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Know your Type: Effective use of Typography in Graphic design

teacher avatar Stefania P., Graphic Design, Illustration, Slow Fashion

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Know your Type - 1 - What is Typography

    • 3. Know your Type - 2 - Anatomy of Typography

    • 4. Space Matters (and importance of white space)

    • 5. Typeface vs Fonts

    • 6. Combining Fonts

    • 7. Hierarchy and Grids

    • 8. Expressive Typography vs Functional Typography

    • 9. Useful Tips

    • 10. Creating a square card in Adobe Illustrator

    • 11. Exporting for socials

    • 12. Exporting a pdf for printing

    • 13. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

  • Do you want to improve your layout? Do you know your Type?

    With this class you’ll refresh all the basics about type, the very foundation of gfx design.You'll learn how to use it  effectively in order to create  a good composition. A working layout which will make the difference between something “meh”  to something professional and eye-catching.

    I’ll also guide you through all the steps for creating an unforgettable and beautiful Greeting Card using Adobe Illustrator and share it on social media.

    No previous knowledge is required. This Class is for all who are interested in Type and good graphic design. Easy for beginners too. You can download a trial of Adobe Illustrator from, or just use what you have (and no, Microsoft Word it’s not a choice)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stefania P.

Graphic Design, Illustration, Slow Fashion


Stefania Pochesci is a polyhedric artist, graphic designer and illustrator. She studied at the Accademia di Costume e di Moda in Rome, and has a degree in Graphic Design.

After 15 years working as a GFX Designer in a big TV Network she left the city together with her husband, dogs and cats and moved to the countryside, in the heart of the Sabina mountains, determined to start a new career as a freelance ... and she did.

Now she works in her magic studio surrounded by Oaks woods and Olive trees. Her creations express her love for Nature, for Art, for Design and for the place where she lives : The Sabina. She strongly believes that beautiful things can have a soul and can inspire people to live a better life in harmony with the planet.

