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Kodu Game Lab: Learn to Code by Creating a 3D Game with Kodu

teacher avatar Dr. Chris Mall 30,000+ Students, C# | Flutter | Scratch Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Welcome to Kodu Game Lab & How It All Works

    • 2. Kodu Game Lab Installation

    • 3. Setting up the Environment in Kodu

    • 4. Programming the Heroes in Kodu

    • 5. Adding Points, Score & Game Winners and Finalizing the Game in Kodu

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About This Class

In this course you will be able to develop one 3D Game in Kodu Game Lab. For the development of this game, is used Kodu because is an educational programming environment that it has an easy graphical interface that it will allow us to drag and drop the right blocks of coding.

I promise you that it will be a funny and exciting course that it will motivate you to learn coding in more depth.

Kodu Game Lab is a free programming environment where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Using Kodu, users can create online projects and develop them into almost anything by using a simple block-like interface. When they are ready, they then share, and also discuss their creations with each other. Kodu is a programming integrated development environment by Microsoft's FUSE Labs. It runs on Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows .

Kodu is the best educational programming software for kids available today. With Kodu, you can create games and interactive art projects all while having lots of fun!

This course uses the amazing Kdou developed by Microsoft to teach coding this course is meant for:

- Everybody that is interested in learning to code, from kids to adults. It is the best way to learn to code that I have been aware of in my lifetime.

- Anyone interested in teaching beginning programming as a career or business.  Teaching kids to code is becoming big business.  Want to start your own coding academy school or get a position as an instructor? They all use Kodu programming, learn Kodu here from a University programming instructor.

- Anyone that already knows how to code that wants to learn from Kodu and build some funny games. Why did we get into programming in the first place? Because its fun and Kdou is super fun! 

No matter your level, you will have fun and learn from Kodu. I know I did and that is what the people at Microsoft intended.

Meet Your Teacher

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Dr. Chris Mall 30,000+ Students

