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LIBERATE YOUR CREATIVITY - An absolutely fun style of painting with credit cards

teacher avatar Angie Vourtsi, she paints and writes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (35m)
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    • 5. Painting the grass - Closeup to the finished artwork

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About This Class

In this class i am going to show you an easy and very fun way of painting! You are going to choose a photo or a picture you like, anything  that gives you strong vibes and great feelings and you are going to make an artwork with acrylics and no brushes at all. Just some plastic cards that you no longer use!

It is important to set yourself free from any worries and leave the painting itself  and the medium to guide you till the final look of your artwork. It can be done by anybody, either you have drawing skills or not.

I start with some tips on color theory in order to share some basic knowledge about how you can create any color you like as long as you have the basic colors which is red, yellow and blue. Anybody that already has this knowledge doesn 't have to follow this video.

I would love to see you embracing this technique and i would like to come across to YOUR  creations through the project area !  

Meet Your Teacher

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Angie Vourtsi

she paints and writes


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1. 1: Hello. My name is devoting. And then in this multi story, I'm going to show you how you're going to make water for paintings with a very easy and frantically we're going to use a good god like these that we got in different shapes or keep the original size, and we're going to use a living corners that you find the paint shop. Then we're going to do something. The thing has to be sending, which gives you very good advice for me. Was this bitch on the photo I took some years ago at the Greek Allen called safe? It was with this photo. I am making this tutorial, this baby who sent your step a state, how we're creating every layer of cooler and it's very easy. It's very fun on the hope you're going to enjoy. In order to give you some extra inspiration about this technique, I'm going to show you what else I have made. Basically, this is another painting has made this technique the use of summer keeps coming at my baby things. It's the summer do on another facing made well, Basically it's this one. This is my favorite. One was met with the same technique on I very for you to start watch the full video, how you could make 2. 2: Well, some things about cooler Terry have the basic holders, which is red, yellow. And this is my basic course. So everything starts from red? Yeah. So? And I don't worry about the hue of color. I just I want to show you how you mix the colors. Big yellow, The squares called, actually. And then take some blue. So this is the basic colors you can paint without things? No. When will be? There's do beautiful colors. Red and yellow. The same. We have a beautiful father which is already homeless. Orange is bread. And and it makes no. Yes and no, we have this wonderful code Cheese green, yellow and blue green. An interesting no different makes read and blue that wonderful. I put it here. Yes, no. Through three colors, we have $6. Everything in between those colors is by adding white or black. For example. I have this Orent and put some and we have no for these green. We put some why I agree. Thank me. Okay. Same way we have with white and look blue here and why? And think and read. So we have a wonderful I think like I like I should. No, it would. Geeks with a doctor, we have something. Don't we have? All right. And a little black. And we have these dark brown. Do you know how to go? They don't they Same way back, black So much water black and do. And we have this very dark blue. I like it too. The same yellow. So yes, we have this. We put some yellow here, some black here thinking little more. We have this dark cold. Oh, like brown Like like them on a tree? Yes. And save scholar all entry green. I couldn't see what have I note makes. Okay, let's take purple White This goldfish have this wonderful purple We won't something like I didn't know which called Really an interesting round Weaken makes many colors, for example act of this. Okay, Take days with green some blue and have thes now starting to play interesting things and take some greed Okay, this is better. I makes me main colors. So after these basic steps we started with red, yellow and blue We invented orange, purple and greed And then by mixing with white and black we have some tones in between with light A later told we have white and for docker tones we have black, my domes A closer look 3. FEARLESS PAINTING : Hello how we begin. First of all, we have created cats here laid close to us. Some of them were kept them strange shapes, like triangles like small triangle. So we can't one place so we can have some different lines and one of them happens to be around. Yes, this was a nice god which was around. I keep it like this. So we have some Great because it's not important to him all the sizes. It's important to feel the lines you have to make. I'm a social bank, Vicks in the thing banding this say's what I took in the summer from Said it was, I think, yes, safe us. They were going to make this beautiful picture. We see the colors, what we made beach and we see that we see some lines. The lines Are these the words on the line to make the same? So if I'm going to make the sea need lines like this, let's like this When I will make those beautiful grass were making lines like days like straight lines. I'm gonna show you don't work. So before we do something like that, we have to do way have to spread color in the painting. It is that important with the Greeks have many layers of color. It doesn't mean that because I have this beautiful blue sky I'm going to use only blue here . I could use a small orange. I produce people Or I could use red or green. I don't know. I don't know where the painting is going to take me. So before you start to do anything, I'm going to have some fun like this. What? I'm taking some colors and have some acrylics. For example, I have this beautiful green. I like this. I opened the color and I'm starting to using some cost. You noted to make some colors like that so before I just don't need I don't need a let doing. Just what