Last but not at least sh... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, I'm Stephanie Bouquet. She I think their life is a journey. No, this nation and I enjoying mine. People learning more about graphic design and be amazed by beauty of nature. As a graphic designer, I work with type every day, and I know I am a little bit success with it, but I would really like to see always food design around. It's been saved. The beauty is going to save the world. Well, let's talk. Typography would use it in this class. I'll guide you through the magical world of type. You will learn the very anatomy off type of understand the difference between leading Corning and tracking among others, along with tips and tricks and all the basic you need to know to improve your use off typography and achieve a professional Luke. As an assignment, you will choose an inspirational port, and you will create a square card in Adobe Illustrator learning out with sported for social such as Facebook, instagram and Twitter. Come on, then, join me in this class to know your time 2. Know your Type - 1 - What is Typography: topography is the appearance of text. It's everywhere in our everyday life. Sometimes it's really good. I like to say it works. It feel its purpose, which is to communicate, get noticed, stand out and delivers a message to you some other time. Well, let's say, is not working at all. But what is exactly? They make the difference between a good use of topography and total kale's well. First, you have to know your time. Imagine that. Each type sits on a baseline pass off. The letter that tries over is called Ascender, and the part that goes below is called the sender. Invisible boundaries are called a center line and the center line, while the middle one is called me in life homemade. Another important is based on the height off the lower case, and it's called the ex High. While the body with is the result, Tal space, the letter occupy cup line is the hide off. The capital letter could be the same height off the A single line or shorter now just moved to the letter parts. Very anatomy, off type 3. Know your Type - 2 - Anatomy of Typography: the result will stroking a letter is called Bar, defined at the top off the character where two strokes meat is their epics. The stroke added as a stop to the beginning and end off the main stroke off a character. It's cold. The fully closed, rounded part off a letter is the bowl. There is a total stroke across the stem of a lower case T or act is across stroke. The open space in a fully or partly close area within a letter is the counter. The pass off the letters that extends below the baseline is the descend er. The smaller formal letters in a typeface is a lower case. The upward vertical stem on some real work is letter. Is they ascender? A capital letter is an upper case. This thing stroke common to safe type, faces school hell line, while the vertical stroke of electrical is this time dismal cool stroke that connects the ball and the loop is the lake. While the loop is the lower portion off the lower case G, they weren't. They flourish on the upper right side is the ear, and there's more extension or letter strokes, which don't qualify as a serif. It's called Spore, while a bolt, ERM, you know is a design feature off a typeface or belief where the end of a stroke takes are roughly six class shape the Corp at the beginning, off a leg, it's cold shoulder. A descending stroke, often decorative, is gold tail, while especially open space within a Carter that it's open on one end, it's called open counter. Another therm, UMA. Finding typography is ligature ligatures at the connection between two or more letters. There are smooth transition or connection between characters connecting crossbar, removing dots over the eye or otherwise altering the shape off the characters. 4. Space Matters (and importance of white space): leading described amount of space between the lines off Thanks. Tracking is the total space between the letters. Turning describes the Montel space between two characters. There is often confusion between tracking and turning. Turning is more the microscopic view off the space between two letters. While trucking is a global setting that affects our clothes, all the characters are design needs to breathe. Whitespace should be considered parts off the design itself. It is our brain which elements are the most important. There are two times a white space active and passive active white spaces. Intentional passive white space is, for example, the space between the letters whitespace. It's also referred to as the negative. Space keeps design clean, attractive and effective. Separates groups on the elements, invokes imagination, create subliminal images. What space could be any color to off course is not wasted space. It's absolutely essential for a professional. Good layout on clutter is Dickie 5. Typeface vs Fonts: Surely you heard these two words typeface and font. But exactly what is the difference? Guy face is a set off typographic symbols, while funds is a subset off blocks in that very tight face. Truth is, most experts is that typeface and phoned can use interchangeably with the occupant of the digital Iran. But if you want to keep in mind the difference, just remember, this is the difference between a phone and a type. Face is the same as that between one song and one album. Remember that and you're good to go. Most tiefest can be classified into one off these basic groups. Saref, Sunseri, Squid Display Saref. You already know them out. The one with the serif. They include old style Transitional New Classical Slab, Clarendon Politic Sunseri. Just exactly like what it sounds is a face without sorry. Include Grotesque Square. You wanna stick geometric script by face are based on the phone made with a flexible brush . Your friend and often have varied strokes. The innocents off and riding include formal casual calligraphic black letter. This play These type faces are often develop with a specific using mind and our design for larger pone size use in headlines, posters and billboards, for the reason is a huge category in which you can find the most different phones. Each guy face is a family and can be composed by things. Life book italic mean you fall black. There are numbers, too, and relief, which is a graphic symbol that you can find into a phone family. My advice for I would use our time face, especially if you are at the beginning, is mustering one. How just practice. 