LOGO EXPLOSION - 3 Top Methods To Create Logos for FREE Without PHOTOSHOP

Sumer Singh, Don't Stop Learning Becoz Learning Has No Limits

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4 Videos (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1st Method Explained

    • 3. 2nd Method Explained

    • 3rd Method Explained


About This Class


Hello Everyone.

There are various methods which you can use to create professional logos. Some of them need money to be spent and some are free to use.

In this tutorial I will be teaching you top 3 methods to create logos within 5 minutes for free. You can see me creating logos in the videos and learn those methods to create logos for your personal use or for your friends or sell them for some good profits.

Please click on the "Enroll now" button to get started today.

Best Regards.

sumer singh

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very helpful class, thank you so much sir. please let me know when you publish new class.
Very nice tips and tricks. Good thought provoking ideas.
While I'm giving a Yes to this course for the ideas to use free or software that came with your operating system I would like to see more precision shown and explained. For example logos with rectangle shapes on the border must be done "pixel precise" to be really professional and five minutes of editing in Paint won't guarantee that. For that matter a free software that uses a format that save objects added to the image (allowing to change them later) would be better suited instead of Paint. One obvious choice would be Paint.Net.





Sumer Singh

Don't Stop Learning Becoz Learning Has No Limits

Hello everyone! My name is sumer singh and I am 32 years Old. I have been in the area of online marketing and teaching for more than 7 years. I always try to find new things and love to share them with other people so that they can benefit from them too. English is not my mother tongue but I have tried my best to give you real facts clearly in my classes. Please do view my classes and don't forget to leave back your valuable feedback.

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