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LATIN TRAP FUNDAMENTALS: Music Production Masterclass - Create Latin Trap In Ableton Live

teacher avatar Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (3h 2m)

    • 2. Pero Ya No: Keys

    • 3. Pero Ya No: Vocals

    • 4. Pero Ya No: Drums

    • 5. Pero Ya No: Drums 2

    • 6. Pero Ya No: Percussion

    • 7. Pero Ya No: Bass & Vocals

    • 8. Pero Ya No: Melody 2

    • 9. Pero Ya No: Mixing & Mastering

    • 10. Pero Ya No: Arrangement

    • 11. La Cancion: Intro

    • 12. La Cancion: Drums

    • 13. La Cancion: Keys

    • 14. La Cancion: Vocals

    • 15. La Cancion: Trumpet

    • 16. La Cancion: Bells & Bass

    • 17. La Cancion: Pad

    • 18. La Cancion: Mixing & Mastering

    • 19. La Cancion: Arrangement

    • 20. Conclusion & Next Steps

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About This Class

Do you listen to latin trap beats and wonder how they do it? 

Are you curious how these producers achieve that specific sound?

Do you wish you could make your own beats to rap, sing, or turn up to?

Now you can.

If you’ve listened to Bad Bunny on Youtube or Spotify then you know what I'm talking about.

Trap beats seem simple on the surface, but there's more to them than you'd expect.

It took me hundreds of beats to finally figure out what was missing in my production. 

I tried to learn on my own through random youtube tutorials and blogs I read online. 

I spun my wheels for years. 

And after teaching hundreds of students I know now why.

The answer is simple:

We think because the information is out there we can do it ourselves. 

But with the internet sending us new tutorials every other day it leaves us feeling even more confused than when we started. 

How do you apply sidechain compression?

What plug-ins are best for your beats?

How do you manipulate audio to chop better samples?

There's no clear cut path. 

It took me years of trial-and-error, wasting time trying to learn concepts I thought I needed only to end up months later in the same spot. 

So what’s the alternative?


After being frustrated with how confusing my own journey was learning music production I decided to do something about it...

I created Beat School, an online academy that teaches the foundational elements of music production in a simple and effective way. 

This course on music production is one of the beginner programs designed to help students gain an understanding of beat making with a step-by-step approach. 


In this course you'll learn: 

-How to easily warp, chop, and manipulate audio samples

-The key elements that go into a well produced track

-Mixing techniques that are essential to achieving your specific sound

-How to achieve the gritty analogue sound you want without wasting money on expensive gear

-How to create beats with only stock plug-ins and free resources

-How to design drums to knock

-How to make better decisions in terms of sample choice and sound design

-Only the necessary information that you need to make dope beats, without the overwhelm and confusion of complicated techniques


My goal is simple:

I am here to teach you a simple process to, warp audio, easily create Bad Bunny type drums, mix, and make beats that you can sing along to. 

In this course I won’t overwhelm you with fancy software or advanced techniques. You’ll learn exactly what you need to get producing as fast as possible. 

In doing so, I have built what I believe is the most effective way to easily make beats.


My courses are effective, impactful, and include extra resources to help you level up.

In the Class Project section you'll be able to download all the files I use so that you can create your own beats and follow along with me. 

That being said, your progress is completely up to you. I can’t do the work for you. 

But I CAN lessen the learning curve, provide an easy to follow blueprint, and shave years off your path to mastery.

I hope to empower you with the knowledge, practice, and resources you need to realize that this isn’t rocket science. 

You can do this.

If you are willing to invest in yourself and commit to learning a few hours a week, I have no doubt you’ll be able to achieve your goals with music.

You ready to rock?

Download the files, set aside a few hours for dedicated learning, and let’s make some beats!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kia Orion

Artist & Music Producer


Ay! I'm Kia. 

I'm an artist and educator who believes life wouldn't be the same without music.

Or tacos.

I realized that I was equally as passionate about teaching music as I was making it.

In 2016 I founded Beat School, an online platform and series of educational programs to help aspiring artists and producers learn how to make beats, accelerate their growth, and stay inspired. 

I'm originally from New York but these days you'll find me traveling around the world writing songs or playing beats on a rooftop somewhere.

I appreciate you stopping by, and if you'd like to get in touch you can DM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] 

