Knitting III: Learn Knitting in the Round with a Slouchy Hat

Davina Choy, Yarn Wrangler at Sheep & Stitch

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13 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Understanding Knitting Gauge

    • 4. Measuring a Gauge Swatch

    • 5. Materials

    • 6. Creating the Longtail Cast On

    • 7. Joining in the Round

    • 8. Switching Needles

    • 9. Decreasing Stitches

    • 10. Switching to Double-Pointed Needles

    • 11. Finishing the Slouchy Hat

    • 12. Creating an Optional Pom Pom

    • 13. Explore Creative Classes on Skillshare


Project Description

Knit a slouchy hat with a pom pom

Project Description

You'll knit a slouchy hat with a decorative pom pom. This is a fantastic knitting project that will expand your skills with four new techniques: knitting in the round, working with double-pointed needles, decreasing stitches, and creating pom poms.

Tools & Materials

  • Knitting Needles (Circular, Double Pointed, and Tapestry)
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Stitch Marker
  • Cardboard

Note: The video lessons include specific guidance about materials.

  1. Share your motivation

    Introduce yourself and share a few words about why you're interested in knitting a slouchy hat. Will you keep your hat or share it as a gift? Do you have an event in mind?

    Share: A few lines or pictures about why you'd like to complete this project.

  2. Share your color and yarn choices

    Head to your local yarn or craft store and choose a chunky-weight yarn and a pair of 16” circular needles in your chunky yarn’s recommended size. Make sure the store where you purchase allows exchanges.

    Share: A few words, images, swatches, and sketches about your color and yarn choices.

  3. Share your gauge test

    Create a gauge swatch.

    If your gauge is smaller than the required gauge, try going up a needle size by .5mm.

    If your gauge is larger than the required gauge, try dropping down a needle size by .5mm.

    Re-knit your gauge swatch and measure.

    Once you get the gauge that the pattern requires, you’re ready to knit the hat!

    Share: A photo of your gauge test. Feel free to include a few words about your experience with this technique.

  4. Share your final piece

    Let us know how your slouchy hat project progresses. Refer to the PDF pattern in the additional resources, rewatch video lessons, and post photos of your piece as it grows. Once you have a sense of your speed, consider making a knitting schedule.

    Share: Post a series of updates on your progress, show off the final piece, and share a few words about your experience with this project. 

Additional Resources

  • This one-page PDF slouchy hat pattern is perfect for those who have mastered the basic cast on/off and knit/purl stitches.

  • Davina invited a friend to model the slouchy hat. Here are a few pictures showing how she styled it.


  • What is Knitting Gauge? Check out Sheep & Stich's guide to knitting gauge. The article explains how to identify knitting gauge and how to problem solve if your gauge is off the mark.

  • KPC Yarns. Short for "Knit Purl Crochet," this online retailer is Davina's go-to for yarns! Use the coupon code "skillshare" for 10% off all orders until August 25th, 2014.



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