"Kozuly" - delicious cookies from North of Russia | Nikolas Marfenkozy | Skillshare

"Kozuly" - delicious cookies from North of Russia

Nikolas Marfenkozy

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5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingridients And Instruments

    • 3. Making Dough

    • 4. Making Forms and Baking

    • 5. Making Icing + Coloring the Cookies


About This Class


This is step by step instruction how to make very tasty cookies!

It's traditional recipe strictly from the capital of North of Russia - Arkhangelsk.
This cookies are consist of simple ingredients. It's very easy to cook. And it takes a long time from the first to the last step. But it's worth it!
It's the most likeable as a present and finest delicious for cup of tea or coffee at cold night!





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Hi! I'm an engineer of industrial automation. But also i'm very interested in our local traditional culture. I want to show some special things of life in Northern Russia (Arkhangelsk Region)

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