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Davina Choy, Yarn Wrangler at Sheep & Stitch

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8 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction and Materials

    • 3. Considering Yarn Weights

    • 4. Demonstrating the Cast On and Increase Stitches

    • 5. Planning for Color Blocking and Mixed Yarns

    • 6. Demonstrating Color Blocking

    • 7. Finishing with Weaving Off

    • 8. More Creative Classes on Skillshare


Project Description

Knit a fun, color-blocked triangle scarf

Project Description

You'll knit a triangle shaped scarf with color block patterns. This is a fantastic knitting project that will expand your skills with three new techniques: stitch increases so you can shape stitched fabric into alternate shapes, color blocking for visual interest, and weaving in loose ends for a polished final touch.


  • Introduce yourself and share why you're interested in knitting a triangle scarf.
  • Gather your materials and share a few words about your color and yarn choices.
  • Document and share your project process, including (but not limited to) initial stitches, practice, and quick fixes.
  • Share an image of your final piece and a few words reflecting on your process and new skills.

Project Specs

  • Scarf can be customized to any length, width, and color.
  • Upload an image of your final piece as a .jpg.

Tools & Materials

  • Knitting Needles (Circular and Tapestry)
  • Yarn
  • Scissors

Note: The video lessons include specific guidance about materials.

  1. Share your motivation

    Introduce yourself and share a few words about why you're interested in knitting a triangle scarf. Will you keep your scarf or share it as a gift? Do you have an event in mind?

    Share: A few lines or pictures about why you'd love to complete this project.


  2. Share your color and yarn choices

    Think about how you'll space colors and textures in stripes, blocks, or a spontaneous combination of the two. Sketch out different variations and think about the effect you’d like to achieve.

    Will you add drama with bold chunks of complementary colors, or create a soothing palette of analogous hues?

    Make it your own!

    Share: A few words, images, swatches, and sketches about your color and yarn choices.


  3. Share updates on your scarf progress

    Let us know how your project progresses. Refer to the PDF pattern in the additional resources, rewatch video lessons, and post photos of your piece as it grows. Once you have a sense of your speed, consider making a knitting schedule.

    Share: Post a series of updates on your progress using words and images.


  4. Share your final piece

    Congratulations on your project! You now have a fantastic scarf to throw on any outfit or share with a friend.

    Share: A few images of your final scarf and a few words reflecting on your progress throughout the project.


Additional Resources

  • This one-page PDF triangle scarf pattern is perfect for late beginners.

  • Davina invited a friend to model the scarf. Here are a few pictures showing how she styled it.


  • Color Theory for Designers. Check out Smashing Magazine's guide to color theory for inspiration and guidance in choosing yarn colors. Although the article is targeted to web designers, the basic explanations are relevant and useful for anyone interested in color and design.


  • KPC Yarns. Short for "Knit Purl Crochet," this online retailer is Davina's go-to for yarns! Use the coupon code "skillshare" for 10% off all orders until August 25th, 2014.



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