi here. I need to put this line here. So I needed particular line exactly. Matching with this idea. So let's said this lane this'll ain okay on its goto. This is the States that is select here, here on. Do we need to extrude this area to get this death here the thickness of the sudden like this? Okay. And then you can just remove again. Oh, no. It's going inside there because that's Mrs going inside there. So in this case is Let's he was the braised or Okay, great. So let's move days to the center line. That's like this one. This one Jiro Symmetry ful do that. So here I want online. So let's see. Like to collect ring. Looking good seems to be to bring this Bristol visit Fear. I want on line here. So gonna bring Goto praise and connect it. Start raising goes Okay, Moved this lane. You can select the whole thing and then move from this man of letter Here. Let's put this line to the pocket as well. So this'll like this. Okay on. We want an easier to listen like this This let's put here like x trio the date of the the Dave of the folk in there like this Let's go on in this area. It's like I just extruded that has my pocket. Let's move this back to the center. So nothing fancy the same tools and techniques. Okay, so this'll Okay, So you want board that I am the speeding of the video right now on just what it and I'll get back to okay . Here. It just covered those things and you can see it's good. Now you can just turn off the view ref to see you then, Teoh, you don't have to do the exact part owns in the low poll lead is a small, small details. We can get those details by baking on top of this Locally, Masya. We'll get those details, so make sure you are just putting UNAIDS to the formatting of the hyper legs at the pocket here. So I have a good met in line there. Okay, So good. So in the next lesson, I'm going to complete the pants on. We'll move forward to the soup. So say there. 16. 16 Completing the Pant Low Poly: again this. Listen, I'm going to complete the plant s so I'm not going to talk about any new tools. You can skip it if you want. Oh, so let's do. Let's start from here. So let's select. This two is extra them. Uh, okay. Extra them, then this select on Mars wit. Okay, All you can use more stew so that the only difference is if you select this and much too. It's gonna march Move on March with this one. It's this What? This is not going to march a move. Sorry. So you can see if you don't want to move that for text, then you can just must do instead of moderate. Okay, let's have just this line to this seem here. So this just this line toe this this cloud seem line is good going here. You don't have to do this, so I'm doing here just to maintain this offside here. So it'll look cool. Okay, just on then select the loop. Extrude. You've okay again. Make colour exactly. Matching with ties here. We need to look this little on against you would. We're not matching properly here. I think we need to are some loops here. So let's select this loof of this story. This is on then connected to the rest of connect. Sorry. Connect Ring to get the whole ring there. Okay, so just are that and move it. Okay, I think I said are you one here? Connect. Ring a news. You paintbrush to relax them yet again, The face is reversed. The select select go to modify and reverse normals. Um, this office, this temple is easy to repeat it. Uh oh. Okay. Good. Then let's extreme this whole loop to get this thickness. So extremely so in the small ideas this gross law don't extra like this. Okay, I'm done on then extrude again this loof to go to hear Loof and execute And I stood here. Okay, so let me show you some different of suddenly next to you. So extra has three of sincere coral project back free Sometimes if you see this kind of problem, So let's on. We know inside. But it's just going move off on day isn't anything which were concerned about messing properly or something like that. It will be just extremely here and calf fear. So in this case, is I'm going free and then free when you extra you It's not going to snap to the object. Okay, that's fine. I don't want to snap. You just remove it and Oh, yeah, it's giving me like that. So then get out of the extraordinary selected Loof. We can just move it like this in sight. On were much concern about that. Um, no. Just move on its going again project back there. Okay. Like this. So that's even better. You can see some crazy roboticist there. Just bring them back. Okay, Go like that. And so let's go and move this work. This is still here. Okay, So as you can see it, sometimes you have to seed in. Work on these are not creative things. You just need to work on complete these things. Okay, then I'll I can cap it there. Or sometimes we just Mars the whole thing to point. So the final place would be like going kind of things here. So you can do that as well. So Okay, so let me keep this like this and in my I'm going to pee leader Margit. Let's see. So were completed with the band here on in the next. Listen, I'm going to start working in the Sioux 17. 17 Finalizing the Shirt and Pant Lowpoly: Hi. In this lesson, I'm not going to start the Sioux because I thought I saw So you the process toe save it in no visa for March so that you can take it in to Meyer. Andi. I also need to meet it. So let's do this and these things in this lesson on in the next lesson, I'm going to start the So Okay, so so one. See, I have done with this side and you can see I had forgotten to do something for this wrinkles. You can see we need to put some cross line like this year so we can do those after meter. So let's meet her this because the reason I'm doing it after media is these wrinkles are not matching like those are different from the both side. So let's meet at it. The selected never takes off, is what about here. Let's go on and create symmetry before you do this. Makes your Your center line is perfectly flat on. You have said to Jiro symmetry. Okay, and now it's good. It's mirrored on the center line is bold black because it's not Morse. Tree it so into monsters. So let's select them. Let's go get rid of reference. Object. Let's select. Let's select the view. Mess ups in off So that against see through it it's like we're from more. Select all those center vortex there. Okay, lets see. I have selected some extra base years alert to select them by holding control. Okay, So it against his deal I have selected there. So let's diss elect and don't off diet and face. I just want to select what? X on a lane. Your view prayerfully and drive. It makes you have not selected anything extra. They're still control and dis elect them. Okay, says the center bird, it's vortex line here. Okay, then let's use must to Okay, great. So let's done on humans again. Now you can see that board black line is gone that ministers are more sna on for Let's stone on its face on Let's select the in bed loop off the center line There. Andi makes your Jiro similar trades in center. Okay, move this. Sometimes you get this when you meet it and decide it's not symmetrical. So that's fine on getting some me so here as well. You just need to because those are not exactly symmetrical. That's why snapped, orderly. We can just delete this area and you can redo the those things. Okay, so I'll I I'll correct those in between. Lessons are not going to do this now, on the last thing I want to say before I save it. These things, if you see this wrinkles, this is going this street excellent on we don't have any is on this Drexel. So we knew goto this angle. You can see this line on. We don't have a line there. Actually, it said non planner face. So in this case is it's better to pull some lines. So let's say lives say I need to take this is this I'm connecting building control it a simple creator. So now I put in is the the matting angle of that wrinkle so much necessary toe? If the wrinkle is too, as you can see, it's very obvious wrinkle like this on Dhere, as you can see amazes going inside there. We don't have anything there that angle. So let's score all sich to put a line and let's put here. So now at least we have something there learning to move this. Okay, so this look at look from different angle and try toe mass the obvious wrinkles. You don't have to do this. We take everything like this subtle wrinkle. So you don't have to do. But in this case is like see here it's not matching. The body's not matching here, so we need some lines here. They're still in this after this visit again. Dilip, This visit again. Okay? Yes. I want to use the brush to relax here, but I don't want to sense the center line if I spend like this and moving the centre line as well. So in this case is you can just go to paint breasts. Andan stood off. Relax, go to select. I'm no bend to select now bending to select vortex. It's a different way to select your water system to select the center line on my selector, the city only then I go to brush and then relax and I'm going to turn on this use selection you select. And now if I brought us, it's gonna just move those selected vortices. So I'm not moving the centre or anyone wanted or diseases. Okay, so Okay, let's go to the bring building here. I need one loaf, so let's go. So I'm putting and love to the peak of the wrinkles and going with that Drexel of that wrinkle. Good. So yeah, is our local is not matching the DYP earlier smoove. Sometimes if it's to a symmetrical, it's better to do it to redo it. And as you can see, we have mostly metric covered, then little fueling girls, and it's symmetrical, so you have so in it to tweak it on when you do the locally, don't go crazy with this. Matching with these wrinkles all around here and there makes your your overall topology is very simple. It's like going like this original and particles on Dhere and that it's very obvious wrinkles. You're putting some cross length. Still, you can see my overall flow is like and like a net. It's going often horizontal and particles, even if here on. And so this makes you that because it's important for rigging purpose. No, it's better, and we can just delete this idea. We can delete this area biased. Just select this ring unsifted deal it. We deleted that. Then we can go toe this face. And this is this part is not connected with this part of, so select Well, goto full sail, then deleted. Okay, so I'm not going to do this. You know how to do it. Just again. Go and use your simple create and clear grip. Kid. Do this on. Let me show you how to save it and how to take this file into my I'm not taking this while toe Meyer the safe. So let's go toe from top Hogan. You can save in 24 month care. One is the topic on file for money itself with this disease. So I have saved Let's say we'll write it. Okay, so this is my new thing. Andi, if I want to take this to Meyer so I need to say within or visa for months ago to save us and send the Robson too busy on Goto mess. Fuller here on. Let's say this is my club will be just fine saving. Okay, so now we have saved it in a vision. We can import it, admire the body and that in this part on do other things on, we're going to do the you re part their letter. So in the next lesson, I'm going to do that. So 18. 