now? Is a few missing putting color without that thinking? I'm just feeling this to be green like I was making an abstract baby. And I think these lines you see, e I don't know if you see I'm going to So you better So this lines probably will be beautiful when I later making the pain. So I like this thing to believe this after brain I thought I was to put some yellow. Yes, I do something like that. Like I'm playing now. Yes. Now I want this. You hear this guy? This guy's going to be okay. Okay? Didn't many things in space. So here. Now, going to use beautiful. OK, say for it. All right. Here. Could be dating only these fellers. You know, if you, like, obstructs. You could stay this, uh, stage and play around like this with governor. Now, get bored of this guy's going to leave and take this, which is smaller and they make life, you know, we use a color leg. It took first. Yes. Look, I used our defense, went to Mexico and exactly the big but I say it's very easy music color here. Um, year orange. Okay. It will be sad. So it's very with it underneath years. No. Going to use different colors. Like I say this folks here. Or so I don't know what is going to happen. Like you could make. You will probably see this video you don't like. I will bury it in the back yard. You think I don't know about I get to like, I think I'm gonna be okay. You hear things? We're going to make something very nice. So I'm using colors that you don't see him. The bank Just playing around, Just playing everything. Everything happens for a reason this could say this. Everything happens for a reason. This has reason to be here. Yeah. I don't know. I don't have It's come here. So yes. No. Little. Yeah. No way. Yeah. Yeah. Three. Nothing is getting wasted. Wasted. We use every color, the stage. Don't worry about Carlos and just playing. Expressing this, you hear? But what's going to do now? It's This is going toe dry out and drying out. It means that going make the next I said to my bed to baiting. Exactly. Thanks. Beautiful. I see raves, Russ. Everything you like at the beach place. Okay, I think I've done enough. Although some for election. I want to use this. Okay. I just bought this car when I use it. Okay, Where to put this? I think some now. Okay. To be okay around just doing with every leg you create, they're going to use a close look. You're beginning to have the idea. I do whatever I like. See you 4. PAINTING SKY SEA AND SAND: Well, we're here after about 24 hours that this was drying and it's really we're here to begin our interesting landscape backward is this guy. Then it's the mountain. Then it's the sea. And then it's the sand. The last thing we're going to paint this beautiful grass and Iraq. These are last things. So I want to make the sky. I don't hear that we made many layers. Of course I'm taking my look colors my room acrylics, which is this beautiful blue. And this also with Dr on White. I don't know how big this like they had. No, I don't need to mix the colors in the I can mix them remaining so good plays off. As you can see, this is not the color I need. My skirt is like a lot lighter. So I put this and another before it dries and dressed very fast. I took this. No, all the base. Yes, this goes to me. Um but for some I that you have created a beautiful blue that you need for this guy. You can see that by throwing some brash. Is that say? And you can see the color behind So but x closed its guy. Oh, okay. And that makes him the car I don't do. Okay, Will this make something? Like I tried to keep it in sports, for example. Brushes pretty much here. So going to kick? Well, this guy's not and some lighter, which is this night, but they get toe this. I like that. Sometimes I can do something like that. Tell stew which there some lines here that probably you can see now. But I'm going to show you later that you see the color behind. So okay here Because we see something. If this needle they want stops a little higher that this is the meaning of the painting with stuff. So you see No, we makes the brown with this guy, and it's interesting we don't I feel annoyed that that's interesting. This is not I think I need some brown. Very interesting. Okay. With other cars making like something I want Good. Okay. Stop. I don't A wife. My It raised my mountain. No, keep this guy. Okay. So no, his not anymore. That know what I see. I see that the rocks in here confusing for me, but down here I can see something, like feels it feels a green squares. Okay, they have occurred. Richie's small. Okay, Smaller doing things like. And I think that some white rocks up here. And while it is still Wait, I use, um Why weeks with please you Is that the rocks? Some moves. Okay. You can takes. They see some little Why houses there? I'm going to make them with little Why. Okay. Thank you. I it I think it's not so good, but I feel that it is better. So right here is my rock my office mix of why down from the moment living more wide Well see, having looks beautiful, which I would make as well It's a little greenish blue close to green I haven't had this car But if I didn't have this caller I would use to make great a blow Disclosures to green I would take and yellow and some why defined They make a lighter seeing. So I have discussed You know the thing so different Didn't have so I see my sound sounded Yes. No way little sand 5. Painting the grass - Closeup to the finished artwork: 6. 6: about project off this tutorial. I want you to choose a photo or agreements about Blakes with that means a lot to you. It could be the place that you got the proposal from your wife or husband. It can be the place he used to play when you were attacked. It could be the house of your dreams. It could be the place you want to go over holidays or the place you went your favorite to drink. It can be Mountain seaside. Anything you can choose as long as it has very good vibes and very good energy. And you feel connected to this place. All these feelings, I'm sure going to be transferred to the painting. That's why I won't do to something like that. You could to support this to make for a favor, the law person of you. But I wouldn't suggest starting with Brooke with reported, although it's double free. So pick up your memory a much, and please do share your story with us in the project area and your step by step pictures off your project. I'm looking forward to see your book. I'm so excited to see what we're going to make and to hear about your stories and your favorite places. Thank you.