C# | Flutter | Scratch Instructor


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1. Welcome to Kodu Game Lab & How It All Works: If the programmers of tomorrow are the Wizards of the future, it's the closest thing you can get, the diplomatic power this 21st century, according to gave me feel. So welcome to this Gato game lab, a complete mask last four coder Game Lab. So this course is designed to get you ready to learn code and create impressive 3D games with a complete master glass from a to Zed. You will let everything you need for CO2 with a three-step process and step-by-step examples. So my name is Christos, and I will be leading you through this course. I call the building programming, software and game development. And I can guarantee that CO2 is a great programming language that you should Blair, I am pressing for more than ten years, decorate courses to more than 1000 students. And I have got a lot of reviews that really helped me be better in teaching. So I designed this course for anyone who's interested in learning CO2 and wants to create impressive games easily. By the end of this course, you will be able to develop your own games, built them, and share them with your families and your friends. So let's see, where is CO2? So I can art song is on the books or achieving or make a video game. You're making a story with characters and props. That you're also creating a whole world of actually living. Its programming for candles like art, tell me is to think video games are really hard to make that then. So this code is, instead of playing games for making your own games, we make up a story and work together to create a whole world around that story. Truly sometime to get started. Or teacher goddess going. In about five minutes. I saw Programming, tests and stuff I didn't know could be like a visual sake. Laughter flowing around this coding, I think. And I actually wanted to be a program or something. We're going to use a three-step process for developing new games. If Microsoft code do, we will learn the basics of programming. We will learn go do. And of course, we will start coding with step-by-step examples. So the ideal funeral discourse is anyone who is looking to improve his skills in creating 3D games or students that they want real encoder and made magic things happen. So the ideal spectrum of this course, there are no requirements necessary tethered or you're going to only be asked to be open-minded and rate the glare. So feel free to buy this course. And I'm really excited to start together and see do Matlab coding. 2. Kodu Game Lab Installation: Hey guys, welcome back. Now let's see how we can install Coda Game Lab and start creating our first game instantly. So the first thing you have to do is actually download code game lamb, gamelab from the page of Microsoft, the official page of Microsoft. You can use this download link from the resources of this lecture and download the last version of CO2 Game Lab. So after downloading the code game lab setup file, you only have to do is to double-click code setup. But if you have downloaded, run it, choose the languages that you would like to use. I recommend. I recommend to use English, of course. And then you should accept the agreement. You can download it and install it in the proposed directory. Create a desktop shortcut coders should check for updates at startup. No, it's not necessary as it is the latest version. Co2 may send usage information to Microsoft. You can click or not this choice. Go on installing the appropriate XNA framework. You will see that the graphics are very advanced, very realistic, like the games that you might play. So installing Kudu, we wait until setup, install Xcode, game lab on our computer. And of course, after the fineness, we can lands go to outlast. So here it is. Starting. This is the initial screen. Curtis, whatever you want it to be. It just all depends on the person you want to use. My akin, create the full game itself. You can see the art behind video games. Kids are learning how to roll around and make video games. Absolutely, making something instead of just buying. So fast, you can say it is very impressive. The initial intro. And of course, here it is, New World, load world. It has a community that has a lot of options. Shelf about CTO and create CO2. I will start instantly with creating a new world. And as you can see, here it is my Mitchell. So here are the options of the world that I can create. Here it is the play mode. So if I click it. Series my final Jane. And here is my hand so that I can move the camera where, wherever I want. But you should always look here at the top left where you can saints, you can drag factor n, orbit cameras, scroll, wheel, zoom, findings character with a tub, with F4 center camera. So as you can see, I will go to the Object to click the object two and then click two. Here, two to the grass. And I will use this code. I want a robot called kudzu to be my main player in this term. So the code is added. And as you can see, if you click somewhere where you do not want to click, you can always click escape. So here it is. I can go back to the hand and move the camera. Can you can see. So the first thing that I would like to do is to program this kowtow. So I will click again to the cado and then right click. I'm sure before right-clicking, you can use the arrows from your keyboard. As you can see, when I got my mouse above the CO2, I can then use the right or the left arrow to change the color of my UI. So I want this color. And then if you right-click to your CO2, you can program your CO2 soap I will now program might call. And as you can see in the program, you have two branches. The first branch has to do with when, when you want to do something. And the second one with do what do you want to do? So I click to when, and I go to keyboards, and then again to this plus sign and two arrows. And then when a user is using the arrows from the keyboard, I would like to do what? To move. So as you can see, you can always check if there are any additional options. But clicking to the plus sign and then clicking escape if you do not want to use this option, also to the move, if you want to move quickly. So this is my first scenario. When the user uses his keyboard and specifically the arrows, it can move the kowtow quickly inside the world. So let's try and click play. And as you can see, if you use the arrows, then the CO2 is moving inside your world. Your world, as you can see, is very simple. So I will try to click escape. This was the installation fracture and a very quick first game encoder. So I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next lecture. We will create amazing things. 