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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Candy corn 1: introduction

    • 2. Candy corn 2: cast on

    • 3. Candy corn 3: 2x2 ribbing

    • 4. Candy corn 4: knit around

    • 5. Candy corn 5: change to orange yarn

    • 6. Candy corn 6: decrease to make it tapper

    • 7. Candy corn 7: change to white yarn

    • 8. Candy corn 8: sew tip and hide tails

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About This Class

In this class we you will learn to knit a pixie style hat. This hat is different than a normal knit hat as it tappers to a point at the end. To make this class a bit more fun we will style this hat after everyones least desirable holiday treat..... Candy Corn.


Meet Your Teacher

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Jib-Thitiporn Chanawangsa

I love to knit and crochet.


Using yarn to create unique designs has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I was first inspired to learn crochet and knitting so I could make new and unique outfits for my dolls as a young girl. As I got older I lost interest in the dolls, but not in the yarn. The excitement I felt when I would take an idea and craft it into a new design was exhilarating.

Through this passion for design and love of all things yarn I set out on the road that lead to me start Knit by Jib. I am working diligently to create unique patterns for crafters to enjoy. Knitting and crocheting everything from hats, scarves and sweaters to dolls, blankets and even men's accessories, there is no limit to where imagination can bring us

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1. Candy corn 1: introduction: Hi, everyone. I'm different. That by jip and in this class we are going to make one of my favorite hat. I love this decides so much because it's fun and you need the hat that we're going to make is a pixie style hat, and we're going to take it one step further and make it look like candy corn. We don't have to eat it. We can just wear for this project will work. What was the weight gun in three colors yellow, orange and white. But you can pick any colors that you like. Actually, I have the pink version of this Have to, uh, we also need a circle of needle 4.5 and five millimeters, a set off double pointed needle. Five millimeters don you needle and some markers. Let's get started. 2. Candy corn 2: cast on : first step we will cast on 80 stitches with full 0.5 millimeter needle and a yellow yarn. I would take five feet. Our off the young bowl one to three, four five OK, for a tail. It's always on your left and a young bull on your right. You grab young like this, make it as a blue Put your thumb and your index inside a loop Grab the tail by your pinky like this and your whole you need, though, to get there Bull started first step like this. Here it is. A first cattle cast on stitch will make the sector TV on from you love. And then you're right pool. Okay, this is five stitches. We will make 75 more to complete 80. Let's do it. Here's 80 castles that just next step will move. One needle out was pulled cable which seismo? Placate. It's one Move. Pull it off like this. Okay, then, John, for young ball, Always on your right. Take it down. Shake. No twist point. Okay, we're ready for the first round. 3. Candy corn 3: 2x2 ribbing: Step two, we will do to buy two ripping for 10 rounds before we start. He plays Moctar like this to show where the start off the ground hold A young like this pushed just close to each other, was to buy to re pain. Doesn't mean need to pervert to around young on your right We start with Nick like this one Net two and then would do Pearl two times. Moved the yarn to the front before we start pearl per one pro two and go back to work Net two No one it to and again when you're young to the front and make pro Who won pro Two Okay , womb though does until it go to the marker. Let's do it now. We finish the first row, you'll see we start with it to and we finish what po to. So before we start to sick and row, we move marker from the left needle to the right needle this and restart, um two by two. Ripping again. No. One Nick too. So one how to So we do this until we've finished around 10. Let's do it. Here is a complete tin ground off two by two ripping. You can see the line off net and per this beautiful. So now we're ready for the next step. 4. Candy corn 4: knit around: Step three. This is very easy. Step. You just met around from route 11 to around 18. But we have to change the size of the needle from full 0.5 to finally meter to make this part a little beaker than eight part. So we start to knit. Remove move marker from the left to the Neil Needle. Finally meter and we start to Mitt. So this part Pearl, we just do next. Distin it around like this. So easy. Right? Let's do it. Finish route 18. Now we're good to go for the next step. 5. Candy corn 5: change to orange yarn: Step four, we will change color from Giller to orange. John. Way to start, I believe the long tail off orange You're on like this Muslim locker. But there's the first stitch of around 19. Then we hold the long tail off all rich beyond together with the yellow yarn and restart to knit A couple more stitches like this. Then we go back to incite of the hat and we secure the yarn. Make it small tight It make it small like this Often we cut the yarn so we will hide a tell later. But now we kid next. So does this row 19. Well, mitt around until we finished the row. Um 23. Let's do it now. Refinished around 23. I see. This is the point where we changed color just a little different. So we're ready for the next step 6. Candy corn 6: decrease to make it tapper: step five, we start to decrease the number of stitches to make the have tape. Burbs like this. Now, we may until to this point and start to make it taper to the top. I'll show you how to do it. So desist a row 24. Start by move marker from left to right. For this round, we start with Mitt to together nature to get together. It's like same asked Unit, but didn't it two stitches together, like this? Two statue and unit here, then unit for 34 stitches. One to 3 30 Dream 34. Okay, we make 34 Nick. Then we do slips that Nick, this is slip slip, and we do it. This called slip slip, Nick. Then we put marker here When it two more stitches. One to and replaced Arthur Marker. We start Mitt, you together again. Two together and then 34 net. There. The floor. Okay, done. We do slip, slip, mitt slip, slip knit and placed MOPP gear and we do the rest. Tune it here. Okay, now we finish around 24 which is here. You might see that tune it here will be the site of the head also to meet here like this, always to meet at a sigh of the hat. Okay, for the next round. Row 25 26. We just need around for two row cake. Must do it. Okay, Um now we finish each row 26. Okay, you see it? This is round 24 that we did knit two together here. So around 24. 