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10 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Cast on

    • Knit one row

    • Pattern Row

    • Increase row before border

    • Border Pattern English Yarn Hold

    • Border pattern using Continental Yarn Hold

    • First Knit Row After Lace Pattern Row

    • Casting off

    • Wet blocking and final thoughts


About This Class


Crescent shaped shawls are fun. They turn out wide so that they can double as a scarf. They also drape well with a very feminine look. 

What's more this shawl can be made out of 100 g of sport weight yarn as a quick and easy project. After you get started there is only one row of knitting to repeat until you add the border. I have designed this shawl with a traditional Shetland border called "Old Shale" which means "Old Shell". 

I will show you everything step by step that you need to know to make your own crescent shawl with border.

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Great design once again, Laura!!! I love this stitch, I call it peacock feathers. Everything is so well explained, as usual and your model is beautiful!
Eléna Leprêtre

Crochet Designer&Teacher& Food Lover

Another wonderful class!
Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker

Nice, clear instructions. Thanks!
Peggy Hazelwood

Fun and Learning Go Hand in Hand





Laura Whittington

Knitwear Designer, Crafter, Textile artist

I am passionate about designing knitwear. My favorite at the moment is brioche knitting but I also like to knit shawls and blankets. I will teach you to become skilled in the technique of your choice. 

My favorite pastime is crafting beautiful things, which I make as gifts or to sell in my etsy shop (See link below).

Buy my knitwear designs and hand crafted items on Finefaeriecraft

Buy my knitwear designs on ravelry: Knitting Emporium desig...

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