3. Setting up the Environment in Kodu: Hey guys, welcome back. Now we will try to create a new world and create our first game. So we will click to home menu and Google Create a New World. Save Changes. We know we don't want to save your changes, so we will start a new world. And here we are again. So the first thing that we will do this time is a dent to click to the object to, so that we can add or edit characters and objects. And after clicking to this object tool taco do, I will click to my terrain and I will click right here, where I can use this cycle. So I will use this cycle. This is my 0. You can again go and change with the arrows, but be careful. The mouse should be above the cycle and then you can use the arrows to change the color. I will use the black colour. Colour. Yes, the black color. And then I right-click and program. When when the keyboard is used and when the arrows are used, I would like to move. But this time I would like to move quickly, very quickly, even more quickly. So if I go click Escape and then click play, they will say that it is very, very quickly this cycle. So I will click escape. I will click again to the object two. And I will add here. Again this choice where a lot of cycles, octopus, no jets. I would like to add a canon. So the first game will be a canon, will try to shoot to my cycle and destroyed. So he will also move towards the cycle and she will try to shoot specific missiles. So I will right-click here to my Canon and program it. When I got like when the Canon sees my bought, my cycle. So you will click right here to the bots, and you will click to the cycle. When this Canon sees the cycle, then he should move TO words right here, towards it, towards the cycle. So let's try and play it. So I will click to escape, and then I will click to this play game. So the canon is trying to reach to my cycle, but my cycle is much more quick. It's Matt is much, much more fast. So I will go back to my design to And as I could see right here, the terrain is fairly small. So I will try to double dribble and had a lot of terrain max here. You can drag. And also you can use the scroll to zoom in or zoom out to your terrain. And so I will add even much more terminates here. Okay? So you can also change the terrain. As you could see. You could click here and then click right to the left, and then change the way that the Qur'an. As you can see, you can change specific Terrence and brass it as you want it. So it is not very beautiful. But if it's our first game, so don't worry, we will do a lot more beautiful walls. I will also add something like this. This is my terrain. Also, if you click right here, there are lot of modes that we will see later to our game. So let's start by going back to our canon. So I will click to the cado. Be careful it's time that you do that you want to edit something. The first thing that you should do is to click here in the footer width, what tool is the standard you want to use? So I would like to edit to an object tool specifically to this canon too. So I will click first to the kowtow, to the object tool, and then right-click right here. And then click program again. And I would like to do, when this Canon sees my cycle, I would like to shoot missiles towards the cycle. So let's go back with the escape button and start playing. Wow. Okay. First of all, you have to put my cycle somewhere else. So I will click the object two and I will move my cycle and little longer from the, whoa. I list again. So let's write again. I will play them. So this is the missing to missiles. Three missiles. Okay. Do not have a lot of black right here, as you can see, the missiles. Ok. So this was my first game right here. And as you can see, I do not have a lot of lack to avoid these missiles. But in the next lecture, we will try and do some more things in order to have a complete game. 4. Programming the Heroes in Kodu: Hey guys, welcome back. So one thing that you can do in order to have a really large screen is actually to click on the ground braze. Click again here in the, in the terrain that you would like to dad. And then by clicking which to read it you want, you can change the brass size with right arrow or the left arrow from your keyboard. So you can have a really large, as you can say, brass size so that you can create a really large world. The second thing that you can do is actually click back to the object tool and start creating some other things like adding trees. I will add these three. You can see it. You can change the tree type with, as you can see right here, you can change the tree type with the up arrow or the down arrow. You can change also the color of the tree. And you can change the size if you want. A bigger tree. So with right click to your tree, you can change size, change hide, whatever you might want. So you can also add some other things. You can not Iraq an iceberg right here, a really small iceberg. Ten size. You can also change the eyes. The size of this iceberg. You can add another opposite. You cannot. Iraq or sedimentary rock. And I will also change the size, something bigger. Okay? So I will create a game where I will have this cycle. And there is a canon, as we did in the previous lecture. And the canon Jan, Should my, Should, my cycle. If. So, now we can try adding some more objects, like some apples. The main idea of this game is that I have here. Cycle. Here is the canon that will suit his missiles when it is. So this is the cycle right here, but actually the cycle has to eat all the apples. So I will add some apples. Object tomb. Here it is an apple. And also here you can right-click saying the size, make it a giant double, or something like this. Okay? Then I will add one more apple right here. I will add an apple here. And finally, an apple here for apples. So now the main concept is that when this cycle reaches an apple, then see eats let Apple. So this means that the apple should be disappeared. So I will program the cycle. When she bumps with an object, an ample, then she should eat No, no, no, you should eat it. Eat it. So if there are no more apples inside the game, then the game is one. So when the cycle not c does not see any other apples inside the game. Then C wins the game. Actually, when it's, it doesn't seem anymore novels. So I need this cannot right here. So when the cycle does not see any more apples inside the game, then he wins the game. So let's try now to play this game. I will click here. So the missile started. