Cameron Cole, Stay Blessed and Keep Dancing!

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6 Lessons (21m) View My Notes
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Double Tap Hop Step

    • 3. Shoot Arms Out

    • 4. Bye Bye Bye Step

    • 5. Now Do It With NSYNC

    • 6. Congrats


About This Class

Welcome to the NSYNC Bye Bye Bye dance choreography class

Want to be the best boy band dancer?  Or perform it with your friends at your wedding or next big event??

Well, you've come to the right place! 

 In this course, I will teach you the pre-chorus and chorus part of the choreography which is the most rememberable part od this dance.  This class is for all levels.  Even if you have no dance experience at all, you will be able to learn these basic steps to NSYNC Bye Bye Bye dance choreography. 

This can be a good tool to use for your next event birthday, wedding, or dance party.  Feel free to teach this to your friends to have fun showing it off the more the marrier:)

Let's get you started and get your dance on



1. Intro : guys camera, cold and dancing Affiliate Got it right. The first time pattern bag put it for Here you are. You know what? You're going to be learning this course. No, you learn in sync. Bye bye. In this course, when a teacher the pre chorus in the chorus dance which is the most remember part of this choreography Even though this group has been out about two decades ago The song still crowd favorite You could learn this dance performing at your next wedding Teacher, friends, family It's really easy fun dance, learn Anybody can do it I'm really excited to show this course to you guys. Everybody loves boy bands Celeste Gated lifted Instinct Bye bye bye. Dances camera cold. 2. Double Tap Hop Step: guys, I'm going dancing Affiliate. Well, part 12 in sync. Bye Bye bye. Congratulations for getting here. Let's get started. So for the first move, I'm gonna do like a little double tap. You look hot. Little It kind of I want to. And they tapped. Tapped, right, faking it. Your bubbles coming up at same time. So we're gonna do this three times. This is the start with pre course. And it's of course, this part of hands by the main part bills. Remember Apartment three times start by 67 Together. Together. Yeah. It's like that. Yeah, by six. Make sure you want to change the rules. Going down, back. Possible about. So goes to this part. I know that I can take more by six. I know that I can't take no next move after that. You're taking right foot. Stop que No! Do you have a pushed drive? Are Hey, no fly. Next Move your wife without playing out. Why control the next thing? One million there. Go left for right Election top 56 I can take no more. No. Teoh. Left, right. Left. You do like little double tap to the left. You let Hot left, right. Got faking it your bubbles coming up in the same time. So we're gonna do this three times. They start with three horse. And it's of course, this part is probably most main part. Most remember part. So let's go top three times. Start to live 67 together. Yeah, So again, 66 make sure you want change levels going down. Possible about. So goes this far. I know that I can take more. 56 Go. I know that I can take next movement that you're taking right foot. Stop que No You push drive are no lie. Your wife will point out why. Like yeah, How like a control were the next thing One male the year ago left for right top 56 I know that I can take no more. Okay. No. Teoh left, right, Left. Great places. Using the first part to in order for this thing. See you next 3. Shoot Arms Out: guys can Cold and instability in, well, part 22 instincts ideas. So after the crossed over, Right, Right over. Left shoulder. Left, right, left! She Now maybe you need a pop out. Okay, Wait up there. Door. Try again from March six. Teoh. Right now. That four back up that door. Six. I live right door. That should keep going Over and over. You must remember down we'll get movements. Come on. Nature Times So next move about right getting this time Just pulled into What? No Right. No. Right, Right, right there. Left, right, left. Which were ready, Mrs ST So let's try for the 1st 56 What right, they to you Report it right. So I'm gonna take you. Teoh. Damn! This week T after the who crossed over, right? Right across. Right Lift! Go! She now! Next fingers, you need to pop out Same time it wait up, do you? Yeah, Door there. Try again. Lorsch. Teoh, Right? Or go right now. That door. Yeah, that should keep going. Over and over. Muscle memory down. We'll get movements. Come on. Nature was like times apple goofy for next Move by. You're about to you, right you're getting this time, Which will That more? Which one? To No. Right, Right, right after that. Left right, left ready. Mrs ST, Let's try for the 1st 56 Right. What, right this day to you Report it. Right. So I'm gonna take you, Teoh. Damn, it's which take down Here we go. Fill you in next. 4. Bye Bye Bye Step: get going Still Evil for three. Dance with me. That's good, Detective Tip. That's it, kid. Turn Mike. Sound crazy. A no lie for the most part of the dance. Besides the next move coming up. Two fingers were cold. I said the next move. Most very part dates travel in a circular motion in place last week. Your arms would be you. Stop these like that. Are you going to do it again? Go back to Russia with that? What to what? 123 step Ain't no life. And that's it. That's the whole dance. Move from the top. We'll talk a lot. Six. Go. I know that a little more. I live right up there for, like, so great. Uh, no, no. This I do that you Let's try it with See you next. Go. 5. Now Do It With NSYNC: going up. I noticed. Right, baby, I do do one now. No way. Just you just you. 6. Congrats: Congratulations, guys. Did the bye bye bye, Dan Square, Give yourself a huge panel back. Remember, you can do this. All your friends family have 25 40 50 guys Make up your own formations and transitions Be good Dance to perform at a wedding For your brides of rules Mons have fun to be Silver camera Colder dancing affiliate Stay bless and keep dancing.