Knitting IV: Learn Advanced Techniques with a Trendy Headband | Davina Choy | Skillshare

Knitting IV: Learn Advanced Techniques with a Trendy Headband

Davina Choy, Yarn Wrangler at Sheep & Stitch

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12 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Single-Twist Headband: Creating the Provisional Cast On

    • 5. Single-Twist Headband: Knitting 3x2 Rib

    • 6. Single-Twist Headband: Knitting the Twist

    • 7. Single-Twist Headband: Rejoining the Twist

    • 8. Single-Twist Headband: Seaming with the Kitchener Stitch

    • 9. Mock-Turban Headband: Creating the Provisional Cast On and Mistake Rib

    • 10. Mock-Turban Headband: Seaming Kitchener Stitch

    • 11. Mock-Turban Headband: Stitching the Central Wrap

    • 12. Mock-Turban Headband: Finishing the Project


About This Class

Level up your knitting knowledge with Sheep & Stitch founder Davina Choy's fun one-hour class for intermediate students. With friendly and clear instruction, she introduces three techniques to expand your repertoire: the provisional cast on, the kitchener stitch, and mattress stitch seaming. The lessons are broken out into two Skillshare-exclusive headband patterns, and zoomed-in video makes it easy to see each move. By the class's end, you'll have a trendy headband to throw on or share with a friend.

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Davina Choy

Yarn Wrangler at Sheep & Stitch

Davina is the founder of Sheep and Stitch, a website that teaches people how to knit through knitting patterns, video tutorials, yarns and kits. Knitting is an incredible act of creation. Think about it: with just sticks, string, and your own two hands, you can make a hat ... or a scarf ... or a sweater! It seems like pure magic! And yet, it's actually pretty easy to do. Davina's goal is to share the magic of knitting so that everyone can experience the joy of making something beautiful and w...

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