Life is too short not to do what you lov... See full profile

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1. BAD BUNNY INTRO: coming through. You already know what it is. It is your boy, Chiao Ryan coming back to you with another course. Thank you so much for tuning. And you could be anywhere in the world. But you're here with me, and I appreciate that if you don't know me, my name's key. All Ryan. I'm a beat maker, artist producer are on online music production school called Beat School for Producers. And I'm the man who is obsessed with making don't music and teaching you how to create your own. If you want anything in this course that you see that I use, you can find all of my website Keogh Ryan dot com or at producer down. Those dot com on my templates guides all that self or other sort of stuff, But you aren't here for free templates. Guides. You're here to learn about how to make bad bunny type beats. Now these are beats that I'm inspired by because right now I'm actually currently in Mexico and I'm constant airing Rageh Tone Dance Whole Latin Trap. And there's a lot of bad bunny and J balvin blaring out of car speakers and little shops and things of that nature. So I've been super inspired by that type of music recently. So I've been making a lot of that type of music as well, and one to come to you O with a new course on how to make music like that. So these are gonna be bad bunny NJ botvin type beats or a couple different walk throughs Recently, this year, Bad Bunny released his new album as the J. Balvin. So both of those will have there will be a different remakes from those albums. In this course, different beats that kind of walk you through, and these are gonna be exact replicas or remakes of those beats, but kind of how I take those ideas and incorporate them into my own production and then take those concepts, tactics and strategies incorporate that into my own beats. So hopefully I can teach you how to do that as well. That being said, I'm a firm believer. If you're taking any of my course of before that doing beats watching so you can't just wash these tutorials and expect to become better. You actually to take these concepts, implement them into your own beats. One way that I can encourage you to do that is by having you download the project 1000 stems that I've created for you and follow along with me as I tweak the knobs and switches so you can create thes beats for yourself from start to finish, I find that's one of my biggest piece of advice for folks. When you're starting out this watch these courses take these tutorials, but you have to implement them. You have to make beats you actually to do the work you have to put in the practice to actually get better. So I hope that that sounds fun. If you're interested in Bad Bunny ever interested in Riga tone J Balvin dance. Hold that and drop any of that stuff. You're gonna learn a lot from this course. I had a lot of fun making these types of beats. So download this project files. Get your beverage of choice, a couple water, whatever that may be. Dive in and I'll see you on the inside. All right. Check you in a minute. Peace 2. Pero Ya No: Keys: what is going on? Your little boy Kia coming back to with another tutorial and, of course, live from Mexico. Um, because I am in Mexico. They've been Ah, in the time of this recording, Bad Bunny dropped his album a little bit ago. Um, his new album. And so I've been hearing blaring out of car speakers out of shops, out of vendors, all types of stuff. So I've been kind of like in this bad buddy. Ah, bad bunny kind of groove, like this kind of Latin trap. Greg Aton influence. And so I've been inspired by and, um, just survives out here in Mexico, so wanted to, um, make some beats in that kind of vain and take you along for the ride. Show you how to do it. So, um, the one track that I found this kind of like this Latin trap beat called, um pero Yeah, I know. Um, I got the audio or audio for it so we could follow along, and I also got I'd found the cords for it. So I'm not sure if these are the exact chord that I'm gonna use fully. I know. It's I believe it's an a major into a G sharp minor, but I have the exact chords that he uses. But I'm there. Some flirt. Not Flores, but some changes in here. I'm not sure if I'm actually going to use or not. I might just keep it the two cores to keep it simple. But let's figure this out so to take it from the top. But I would do you want to make this type of a beat? Is figure out what the first, we'll figure out the chords in the BPM. It's 1 48 Figured it out, figured out the chords. If you don't know the core is normal, you can just google it. Um, he's a big enough artist that they'll be there. Or if you can't find the cords. There's this cool app called Key Finder, which you can tell I used um, and you can drop the the audio in, and it'll tell you what the key is so that we don't have to worry about it, um, and then use Google. What are the chord progressions and whatever the key it is, you can find something similar or go to spice search for something. But I didn't find these courts that I liked. So now what I'm gonna do is listen to this instrument choice that he uses, at least at this intro. I felt like this intro because it, um it doesn't have all the drums later when remaking different parts. He does have the instrumental parts here, which is helpful, but let's jump into the sea. What he has the type of instruments uses the, uh I'm not exactly sure what type of instrument that is. I'm gonna be the, you know. That's why you come to keys to tours. Because I keep it 1000 with you. So that being said sounds that see there some sort of like a some keys, uh, sort of roads. All right, well, let's experience with some things. Let's just jump into some sound design. Um, let's try ominous fear. There's also artery as this dope roads, too. Let's see what they got in terms of keyboards, actually. What? Let's do this. Let's try this Rose first, is it? Ah, don't hate me. I forgot what the name is. Stage 73 uh, would help. Probably if we actually