Kumihimo: Create your cord (rope) friendship bracelet | Eléna Leprêtre | Skillshare

Kumihimo: Create your cord (rope) friendship bracelet

Eléna Leprêtre, Crochet Designer&Teacher& Food Lover

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Kumihimo Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: Make your mobidai (kumihimo disk)

    • 3. Lesson 2: Create your bracelet (cord)

    • 4. Lesson 3: Video demonstration

    • 5. Lesson 4: Create your bracelet (adjustable buckle)


About This Class

Welcome to my new craft class!


I use kumihimo cords (ropes) to create some of my necklaces and other items.

Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese technique of braiding strands of threads ("kumi" means gather and himo "threads"). Samurai used kumihimo cords to lace their armour and they are still used to tie traditional clothes (obi, a kimono sash, is bound by an obijime made with kumihimo cords).

In this class I'll show you how to make a mobidai (kumihimo disk or loom) - a portable version of a marudai, tool used to create round kumihimo cords. You'll use it to create a pretty friendship bracelet with floral motifs that I've chosen for you.

Creating kumihimo cords is really fun and easy and the result is great! Even children can do it!

There are so many ways of using it! So enroll right now to start learning!

Be careful, you can become addicted :-)








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Eléna Leprêtre

Crochet Designer&Teacher& Food Lover


Bonjour from France!

I'm a foreign languages teacher in real life.

DIY and crafts addict, I felt the desire to create Nature inspired crochet jewelry and accessories a few years ago. And it's especially the beauty of the flowers that fascinates me.

I'm developing my own techniques which permit me to obtain what I want in the easiest way.

I'm looking for a creative reuse in everything I see, that's why upcycling is just natural for me.


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