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7 Videos (29m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials and joining ends

    • Casting on

    • Knitting body

    • Binding off

    • Finishing

    • Alternate sizes


About This Class

Who says you have to knit with yarn? In this class you will learn from Cara Corey (wielder of giant knitting needles at Cara Corey Designs) how to knit big loops of cotton rope on huge needles. With a simple garter stitch, you can create a knit piece in about an hour and assemble it into a sturdy basket. The basket can be used to store your favorite craft supplies, books, magazines, toys and more. 


You do not need to know how to knit, but if you already know how to knit a basic garter stitch, that will help. 

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This looks like a lot of fun plus a great way to store yarn, magazines, etc.
What a creative idea--a and so many uses since the basket sizes can vary. This is so easy--knowing how to knit is helpful but not really required as the looping is done with your own fingers with knitting needles as place holders. Can't wait to make a basket to hold magazines for our nautical themed guest room!
Kathleen Kinslow

Teacher & researcher

super interesting class! and very thorough instruction! I can't wait to get the needles I need to try this out! Such a fun project.
Ashley Chiang

Artist/Color Enthusiast. Paper is my Purpose.





Cara Corey

Knitter and overall do-it-yourselfer

Hi, I'm Cara and I'm a former journalist-turned-pattern designer. I specialize in modern knitting designs using giant needles and unique materials (see my work at I make everything from hats and scarves to pillows, poufs, and other home decor. I absolutely love knitting and crochet, and I couldn't put my needles down if I tried.

I have two little kids, so my plate is very full right now, but I believe you always have to make time for creativity.

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