LIVE VIDEO MARKETING-The 21 Day Content Calendar for building your Online Authority with Live Videos | Naomi Osemedua | Skillshare

LIVE VIDEO MARKETING-The 21 Day Content Calendar for building your Online Authority with Live Videos

Naomi Osemedua, Live Streaming Strategist.

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5 Videos (17m)
    • Introduction

    • About Your Class Project

    • Content Calendar...Day 1-10

    • Content Calendar...Day 11-21

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

...My Step by Step Guide for QUICKLY getting started,staying consistent and making your first sale in 21 Days using Live Videos.

 plus a FREE Downloadable PDF...

It’s about time you stopped worrying about…

*How do I get started with Live Videos?

*Where will I get Content from?

*What if I run out of things to say?

*How can I stay consistent and keep my audience coming back for more?

In this class you will learn…

*How to stop the fear of imperfection, get started with Live Videos so you look like a pro from Day 1.

* My step by step for showing up consistently and getting your audience to come back for more.

*How to position yourself as the Go to expert in your niche as you establish the know,like and trust factor with your audience.

*How to deliver content that will impact the lives of those who follow what you do.

*My simple and straight up strategy to help you make your first sale after 14 days.

*Exactly how to be your Authentic self and build a community of raving fans who are willing to pay for your products/services.





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Naomi Osemedua

Live Streaming Strategist.

Hello, I'm Naomi.

I am a people builder calling out the seeds of greatness in others. I demonstrate how we only live once so we must be intentional about living life to the fullest...NOW!

I love to teach with passion and humor bringing real life stories to keep my audience captivated. I use my Knowledge & expertise to coach Individuals and Brands on how they can leverage Live streaming Platforms to boost visibility to a Global audience, increase their Sphere of Influenc...

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