had that playing. Uh, let's say keys at first least for now. E. I could get down with that. Let's see. Let's see. Maybe. Let's try. Let's see the Spectra Sonics. As for us, well, it's also bells and keys. Maybe what we could do is fresh. Metro keys. Ah, no. You know, um, way to soothe. Uh, this is a court. There's a note in it is awfully. Ah, tough. If he said I know. Let's see what happens if we bring those down. You know what? Here's what we're going to go, you know, take these and put them appears back up. They were gonna get experimental with it. Yeah, all right. I feel that when either, um I think it's way . Mm. All right. I'm mystery. Let's try something else, huh? Uh, that's kind of cool. It's kind of cool. That's actually I'm actually really feeling that. No way. That's actually kind of dope. This is when we we start to make some creative choices because I like those keys. I like those keys a lot. So let's run with that. Um, gonna come back, just in case you want to change those up. Going to duplicate the keys. Call those backup keys. Turn that honest your office, Save the bandit and let's print that. Is that some effects to it? - Like some of that, Like Grameen Iss out of there, It's kind of high end. - Sounds like he also has a some sort of other sample their thing playing on top of that, like another melody. I did that. Okay, let's jump into next part of this beat. 3. Pero Ya No: Vocals: All right, let's do this thing. Since it's a key attract, I'm gonna Even though we're making bad bunny, I'm gonna key. If I had a little bit adding some vocals and Latin trap, that is a big thing. A lot of his beats. I was kind of chopped up vocals, but I'm gonna keep if I some vocals for y'all Just see what we could get into. So I found a couple, um, different vocal chops in this key. That that was kind of cool. So let's try some things. Um, let's get it. Bring the zone here too, so I can seed spacing. I mean, let that boy cook any space to work. Um, e to you, eh? Just didn't get the low end off of those through some typical Kia vocal is gonna have some river, but a delay on, um, reliever reverb amount a bit. Get some of that echo plate reverb delay are So let's see. What you doing with ease? Mystery? Doing it actually worked those before. Dio Uh huh. I want this to be a texture. Even with this week. Crazy makes it easier for me time in Washington. Exactly where starts early way have things in that lower range. I think he's actually be better pitched up. Let's see, we don't go. We just push the CEO where these chords on the suit happens. If we take maybe one of these Otherwise it is just all the same. Uh oh. Uh oh. Let's see what's up with that? Uh oh. Also, why you leaving clicks in your samples? Dog was good with it. Whoa. - I don't love that. Since gonna beer. That's better. I don't love that. Maybe it's not too much way e like that last note. That's gonna call. I do, actually. I'm gonna actually make another one grown a virus. Just kidding, I hope. All right. High vocals. Uh, let's let's bring these bad boys down here. Let's see what happens if we go all the way with that's supposed to stay down here Key. What do you do? And you tripping? Maybe what we do is let's take these. Copy those down here. I need these separated. There it is. There it is. We're getting there. We're getting there. - Maybe it's still too much with those second vocals, but a t least we have if we need him um, we're gonna get rid of those. Although those were kind of cool to me Will bring this Sunday for backup. Sweet. So we got our main keys because kind of vocal texture going on chops. It can add more of those in a second. Let's two minute from part. Let's get into the drums. 4. Pero Ya No: Drums: all right. So bad bunny or ever produced This track has two different types. Two for two main parts of this track. Um, so this is gonna be bad money. All right, so let's jump into this two different main parts where the drums chicken. Um, I think this is what things that the first way. Wait, wait. And they are. That part goes, so I think it's over here, too. Thank you for giving us just repeat. Appreciate it. Appreciate you thought a things kind of got some trap action going on, but I like it because it's in a bpm that I normally play with 1 48 I think that's don't quote me 74. Um, math is not my strong suit. Obviously, um, but simply have some trap elements to it. Um, I'm gonna check ups. Um, trap drums. Actually. Hold that thought because don't want to keep moisture time. Let me download some trap drums for this track in particular. One second 5. Pero Ya No: Drums 2: I saw her back with some drums. I got some different drum sounds and I apologize to the people. If you can hear that music playing in the background, we're working with what we got mixers and was replaced by Let's check this out. Really kick like a bouncy kick. Let's try this one over here. That's a better one. Just make sure let's take this little let's listen to the Scarecrow quick. I don't like that. I don't like that tail on it. So what's the safety's out, actually, and just make it easier. Little variation in the kick right there onto the snares. He's got a lot of snare actually going on in this. So let's let's take you out. The lows. Just wait on God. He's got, like, a clap snare thanks, mostly because he's got that 99 cow bell to Let's try this clap. Maybe you can layer this too. - Traps near. Let's get another snare going over here. Little go. Little snare. You can see him sometimes as soon as we have a hard time hearing it. It makes it a little bit easier. If you have the right forms, you can actually line it up. The's are great. Uh, maybe What am? I actually get us a little bit, Um, shorter. Sorry about that. Something maybe a little bit of what happens. Kind of percussion sound. Theo. Theo Way the's high hats. He gets crazy with these I as I'm stoked for these. So I got some leading trap I ads. Wow. You're going to me like that. Just look for just Latin. Cool. It's what? In Trippi ads and then no. All right, um, so they're also says Sunnyside heads