18 Shoe Retopo: Hi in this. Listen, I'm going to do the Sioux and lets us, Lord the reference so clear here on blitz. Good, Ole Miss is go to reference High and Sue Sue Beatty. Okay, here. Jail soup, I believe and see. I have not included that not under hanging less here. So this is my ensue. And with these lis, is this a flat? So have included this. So let's start doing this so I can use my No, do you? Plus Okay, here's my two births under start from this angle. The divisions. Okay, I believe I need toe Are some more divisions owners to world movie? That's are some divisions still here? Right Click. So foursomes mot wouldn't try. Just a base here. Andi, do when you drive just this length According to this hyperbole. So looks are some lines here. Right click. Ok, good. So then I think I cannot more divisions there, so let's start for first here. Phillips moved these buoyant and are just those According to the stapes here, I need one lines to matching in this area. I think I can move this line. This governor. Okay, so that matches with the same do the same thing. Decide. Okay. And I can use this pain brush to relax days area. So let's relapse and last them on the move these areas a little bit. Once I get this best that I can extrude it and just feel those a video. So I need to adjust this line of for locally allergic should have one is where the safe is changing its direction. So you don't have to put every is Elaine. So you don't have to put this this dif lane on it. Look, from here changing the Cepsa, okay, since good then again just are just an extreme to get the saves alerts X two. Good. Still, it's extra dis lane. Still restored of Islam. It too. Anything between here I have to do it manually. Has tried toe Put the line in the middle here. Okay, then let's breeze this idea so you can see I'm not using any new technology. These have enough sense you have to read a book and I think I have covered everything. So let's connect these things, these things and these things on here I can just again used this Relax to relax this area on, you can hold control and right. Most drug to take the brush size while you were in this bus. More loves it. Oh, well, great for this. We are Just use the breeze and connected. Okay, Then you can just extra or this border slid this true and select this line loop extreme. You don't have to Majette all these things, But if you want to it again, you can put on a zero to get this job because it's in slow it on. I need to get this silhouette. So if it's a very low pally objected can avert these things. Okay. Can make it totally connected like this. Simple. Andi, if you have some Polly, was it where you can just afford these things? You can You couldn't do these things. So I think I can do this because it's where own parasitic and give somebody Was it here? So let's so does that the decision small celebrity can do or cannot do totally defend on the volleyball that reflects the 3000 fully was that object model. I cannot do these things, but in this case I think I can. So let's see, simple created. Let's do that in my days putting that height there mature whole city when it don't read and just drop like this. Oh, uh, okay, I think again, Morse this swim it. This one here. I need the height. Just this'll both kids to hear It's going this to this. Let's do the same thing year. We'll get this lower. Did also. I'll have a fear has this lane Okay, then we can go just from here. Click here. We don't have to do these things. We can go directly till here It's Putin is here the middle. Yeah, hurting here. But I have to use this sort Exe here so that I can get this color so somehow you need just so from Galaxies the breeze to collected with the next tail extrude is still here and then we'll march here. So let's go to extra or select the whole loof there on extrude it now I'm not going toe like magic. It is less is here. It will be very simple in a strict for your model with these lines, Remember, Tex is way inside there, so I need to somehow move that outside. What is that here. You can see. Let's move that to the less Maybe. Let's move that on the lace here. What? Okay, fine. So I'm just stopping this lesson here. In the next lesson. I'm going to finish this soup are here. 19. 19 Completing Shoe Lowpoly: Hi in this. Listen, I'm going to complete this through here. So if you were comfortable, you can skip this video actual. So because I'm not going to talk about any new tools and techniques, So that's those stools here have and let's complete this. So let's select the whole loof. Oh, before that. Here you can see this word exes way inside the. So sometimes you need to look at it from different angle from this angle so that I can select that moved that to a higher poaches. Smart text there. I always put my vortex to hire purchase in our higher model so that the low belly can cover and the locally is like covering the whole people there. So don't put any vortex in safe, which is like the local is going inside the high poly intersecting. So let's go to the extreme Loof extremely again. Extrude year. Let's put some things on the laces here, So, as you can see, I'm not matching it. Anything here. I'm just doing some normal extrude. Andi getting some loops here. Simple. These things will be begged here. Good andan move this city. Uh, look at that fight so then we can just moors this anything can moors this Moore's it, Andi can was this or let's move this whole control drag frontal drag Mars or Geathers find . Then let's select this loof. Okay, here I have selected a party, so let's extrude that downward so I'll get something with this vortex. So? So let's extrude once more prove is still here and then it will move on Mars distance Mars it this one most this one like this one. Just those four decks with the same thing with this side. Let's see, there's overtakes, text murders Muz. That's unless are just this vortex here. And this one the last one. Sometimes if I had to select somewhat XO unit toe Jake and different angers See God, that gun Good, Good. Let's move it or get Let's again select this line. Well, let's said till this line. Oh, okay. As this legal luv Sorry. So select this land this land. But then x two. Okay, so I just those letter Then let's just do the bottom But here, So let's extrude still here. It's like the parts extrude here. Let's I think, let's without extra rulers do this with this simple create. So let's arts, um, more sexier, maybe like this. This this city veto. Bring the breeze and disconnect this This is this. This'll here. I'll get it. Triangle. That's fine. This kiss, okay? And it to the Sarge. Just these areas would, but tough. Then again, just extrude this whole loof on. I'm going to extrude once more on I'm going to extra inside and then I'll get there if you want to match it. This this sue early again So that I think I think we need to match. Still here to move this lentil here. This Langton here. So we need a tick tick sub area here like this. I'm from here. It's gonna go down there. Okay, That's I didn't find leads for electric frame it. Let's extra or this whole Loof there. The whole love should go inside there and this on. You don't have to do this here, because if you do this year somewhere texts are going, going crazy and being so we can't do this entire Meyer on just extra there and this cap there. Okay, so I'm finishing this lesson here. The Sioux is finished. Andi, I made the distance in between lessons. Okay, so I'll see you in the next Listen where? We're going to do the lace part. On the less part. I'm going to do anything inside Dugas. Okay, I'll see you there. 20. 20 Shoe lace lowpoly: Hi in this Listen, I'm going to do the less locally. So here I am Engibous. So in the last course we had all this hype early on, we had export it. So let's go to import here and school to mine cools. So here we had exported everything. So she'll have my less a b and not so I had divided the whole list to three party for Let Opal import less a grant. This okay? It is my butterfly less so. Yeah. I'm going to show you how to zd missive to make locally. So for this kind of safe, you don't have to take this to top open and just do the Lupoli bassist the top gun away. So because these these other things overage, it'll get alot, pally. So let's go to Jim a tree here. Let's go toe g d mr. And here you can choose a particular number. This is the whole ibazeta public on next. Shoes are here five minutes five k with 5000. So let me give you some. Let's say I need a very locally so I need to put some point where Olivia lesson going to one. So it's close to 100 or something. Let's see. So just put the value than did he miss. You can see the process going on here so it can take a little while. Just wait. And okay, so you can see if I see. Def. You can see the locally. Still, we may need to tweak kill? No, Like I have to his loops going on on the weight like this so I can take it. My And then I can just moors this Oregon collapsed. This is so you can see we got a locally very quickly. Okay, So let's export this locally to our distress in whatever well we want toe. So the school do on new course. And I think I'm keeping here for seeing folder. Let's so less obi jitters fight. Save it. Okay, so let's do the same thing. Let's go to import on. Let's first go to prevent an image ibra's to