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15 Videos (47m)
    • Introduction

    • What You Will Need

    • Alternate Cable Cast On

    • Knit 1 Purl 1 rib

    • Setup Rows for Two Color Brioche

    • Rows 1 and 2 of the Bead Stitch Pattern

    • Rows 3 , 4, 7 and 8 of Bead Stitch Pattern

    • Rows 5 and 6 of the Bead Stitch Pattern

    • Ending Brioche Stitch

    • Tubular Bind Off

    • Sewing up and Finishing

    • Technique: Brkyobrk Increase

    • Technique: Left Slanting Decrease

    • Technique: Right Slanting Decrease

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class


Brioche stitch is bouncy and warm. Patterns knitted in brioche stitch create bold lines with an instant appeal. Often this stitch is avoided as something for an advanced knitter but it can be easy and once you have learned it you will not want to stop. 

This project is quick to knit in super chunky yarn. The wrist warmers are knitted flat and seamed on one side. A neat edge is added to the thumb hole. I will teach you a stretchy alternate cable cast on, which looks neat with k1, p1 ribbing, then I will go through setting up brioche stitch in two colors and the four row repeat of brioche stitch in two colors. The main aim of this class is to teach you two stitch increases and also two stitch decreases in brioche stitch so that soon you will be confident with both left and right slanting decreases and be ready to move on to more challenging projects. 

6 of 6 students recommendSee All

Great class! Love the beautiful project. : )
Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker

Laura, it's so beautiful! It reminds me the "not a drop" stitch I love and use sometimes
Eléna Leprêtre

Crochet Designer&Teacher& Food Lover

Loved this class; great instructions, beautiful project.
Pam Phelps

Creative Homemaker, Foodie, Artist, & Crafter





Laura Whittington

Knitwear Designer, Crafter, Textile artist

I am passionate about designing knitwear. My favorite at the moment is brioche knitting but I also like to knit shawls and blankets. I will teach you to become skilled in the technique of your choice. 

My favorite pastime is crafting beautiful things, which I make as gifts or to sell in my etsy shop (See link below).

Buy my knitwear designs and hand crafted items on Finefaeriecraft

Buy my knitwear designs on ravelry: Knitting Emporium desig...

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