for second. I don't love him. Um, Corona I ah, I'd like some eyes with a little bit more, I think a little bit more umph. No, my main it coming through for me. I think there's more what I'm looking for. So first thing I'm gonna do to make these high as because you get crazy with him, I'm just gonna keep it super simple like this and just draw him out with the 18 68 notes a little. This might actually you are bring these diets and let's see how this goes. Actually tried with and then he goes super trapped out here. They're slightly pitched down like that So this is where they get fun? Yes, I had subs. We can kind of copy him. It does this kind of cool traps that are thing. Thanks. The same for both. Is that John? Twice. Oh, let's go over here. Here. He doesn't do the fancy thing. Keeps it normal. Actually, - I like that. Keep it just like that. And then what's really important in here? Um, and I'm glad that they're usually goes on my favorite joints. Is that good? Old open, high hat. So let's listen his back. And I have this one that I love. If you seem you know, I use this probably in every single beat. Is this cool? Kids I had not that one. Not that one. That one. You listen to his, um it sounds like there's not a lot of high end on it. I felt a little bit of that hand. Stretch it to the booth. Maybe we'll put around at that just to get kind of a different groove. Um, and there's another piece to this percussion. Have you found it yet? Have you listened to it? Even listening. There is a key to this percussion section. That's a key to the whole joint key to the whole joint at 909 Cow Bell. Um, let's see. I think I have one on lock. I tried to downward download one. Got two of us. If either on these fits there is a to for a bar, that's a lot of cowbells. This'll attitude. This one's not quite into it, either, but it's a little bit more than the other ones. Let's see what happens if we see even get this into Okay, cool? A A. So that's the first part of the drums. So that's number one and then we're going to get crazy and get into another part of the drums. Well, that thought under the next one. 6. Pero Ya No: Percussion: arts. Also in his beat, his joint switches up. Actually, which I think is pretty cool. I like beat switch ups. So this is the second part. But she also looked for us. Thank you. Where your producers or Bad Bunny? Um, so this is the second part of the drums. Theo way. Let's see this. This is it. Same kick. No, it's not. All right, so let's do this. - You know, double joint over here, Theo. Start of the bar. Like a louder kicks or to go allowed soft and soft. Loud. Sounds like he still has the cow bell, but it's, like, pitched down or something. I can't exactly tell. I'm gonna be honest, but let's try it. I must do this. A stupid cow bell. Let's duplicate this and that. Some effects to it. Hopes and call this cow bell cavil second and we're gonna dio. Here's what we're gonna do in duplicate this. Gonna have just a couple open that second, and we're going to have to different to different parts. I think he just took everything and pitched it down. Kind of a cool idea. Um, let's take these high hats over here. Do the same thing at second. You got You got some like riel, some riel, long high heads. Interesting. He puts a different open high. He changed the rhythm right here. The last part. He So it's Theo way. So let's do the same thing here because we're gonna want a different snare. Um, we're gonna want a different snare for the second part. What we could do is you could respect is over here and made them louder. But let's try this way. - And this is the same here as well, Sure. All right, let's take that kick. We're down here with our so group. So the last thing he's got is like a chant like, uh, it's like a pitch down chant. Let's see if I have something like that. It was like a breath that's actually a really famous chant. Something like that. Let's try it, Theo. So those are total drums for the peace. Now the key. With this, we've actually got most of this done. I'll be honest with you. Um, it's just now mixing these down, adding some more instruments in that arrangement. His arrangement is really cool in this tracks. Also on Jump into later, obviously 7. Pero Ya No: Bass & Vocals: one of the big parts of this track that we're gonna have to do. Make sure we get a right the base. So, Pete, this, um, does really in this hook part doesn't make it so Dope. He brings that either base rate await a Oh, yeah, I know. Oh, yeah. All right. So we're gonna leave the None of this eight await track there, just in case. Maybe you want to add some Some boom in eight awaits to the to the kick later on. But for now, we're gonna do a base. Let's do away. Let's do a simple base. I wish I didn't. Okay, cool. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah. Suite. We good. Um, right at his base in. Let's listen to this, Teoh. Cool. Three notes. Sweet. All right, let's try it. You ain't got to make this super complicated. All right? So let's make this. Ah, First of all, let's let's have an odor filter to this because I've see filtered out a lot of that and ready to push this way down during those clips. Pish. Um, Dad do actually scrap that Exactly. Got some weird stuff in there. What you all doing birth? What you're doing. What's up with you? Haydn? Hiding in my bass track. Really, though. All right, and then pitched down. What you can tell to is if you look at ours, right, look, where are they're lining up, um, in our area. Que some around? I don't know. What is that in the forties? Let's see where his is that So My place a uh huh way don't want something quite so menacing . Something this is more like just a It's with that a little bit. Mm, there is Take some. Maybe will bring the high end back, depending on what we get into. Let's let's listen industrial good. I think he hasn't eight await in that part of the track. No, wait, wait in that part of the track. Cool. So let's jump into this. Let's listen to what else? Whether instrument, he has way . We get to make it, you get to make their own track. That's when we kind of take that bad bunny influence and have fun with it. So let's let's work with this. - The's aren't lined up, so let's take care of that. You should those work there it is really linger much cool So we did our base. We got some extra vocals going. Let's jump in a lake, maybe had some other instruments. Textures of this, Um, before we get crazy way with the carriageway with the mixing. 