initialize the zebras. Well, let's go to import on and I can go back toe reference high. So let's be open drug. Okay, great. So okay, here is my list and a list chief with this, but so let's do the same thing and let's tryto get the low police Good General Tree TV Miss again. This time I think I should put some more value. Let's that point, too, because of these things and I get let's go back to my and I can always change the locally. This is not the final on bullets. Want to do you miss it? Or, if you can see here? Still something you know when one does it? Let's undo it. Export one K 0.1. Let's see. Judy Messa. I think it's fine. Okay, It's fine again. You can always go back to Maya on. Then you can just delete these loops. We don't need this leftist directional loops. Okay, so it will be less so for now. Let's export this from you. Good. Full the my sin. My job. Easy. Okay, let's do the same thing with the not so energy bris. Yes, import. So in this case, is top gun difference High. So the last part is less? Not so. Let's import that credit, bestie. If okay for Souness, let's do the same thing. I want Gino Flight Many. Okay, The point wanted the last value concealer, so I cannot go down that Jerry mess. So you can see I can afford to give susceptible of Polident. So many bulletins for the justice. So not again. Here. We have some problems. So I think it would be better if I do this inside top of one, because it's around earpiece. Andi don't have to do this too. Two loops are too. Let's hear. It can be a simple rounder pace locally. OK, so I'm going to do this inside Topol one. So here, I'm stopping this lesson. Okay. See you in the next lesson where we're going to do this. Sued, not inside. Took over. 21. 21 Shoe Lace Knot lowpoly: Okay here. I mean to go on now, So let's import this. Not hyperbole. So let's goto, Lord, ref Lord riff And let's go back to that distance and for good reference high. So let's not Okay, we have both sidedness. Not where to do one side. Let's go here. Okay, I do the less. Not by normally. Simple Creator resplendent. Start from here. Could this have to frame load screaming the both side. Okay, look down off Donald. This make faces so that it can automatically create this faces for me. Yeah, I get anything. We don't have to put the line between, so it can be a simple square kind off locally. I shouldn't keep that side in this myth. So as you can see, it's like making a hard time to friend this city, only it's a problem. Okay, The small business finished this. It was done off this Make face here. I'm going t There are some gaps. It's better to feelings edge of us. Maybe just to inflict this idea so that it can feel. Let's see. Ok, maybe what X here. Okay. So soon? No more. Nothing. Fancy this. Follow and feel. The Syria Okay, so let's take the breeze tool on. Disconnect These things Connect, collect, connect, connect. Uh, okay. So again, let's go back to the simple create Isa Strike click. I just feel this idea. Let's continue this low fear. So the Nets are right here, right? Click right click to go back to simple early, directly to come back to some. Create. Yeah, it's so you don't have to do properly. Mass these things. You this mental, they oval safe here. The big Is this the plane changing? Is this And just just to a local here. Okay, let's go to suit Breeze and then connect distance like this. Then here we don't have to do anything. Disconnect on day. It'll be fine. We'll get this to tell him back. So let's just connect in. Some does. You can see the breezes finding had time to connect. It's what's called simple, create and whole control and click. So some of the tool and techniques and repeating That's because off if you see those doing of doing me repeatedly, you can understand those better. I believe if you understand, though, just take north. Okay, I think you don't have to see it. This is very simple. So just do it on the other side. So let me do this. So I will finish this lesson here. Andi, In the next lesson, we're going to start the cap locally. 22. 22 Making the Cap Lowpoly: in this lesson, I'm going to do the cap again. Nothing fancy. Same tools. I'm going to start with this, Dube's. So let's take this dupes. Here we have the gap. This we don't have the straps and buckles. So are going to do that thing in a different lesson and does n different files. Let increase this divisions, too. Maybe to elf are blood sports and more. Let's put 16. Okay, Alice drag. So go to side view and struck again. You can use any technique you like, so I'm going to just do the base here. Just this area on. I think I can take this city as well for this day, this area, and that's rightly to get the mess good. So then let's go and do it. This is this. A little bit were simple. Idiot. This just just this right? So we need to know you can do this by just don symmetry and maybe we can. I just pulled site. Let's see. It's not exactly symmetrical. That's why I can do it. Let's best I can deliver this. Say let's do half. You can see because of back first was off. That's why going deliver those looks like and deal it. Okay, on, Let's like this far make it geo symmetry to move that to the center. Okay, let's do the same thing. Stolen symmetry here. Get part on. Do the same thing. Judo symmetry. Okay, that's good. Accidentally moved a selects. Move this. Let's match one lines with this area, you don't have to sometimes inverts and you get a feedback to do that so that you get a good Lyndon and yeah, let's move this to this. And okay, let's mass this line it this thickness this strife here, let's move these things. Let's just mention that thickness all around the calf Fear till here love is learning to our some more lines Been between those two that move. I love this line off this line. This is the center, so let's do symmetry it. Okay, so there's do the same thing here in this Matthew Jesus symmetry. Okay, this is good. This hard won looks here. So select this single age and I need a whole Lazlo fear. So goto connect ring. Okay, thinking. I need to pull this out here. That's fine. This is fine. Okay, good. Let's do the same thing. Just I think I moved this line of it. Let's move up one by one. You select this extreme sex through this whole part to this In between, this are adjusted it and again do the scenting select this part till maybe he had out front but ultimately have to keep its dread their whole control and this movie to march here. Andi, I don't have anything here, so let's select Andi Connect ring. Okay, then collect Almost this knows it. Yeah. So let's I think I can take one more look like this, Like the like, this line so I can take this or I just you can do I can extrude this part here this but so has been extra up. It's true when you extra Sometimes it happens. Just move it on. Was it okay if you want to pull the low fear matching in this line? I don't think that's so necessary. We're not going to do that. Let's just connect these things make it smooth and beautiful, which takes things based tool and connect this thesis on this. Okay, I think we've lived something there, so let's go to this side. Select this first Goto more differ Reverse normals to reverse the faith Normals. Now this is looking good learning to move this line a little bit. Disciple No, let's keep smooth, rounded loves Don't keep this kind of fluffs We just very no jagged our event are the Lopez soul jagged and on live in It doesn't look good So this do it are gonna relax it. Okay, then let's select this bottom Loof on extruded to get this thickness there. So let's select the part on extremely extra This learned to get this sudden thickness there the care thickness of the calf Then we can again extrude to go inside there we can do that are we can take it in my and then we can extrude there to get the whole thickness all over Blaster So I think that would be easier So let's undo it. You don't extra if you do that in my So that would be even easier. So I'm going to do that like selected select whole loof last time. But on oh, you select this part. So So let's go help with. But okay, sometimes it happens, so you have to do this way and you Symmetry broken. So I'm going to do this is X choosen at the overall sickness inside Meyer. So I'm not going to do you. But you can do it here as well if you want. Oh, so and I'm going to meet us Intel my as well. So I'm starting this. Listen here. Before that, let's saved this mess as a visa. So there's Gordo Sepp scene. Let's save this as my Gaff locally first. So this is my gaffe. Double one file on. Let's say the same thing as a no business or let's just this so busy capital busy. OK, I'll see you in the next. Listen where? I'm going to do the stripe of the cap. Okay, I'll see you there. 23. 23 Cap Strap lowpoly: here's makeup, straps and buckles. So we're going to do these things in this lessons is just Lord ref, your type of disciple e which is your beautify it. So let's stop doing it. Go to simple create. And for this kind of safe, I like to use simple create and the straw this color lines. So this is too straight so way don't have to put so many lines there. This it's poured some coins. Where is changing the angle? Okay, so let's put the line point here. Gonna That's putting tear. Let's do the same thing. Just put in more text matching it to say Okay, so just who will control and click it will be connected here. Then Goto Breeze and just go here and just drag like this on again. Go to simple create, do the same thing he had to say on this Mets that vortex sport that vortex here. No way can extrude that as well. So Mr was here tenderness and thing past this line Sline slaying. Oh, okay. So now less strict bids on and connect everything. This is all Whitney. It's gonna feel it. So let's feel it this angle so this is connecting. Okay? Do the same thing. Okay. Makes you feel everything. Then let's go on and do the same thing that scored a simple great whatever it takes to this color. This gonna this gunner, Classical Americana. I think this is what we need. Like, school separates us are said to be toe, take the breeze connected. Okay. Note is just a box against his polygon cube. Okay, on now for this area, you can do this face and let's ports, um, find here. Let's put some point here on this is new to extrude it. Oh, again, I feel it because got acquired So it feel it less are feeling good this governor like this . Okay, that I feel it. Then let's go sit To be to bring the brief stool and disconnect Connect. You have to move your view to the property. Look a line of you to the proper locus angle so that we can use this place stool properly. Then again, let me connect these things. How it connected. Let's school connect. This is my Okay. So it's better to the select this, Okay? We have not connected this area. That's why selected. Yeah, but reason Just connect these areas. I can do wanting to select this border on this border. I just tried that or degrees Select. But Asari Blue. Okay, So So like this low basil Luke eating out to selected Mannelly. So then let's go and choose a Togolese strider. Okay, You can see it's automatic deliveries from there to there. Okay, So do the same thing with decide. I'm not going to do so. This is the same thing. You need to just use simple create and something extra. And in the next lesson, I'm going to do the spec. 24. 