6. Combining Fonts: every phoned as a personality, a mood you need to know your audience, your purpose to use the right phones usually said it is considered a reliable phone, recalling tradition, comfort and respect. A son, Serif, is a clear phoned and as a modern mood recalling stability objective, there can be strong, stylish and chic script phones recalled elegance, creativity and coziness. While display phones can be unique, very expressive and amusing. Just remember, Dawn makes moves combined funds off complementary moods. Using a similar time, Iraq can help to just do a little research into the backgrounds off the fence you're using . Do you know that L've Erica was created in 1956 with the purpose off being clearly displayed on larger signs? Or the Fatture inspired by the bow was created by Poll Runner in 1920 was the first bond to make it to the moon. In fact, what chosen for a plaque left by the astronauts off a polo in 1969 Kula? But one thing is absolutely sure. Using two similar phones doesn't work. A good example. Off phone pairing could be Franklin, garlic and basketball. Garland and Gil sons, for example, always remember that opposites attract. Make some saris with side brush bonds with a simple old cop sensory that doesn't distract from the main phone, but it's still eligible. At a smaller sign. Use different weights off the same family. Consider context for legibility. Bez ITRI's. Remember these at the beginning. Just use one phoned or two maximum. There are complementary meaning that you have to avoid same phone classifications. Reason. Comb Trust. 7. Hierarchy and Grids: to guide the reader size, so the most important we need to establish a visual hierarchy rule is simple. Designed, which elements you want to reader to notice first and then make them send. Now. Establish a visual hierarchy using qualities such a size, boldness and spacing with different levels off time sides monitors. So user right headings are usually larger than politics. Go peek. Remember that people read bigger things. First. Spacing. Give attention to living content, space to breathe or grouping similar elements with proximity as well as contrast, using typeface ways. Pairing complementary style as we already know and use off color. Another thing that helped to establish a hierarchy is breaking the grades but without day. And why are important? Imagine page layouts as a great off horizontal and vertical lines. How you align your text as a huge impact on readability and alleged be left right justified center. Using the grids is essential to achieve a welcome post player, but taken help give hierarchy to breaking. The Greaves, in fact, can give your content a certain visibility. See, is it 8. Expressive Typography vs Functional Typography: one thing in mind, Graphic design should always serve a purpose with typography in particular, there are to the station. We may want to do. Expressive topography and functional type of expressive typography carries the meaning off the world, bringing into play not only emotions but also physical responses. Off course thing. Attention to topography shapes and using them as a peaceful element in graphic design is an essential part of the city, but with expressive topography, it goes a step for when you pull it in. This high for using words as kind of college. Mainly is about basing design on single words. Understanding the real meaning. Try to play with it as an exercise, I suggest to choose a world research technology and try to represent it in tree off. Four different weight. Joseph Front with multiple with Like God, um, for example, use contrasts, hierarchy, sides, reputation call or upper case or lower case and space off course. I promise you will have fun understanding more about that particular word. You of choosing expressive topography has been practised by the zanna a lot. One of them was herb new billing, one off the Muslim Wenshan America perfectly silent off the 20th century. Check his work for inspiration. Functional typography, on the other hand, just want to be read like road signs or books or general sign posting even your chop messages. These doesn't mean it should be boring. Off course you have to work with it, keeping in mind the corpus and trying to find the right way off making noticeable whether you think that function should follow for off vice versa, remember, these typography is always form its function. 9. Useful Tips: always remember that the sign should feed the message, choose the right phones and don't use to many contrast hierarchy coloring Whitespace are your friends. Use them in order to create a working layout. Avoid same classifications forms. Let design greed. Remember that space matters and size to allying toe one exist. Pay attention to shapes and don't smell sweet. Ride. Don't leave or from words used upper and lower case letter for good readability and use the greed as a tool to which simplicity get inspired by great designers and then research research research. See the types of shapes they can say so much more than just words and last but not least, know the rules and then break them. 10. Creating a square card in Adobe Illustrator: timeto fly Well, we learned so far and create a car to share on social media. I'm gonna use you knew straight away But you can use whatever you want You'll find on the additional resources a link for Adobe to download and a W Street trial and some free open source alternatives to along with some nice phones. So check it first thing you have to find a quote Not very long, actually, the shorter the better. Choose anything you like. Valentine Inspirational Port Reminder, etcetera. So what we want here is to make a little play on words and find a way to make before the example is the only way to teach stand out like this. More or less, the first step is the most