Kombucha 101 : How to make your own Kombucha, Save Money, and be Healthy | Elixir University | Skillshare

Kombucha 101 : How to make your own Kombucha, Save Money, and be Healthy

Elixir University

Kombucha 101 : How to make your own Kombucha, Save Money, and be Healthy

Elixir University

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8 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients and Supplies

    • 3. First Fermintation

    • 4. Second Fermintation

    • 5. FAQ

    • 6. Tips and tricks

    • 7. Recipes

    • 8. Class Project

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About This Class

Learn how easy it is and how quick it is to make your own Kombucha, Save Money, and be Healthy

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, We are on a mission to better your health by teaching you how to make great health Elixirs

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1. Introduction: Hey and welcome to our class. Abuja. Wanna one? How to make your own combo chat home, save money and be healthy. Ambuja is a probiotic fermented tea beverage. It's an ancient elixir that has an enormous health benefit. It tastes great and is extremely easy to make. Most people are scared or intimidated with the thought of brewing their own computer at home. So they spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year purchasing the store brands and not receiving the same benefit that you would if he proved it from home. So we're here to set the record straight. Mbuji it is easy and it's actually pretty difficult to mess up, so let's get started. 2. Ingredients and Supplies: the supplies you will need already easily accessible in your own kitchen. Or you can pick him up off of Amazon or Wal Mart or target. Any of your local stores should have everything you need. Minus were Scobee Scobee is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It sits on top of your beverage, each the sugar and ferment your T. It's the powerhouse that does all the work. For the first time. Brewing your kombucha, you need to ask a friend for one of theirs, or simply by an inexpensive one offline. After your first brew, your computer will reproduce a new Scobie, and eventually, after you have more than three, you'll be able to share or start a whole new batch. The ingredients and supplies you need. Welcome Boucha are pretty straightforward. You'll need a one gallon glass joe are eight teaspoons or 80 bags of green or black organic tea, one gallon of pre filtered or pure spring water. One cup of sugar, one cheesecloth, one rubber band. Of course, you're Scobie with the starter liquid that you've purchased or borrowed from a friend. And finally, for the second fermentation, you also need a choice of your favorite fresh fruits and herbs that you can flavor your computer teacher liking. You also need a set of funnels with a strainer, as well as some rocker top bottles or a set of growlers. 3. First Fermintation: remember, computer is easy. Invite the whole family. We like to ask our kids to help us. Sort of becomes a great family night and experiment for all of us to participate. Step one. Boil six cups of water on the stove. Step two. Steve. You're 6 to 8. Teabags for about 10 to 15 minutes and boiling or post boiling water. Step. Three. Remove the pot from the heat and stir in your one cup of raw organic sugar. Step five. Place your new sweet tea beverage in your one gallon jar. Step six. Bill the remaining portion of the jar with that same cold filtered water. Stir in the zone. This should make your new sweet tea about room temperature, which is the perfect temperature for brewing. Step seven. Add your Scobie and the starter liquid that you purchased or borrowed from a friend. Step eight. Cover with cheesecloth and a rubber band so that no little critters Step nine. Store on a show for counter away from any air. Vents in direct sunlight stepped in after about 45 days. Begin taste testing your kombucha days whenever it tastes right for you. It's ready to be bottled or enjoyed right away. Now that your computer is ready, you can choose to go on to second fermentation 4. Second Fermintation: poor you computed through your funnel and filter into those rocker top bottles or your growlers here, you're going to add your choice of chopped fruits and herbs. Our favorite thing to do is always to add either tumeric or ginger toe are batch of computers. As you experiment with your kombucha brew, you'll learn what amounts of freaked, what kinds of fruit, how much, or how little place in the second fermentation. During this stage, you begin to taste test David. And just like in the first stage, it's ready when you want it to be. If you're going to second Fermin, it's important to remember to bourbon bottles daily. If you don't burke them daily and allow some gases to escape, you will risk explosion or breakage of your bottles, and it will be a huge mess. 5. FAQ: he was a few of the most common. Ask questions. How do I know my kombucha is ready? Well, the answer is simple. It's ready whenever you want it to be. It's safe to drink at any point along the process. I've known some people to even wait a month for first fermentation and to drink it. Technically, you could purchase pH strips and test them daily in your computer. When it reaches about a pH of 3.2, it's technically ready. But I think this really just complicates things, so keep it simple. Taste tested daily, and it's ready when you want it to be. The most common question you will have about brewing your computer is Is your Scobie did it mold? The answer is probably not. Scobee's can take many different forms. Shapes, colors, some afloat. Some will sink someone curl. Some will be flattened, snooze. Some will be bubbly. All of those are good. Healthy things have. If you suspect mold, post a picture here and we'll try to help you out. Or do a quick Google search and see what you can find on the Web. Most likely, it's not mold, but if you have any concerns, go ahead and chunk it and just start over 6. Tips and tricks: a few warnings before you get started. Remember, after you firm it, place your kombucha out of direct sunlight. Don't close it up in a close Cabinet. It needs air flow in order to breathe the ideal temperatures about 77 78 F. But computer will do well at lower temperatures and even hotter temperatures. My advice is to use raw and organic ingredients whenever possible. Being healthy is the whole point of computer, so start with raw organic ingredients and your body will thank you. Don't use any harsh soaps when cleaning your supplies something scrubbing with warm of hot water and use vinegar for a deep, clean. Many scopes will cause your computer that fail in your Scobie to die, so just stay away from them. Thanks for being part of this class computer really is. He's be sure to post any questions you may have and definitely post your flavoring recipes that we can all give him a try home. Remember, be healthy, save money and brew your own computer at home. It really is this easy. Yeah, 7. Recipes: 8. Class Project: all right.