24 Spec Lowpoly: over here. I'm going to do the speak. So let's glory their friends Lord, the reference Heiple object Soldiers go here and browse it switching between two projects here. So let's go top open on reference High my speak. So we had all exported from diverse. So they start doing it. Looks take simple create I'm gonna do this is first. Then I'm going to extrude it. Okay, so that my black let's stick Do it. This is so once I do want it then agonist extra decide. Then they say all you can also try this inside jeepers by dd missing. That's a good option for this kind of scrap piece on which is a geometrical safe which is not so organic. Okay, so let's do this. I'm going to do the half on. Let's do the same thing. I can extradite it. Okay, so this two new here I think I should put one year to get this roundness. This is, I think, one year. Okay, so this is my one adds, Let's stop here on day. Let's select this a than extra This like the whole loop the Inter Lou Fun. Let's try extruding it extremely gin on yesterday's Okay. This extra tier. Oh, you can see here. I got some problem because of the Angleton's. Okay. No problem. Then I should do it like phase waits. Let's select from here. Deal here. Okay, then. Extrude it So dragged this green. Oh, wow. Beautiful. To select the part, I forget to sell it apart extruded like this. Okay, good. Then do the scenting from here until here. Selected bottlenecks. Julie, on the legs. Move with this cream. Arguello, this is selected. There's waves yellow on here. You can see it's still first. Okay, Logan is fix it. Select one faced click on full sail to select a full sail. Yeah, you see, let the fools send full sell. Selecting the full face. Okay, That won't have to selected monolith select like this on. You are not going to see like that side because those a reversed on we have done off the back fest. That's by before, So go to modify and leave us normals to play bit. Okay, then let's mass this thing. It's not matching lossless. Ask this thing. Look, a great I think it's a put one here. If I'm asked this like this uh, I don't know. I said was it? I need this line here. Okay, on. But we don't need to hear just magic like that on go to brisk like this. So it goes on triangular. That's I didn't find Let's these things, these things, these things, these things. Okay, so I think I know What can I do? I can't take this. Then I end this breeze it breeze as after you sipped Be to bring that. Then it's good. Simple. Clear by right. Clicking them Connect here. Here. Okay, so we got around here and we got a three point around here. So then select the whole loop on extra toe, Get this thickness. So let's let the part asari loop on the next to you on again. Dragged this yellow or green. You can see it's finding very hard time to extrude. We all do regard good extra here. We have two islands adjustment these things. So sometimes in these cases, let me undo it in this case is just squeeze this extreme ups on extraditions. Three Epsom. So sweet. This absent of free Mary on, then just extra feeling like this. So Freeman's it's not gonna you know, be on the surface, are it's not gonna snap the vortex on the surface. So once you a student like this freely so we know this is going straight, right? So we can do it. Then we can go on. Just are in something. If we see some mortis is is not matching like this. We cannot exist. ALS You can drive that. That's why the communism. So sometimes you don't want to snap. But it is because of those two years snapping things have until we can do that makes your those around those corn nuts. That's I just just grabbing them and moving them to this party. Okay. What makes you so that under surges, just graph. You're ready to go there If you find hard time to select vortices makes your you have back physicist on on. Okay. So that we can select any notices for many younger. Okay, that's fine. I think that find then we can just extra This is here. I can look, look extra. Begin to the same thing. It's first right call. If it's giving us a good result, then you can use it. Yeah, I think it's giving us a good result here. Okay, that's fine. That's fine. If Karl is working the news call because it's snapping this stuff, if you don't have to smile back and okay, now I'm going to do breathing. So can breeze it. So, like, this is Luke on this is Luke. Unless try orto Breeze. Let's see if it's what's so let's orto bridge. We can say some idiot work. Some idiot couldn't calculate here because off not matting polygons here. We don't have met in volunteer, so that's fine. It gives me some good point to start, then a canoe. Simple Creator Breeze I think you should use please to connect these areas right like this . As long as we have matching point, it's fine. There's gonna do it on here. I'm going to do the speak side parts in a different mess. Oh, I'm not going to continue from your so we can do that. I think can continue that. But I'm not going to do that. So I'm going to connect here. So now this new faces inside there, I want something here. Okay, that's fine. You did it then do here connected on Dhere. I have some assume maybe crossing into six. Any source alerts? I don't know. It's kind of this We is this, huh? On DNA now, some of my face flipped. Still, it's something yet you regard some extra riding a look so dilated when the *** got so confuses. Delete Enrique weirdos area. Okay, so then again, just continue like this aan den. Continue like this is feel it. Fill it. Then again, just sometimes you need to re select the lands here. You can see this, Linus looking bold black. That means there's something double is kind of thing. So let's select and delete one you can see now it feel there. That's why. So those dilated Okay, then low. That's what my loop was not walking selected and extra you Oh, wow, that's great. In this case, I'm going to use free. Okay, So select an extra. Okay. Steelers giving me that flapping thing. And so I don't have to move that point to their or I can do one thing. Just you. Your simple clear. This is my best friend. Most of the time, it's let's go to use its a little manual, but fine spirits you sipped be Just brace tool to collect his heirs. I can't meet it here. But have to do is and you can takes you to you. Tools this to do it in a strict you Tools and Dragsholm lines like this. Okay, just just think the Taliban lines where you want and just for some lines. Yeah, I want everyone to Okay, it's a do right. Just photo some lines on. I don't want to eat there. This poor five or six, maybe fine. Six fine solids. But I clicked toe create the mess. OK against it's very easy. Then select the law. Extremely Cantil here do the same thing here extruded Oh, you can see off literally. Do it. We have free, right? So this call. But I want to snap it. Right. So here on and here it's been a final extra. I'm going toe most them. That's extra Finally and select everything and mars them like this. Okay, I think you can do it. Just lets go to view than if you grew fundo then hide one part and sick because off visit to different mess we can hide one part by using groups. Then I can do one thing to hide this as well so that I can do that easily. So let's select something and let's go to full sell to select the full sail on. Then again, goto this lead this growth which has this this Heiple amiss then Goto group are Cruyff cover all these things in this lesson I hope we have seen that. Okay, so let's hide it, Let's go to all then hide it now I can easily work this idea Okay, so I didn't created this group. Thes groups were automatically there because of my hyperbole because hyperbole was not connected on more Spitaels at two different pieces even though it's a single Oh busy the high polices single Oh, busy. But those that different maze toe the look most connected Anyway, there's that two different thing. So let's let's use the breeds and Andi I think we have completed this. So this is it for this lesson. I'll see you in the next lesson 25. 