important. So take your time. You have to think about the real meaning of what you want to say and then research and play with it. Just brainstorm a little bit, basically making connection and focus on the concept you want to express. I thought we creating a document 1080 by 1080 pieces and leave a margin off 216 picks. Is it a trick if you don't want to use the rules is to create a square in this case to 100 seizing by 216 pixels and put the guys just if you lazy, make sure you have the smart guys. Check, though it helps a lot because I do animations. I usually work in layers and illustrate is very helpful, especially if you decide to animate the text in after effects. You'll have it ready to import in tow. We'll see this anyway. In another class I'm planning to create, to give all consistent with my class. I create an off white grayish background first double click and in the layer and lock it so it was not create a second layer. Then just typing, deport and because they're gonna be fine lines off. Thanks. I do them one at a time. Kahlo will be a warm reach grade. I'm gonna go. We go some because he does a lot of choices turmoil, phones from thing toe ultra and in this case is very useful. First, I highlighted what is the most important and go with ultra with the eyedropper through his weaker. It's a really different, but it's not enough yet if we have to go be we do right way Want to make a choice here? So Chadha, big second lank and stayed away It is, But we want definitely the world to teach to be noticed too. And so I'll go big on this one too. But I don't think the weed it's working really well. So I'm gonna change it toe thing. Yes, much better, because now we have the same weight as the second line and it sold more consistent phone line is bigger too. And then go big on the teach board again. For the name I will use a different classifications fund, which is Baskerville, a 31 which Waas originally designed by John Baskerville in 17. Beautiful. In this case, Baskerville italic smaller and I wonder name to be aligned to the end of day. He here saved, deduct, and I will separate the layers to use them in after factor. Just the turning and the tracking. If you think use the Y space and play with it off course, you don't have to do the same. This is just an example. But you get the idea, right? It works for me now. Just bring it to another level in few steps. What if we emphasize the teach concept? How, in a simple way, having a few elements to make? Look the old course like a pencil emit work, right? I'm going to duplicate the art board and work on it. First, we need to create outlines and back to rise the bombs. Then I'm going to reduce the space within the lines. Okay, and now is the time to see if the pencil idea Yes , perfect. It really works. We can with first. The play on words on example is the only way to teach, and old is emphasized by the pencil shaped recalling the teaching concert. 11. Exporting for socials: exporting for socials. It's super easy. We want to keep the square proportion anyway, and I use for the shop because it's faster here. What we're gonna do Facebook and Twitter the size is going to be 1200 by 1200. Wild for Instagram is going to stay as it is 1080 by 1080 other square. But we know fear person. This will have to keep the right proportion. Select all and copied a quote in tow. A new document 1200 by 1000 toe under pixels RGB more and say for Web as a J pig. I'm gonna name it. Quote Facebook, save again for Web and name it quote Twitter, as is going to be the same for Instagram. We're going to recite the same dog to 1080 by 1080 pixels and save us. Put Instagram. You can send the J pack your email to your phone or connect their phone to your computer and then share it straight from the instagram up. Or you can use one. All the ups that allergy to share a pic on instagram from your PC. That's done 12. Exporting a pdf for printing: If you want to print your quote, here's what we're gonna do for professional printing. Say that we want to print up. Pulled by four inches. Card. We're going to work in points toe Change the unit in Illustrator Preferences Main. You create a new document, CNN y que, with 8.54 points, please. As I already explained in my previous class on creating a calendar. The bleed is the area Toby. Dream off by your professional printer, even if we don't need it here because we have a white background. Copy the quotes into the new document and save it as a Pdf. Choosing the press quality profile. Nobody is needed, but check these in case you have a background and make sure to extend it beyond the final train size. Be sure that all your colors are in C. M Y K Mart and then save it. You can save it with the generic C M Y que profile. If you want. Always check with your local printer along the settings they required and send them always The document specification such as sides column. Haute Emily It's very important. Second, we're going to a sport. The quote for in our sprinting save as pdf and choose the high quality print Full fine. Check the bleed and the tree marks, so you will be able to treatment. Probably choose the profile according to your printer needs and done okay. 13. Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed is Jordan natural topography basics and that you can say now that you really know your time. Stop to be curious experiment and above all, at Bonn as an assignment, find a word or phrase showed up the bed, choose anything you like. Love, inspirational cold, Reminder said, and create your extraordinary layout, giving in mind all the things we have talked about in this class. Use Adobe Illustrator or other alternatives and share it with our skills, your community. I really would love to see what you created. So please share it on your project section and feel free to ask for any thou I'll be here for you In additional resources section. You find the template links to a few good open source alternatives stood up Creative suite on Know your side guide an effective fronts or three. Don't forget to like the class and feel free to charity If you find it useful now that you know all the rules is your turn to break them. Dow