8. Pero Ya No: Melody 2: All right, let's jump into this. Let's find some other instruments. That could be cool with this. Maybe we'll add those chords. Where did those cords go? These are kind of cool chords, right. So let's take these and let's Ah, it's Ah. What do you think would be good with this? Look, do a bad. I'm thinking maybe some bales. Maybe some sort of scent. Good. Reverse. Way too much. Here. No, let's try that. Where did you go? - E took that, No doubt, because there's another note playing the vocals come in here. So I don't want those bells. The necessarily compete with those vocals. Even though this note is it the same with the vocals too. But I think that that works. We got some bells taking up some of our high end. Um, you know what? Let's have these down here. The instruments, the ad bells through this may detract, um, stick car keys, because that's an instrument to even though it's audio. But our instruments like this. Um, let's print those. Actually, one second the success of these FX cool someone at some moment to it. Um, and I stoop, locate that just in case we keep those for backup? Turn that atmosphere off. Take those way down to the bottom. Add these bills. Print those flat nose cool. Since there's a lot going on in the drums, the percussion we don't need a ton of we don't need a ton of things. Um, you need a ton of instruments. But I might add is I might add, like some sort of a sustained sound. Like some sort of ah synth. Maybe some sort of a retro sent some virtual synth action. I know this might be over producing. You know, I talked about that a lot. You don't have to overproduce Whoops. No, I don't need to dio um it happens a lot. You try to add too much so but let's try it. Simple man. Like, listen to a lot of Drake beats. I talk about that a lot. And, um, different trainings that I do with people is like, how much? How often we overproduce and we don't need to get out of here. Alright, let's try some things. - Let's try it. So really resonant frequency for a big sweeper drone. I'm looking for ways. Got something might not use all of it. Let's mix this and then jump into the arrangements. I think that's really where it's gonna matter the most. Cool, Cool. Let's get it. 9. Pero Ya No: Mixing & Mastering: All right, let's jump into this mix. We've got these two different parts to mix, but I think the second part is actually pretty easy because, um uh, let's actually turn this pad off for now. Um, it's just it's just the same thing. Except, uh, but some drums. So let's grab everything. Bring it on down. We'll use this. Eight Await probably later vocals. High vocals. I Hi, Rihanna. All right. What's this? Omni joint. You'll get out of here, dog. All right. Okay. We want that. We want this thing thumping. Hey, Whoa, whoa, whoa. Chill. You always said about What's that about? How did you sneak in here? Uh, uh huh. I tell you. Imagine that. Cool. Are beyond this thing dumping on bringing this up to. Maybe it's kind of like it's kind of pretty trap influence track. So I'm gonna want that kick. The last thing change. Uh, King s I change based kick the ratio of the way up, push all the way down, smoothed out with some higher attack. Maybe a little higher. At least two. I don't love that click, but coming away too high right now. There it is. - A little bit of balance to those. Welcome back to another with the keys, - Mr Going. - And I probably don't need both of these vocal tracts. Uh, Barone with it. - I'm gonna do I'm gonna actually bring these bills, bring these bills back one time. I'm going Teoh. And that's actually just like those more. You know what? Okay. Okay, okay. I'll be safe on. I'll duplicate him. Okay, print these bills. Wait. Cool. Okay. School kind of bounce back and forth from left to right here like that with that effect is , but I didn't at it as a shelf five . Take it limiter onto that. See how that goes. - It's kind of a delicate balance. Good to me. Let's try mixing the second phase of drums and let's see what happens if you bring these back over. Oh, - you really You testing me? All right. Let's see what happens if we had the Mastering channel Almost two years. I hate those little cliques. They always I don't know. I can just hear him in there. Cool. Wait. Let's arrange this, Get you out of here. 10. Pero Ya No: Arrangement: All right. This is the where the rubber meets the road for this track because the so they're in there . You need those. After all, let's see what we need. What we don't need. Let's take that bad bunny track out of here. Put him up in the I wonder if money is the eight weight. After all, I'm gonna arranges to get you guys out of here. Um, So, Missy bed bunny way over here. Let's take our two separate joints. Bring these over here. Do three minutes, duplicate those. We have the backups in case we need him. Boom. And then we can join those clips. Make it easier for a different sections. That's so sure about this pad yet either you need the bells back up in there. If we have everything, let's get these out of here. All right, let's get these vocals. So let's see what we got. Let's see what we got. You don't need these right now. Our bed bunny. Where you at? Just like the sad version of the way. I'm good. All right. So the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna move these. Let's move everything over here. We have it out the way. No way. He's got a lot of the melodies going. So it's ever keys and bells. It's over. That's actually Booth. Let's go here. Uh, but that Let's go. What we got really bring harmony drums And they are way Hey, I I e i e I can tell but it sounds like he's filtering Is Melody