25 Making Hair Lowpoly: Okay, in this lesson, I'm going to do the hair. So let's first Lord the reference So Lord ref on and browse the folder Awful. Let's go Toe Hogan Reference High object for then it's find the hair high. Yeah, always. Yeah. OK, open it. Market Here is my hair Fuller. First go on. None of this sort deeps bullets used the simple create. Yeah, I think you can use and you can use to use and to clear some sex and of this hair. But let's use this tool simple creating, I think here is not no symmetrical. It's totally estimate with the object. This sex in looks symmetrical so we can use symmetry here. So the stress symmetry Let's see if it's works. So stunt start from this area. Okay, good. Let's go around like this. Okay. When you're using symmetry when you go close, you can see the audience point. If you didn't clearly, then the pointer be a single off single vortex. Okay, Fullers. So something like this. So I'm and putting vortex in a in an orders. I just need toe use breeze letter. Then I'll good, the full miss on the court. Appointed just Look at this point messing here. Okay, So let's use breeds, which my bridge tool breathes. Breezed these things. As you can see, we're here. Object has colors because INGE ibra's we hard What? Expanding Paul eventing. So if you don't want to see that, you can go toe absence and you can use again either Don offered Turn on this. Use what expletive You can see. It's turned on just enough. She find it? Uh, Okay, Fuller Against which? Back to simple cleared by right clicking on then continue like this one here. So tonight this Let's done on these next to connect here, you can see men loops chanced. I need one here. Sit bay. Okay. So lets you spend for us to relax a little bit. Because in this, it in locally use or avoid this exact Jake checkpoints. Or let's use relaxed bus spend. You can see we're also using this symmetry here. Relaxed. Okay. And if it don't off view Rive, you can see my hair as the DiCillo. It has a little jagged nous you're going to hear, so we should put one is here, so let's on select this is and go toe hectoring. Okay? And then and then go back to paint press and just relax them in tow in locally, your every eighth should go Very smooth. Curve ical. Way like this. Let's again to go back toe. Simple rate on select all this. Is this here? Extrude them with the floor extreme as to their Okay, Great. Okay. Like this again to the sending. Okay, so here I'm just fast forwarding the video and to save you some time. So once I finish and come back, - Okay . So as that six Children, as you can see and didn't that I must, because it's narrowing down. So we don't have toe keep all these as this continued here. So I must Here I must here to, like, not going to have just a few of them here. We had a lot off a lot of them, so Okay, so fine, just give smoothing. Give relaxing on hold. Control, right. Most drag to stranger breath sites you can see here. I need some relaxes and okay. Oh, just under it. Yeah. So then pregnancy. I'm going to do this to small small plums are three clumps in a separate mess. So just good group has a review. And don, on this view group window on Dhere, we have just single one. Okay, So this is it for this lesson on in the next lesson, I'm going to do the rest of the hair. 26. 26 Hair clumps lowpoly: Hey, in this. Listen, I'm going to do this clump part, and I think here I'm going to make it a single thing. But you can do it different clump wise. Let's say this big piece is a is a continuum is. But this more long plums could be different pieces. So in this case, I'm going to do it a single one. So it's goo and used simple creative two leads. Let's do it. So this goto I followed this controls here. Okay, just full of this. I'm not using an estimate because it's not symmetrical. So here I'm putting some points matching with that line. So they're taken breeds. Andi makes you. You have a particular aids matching with these things matching with this head separation idea like this. And then those points are matching with this land so that I can bridge Okay, here, this city eyes like dividing here. So I have a point here. Then I need to go there. Makes you the point is at the right place. Okay, so then let's go here the on then Then there are connected to this point. OK, so that again this breeds okay when you breathe the new connects true. Let me again use this simple create. So then again, I'm putting something matching here on over. Reliance are going Very. You can see these lines are country newme. I think I need one line here of the same toe. Okay, so let's put that lane said to be to bring this base to van, please. Okay. For the simple create begin, I need to put So this is an AIDS. So I need to hold sit. And when it turns red this track, it'll get the vortex on the EDS. Okay, Good. Then in this point here because I need toe, continue it the center lane as well. So let's including this one here. If you make all this small, small clumps separately, those would be easy. You just you can use tube stolen. Just you can just use this tubes and drag, drag, drag, create lines are right click to get the demo traders very easy. So for that, you need to like indie Vasily toe. This was a dynamic, so I think it will live there somewhere. That's why it saws one single group. Okay, that's fine. Then I end up here so I get to continue here. If I do that, I'll get a Frankel line. So rightly again. Greatly to bring that back then would. Okay, just nausea, whole control and point our point. So I think I have to put on is he s, um Okay, So, like that regular school and raise these things. Presidency of not putting Tumen in lines there to give the hair club's is just a triangle. Said against in locally. If I don't off this, it's a triangle. Kind off sip. That's all you need. Okay, then let's going to new here. This is the center, so I can continue from here. Yeah. Okay, then I can collected this vortex. Why? Well, in control. Okay, then let's go like this. Or like this, then use bridge. So here, team, you can connect here for next year. So I'm getting a drang earlier. That's fine. That's fine for me. Okay, so let's against it was back to simple create and continue this site. Okay? Just work there on connect to you. Said to be just against you leg? No, I'm getting this. What extra days ago. Text. That's not fair. Select your simple careful control control When you don't get the breeze no appropriate to there. You can just connect by simple create like this. Like this. Okay, so I'm doing half I can t here. So this would be a dissenter. Okay, You know something? Here, this select here Extreme selected extreme Gord this'll And then again, just relax. You have to put its matching with Villa like this in the high poly from it. That's not possible everywhere. So you don't have to just make a gives won't lions and this like this. Maybe maybe you can just keep it at the highest is let's say this. This is I can keep that. But that's not naughtiness is anything to do. It's like this. Okay, so let's Kier Yeah, here. And finally this vortex. Then let's click here here on may be here somewhere to strangle it. Then go here and grease it. I have to take all these lands till this point because this idea is narrow. So I don't have to put no four lines here. Okay, so I'm stopping this lesson here because I can see there's nothing new. Just use this simple tool and do this. Okay, so in the next listen, we're going to complete this here 27. 27 Completing Hair Lowpoly: Hi in this. Listen, I'm going to conflict this heritable on you can see I have done this part. Individual essence. So exactly same weap Andi here There was a gaffe. You can see it from between these two plums, but I have feel that Andi, I need to anything to eat that inside. Hi, Polly as well. So it's become like close to this pace. Otherwise I'll get some normal map. It hurts when I beg it, so make sure you don't have gaps. Are if it's abuse gap, then it like these things like here, so you can do this separately. But here I thought I said Mars it. I should make it a single globally like this filled locally. Okay, so on from this angle against the the backside is empty still, because it's like it's not going to visible. It's on the under taste of the character so that I didn't feel it on this city. I feel it for let's say, a perceptible post. Let's said this can be visible here. So what? Make sure it's if it's not visible. Don't do this. Don't You don't have to do the locally there in tight on but this bag is going to visible from the front. The name could be here, and this is besides, the next off it's gonna visual. So we're going to feel it. Okay, so let's do it. So I'm just starting from here again. Simple create are you can draw as well. So So my plan is to feel till here, at least for city. Other sports are matching lines. Okay, then go here. Okay, so this is my lines. Let's go toe breeze and connect. Yeah, I think I should have just extruded this idea to get the thickness alerts to do that. I think so. Let's select here till may be here, but oh, it selects this part. This is the sort of spot told select. So that makes your party thought Not too long like this. Then you have to do something. Mannelly. Okay, so then X trio. Okay, this is the extra. Sometimes I forget that spice total. So extra toe Get that thickness of the hair. You can see this is the thickness. The head would be from you for her. So it starts intersected the forehead There are the head. Okay, so they're simple. Great on Thinks merrily Let's collected So just a tick list there again you can use make faces that again just creating and creating the face as well. So yeah, go to sit, breed sensory Seem to be too breeze and connected here like this on hate. This party should connect. Okay, so this part I'm going to connect. Let's let's take the baby stolen. Connected. Okay. So again, I actually have a boring to you than Okay, so I'm going toe feel this city at least still here Solar sues support. Create and do this. So makes you do you miss doesn't source like backside to the comida. Okay, so here the head has been finished. Let slips start off, Mike. First let's go to here. But again for the Septus site. Look. So it's completed, Onda. Finally, we need to just go to file safe sin. So let's save the top of once in first for this My hair top of once in disease filed. If I want toe, redo it something and I need to open it, then let's say this is my final. So let's also saved this or visions and mess. Fuller selects justice obeys ahead of me. Just so as you can see, we have, Although busy, we have completed from the gaffe, Claude, So and speak. So we need to import all these or Visa inside Meyer. Okay, so let me say this Herro beach as well. 28. 