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It is not so easy. So I will play it again. Let's go. No, it is not so easy. One less time. I will try doing it this time. No. Come on. I was so close one last time. But before. I will try to make it a little bit bigger so that I can reach more recently. Right here. I will go back here. Same size. And tulsa. This one. And finally this one, right-click chain size and make it much more rigid. So let's ride right now. And I think it will be easier for the camera is very high, but maybe it's easier for me know. Okay. One more time. Yeah. And time the winner. So this was our first game and now we're going to make some more amazing games show. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next lesson. 5. Adding Points, Score & Game Winners and Finalizing the Game in Kodu: Hey guys, welcome back. Now we will try to make some more additions to our game. So first of all, I was thinking about giving another one cycle. And the cycle will try to read the Bible, the four apples, or actually to try to, should also in-order to disappear these four apples. Each time that heats the Apple, then he will take 100 points. And the first one that we'll man adds to disappear, either by shooting or by bumping these four apples. She will win the game. So let's ride to program this cycle. I will right-click. I reminded you that you have to select the object tool. Right click in this cycle and then click to program, and then go back to number four. And we will tell that when keyboard, I will go to insulators and I will choose space. When space is heat, I will choose to shoot. So I will shoot, I will, should leap, and I will choose a blue bleep. So this is the first one. What I would like to do is when sought sheet, when more here, so ticket. And when the sorted kit, we mean an apple. Then I would like to add this cloud to score the blue team, the bleu score. I will add ten points. Five points. Show I think that it's okay now, so let's try to play the game. Okay? The problem is, as you can see, that when I bump the arpa disappeared, but I don't get any points. So I'm going to change this. I will right click. We'll click first to the object tool, then right-click to my cycle program. And I will tell that I tell my computer, I will tell you that I would like when when bond with the Apple. I would like also to take score blue five-point. So when not seen as a C right here, when not seen apples, I will change it a bit. We're not seeing any more apples. I would like to change their behavior. I don't want to win as right here, but I would like to compare game point then loop gain point. Now, if you would like to change some two to delete a tile, you should right-click and cut tile. So I would like to, to compare. Now I will change a bit with this logic. I will right click right here, right-click and cut tile, and right-click and cut. The logic is that I have four apples. So if I'm going to have two players, then the idea is that the first player that manages to disappear, to bump or two should at least three apples, then he's the winner of the game. So I will go there and I will say that when scored, the blue team more. So I will compare and that will choose more than 15. She took five points for it's apples. So if he manages to take 15 points, then he's the winner of the game, so he will celebrate for it. So this is now what I would like to do. So this is not that I would like to do. So I will delete tactile and she will win the game only if she manages, get 15 points. So I will go back to my game and I will add another object tool. Actually, I can copy this. I can copy this cycle. And paste it right here. I will go here and saints, the color. I will change it to white. And I will program. So as you can see, all the oxygens are actually also copied. So I have to change our lives vase blue to white. And these blue to white. Okay. And to this blue, white. And these blue to white. So with the arrows, eighties moved quickly. So I haven't done the one phase. I will delete this because I will be the player and this is a boat player. So I want to move without my keyboards and without my space. So I will delete these two actions that tile. But I would like when it's pumped with the Apple, tweet it and if it hits, it will take ten wide points or points. Okay. All the others I would like to remain. So I will go here and I will say, when it sees an apple, when it says an apple, to go, move toward, eat weekly. But very quickly. Very quickly. So and when when it sees an apple. Also to suit. Okay, oh, I'm sorry. I think this is this is something when it sees and now plea Yeah, I would like to shoot light. Shoot wide. Okay. Okay. I think now. Okay. So I will go back to my game to play. Let's write again. Okay, the problem is. That he should a lot of time to, to this apple, but I should add another behavior right here. When the apple is being keyed to be disciplined. So when sought it. Then. Okay. So I will go to the Apple and I will say when the apple is being hit, it should disappear. So I will program this Apple. When, when I say everything's been shot, I would like to be disappear. So when sought heat, and this is me, this is the apple. So I would like to go right here to combat. And then boom. So as got two, says, gotta gamelab, make myself or the target disappear with an explosion focus exactly what I want. So I will take this and instead of doing the same, I will just delete this apple. And I loved copy. And I will paste it right here with right-click. I will also go, Oh, I'm sorry. I will take the hand to move the camera and I will go right here. I will also cut so that I can delete these two apples. Right-click got right-click, copy, right-click paste, and right click paste. So I think now my game, it's ready. I will play the game. It's very good. He's extremely good. I will change the rules a little bit so that his slower than me so that I can win the game. This is not fair. I know, I know, but you know, I am the one who designs the game so I could right-click. I would program and I will make him to be right. I will right-click waves here. Tactile, reptile, reptile. And to move slowly, very slowly, very, very slowly. And this blip here to hit once and no, I will delete it. As I can see right here, once means k five is, I'm not sure if it is what I want. Nonetheless. Bleep, white ones. Okay. I will delete this. I think it's enough to just 1s and 0s. I will try to play it again. I can believe. I lost again. The first 1. Second 1. Yes. Ok, so thesis, the game with the point. And of course you can do more additions or more customizations that you might want. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next lesson with many more amazing games. Encode a Game Lab.