in the second part Way get, get No way says the clap Get in the way Kicks You think he has the eight away playing here? But just wait apple by among me and my country I don't know So you took a month and go like a maverick like among no I get okay, Manu And knowing back amid among way lithe by the way you live. Oh, that was dope. He just dropped it for a second. Lithe I way what it does going back way of life. Thanks. Bad bunny. Let's do ours and see We can have a little bit of fun with it. Um, I do just to be difficult is And where did they go? I might just add some high hats. I felt I need what? I want more highs over my right ear when they do some when they do that kind of stutter joint. So let's see what we can do with this. I know, I know. Chill, Kia, but I just want right right there. Little accents. Yes, Teoh. I think I switch this out. Bad bunny. It sounds like that's a long time for me to be rocking like that. I think I'm actually going to take this. I think after we drop out here 1/3 thing, - so then we need to bring way. Doesn't to be a long track. We're just gonna keep it at that. Doesn't have to be a long track. He's gonna keep it at that wired. I dig it. So, ladies and gentlemen, that's how you make a bad bunny joint in a little bit more of a sadder version of it. But, um, again, trying to overproduce your joints. Um, yeah. I hope that you enjoyed some hope. You learned something less Makes more bad bunny stuff in the future. Let's get it. Peace 11. La Cancion: Intro: What is good? Altar boy Kilo coming back to live. Indirect coming with the Baldy. Um, we're going to be covering another bad bunny joint today. This is gonna be mia. There's joint featuring drink Gonna be remaking the beat. Um, make sure that you come in at 97 BPM or 1 94 Liked working double time tempos and the cords . Um, R b minor C sharp minor F sharp minor. The major B minor C sharp, minor, extra minor. I think this is actually different, but I liked it more, so we're already tweaking the beat a little bit. Make sure you get the audio. Get the files in here. Follow along what we're gonna jump into next to some sound design and we're gonna make this beat is in our favor. Bad bunny beat so excited about this. Let's get it 12. La Cancion: Drums: So the first thing I want to do with this track is figure out what he's doing with his drums because we do have different chords. I already know. I feel confident about our will. Be able to figure out a cool piano sound, will be able to figure out a very cool vocal chops, trumpets. I'm gonna go to Spice for some trumpets later, but let's listen to what he's doing with his drums. - Cool . So this is a pretty simple pattern right here. So that's good. Good news. Not gonna take a super long toe, make something like this. This is kind of your typical Listen, I'm a white boy, so don't hold me to it. But I think it's kind of your typical ah, like kind of dance whole, um, pattern. We want something kind of jumpy. I like that one. Who lets try some of these. Let's try that one caresses, my man. Like that kid, too. Some good ones in here for show. Um, that's a good one, too. That's a sick gig. Um, let's try maybe another care s kick or a show. Maybe one of those two of those number a lot more I think somebody more than line their eyes a little more long lines. This 1st 1 Well, that was easy. Um, let's come to our snares and kind of the like in between joints. Number number. Sounds like it's the same thing. Too Sensitive. Trap snare. You can find the traps there. That one might work also like this one like this. This one has a tampering in it. Maybe that's a good one. For kind of the end of every third. Soon every fourth bar. Something like that. Um, that was gonna call to let's test somebody's. I think Harris got you on this one. I like these, - Um , listen too much right now, but I think it be cool head like a bunch of reverb Zone it bunch of river. All right, so school, something like that. All right, we'll come back to that guy. So other sections I know brings a shaker, and at some point way, Mowbray's over here, cause this one make the section next to this other joint. Actually, let's do this. So I want to build this and a little bit to the 01234567 All right, So let's go. Let's find a shaker. What did the for? 567? No, There's some good organic shakers. Let's try some of those, Um What? Zoom and had? No, it's gonna be Shaker one. Get out of here, loon. What you doing? Loom tryingto come in here. I'm trying to join the party. Make beats market with supplies right now, you know how much I'm about those JD Shakers? It's not sure if they fit with this vibe on this one, but is that a percussion? Maybe this one will work instead. We're doing some profession. All right, let's do this. Cool. What's gonna turn this volume up? Because these air the sample is just a quiet sample. E might, Um I like that. That's cool. I might, um I might actually make that a high hat instead. I like shakers a lot, but I'm I'm asking, um, I just used, like, kind of a high hat. That's a little bit more. It's a little bit different. All right, so let's try this. All right, let's do that. Let's do this. Let's do that. Do that. Do that way . Yes. The shaker does kind of sound better. There I might still bring these high hats and there may be some time later in the beat. So let's see what else we're working with. J J my boy jmb But J balvin Bad bunny happened way sweet. Dude, I think we're done with the drums. How crazy is that? Super? Simply all smashes keep it simple. And in saying that, I'm probably gonna overproduce this, uh, just cause I like a little bit more percussion and action going on in my drums. But let's remind in export we got the drums. The instrumentation is really the most important part of this track. Get those feelings, get everything kind of moving and grooving, So let's jump into it. 13. La Cancion: Keys: So there are a couple main instruments that I hear going on in this joint. The 1st 1 is the keys. So I'm gonna spend some time doing some sound his own with you all for some nice