28 Hair Band Lowpoly Using Zbrush: Hi in this. Listen, I'm going to do the hair band on. I'm going to use zeros for this. OK, so So let's go to import on Import our high poly, which is inside our friend's high folder or wherever you have put it Just import the high no decimated peace hair band So planet drive on goto a bit more So now you can see this is my hair band and is not that smooth So let first smooth it. So let's go to Jim a tree and divide it I think once so at least for this level. So now this is my heaven Onda. And as you can see there to pieces here, it's a single object. But you can see us move this area this that two different peace, right? So my local will be a single continued one. So for that I need to make it. I need to ah well here in these areas, OK, so as you if you remember, this is a complicated piece off this. And so I need to goto the dynamics here. Okay, So once you divide so delicate lawyer, I don't want any subdivision levels for Dina means So let's go to Don Imus on tone and animus. So we know Dolan. Dina means you can see those things are well did now. Okay, Here. So wanted world then list on Afghan Imus on Goto ZZ miss So we're using this up Cento load Make the locally So let's go to Jimmy Mess. And since this target poly count to something Point to one I need a very locally and this is the lowest value can put here. Okay, so once you're put it, then click on GED Metha So it's gonna take some minutes us some memory seconds thing. So now it's gonna I can create locally. As you can see, this is a locally and instead Mayall again Just take these and we can collapse here and there to even make it more. No less public, fully object against it. This is a locally and once you completed this exported from here in no visual format just export to your restaurants and pulled over where we're keeping all these or global. You busy? So here. Here, Ben, a BJ. Okay, inside my cured Gallipoli messes pull. Okay, save it. So just exported. Okay, I'll see you in the next lesson where I'm going to do the lock it back 29. 29 Locket Lowpoly Using Decimation Master: in this little I'm going to do the locket on. Let's again use the depressed to do that. So let's go to import or Lupoli Mess. Oh, his man Locally, I had done this before so this is this is just the best mess. But we cannot use this as a locally because, as you can see in the flat areas, we have lot off polygons going on does are not necessarily locally and globally way avoiding that. Okay, so let me So you defend wayto create locally what we have seen. How how do you g d miss it to create locally on in this guest? Let me show you how to use decimation master to clear globally. Okay, so let's go here Selector More Let's go on Go to Disservice a master People's a sculler Usually you use this Mr Master Toe No Bring the my slope No polygons down! Right? So let's go once it pre processed Let's go and give Some person is here So as you can see if I let's say 20 on this mitt, you can see it may make very good looking. No, Obviously there are a lot of triangles. What? That's fine. Anything but the still It looks a little bit then. So let's undo unless declares the person is So I was trying. I was taking which person This is fine. So I got the 7% is something I like. So for seven. Seven, or maybe it maybe lives put 10 maybe Did Okay, no more. The less that this were looted, the lesser Paul Egan at the Testament color. Okay, so, yeah, this is our locally of the locket. It's so quick. So let's export this export. And let's go to my course. My new project here, inside mess s I'm going to lock it, put it, put it here, locker globally or visit. Okay, let's good. Three friends in Egypt. Us? Yes. So that you get initial GPAs? No. So that it can import the 2nd 1 So and let me go back to so here I have my locket where I'm not doing going to do anything with this just to so you you can see Okay, this is my locket. Were hyperbole against a lot of polygons. That there. So let's go and use DD missile for this. Okay, so I don't want any triangle here, so I'm not going to use Decimus and master. So because it's a round piece I need. It's plain Miss Soto geometry and use. Did he miss about this? Let's put some low value like 0.12 You have to experiment these things, even I'm not sure what value I should put. So let's put point to do mess. It's gonna take a few minutes, maybe. Okay, As you can see here, we have less polygons. Andi Still, it's quite dense, as you can see these areas that not that Carvey And still we have lot of Parliament's going this way so we can collapse these things in my are. You can just undo it and put the less of a Lewis's 0.1. You cannot go lower than this value. This is the lowest value, I believe if I let's say foreign Gero Gero one. I cannot put that point. One is the West value can put here. So let's GED miss on. Once I get it, I'm no even the gears of polygons inside mile. So I think this is fine. So export this miss here. My course may for course, inside, Miss is my locket way. We have created a video busy here. So the save it. Okay. Okay, we this Listen, we have completed the low Police chapter on in the next. Listen, I'm going to compile everything inside Meyer. If the low politics as we made by using top ago Najibullah's, we're going to compile all those top oven inside a single my fight, so I'll see you there. 30. 30 Setting Up Lowpoly Objects In Maya: my friends in this. Listen, I'm inside my 2017 object for Woodson on in this Listen, I'm going to import, although busy, which we had done in sex and first in sex and local sex. And so let's import first. Then we're going to meet her and cap the holes of the sort and my Pandya. So let's first important goto file and import from here you can import. As you can see, I'm inside my distance and Fuller in this present folder I have my this full that I have my all these are for locally objects. So from here you can import. But the demerit is you can you have to import one by one you cannot select multiple and import here cannot select multiple pieces so you have to import one by one. So that's the Damanik, So I don't like that. So there's another absent two important multiple objects on you don't have to go to any my ups and for that first goto exploder on Windows Explorer and go to your distance and folder wherever you have your locally busy here I have my globally objects. So this select I'm Dragon dropped to the beautiful. I'm not selecting speak because I have already imported that. So that's left most Dragon dropped to the people. So as you can see, I have imported every objects necklace, cab these holes. As you can see that sleeve holes is gabbed so we need to cap this thing on. We don't have to like, do the plant inside there so we don't have to be just, ah, cap here. So let's go And let's select this totally is love. I think I have selected the symmetry, so let's stone off. Double click to the scale tool and go to symmetry. Turn off your symmetry here. Okay, So and selected one side than the scale it so that they don't penetrate here. As you can see, it was penetrating before so scale from the center so that it won't penetrate on. Now I'm going toe Just feel it. So in order to feel just extruded, go to edit Miss X trio Andi that's extra and move like this. Then go to edit minutes again. This time use Mars to Mars. All the pieces there. No, it didn't work. So let's try selecting again. Thes. Let's try Mud's so again So it's not Morzine. So let's first select the vortex. So I'm selecting one. Then sit, whole saved and double click to the neck over what excites selecting the whole vortex. Loof Do one thing or to march to center. Okay, I'm actually decide. Just again. Go to edit minutes extra you and move the Z on again. Goto added Mess master center. Okay. Then began just to move this single or text two upside like this again I can see the no penetrating here, So let's select and scale this thing. Okay? So do this with this Sue actually. So if let me isolate this so go to so and I select you select only Say this. So here let's go on. As you can see, my PSU is ending here. We need some politicians there, So let's go on extrude it on this time I'm sweeting to the global more so that I can just move down there. So click here now My main objective tends extra global access. Then just move down there like this Maybe till it this area This is enough. Then we can do the same thing. Just extra you, Andi. Then just most of center and again, and just posting this single vortex it down a little bit. Okay, so these things are important. Let's go. And so isolate views a lick it off. These things are important because we don't have We don't want to see the in fact polygons . If we don't do this, I can see this inside back face of the So here. So that's why I just make sure you were not seeing any back Festus from any angle. Okay, so that's why it's important to feel this area so that we won't see the back best do the same thing here. Here I have only half of the calf. So let me first meet it, okay? Just to go toe treatments and meet it from here. So they go to mass men on and media so you can see some more. Techs are most here. It's because of this most wrestle value. It's too high right now on it's attracting and more thing disclosed. What is its? So just put Brian Jiro Jiro one. This is the lowest value close to zero on on this value, only going to Mars this snapping vortex here, it's not going to Mars. Any other orders is so As you can see, some more disease are not marched because those are not exactly at the center. Okay, so in this case, I can just select Bolton again. Goto statements on most of center. So make sure you you are not letting any word assist on most Okay? And now I'm going to give it a thickness so it doesn't have any techniques. CIA. So let's go the whole mess. Don't select any face. It's no selected in object, more coordinated mess and extreme to give it a thickness as a whole. So it can food here some value. So I'm putting inside somewhere You so you can see some weird looking what? This is going outside. So I'm using this man ability in this guess. So I'm giving some kind of thickness so imagining my high body has some take mess there. So let's put the same amount of thickness now it don't black because off the face normals divorced here on day. I have said toe to side it lighting off here by default. It's turned on so you won't see any blackface. But I like to turn this off so that I know when the face is reversed in this case, it reverse. So this Gomez display and reverse first months. Okay, then let's meet her some but yeah, on the sewage on the hand. Let's we can meet at the hand there. So let's elect the whole body is now a single piece. So let's go Tomei's and separate it. Now select this hand leg on so to duplicate this side. So go toe. Sorry, could it duplicate? I'm going to scale here and put minus one in X axis. He's gonna know Reverse that those selected objects into the other side. So you have. Then let's this meter this Speca says. You can see we have half Speaker Sotomayor's and Miller Jim, Italy Saudi Me that here. So as you can see, my big is all gone here because the access is wrong. You So this Jezek direction two plus because I had decided to speak orginal speak, and it was like in my intersex. So I had to mirror it to the plus X. You can see this access. So's the plus on the minus. Jackson from the grade decides, plus undecideds minus. Okay. Both had extraction. But this is plus value. This man Israeli. I had this big here, so I have to flip to the plus I So I mean this this this I think we kept everything. Yeah, I think we're ready to go. So I'm stopping this lesson here in the next lesson of going to optimizing some polygons. As you can see, if you go to display and heads up display on dawn on this poly count, you can see this tries. We have 17,000 something for this character. So I'm gonna decrease this to maybe 15 or 14,000 something So you can see I have some pieces which has unnecessary polygons. As you can see this piece, I can decrease lot off this direction. Polygons and I can be great. Some follicles from this piece Okay, maybe maybe from some polygons from this analysis. So we need to optimize this. These objects to know make make it more like globally. I'll do those things in the next lesson. So see you there, guys 31. 