Knit an Amish-Style Oval Rug | Donna Druchunas | Skillshare
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12 Videos (49m)
    • Knitted Rug Intro

    • Lesson 1 Swatching

    • Lesson 2: Yarn and Gauge

    • Lesson 3: Selvages

    • Lesson 4: Cast-on Techniques

    • Lesson 5: Easy Center

    • Lesson 6: Shaped Center

    • Lesson 7: Short Rows

    • Lesson 8: Knitting Strips to Fit

    • Lesson 9: Seaming Plain Edges

    • Lesson 10: Seaming Chain Edges

    • Lesson 11: Seaming End to End


About This Class

If you know how to cast on, make a knit stitch, and bind off, you can make a beautiful knitted rug! For more experienced knitters, there are variations of the rugs with stockinette stitch, short rows, and other fun techniques. 


Amish women adopted rag rug techniques from popular books and knitted rugs long after the craft had gone out of favor with the “English,” or non-Amish. the Amish saw rugs as no-frills functional objects. Yet women found ways to express artistic creativity by combining colors and shapes into distinctive patterns. 

Amish rugs, often mistaken for crochet by non-knitters, are actually made with alternating strips of knitting and braids. Amish knitters combined sections knit with light- weight fabrics (like broadcloth from women’s blouses) with braids made from heavier cloth (such as denim from men’s work pants). Because garter ridges make a heavy, dense fabric, the thickness of the knitting was equal to the thickness of the braid, creating a sturdy rug. 






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Donna Druchunas

Knitting Designer, Author, and Teacher

Donna Druchunas escaped a corporate cubicle to honor her passions for knitting, world travel, research, and writing. She is the author of six knitting books including Arctic Lace, Successful Lace Knitting, Kitty Knits, and Ethnic Knitting Exploration. Her new pattern line, Stories in Stitches, features historical patterns and essays.

She lives in Vermont with her husband, mother, and three cats who all help her test the usability and comfort of her finished knitted items. She teaches i...

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