Knit a Sideways Triangular Shawl | Laura Whittington | Skillshare
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8 Videos (17m)
    • Introduction

    • Different Ways to Wear Your Shawl

    • Materials

    • Casting on three stitches

    • Row 1 and 2 of pattern

    • Stripes with slipped stitch selvage

    • Binding Off and Weaving in Ends

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class


This shawl uses all the advantages of the sideways knitting technique to make a comfortable wearable shawl which drapes beautifully. Similar to garments made from material cut on the bias, the shawl adapts to the wearer's shape much more than a shawl knitted from top to bottom or vice versa. 

I will teach you how to do a slipped stitch selvage edge to give your shawl a professional finish and also making it reversible. In my tutorial I have done so for knitting two row garter stitch stripes. You are welcome to learn this too or use only one color yarn. 

This pattern is well suited to a beginner knitter or an experienced knitter who would like to have a project to take along when out and about.





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Laura Whittington

Knitwear Designer, Crafter, Textile artist

I am passionate about designing knitwear. My favorite at the moment is brioche knitting but I also like to knit shawls and blankets. I will teach you to become skilled in the technique of your choice. 

My favorite pastime is crafting beautiful things, which I make as gifts or to sell in my etsy shop (See link below).

Buy my knitwear designs and hand crafted items on Finefaeriecraft

Buy my knitwear designs on ravelry: Knitting Emporium desig...

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