31 Optimizing Polygons: you guys in this lesson, I'm going to optimize some polygons. So when I say optimize mints, I need to look at some objects and I need to stake whether this polygons are needed. But not so in game character models unit to decrease polygons. You can't put unnecessary polygons there. So So let's take that on. Let's decrease and polygons from this character. So the first thing I'm going to attack and this base so you can see this simple. How kind of object has 1120 tries? Okay, so sometimes we make totally character the character model out of this book bargains. So we cannot put this balance here. So let's decrease intelligence on Let's see how toe ticket some Polident here. So let let me first to go toe sore And I saw that view select Onda Let me just click your toe, get some space and I can also click here to get this to collapse states again. The new Nicolas Polygons make Siri won't sense the sape much okay. I mean, don't just go and delete it This But you can t if I delete some is is on school headed mates and village days. So when you deletes images, you change the safe drastically. You can see if I go to seven more press seven. You can see now your model in black. So it's a light more. We don't have any light. That's why it's so is black. So let me undo it and let me undo and redo. So from here, you can do this on you can see I'm changing the same month a lot to make you. You're not changing the same much. So how gonna do that? I can do that by collapsing. So when you reduce outside, just don't deal it collapse. Okay, on the first thing, you should look the straight areas where you don't need these lines. You can see this is a cylinder state, and this is almost straight right? So from here, I can delete some parts from If I delete some age groups here, I think you don't affect that much. If I delete it, this whole save rightly on, you'll get this mineral and you can choose delegates here you can see doesn't affect that much from the straight idea when it's carving. If you deal it, it's it can affect it. Okay, so for that I'm not. I'm not going to deal it. Let me and do it. So I'm going toe collapse it. So I'm going to collapse one other times, just selecting every other here, every other aids. Andi, let me do this quickly. So I'm not going to decrease from this area because the car was true. No dynamic or too aggressive here. So if idealist some here, it's gonna affect the no carbs. So don't target this kind off. No dynamic area first. So that good fast, this smooth car, straight lines. So let's do the same thing here. So let me come back. Once I do this, let me come back. Then we'll call collapse this so we'll get europe completed. Selecting this all every alternative is this, except this area on except this no Karna rounded area. So once you have selected, this is is 10. Then you can hold control. Rightly, and then you can see this minimum and go to this a zinger. Klytus on goto is ring and collapse. So it's gonna let me do it's gonna select the ring off every selected days, and it's gonna collapse toes. So if you do that, You can see we have less political stuff. So I like these things. No. Or rather than deleting is is because when you deal it, it's gonna mend in the car. Okay? So just do it and still again check. You cannot decrease Lord Lord off, Polygon Sierra's. So because there's a straight area I can delete some politicians collapse with a steel. It's perfect. I can maybe deal. It's, um, idea. So, as you can see, I'm always going every alternative. I'm not like collecting this and this. If I could love this and this so it's gonna affect the big area, right? The simple concept. Just don't be late collapse. Who gets to do this with every piece? So little it me. Let me go to so on and isolate, view selector and go toe five so that you can see your object. So now we declare some polygons. But this matter is called optimizing apology. Since so, look at any idea can say analysis has unnecessary polygons here. So I can go here and I can delete this to Is this so save right click Deal it on. You can still see. It's gonna take a little bit slow. It can see. But this alloy is not going to visible to a player on this so small that nobody is gonna notice it. So just delete this kind of small thing and it doesn't affect much. He was changing because silhouette, Then you should considered to keep it on some. How good This No, Salo it. But here I can just delete and I can see now this piece has 3 43 bulletins on If I delivered those, um, let's delete this inside as well. Now you can see it's 1 93 almost half. So does this idea here as well, makes you You're diluting from this bottom side. Okay, on, let's do it some bulletins from here here again. See, it's a straight thing. Stretch Cylinder on. We have a lot of politicians going on distraction, and these are no use off. No any. These are not helping to the model to give any safe. So just related so you can select This is still a This is the city double click to get this whole ring on. Go control. Rightly, Goto is loof this time, and to his look and dealing. So it's gonna convert this s s to his loop and then deleted. Okay, Easy. I think I can delete this. So go to sit right click. Delete it. So they do this with every idea where four you can see you can delete some polygons or collapse some polygons. I would say Just delete this pieces and again duplicate this site. We'll get here again. T our eyes has a lot of polygons on this piece. Has a lot of Polident, so I'm gonna collapsing those in between lessons. How would you use same technique? Just some ring Onda collapse it. Okay, this control right click and collapse it to select this. This control likely collapse it like this. So the selected Never select this. Collapse it. Okay, maybe dilated. Okay. I'm not saying you cannot deal it. You can delayed, obviously, but again, you have to be careful when you deal it. Which shouldn't change much here. We don't need these things here in the small small? Nope. Religions, we can just delete it. Organ, maybe collapse. It may be as you can see, I have a lot of polygons years. Hold tab and just paint it to select here These things on Goto it mess and most percent this more like this Onda. We can collapse it. This ring it is fine. Andi, I salute this. We can't leave. You can click on this icon by selecting on here. I don't want this eyeball, the whole full able. If you want to keep it, you can keep it. Just the village is Is this collapsed? It is this we don't notice. I think a technique assess eyeball is not going to Donora are fully to Sister Dick. This I don't need this back and faces. So at least I can dilute safely this area so I don't leave those on. I'm saving quite few off polygons there. Okay, So look at some areas where you can deal it. Let's say the body on my T studies capping here on the body is going till here. We don't need those, right. We can do little here. I think safely and the taste is just stepping here. So look at some idea where you can deal it. Look at some area where you can collapse. Look at some area where you can delegate this as well and still have toe know the case. The polygons Here you can dates and Upson here Goto, Mace and their absurd can't reduce. You can try this absent but I don't use this substance much. You can reduce by giving their person days here. This is 50% on now we have 13 under 20 to rise. If I have flight is you can see it's gonna decrease it toe 50 person But you might lose some safe because it's a calculation int. It's applying all over the place here. So that's why I don't like this. You can decrease less. Let's 80% 20%. And if I did this still, let's put 80 maybe no, I decreased to 80%. So let's say five. You can see I'm decreasing some Polident safely so indicated in 55% here, so you can try. But I don't think it's gonna work on this case, so I'm going to do it manually by just know collapsing is this. Let's say select. This is collapse it. What makes your your is might go in the wrong direction like this, and you can collapse and wrong pieces, so you have to give some timeto you can do this as well. The select select sit rightly and collapses you can select. This is this and go to edit mess and collapse from here as well. So is that here in collapse? CIA. Okay, so just dick, please optimized polygons on Makes your when you optimize you're not changing the safe too much. Okay, You will get some bad normals there, so make sure that you are not changing too much and yeah, in the next lesson, I'm going to check this mess for the final. Ah, final time and I'm going to clean up the mess. If it has some problems that erodes, Let's see in the next lesson. 32. 