Knit a Baktus Shawl | Laura Whittington | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials and Set Up

    • 3. Cast On and Increases

    • 4. Fixing a Dropped Stitch

    • 5. Starting the Decreases

    • 6. Binding Off

    • 7. Blocking

    • 8. Weaving in the Ends

    • 9. Conclusion


About This Class


Do you have that odd skein of sock yarn in your stash that needs using up? This is the ideal project for it. Increases are worked until you have used up half of your available yarn and then the decreases take it down to a point again. The result is a long scarf which you can drape or tie around your neck or shoulders. 

"Baktus" is a tooth troll from a Norwegian children's book. Together with "Karius" they teach children to brush their teeth as they are destroyed by the dentist.... This design is knitted entirely in knit stitch so it is simplicity itself whereas you could knit the same scarf in stocking stitch to make a "Karius" scarf. 

This class would suit beginners who have recently learned to knit and would like to learn simple methods of increasing and decreasing. 





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Laura Whittington

Knitwear Designer, Crafter, Textile artist

I am passionate about designing knitwear. My favorite at the moment is brioche knitting but I also like to knit shawls and blankets. I will teach you to become skilled in the technique of your choice. 

My favorite pastime is crafting beautiful things, which I make as gifts or to sell in my etsy shop (See link below).

Buy my knitwear designs and hand crafted items on Finefaeriecraft

Buy my knitwear designs on ravelry: Knitting Emporium desig...

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