keys. And then I hear the vocal chop, which were taken animals that before, you know, I'm a huge fan, so that's gonna be fun. And then the trumpet, which since I don't have any live trumpet players around or accord, I'm gonna find some stuff on Spice. But I feel like those are the three main things that kind of carry this track. So let's figure out what he's doing here, right? So he's got Yeah, first thing we're gonna do is I like these my chords that I have so far with these keys. Um uh, on. That's not a great piano sounds. Let's go keys. And we're just gonna start toying around with this. No, no, no. Oh, oh, For somebody under his turn, these notes or doesn't sound quite so clanging. There it is. Some intimate. You feel me some intimate waste in the booth. The e que out the lows is we don't need a and some the highs off. Yeah, Yeah. Roll the hides off because we don't need those either. Dough, Okay. No, we don't need a minute, bro. A, um, honestly, like that. I like that a lot, huh? Okay, So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make a duplicate of this. I'm gonna turn that joint. Also, we saved the bandwidth on before adding all of these here to it. Pardon the banging. You know, this construction. It is what it is. Uhm, I'm going to freeze this track. I'm going to slat in it so that we have these cores like this. We have enough audio, and now we're gonna add those things back in. So and then I'm gonna add some more stuff. Let me get a saturate. Er there it is. Yeah. So those are keys? Pretty simple. Um, G Major, freeze keys. Oh, damn approaching to join those up. Oh, well, um, so we're going to go, so at least we know it's g t a g g d d g d d day. We'll figure this out later. I think keys sounded good. Let's move on to some vocal chops. 14. La Cancion: Vocals: All right. So let's jump into some vocal chops, see what we can get cracking with ease. Um, I turn the skis off, right? Yes, we did. All right, so let's listen to what they dio. Yeah. Yeah, pretty simple. I got his back up choice that that was cool. So again, it's going to be key of okla. So there's gonna be super reverb doubt Super delayed out. Just more protection more than anything. Just give it that. Give it that feel You feel me. Give it that sentimental joint. I want a little bit less delay The more river. - Oh , you know what I'm going for? You feel it. You feel that I just can't find, uh, no. Well done. Um, maybe, you know? Mm. Just like this. Oh, grew it. Let's try to I might do this. Uh, - let's see what this is about. Sorry about that. Guys way. - Uh , I do. Sure. I'm gonna make sure we hit that last note. Get that. - Oh , - of course. That's gonna be our vocals. Let's go on and adds more of these instruments to this 15. La Cancion: Trumpet: I, Rebecca, more trumpet the sea view. All right, So So, So So let's get this cracking. You know, I told you, chill out. All right. Thank his place. Things got a little bit off timing. It's that 11 there. - See ? What else is in this trouble in section? Because this was E . I can't tell if this notes flat or not. It sounds like it's this'll last part. I don't know. I can't I can't tell deaf. Not that definite. That what I just determine its some. This is a little better. Cool. Cool, Cool. Cool. We get in there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get there. All right, so it's actually take thes. Bring them back to this spot. Bring this back. - Cool . Okay, so that's your vocal Was a little bit of trump at Let's move onto the next one 16. La Cancion: Bells & Bass: All right. So let's see what he gets into, um, over here. But this be we owe. So here's what I think we need. I think that we need, um I think we need a little bit more. Must duplicate thes 00 I think we need to add a little bit. Maybe another texture. Like a little bit of a like a moody synth in this imbalance and base. Okay, let's do this. Let's take this moving over here. Let's duplicate this. Then I feels late to me with his keys back. - E do two things. First of all, let's get our is the keys. Let's get our Let's get some bells or something. Um, this isn't bells going. Let's get some. What about you can also add maybe another texture underneath it, but it said some simple bells, maybe a bit of glockenspiel. This is an instrument. Add this as bells bring that baby down. I had a bunch of reverb and delay. What else? Even really, really dumb VP. If you don't know now, you know. All right. Bills and Vives acoustic bells. Okay. That's like a Nicki Minaj like young money type bell. I want something. Where's my glockenspiel? That on and that's off. Timing doesn't help. - He said that between that and a gossip and blocking dream. What's your take? What we're gonna do is we take that. Take that netting that rented that in that lot. Cut those out, as in construction sounds duplicate. Pound the ground. Smash him. Thanks. Okay, Um uh, free track that frees Botham joins. Okay, - that's a base now, Um, where? Where? Where? My plug ins that my plug ins at a That's, um base. Let's listen. Look under Basie rocking with bad money. - So what are you playing? I see. That's what you dio G. Danny. Director Ji cool is the only playing a couple notes, so I'm letting them play a couple notes. Um, but I did it cool. And that's my baby When I bring in the other instruments to what ? For way. So here's I'm gonna dio just make it easy as usual because I'd like to make things easier rather than harder. Gonna take these bottom notes? Actually, I think this whole joint put in my base section, delete Amidi notes that I don't need and well, uh, those were your bells in your base. B and b listen to the next part of the beat 17. La Cancion: Pad: I said I'm gonna do is I'm gonna I'm gonna call this the experimental phase. I want to try to maybe add a little more instrumentation. Maybe a little bit more drums Now, don't want over producer, but we'll see where it goes. Let's see what happens. So I also I added these shakers, either the Shakers back in just we have all the different components here. Get out of here. - But I might