32 Final Cleanup and Conclusion: okay. After you optimize for the polygons, the unnecessary politicans. Another time too. Not Take some other things. Like none Plan offices and some loops. The almost a pinal sick You need to sake. And then send for that proof from the lead and from your art Lee. Okay, let's see what the things you need to take before you send it for approval. Okay, so the first thing you need to take the loops in Lupoli it's very important because it's gonna animate Andi. It's very important that you have, you know, continuous loops around the solar. At least three loops you can see on. Does that continues? Look, Clean loops. OK, so these are best for no deform animus and from here, So make sure you have these loops here. Andi, these loops No, around the elbow as well. Make sure you have those loops so that it can ban from there. So it against the app, some loops there. I can see because because of my p said. But I have a clean loops there. Okay, then. Just makes you You have loops on the name here. Okay, The clean loops on you can see, even if I have some wrinkles going on on the day Glo person here on an angle. But still I have no straight loops you can see have straight groups. My eggs are going crazy intel and vertical You can see and I have some. No angle is toe. Give the support to that wrinkle, but still have clean horizontal and body college. So make sure you have this village in the particulate is whatever your politics since look , floor whatever. Here, you need to have this simple polygons. Okay, I'm pulled some angle. It is to imagine it. You're fools, so make sure those are correct on Make sure you have some pissant. It is on the elbows. At least three year four on deaf years addressed area. Okay, if the character has physical animus and then make sure you have the top Alozie here, they explored the fest. Okay, so that's the first thing you need to check. Then you can check The thing is, Then again, check non Flintoff s and some other things. So let's see what? Ah, what's known Planet face. So let's let me find some faces so that I can So you se said this idea, so you can see it's 1/4 fous. It's a core face, but when I go to this angle, then I can see this. There's a connection between this, too, because these two tortoises are higher than these two. Okay? And now every face every quarter face has build from two tries to triangles. Even if it's not, their days is not there. Every quarter face has built from two triangles on you can see here on this occasion you can see there's a this is safe which can flick up, which hasn't any, actually is there on this angle it saws that triangle and this is can flicker big because it doesn't have actually is. So in this case, we need to actually go toe no multi cut. I'm just good give that is those toe that practical is get that really is so that you can see that days and it's not gonna flicker. You can see here as well, so you need to check if your model is to locally, you're gonna see these things. A lot of video because we have a descent. Hopefully we're not going to see it, but still you can see in somebody like this. So you need to check it manually. Let's say this idea the city is is an apposite non planner. You can see these two Word is is is higher on dish to a lawyer, so you can see this kind of full length tries. Even if I don't have anything here, you can see from this angle. So in order to actually see the full year straight, Okay. In this case, I'm not going to put them is like this. I'm going to put it is like this so that you can see this fall is going like this. Here it's gonna Ben. It's like bending here in or facing, so just connected here. And you can see this is it was missing this pace. So this, right, like on now, you can see we can see your full is going clearly there. So you need to take these things Human poo days like here as well, so that you can see no, this clean, clean loof going there. So assist, Find this. These are hard to find sometimes on if you means water toe. That's fine. That's totally fine. You're gonna at them letter after baking. But still I said, Just find out some is this. You can see. Just look at it from different angles so that it can no find those. Is this against me here? That's a poodle lane here. Even I have something in the face area on the more Jiating, you can see this dis idiot. It's a it's a non plan office. So again, go to multi card. I just hold, sit and write most to get that minimum. Holds it right. Most will get multicolored there. So because I have already with that, also, it's suing a different one. So this connect here and here. So this is I call making triangulating faces, triangulating faces and making plan offices. So if it's very subtle, then you don't have to worry if it's very subtle. If it's very numb, RBS than you need toe. Put that line. So do that. Just look at everywhere and find those things and clear those. If you have missed one or two, that's fine. You can. I blood that. And next thing before we submit this file toe the lead for approval. The next thing we need to check, whether have by mystically help something like insider face up, non manifold Gemma Tree. So those are the financier guy? Always do. So let's elect on, Go to mess and go to clean up here. So there's a dedicated up some for that on here, you can say, fixed by this listen category. Just go to your faces with more than four sided Andi here a person to select. So just I need to select and check if I have something so select everywhere and apply with this. Faces with more than four sided and select were saying, If is that if there is any faces who's is more than four sided, then selected? Okay, just apply to select on. If we have something, it's gonna so you. Sometimes it saws by mistake lissome no good for Corpus is. So let's see you're suing something here. I I have a little selecting them non manifold George's lives. If you said it, let's do it again. It's select one by one, so select again. Just first reset it in case you have something else. So the city faces select, so I'm just elect more than four sided If I have somewhere. Yes, you saw that I have something here? I don't I don't think he have something. Let's say this is a try. Is three Price, I think. Yes, I have something here. Yeah, if you sometimes if you press tree to smooth preview, you can see I just press three. You can see I have some work. This is here. Okay. Here as well. So this dude, those vortices for kids on here. You can see I have something which is which is not most. Okay, so in this case, I'm going to actually delete half. So this go to front view on delete this side, Do the side okay. And makes your those center line and lined up before you meet it gradually again. End of with those kind of problem. So select everything which are centered on does which need to be center there. So let's say I just want to know Scale it, Andi scale them properly on goto. Good front view. They can go to over text more on this time. Just whole eggs and move to snap it. Snap to this line. Okay, so first, if the select every word This is scary to the full the skin till here on cross it here so that everything lined off with this access and then snap it with the move tool and with the X key. OK, go back to a prospective you Then let's meter it, Miss Miller geometry on. Hopefully, let's press tree to see if it's perfect against the Now it's OK. Okay, so let's take again. Still, it's swing something that's wow this time I have something inside. I believe those waters Is that their street? So OK, let's press three. Curtis's can see somehow I got this word is is okay. I think from top Hogan a bit here can see So this is a great tool to know because this these things are hard to find. So let's select now you can see it's clear off. Um, I just hold, Select this and hope raise all the age to hide on selected pieces, then press control sit edge to again on hide everything Okay, so then you can again check non manifold geometry. This is a gym ot where we have like let's say I must these waters is inside something. There s oh, that's a moment awful, Gemma t We can check that So let's select everything. Apply you can to swing something here. You're saying you have someone known many full genital here. So again, I have somewhere decision. So let's dilated. Okay. Here. You can see this days only is inside there. I think there's a press inside, so Yeah, so for this. So let's sleep. Double click here Debilitate that I can see here. You can see I had much here till here, and I had a face inside there. So it's called non man in for geometry. You cannot put a face inside then so just makes you don't have those. We don't have these things. Okay. Better thing. I think I suit believe this. I think it's better to deliver it Still you can see somehow No connector. Maybe we decide. So delete it. Do the site so that we can meet at it again. Press all days to hide on electric bass. You can 60 laps something there. So So I think it's better to do it this whole face here. Okay, so that that goes with that and then Goto may stools and let's take a pen polygon tool and connect this idea again. Okay, on these things are bound to happen. Sometimes we knew topo in a different applicants on you might miss something. Okay, so you need to clean up all those most of the time in it to clean up something. So Okay, so it was like this Andi dreaded like this and make sure it's slap tow center because we're meeting it. So it's a snap to exact center in her legs to snap. So then, meter. Okay, This time, I need to change the meter. Access two plus. Okay, you can see it's a lot of shaking to just shake those things and clear off those things. So here I'm stopping this. Listen, Andi, with this, we're completing this ST up off the character globally of this character in this sex and you land Topol mondo borstal said toe create your locally locally making guidelines such as even spacing polygons on the more than joint for media, Zaza's El Bony showed up clean round loops on multiple loops. Finally, how does Jake a locally, if it is right, are if it is ever free and in the next six and you're going to learn you feel unwrapping getting to they're gonna very important topic in game character development. So let's jump into that on long character even rapping in my