25. 26 that's mean one decreased row, then to nick on Lee round. So one decrees round and not only for two row. So the next row we start to decrease again. This is round 27 so I will start the same pattern knit two together. Then we knit 32 times to three thirties, one 32. So you can see that juice that just before this marker we have to do slip, slip knit to decrease again. Den floated side of the hat. Just Nick too. Democra then knit two together again and we admit 32 times. Okay, for the lost to study before marker, we do slip slip mitt again. It's a locker, and this to Sitges is the site of the hat. So just need to here now. We finished around 27. So far out 28 29 we just sit around and around 30 we start to decrease again. So keep do this until row 57. Kate, let's start now. I finished around 44. We should you can see that it has started tapers because we did. Ah, seven decrease round. 123456 seven. And we have to do more until around 57 which is you can see that cable look a bit too long . Toe work with sell would show you how to change from SoCal a needle to double pointed needle. We start to change it at ground 45 which is decreased. Mom, I would do this a little tricky. I would take the last stitch off around 44 here. Move it to first needle. This and I will start to work on a row 45. So we start with to get there and mitt for 20 times. One chu nine 10. So, this lake half way, I will pick a mother needle to need the rest off this site. This will be 11 to, uh 19. 20 and yes, the rest to stitch just is for slip. Slip net. Move. Marker here and then same for the site of the hat. Tune it one. Oh, one here, Then I would use the third. So the point is to make their marker still, like between two stitches. So this is the second myth for the site of the hat move marker. And this will be our knit two together and 1 20 one nine 10 then the fort. Needle 11 toe. Is this 20 and slips slip. No move. Marker. Unit one. Now we have to make Mitt to here to complete around 45. This is complete around 25. Well, net around for around 40 six and 47 we decrease at around 48. So we have to do this until round 57. Okay. See you there. Okay. This is how it looks after we finish around 57 actually, not from that year. Because this that I didn't need it yet just to see, so keep the last ditch to work at the next step. If you gather work like this, that's mean. It's correct. So see you in the next step 7. Candy corn 7: change to white yarn: Step six, which changed color from orange to white. So as we leave the lots such off the ground 57 I'll complete it. Met, Move, marker. Then I will change the color this round ihsaa around 58 with which means just knit around. So we need a little bit more before we secure the young. Okay? Combat to secure it. Um, Then we do the same. One decree, smile and tune it around. So at this that we start with around 58 and then we finish it. Ground 75. Okay, let's do it. No, I mean that to the rows 74. This is the lost touch of the sun before and going to MIT around 25 which is which is is the last drowned foot. His hat. Okay, elf a niche Row 74 and start 75 Swan to get there and is too little slip slip net that slip in that. Okay. Actually, to make it eggs here, you can move the stitch that we are in it. Take a little off. He's here. It So this is the site. Actually, we couldn't move the marker. Uh, so the this is the site. So we do to knit. This is one this is too. Move the mark. Uh, you do need to to get that to get, uh and then slip slip minutes, slip, slip. No, uh, and at the site. We're just doing it. One and the last stitch off the wrong 75 moved a lot there. Katie can moved us touch here to make it easier to look. So now we are at the tip of the hat. Cut the young and I will show you how to close the tip in the next video. 8. Candy corn 8: sew tip and hide tails: This is step seven. I will show you how to close the tip of the hat. Get a donning you don't. This is the last stitch. We'll pass it. Get through that. The Reece that just on the left Keep this one. Turn it. Working other side. Go through all fullest That just here and come back to the last. Yeah, I'll make a another round. Just kill it. Look like this Secure. Then pull the natal to inside a hat outside. Look. Okay, so we flip inside out now we work from inside. I like to go like, uh, around one more. And now you can just like Billy this when you feel it, it's to kill no space, no hole. I like to make, like the not but this and hide it under last round. See, You cannot see the not on safe to cut the yard Done for the tip. I will show you Ah, how to hide till for the eight. Here I let you go under foot that make it tight and come back at the postage on the right side. So you make it tight. Then goto work under flip to inside. You'll see this knit stitch here. Just go along with the knits that here I like to work too. The end then. And cut the yard. So we still have out of tales too high. I will show you how to hide this. We'll go followed there, Po. It's that But this they're just feel time war this. You can cut the young. You just have to hide the rest Then happen often itch. Now we finish the candy corn hat. You can make it in a original color or you make it as the ping version of candy corn. I hope you enjoyed its class. Thank you.