also do justice if I can add a little bit of flair to This is maybe a lot of Tim Marine Tambo every other joint. Let's see if I have one of those Perfect. Let's see what this sounds like Open. I had more. Where is the event? If I If I make he's just a little bit early way. Have that. Let's see if we can add maybe one more thing to this. We're going Teoh. Duplicate this base, turn that off and print that so that it makes it. We grab those. The print is that we have a little bit more bandit, the work with but in that joint. And then let's add this. Make this. Let's make this some sort of a cool. Let's try something, Mr. I like a DX seven already. Got some keys, though. That's the question we overproduce annoys you not sharp profit. This is going to get a control real quick. Being careful. What? I didn't mean profit. Kind of like that arising. - I think it's about it. I think it's gonna do it. Um, I think that that that sounds good to me. I don't want to keep ad and stuff and then have it turn out whack so stupid. Back up. And so let's organize this and then mix it. Do you ever kick it? Wait out. We got bass. We got based. Back up the drums. Come back to the bad bunny joint. That's near snare Echo shaker. High hats. Not sure about those open hat transitions. We got the vocals without the trumpet. You don't need that track, but the keys without the bells, the bills back up. Keys back up. That's the sickle These down here because we don't actually need those right now. You know, it's print this pad. All right? Okay. Lets missus 18. La Cancion: Mixing & Mastering: Let's mix it makes it makes it down. That's it. Down, down, down, down, down. Makes it mix it down. That's the mixing songs you guys didn't know. Yes. - Had a little bit of soft clipping, as always. So I chain to the kick. I appreciate all the way up threshold all the way down At least somewhere in there. Take the compressor because we don't need for other things in that a little fifties down. - Gonna be honest. I don't have that kick. I'm on something with a little bit less crunchy. High end in it. Kind of like that one. Let's see what this was There it is just something dumpy. There it is. Wait a compact or project because that's gonna actually have we need to be mixing things that's actually gonna have a different effect. The first trumpet step is a little lad. Can we fade into that? Maybe you have to be add on a little bit of limiting. You're some headroom make sure and down. - I think he's a little bit not gonna mess everything up. Let's see. Just a little bit of swag striking out just a little bit cool. So we've got our mix down roughly. For now. Let's cool. Let's arrange this. Let's do a little bit of arrangements, even build this joint out. 19. La Cancion: Arrangement: I know he just straight up Gonna steal. Must be an honest we is going to steal some joints. All right, so let's check this. Let's get these out of here. Get hauled out of here. It show out of here. All right, let's see. What you doing, Bad bunny. Let's see what you see. What you see What you're doing, Bad bunny. All right, so we're going to take this. Uh, we're going to duplicate this out. Ah, see, it's too. They're just in case we need it. Um, they were in delete thieves because we don't want them over in our space. Cool. So and they were gonna join these clips up. Join these clips up. You know that I click up joined with the clips up, uh, delete that high hat. Never gonna give up. All right. Mm. Let's see how he starts it. Come on. Come on. All right. Right. Years. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Cool. So we're going to start that we're gonna have into our own intro, but let's see what we get down with here. Way to do it. - Way takes out the takes up the trump as the bells thing. That's what brings in the big guns of the He brings in the keys reason. The vocals that's the trumpet whips with There's another Sounds like Right there, actually that it this whole time in this part, there's a heels like a high hi, sustained way, the way way You know the way, Remember? Remember, remember patent base back. I'm saying, man, seriously beats aren't that complicated. Once you get your simple and sermons down, it's just arrangement. Arrangement is everything Todo todo mind dio we Oh, Okay, thanks. That money I think we take from here. Appreciate you. All right. Let's see how we work out with ours. Let's let's create our own. Let's make our own joint. Also, these keys, I think to make him a little bit warmer, we'll keep going off a little bit more than high end. Uh, this is what we're going to bring this in. We're actually going to delete everything here, - actually . Gonna gonna automate some things now because you can have fun with structure later. Sorry about that. Do you actually know what? Not a ranger. I'm gonna add a filter way shakers back in. Let's see what happens. - That's how we get it down. Everything in the arrangement. So that's fax. That's fax this vaccine aspects. What? We learned something. That one little ah, bad bunny Extra for y'all. Let's get it. Let me know what you want to see next. Get at me. I'm down. Teach whatever you want peace. 20. Conclusion & Next Steps: I hope that you enjoyed the course. If you did, please leave a review. If you didn't, please leave a review as well. I'm a grown man. I understand that I am not for everybody. But the only way to improve is to get your honest feedback. If you did enjoy the course and you want more materials like this, find all the resource is either below or at Kia Ryan dot com slash resource Is anything that you saw in this course I have available for free download. I have a built in templates of free, able to crash course. I've got sample packs. I've got free guides, everything that you need to level up. I guarantee that I can help you do it. So that being said thank you again for taking the course. It means a lot few tuning in. And I appreciate you for watching. I'll check you on the next one. Tell me again, keep making beats and I'll see you at the top. All right. Check you in a minute.